Thursday, September 10, 1970

Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - September 10, 1970, Abilene, Texas WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 90TH YEAR, NO. 86 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, THURSDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 10, PAGES IN FOUR SECTIONS IQc SUNDAYS Associated Preu (ff> Blowing Her Own Horn Miss West Virginia, Linda Dianne Barnell, blows her own horn after be- ing serenaded by the West Virginia In- stitute of Technology on the Boardwalk in At- lantic City. Miss Barnett is competing for the Miss America Crown. (AP Wirepholo) Dr. Wells Expects Dene's 98 Uc IJ c a Degree .S. Golden Era 9 By. BIIENIM GREENE RcpoVlcr-NCHs State Writer "America is headed toward a Golden Era and the nation can achieve it by 1976 if we can get hold of Dr. Kenneth D. Wells, co-founder and presi- Man Dies Of Accident Injuries F. Dan Killough 72, of Potosi Hoad died al a.m. Thursday at Hendrick Memorial Hospital. He had been in critical condition at the hospital since being injured in a tractor accident Aug. 26 at his farm. Funeral arrangements are pending al Kllioll's Funeral Home. He was bora Sept. 24, 1897, in Bellon. He came to Abilene in 1907. He worked for D. H. Jeffcries for 19 years retiring in 1919 when he began stock {arming on the Polosi Road. He was married lo Martha Allen in Abilene in 193-1- Survivors include his wife of tile home; one sister, Mrs. I. S. of 1026 Cherry; Iwo brothers, F. T. Killough of 2765 Cedar and Allen of Pecos. dent o[ Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Pa. said here Thursday. Dr. Wells, who will'retire Saturday after 21 years with the American heritage institution, and Mrs. John D. Brown of Houston, vice president of Freedoms Foundation in Texas, were in Abilene Thui-sday to promote the organization ot a women's division of Freedoms Foundation here. They were to be guests al a luncheon on the Abilene Chris- tian College campus at noon. "I AH HIGH on America's future, provided we put prayer and work Dr. Wells said. "My formula for achieving our See AMERICA, Pg. 8A. Indicators Down At 4th Hour End Industrials were clown 4.66, transportation was down .70, and utilities were down .73 al the end of fourth hour trading Thursday on the New York Slock Exchange. The New York Composite was down .23. Volume was shares, reported the Abilene office of Schneider, Bernet and Hick- man, Inc. A near-record "wealherwise" was set Wednesday when Ihe mercury soared lo 98 degrees in Abilene, only one degree less lhan [fie all-time high of hack in 1915. A spokesman al ESSA Wealher Bureau at Abilene Municipal Airport said that although Wednesday's temperature did nol lie the record, there was not another day within Ihe 55-year period lhal "even came close lo the scorching SIS." Last year on Sepl. 9, the temperature was only 74 degrees, which was Ihe low for Ihe entire month but that day Abilene was experiencing heavy thundershowers. The forecast for Thursday calls for cooler weather as winds shifted from Ihe south lo Ihe norlheast during Ihe night Wcdnesday. The high should reach only about 88 degrees Thursday and dip lo a cool 60 Thursday night. Winds will he oul ol Ihe northeast 10- 20 m.p.h. NEWS INDEX Amusements.......... IDA Bridge 6A Business Notes........ 8 9B Classified Comics 5D Mloriols 4O Horoscope 7 A Hospital Palienls 9A Obituaries 3A Sporls 1-3D To Your Gocd Hecllh 6C TV Log 6B Women's News........2-6B British Hold Up Hostage Swap Arab Guerrillas Extend Deadline By THE ASSOCIATED PRKSS Arab guerrillas today extend- ed until 10 p.m. EUT Saturday their deadline for the release of captive Palestinians in ex- change lor llirec hijacked airlin- ers and about 280 hostages held in the Jordanian desert. The guerrillas early todny re- leased 21 Arab passengers from a British plane hijacked Wednesday and also freed a British girl engaged lo one of the Arah passengers. Jordanian army buses took Ihose (reed to the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman. The hijackers had threatened lo blow up at least two of the planes by 9 p.m. CDT Wednes- day unless seven of their com- rades under arrest in Britain, West Germany and Switzerland were released. West Germany and Switzerland agreed to free the six commandos they are holding, but the British govern- ment so far has balked at freeing a woman guerrilla it is holding. