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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - June 15, 1970, Abilene, Texas SWlene "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY 89TH YEAR, NO. 362 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 15, IN TWO SECTIONS Associated Press (IP) Ilk SUNDAY PUN IS WATER Cindy Compton, daughter of pears to take to ihe water like a duck last weekend motto seems to be: Love the water, jump in it, splash many other Big Country residents who sought the Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Complon, 1702 Woodridge, ap- at the Abilene Country Club pool. Only this duck's in it, but don't let it gel in your nose. Cindy joined water as relief from the niicl-90 temperatures on Sal- _______. ____ m-day and Sunday. (Staff Photos by Billy Adams) Dorothy Lamour Due With Bob Hope Show Dorothy Lamour, singing ac- tress wtio co-s'tarred with Bob Hope and Ring-Crosby in most o[ the "road-to-somewhere .will, join Hone for his June 27 performance in Abilene. Miss Lamour called Max Polen, Hope's Abilene promoter, Thursday. to verify that she would be She is taking leave from the roadshow of "Hello Dolly" in which she has the leading role to make Ihe appearance. Slar of over 50 movies and appearing 'in. numerous tele- vision snows, Miss Lamour won renown in Ih'e "road shows" for her sarong- attire. The sarong she wore in these pictures is now in the Washington Smilh- sonian Institute. In May, Miss Lamour joined Hope in Houston's Astrodome for a charity show with proceeds to be used for the Ed While Youth Foundation. While was one of the astronauts killed in an early Apollo explosion. During a recent engagement with "Hello Dolly" in Auslin, she did a special performance for the Lyndon B. Johnson family Ilia Lyndon H. Johnson family. After Ihe show, she met with members of the family backslage. A next door neighbor of Hnpe In Beverly Hills, Calif., Miss Lamour lias accompanied the sloop-nosed comedian on several of his Christmas USD shows for DOROTHY LAMOUR 50 movies U.S. military troops. Her show business career began at the age of 14 when she entered and won the "Miss New Orleans" beauty pageant. She had to forge her age as 18 so that she would be eligible to enter. After moving to Chicago and working at various jobs, Miss Lamour's singing talent was dis- covered and from there she re- ceived many bookings and engagements. She lives with her husband and two sons, Hidgely, 24, who is with the U.S. Marines overseas, and Tom, 20, a pre-law student. Circling Reds Snap '65 Gemini Record MOSCOW (AP) Soviet cos- monauts Andrian Nikfllayev ami Vitaly Sevastyanov set a space record for flight duration today by staying in earth nrbit for more than 13 days, 18 hours and 35 m mules. That was ihe record, sel in 1965, by U.S. astronauls Frank Borman and James A. Lovell in the Gemini 7 flight. Nikolayev and Sevastyanov, riding the Soviet Soyuz 9 space- ship, surpassed Ihe record at a.m. EOT and continued in orbit. There was no indication how much longer Ihey would Stay ii( space. The Soyuz 9 flig'nl is chiefly aimed at testing Ihe effects of extended space flight on human beings. The two cosmonauts carry out an extensive program of physical exercise and medi- cal'checks. All official reports on the So- yuz 9 trip so for have empha- sized lhal Ihe- cosmonauts are well and retain their capacity for work. ftesearch on extended space flighl, never altemplcd before by the Soviet Union, is essential for ils long-range plans lo put large spate stalioas in orbil. 'these be used as space Ijboralorics and as launching platforms for deeper space probes and would involve lengthly manning by cosmonaut crews. The longest previous Soviet manned space flight lasted 54 minutes short of five days. Soyuz 9 is also conducting navigation tests apparently de- signed lo permit orbiling sta- tions lo delcrmine their own course wilh some degree of in- dependence from ground con- trollers. These tests have in- volved carlh horizon sightings and studies and Ihe use of star monitors. fn planning (he Soyuz 9 flighl, special allention was given to the problem of radiation danger lo the cosmonauts, Tass report- ed. WEATHER U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE ES5A WEATHER BUREAU (Wtifter mtff M. )IA) ABILENE AND VIC WIT V (ifi-mUt radius) ParUy cloudy and hurntd loday, loniqM and Tunday wlUi hoi ifternooni and warm nlghli. High bolh around 95 or iliohlly richer. Low arourd 75. Winds soulhsrly ICOO m.p.h. High aril tor ?4-fiours eroding at 9 a.nv: Si and 7i. High and low for tama perkxJ Iflsl year: 7i and 61. Suniel lait nigh I: p.m.r iL-rutse lotfny; t.n.i luniet lonlfltit: p.m. By ELI.1E RUCKER and BETTY GR1SSOM What Does Education Service Center Do? ,Q. How. many employes are working at the Education Service Center (or .Media Center) Reg'0" 14 and what Is Ihclr combined yearly payroll? What Is the function of the Service and how docs II benefit Ihe schools. This center