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the or- ganization of which the hijack- ers are members, said it ex- tended the deadline in response to an appeal from representa- tives of the International Red Cross. "The U.S. and England have to understand that their attitude is not in favor of the safety of the passengers of Ihe three air- a communique from tlie Popular Front said. It added that the deadline was extended lo give more opportun- ity to the parties involved lo lake the necessary steps. The U.N. Security Council ap- pealed unanimously Wednesday night for the release of the pas- sengers and crew of the three captive airliners. It called on all nations to lake legal steps lo av- ert future hijackings. The three planes are a Trans World Airlines Boeing 707 with 110 persons aboard, a Swissair DCS with 87 aboard, and a Brit- ish Overseas Air.vays Corp. VC10 with abnul 80 aboard. The American and Swiss planes were hijacked Sunday, the Brit- ish plane on Wednesday. Popu- lar Front guerrillas were hold- ing them on an airstrip in north- ern Jordan. Red Cross representative An- WEATHER" U.S. DEPARTMENT Of COMMERCE ESSA WEATHER BUREAU [WeiFhir Mlp, Pq t-A) ABILENE AHO VICINITY raiiusl Partrv cloudy Th-jrsrfay irvough Friday with 4 higr Thursday aflernowi atour Ea ar.d a low Thursday nlsht near ffl. WMdi Irtyn lha northeast rn.p.h. TEMPERATURES Wednesday p.m. Thursday A.M. n 79 55 73 94 74 f.ta 73 97 71 97 Jl 9! 70 91 73 Pi 74 U 79 Bl el SO n and fow for 74 noun ending 9 am.: 93 and JO High and tow lor jame period last year: 71 and ti Sun-el lall niolt: D.m. Sunrise loday: a.m. Suniet fwiiohl: p.m. Barometer reading al rowi: ?3.37. Humidity SI noon: tt per ur.l. drc Rochat, acting as intermedi- ary between the Palestinian guerrillas and the three ram- ifies holding commandos in jail, said lite guerrillas have allowed a doctor and a Red Cross learn, to attend the hostages in the planes parked under the desert sun. One of the commandos al the desert strip made clear that the chief bar lo release of Ihe planes was Britain's refusal lo free Loila Khaled, lite young woman arrested Sunday .nfler she and a companion failed in an attempt to take over an Is- raeli airliner. Her companion was killed. "If the British don't release Leila Klialed in two days, we will get two Israeli planes hers <ns well to prove we mean busi- the guerrilla told news- men who traveled to the desert nirfiold. Search Continues An airport policeman goes through the handbag of a passenger at London's Heathrow Airport on Wednesday as security checks became more stringent all over Europe. Arab guerrilla units hijacked another plane this time a BOAC jet for the fourth successful hijack out ol five attempts since the past weekend. (AP Wirepholo) Smith Says He'll Ask Law Requiring Diphtheria Shots AUSTIN (AP) Gov. Preston Smith said he would urge the legislature in January lo pass a law requiring immuniza- tion against diphtheria, polio and several other diseases lor all first graders. lie said innocnlalion againsl All Rock Entertainers Not Drug Advocates By BLUE JIUCKKR Q. Why are rock groups (long-haired hippies) allowed to come to the coliseum? I know many people wonder ahout (his. Another question, why does The Abilene Heporter-News give them such good write-ups? I thought Ahllene was a good Christian (own and these rock groups Influence our children and do we really want our children looking up lo people such as (his? To me (hose people represent drugs and drugs tear up families. You know the Bcalles are known drug users. A. While some rock musicians are known (o use drugs, certainly not all of them do. In the same respect, some people with long hair are mosl arc not. In the entertainment world in general, longer-hair styles are accepted and not considered eccentric. The Three Dog Night, the rock group most recently at the coliseum has received praise from many sections of Hie country (nol just The Abilene Reporter-News) as far as Ihcir stage performance, musical ability and solid personalities go. All rock groups, of course, are nol as talented. Coliseum manager Joe Cooley's remarks about your letter: "Why book rock groups? If we don't have them here, the young people will go lo Fort Worth or Dallas to see them and we'd be denying Ihem something not to book them. Four or five rock groups have used the coliseum and in every instance they have been perfect in every way. I've experienced no difficulty with them whatsoever. It's a public facility and if they want lo renl it, as long as Ihey meet our requirements, it's available to them. Saturday night (Three Dog Night concert) we had more than young people and I've never seen a belter behaved group in my life." Q. I would like to know why when one has some work done on a car or seat covers, when the cosl Is 90 por cent labor, be Is charged sales lax on the labor cost? A. You shouldn't be charged sales tax on labor; sales lax should be charged only on Ihe material or parts. It could be thai the materials were itemized and lax added al Ihe bottom which made it appear that sales tax was being charged on Ihe material and labor, when actually only the materials were laxed. Add the materials used, apply the 4V4 percent lax rate and see if you don'1 come up with the same tax amount as that shown on Ihe slip. If not, check back wilh the seat cover company or Ihe Better Business Bureau. Q. The Ii-N I-ctters lo the Kdilor Sept. 4 carried a Idler concerning Ihe pllghl ol the high school bands, Cooper In particular. Further Investlgallon revealed that (he Cooper Band Is bank- rupt anil apparcnlly will nol accompany Ihe football team to either of the games to he played In Brownwood or Wichita Falls. The halftlme performances of bands have become an Integral part of football gaiiics and provides support and encouragement for the teams as they do bailie on foreign Why can't our school system provide some assistance loi transportation lo Insure lhal our high school hands will be al all the out ol (own games? A. Cooper Band Director Warren Thaxlon said he wasn't aware they were bankrupt, but it's true the band won't ho in Brown- wood or Wichita falls. These are non-dis- trict games and the band has never attended out-of-town non-district games. The school bands will attend all Ihe out-of-town district games and transportation is paid out of the Band Fund. Profits from program sales ant! con- cession sales go into the Band Fund. In the past, when the Band Fund is depleted, the School Board has provided funds for addi- tional trips, but nol for the special trips that the bands usually take once a year (San Antonio, Battle of Flowers, for The band raises money for these through chili suppers, clc. Some schools include the band transporta- tion in their regular budget; il you'd like to see this In Abilene, suggest it to the school board. The additional cost will have lo come from somewhere it may mean cutting in another area or a raise in laxes. Address questions lo Action Unc, Box 30, Abilene, Texas 79601. Names will not he used but questions must he sign- ed and addresses given. Please Include telephone numbers If possible. measles, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough and letanus should be required as a pre- requisite for all children enter- ing school. Texas now requires only small- box vaccination. Only 12 stales have such a law, Ihe governor said. Smith issued his recommcnda- tinn as legislators from diph- theria-ridden San Antonio and other places called for compul- sory immunizations to prevent fuch epidemics. "Comparative figures for 1968 (Ihe latest year for which com- plete data is available) indicate that Texas has the highest in- cidcncc rate in the nation for measles and polio, the second highest for diphtheria and the fourth highest for whooping cough. Current informalion leads us to believe that Ihe situation is no belter today. This is an intolerable situation, We Intend lo deal with this problem in Ihe surest, quickest and most el- fective Smith said. Comanche Escape Prompts Manhunt COMANCHE Two prisoners in the Comanche County jail escaped from their cells sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning and were Ihe objects of an intensive search in this area Thursday morning. Escaped were Stephen Olho Sanders, of Gorman, who was being held lor auto Ihcll, and Billy Wayne Scotl, 17, of De Ijcon, who had broken his parole from the Gatesville School for Boys, was picked up and jailed as a delinquent, escaped the county jail and was returned before Ihe current escgpc. The Iwo had been in the jail about two weeks. An employe of the sheriff's office said lhal it was not known how the two men got out of their cells, hut thai they were discovered missing about 3 a.m. Thursday. They took the jail keys wilh them.- II is believed Ihal Uiey escaped in a stolen 1966 Chevrolet and may b e accompanied by an 18-year-old women. Searching for the two escapees arc Sherilf Gaslon Boykln, his deputies and the Comaneha police.