Is sup- ported lax money and I was just wondering what we get IB retiirm. A. The center's staff includes 20 full-time and two part-time employes; annual payroll is The Center provides educational services to 63 school districts which include distribution of 16 millimeter films; assis- tance to local districts in program planning, evaluation and budgeting; educational appraisal services for children with learning difficulties; a lending library for leaching pupils with special handicaps, technical and financial assistance to school districts in electronic data processing and workshops, seminars and lectures by leading experts in various fields. It has special programs for educating chil- dren of migratory farm workers, gives assistance to school districts in bilingual education, serves as a liaison between the Texas Education Agency and the local school districts and provides educational media services such as duplication of audio and video tapes, laminating of materials and duplication of transparencies. It also provices repair service to districts for media equipment, says Thomas Lawrence, director of the Center. Q. I'm planning a trip to California and I'd like to camp along the way. Where can I get information shout campsites In the stales I'll be passing through? Do I bave to write each state or Is (here one central agency which can answer for all the slates? A. Hand McNally has a "Guide to Camp- grounds" which lists campsites in the U.S. and includes a marked' map and description of facilities available, fees, etc. It sells for J3.95 or you can see it at the Public Library. Also, just southwest of the intersection .of Interstate 20 and Winters Freeway is Abilene's KOA Campground where you can purchase a list of all the KOA campgrounds in the U.S. for 25 cents. A camping guide is available to AAA members on request. Q. I've heard that (he cartton "Dennis Ihe Menace" was inspired by the antics of Hank Kelcham's own Is this true and how <M Is (he "real" Dennis now? A. Your "grapevine" is 'tuned in. The cartoon, which started in 1951 was inspired by Dennis Ketcham, Ihe cartoonist's son. 'The "real" Dennis the Menace is now 24 years old and a sergeant in the Marine Corps. Q. CouM you please Hnd out how to root an avacado sefd In water. I've been trying for riming with no success. There must be some trick 1 don't know. A. Wedge it inln a glass of walcr, bottom end down, with only the bottom half of the seed in water (the lop of Ihe seed is some- what pointed, bottom end is Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, plant expert, suggests it's easier to start them in a pot of soil because you don't have to watch the water level. Just punch Ihe seed halfway down in a pot of moist dirt. If Ihe seed has already- cracked it will germinate faster (it's more otherwise it may lake two or Ihree months to sprout. Maybe you gave up loo soon. Court Exempts WASHINGTON (AP) The Supreme Court today exempted from military service all young men who have strong moral or ethical objections to military long as their beliefs 'are deeply held and are not based on expediency. Interpreting Ihe draft law sec- tion that provides for conscien- tious objectors, Justice Hugo L. Black wrote: "That section ex- empts from mililary service all (hose whose consciences, spurred by deeply held moral, ethical, or religious beliefs, would give them no rest or peace if they allowed them- selves to become a pail of an in- slrumenl of war." The decision reverses the con- viction and three-year prison term of Alliolt Ashton Welsh II, a Los Angeles computer engi- neer who refused Army induc- tion. Justices, William 0. Douglas, William J. Brcnnan Jr., and Thurgood Marshall joined Black's opinion. Justice John M. Harlan supported the result, forming a five-man majority. Black said Welsh qualified for the exemption even though he did not base his plea 16 be spared from mililary duty on a direct belief in a supreme being. In facl, the justice noted, Welsh struck the word "reli- gious" from the C.O. application and characterized his beliefs as having been formed "by read- ing in the fields of history and sociology." In another ruling (he court held 8 to 0 today that Maryland may nol deny Ihe vole in stale and local elections to persons living on federal installations. The decision, given by Justice Apollo 13 Report Is Expected To Be Critical of Management By HOWARD BENEDICT AP Aerospace Writer WASHINGTON (AP) A spe- cial review board studying the near tragic Apollo 13 lunar mis- sion IMS finished its final report on the cause of the in-space ex- plosion that endangered the lives of Ihrea astronauts and ruined man's third attempt to walk on the.moon. Review board Chairman Ed- gar M. Corlright prepared Ihe findings, expected lo be critical of management shortcomings, for delivery today [p Dr. Thom- as 0. Paine, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Adminislration. The main thrust of today's re- port was an evaluation of how the explosion happened, where to place any blame and how to avoid the problem, in future flights. An earlier report by Corlright pinned Ihe oxygen tank explo- sion on the failure of two ther- mal switches he said were sub- jected lo an electrical overload during a test at Cape Kennedy two weeks before [he April 31 launch. The 26-ineK-diameler oxygen tank- ruptured April 13, about miles from earth, as as- tronauts James A Lovell Jr., NEWS INDEX Amusements.......... IOA Bridac Classified.......... 10-13U Comics 9B Ediloriots 8B Horoscope 9A Hospital Patients 16A. Obiluaries i-3A Sporls 14-15A To Your Good Heclth____8A TV Log 6B Women's News........4-5B Fred W. liaise Jr. and John L. Swigcrt Jr. neared the moon. The blast drained their com- mand ship of oxygen and power and forced Ihe astronauts lo use the separate systems of their lu- nar module lo save their lives. The lunar ship, which was to have Iransporled I.ovell and Haisc to the moon, served -ns the astronauts' "lifeboat" for four harrowing days as they swept around the back of the moon and streaked back to a safe landing in Ihe Pacific Ocean. In his earlier report to news- men, Cortrighl listed this prob- able sequence of cvcnls leading to the explosion: a countdown test March 27, Ihe launch crew had difficulty draining liquid oxygen from Ihe tank, possibly because of a loose section in a filler sys- tem. In a procedure never be- fore attempted, technicians turned on a healer in the lank lo convert Ihe liquid to a gas lo vent iL overboard. skirl the heater, (he technicians applied 65 volls lo the circuit. Later analysis showed the switches were de- signed lo handle only 30 volls. The overload welded shut Iwo thermal switches intended to cut off the healer when it reached 80 degrees. Thurgood Marshall, applies ev- idenlly In federal enclaves and installations in all states. Maryland had appealed to the courl from a precedent-setting opinion handed down by three federal judges in Baltimore fed- eral court in January 1963 on a suit brought by 12 of the 500 res- idents of Ihe National Institutes of Health (N1H) in Belhesda. The three judges ruled Mary- land (reals people at NIH as stale residents to such an extent it is a violation of the Htb amendment lo the U.S. Constitu- tion for Lhe stale to deny tbem Ihe vole. Affirming, Lhe Supreme Court said through Justice Marshall that NIH residents have a stake equal to that of other Maryland residents in their day-to-day af- fairs and in nearly every ballot issue. He noted that the federal workers are subject to state in- come, gasoline, sales and use taxes, to state unemployment and workmen's compensation laws, to stale courts, lo stale criminal laws and send their children to Maryland public schools. Marshall's opinion was deliv- ered for him by Justice Potter Slewart. Marshall is at home convalescing from pneumonia. Market- Higher NEW YORK (AP) Stock prices opened higher in moder- ate trading today. Gainers outnumbered losers by a narrow margin. Brazilian Hostage Exchange Set for Diplomat's Release niO DF, JANEIRO (AP) _ A Brazilian airliner was readied lo fly 40 political prisoners lo Algeria today, and the release of kidnaped West German Am- bassador Ehrcnfried von Holle- bcn was expected soon after their arrival in North Africa. The flight lo Algiers awaited the arrival of z number of the prisoners from Juiz de Fora, about 100 miles north ol Rio dc Janeiro. Officials said the air- port Iherc was closed during the hours of darkness, .and those; who had been confined there were expected soon after dawn. The terrorists who kidnapped the 61-year-old diplomat Thurs- day night said he..would be re- leased unharmed as soon as newspapers' and television sla- lions relayed word of the prison- ers' arrival in Algeria. The Algerian government an- nounced today it has agreed to accept Ihe 40. Under a Brazilian law decreed last September afl- er the kidnaping of U.S. Ambas- sador C. Burke Elbrick, Ihe prisoners will lose Ihcir Brazil- ian citizenship as soon as tticy leave the country. Tension at the West German Embassy began to relax as Ihe government moved wilh dis- patch lo meet the kidnapers' de- mands. Jlrs. von Holleben, whose two sons from Germany have waited with her during Ihe days since her husband's abduc- lion, said she was "more cer- tain than ever" that her hus- band would be released safely. .4 The Brazilian government's action was in sharp contrast to lhal of the Guatemalan govern- ment when West German Am- bassador Karl von Spreti was kidnaped in Guatemala last March. That government re- fused to release political prison- ers as ransom, and von Spreti was murdered. However, -the Brazilian government had pie- viously released political prison- ers to ransom Ambassador El- brick and the Japanese consul in Sao Paulo. Von Holleben has sent three handwritten notes to his wife as- suring her that he is all right. The Kidnapers said in one of their notes that the diplomat was being Ircaled. "with dignl- A