Thursday, May 7, 1970

Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - May 7, 1970, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH-OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR-FOES'WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 89TH YEAR, NO. 323 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 7, 1970 PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS Associated Prcw SUNDAY The Bottle on Two Fronts Student demonstrators rip up an American flag taken Headquarters in Boston this week in picture at left were cut from the flag and used as armbands at a from exhaustion as his unit is pinned down assaulting from in front of the Massachusetts National Guard following a mass war protest meeting. Red stripes later rally. In picture at right, a young GI weeps a village four miles inside Cambodia Wednesday. (AP Wirephotos) Mekong Assault Planned By ELLIE RUCKER and BETTY GRISSOM Let Travel Agent- Plan Your Voyage Q! I am very Interested In faking my wife 'and son'j'prjla next two years.- My only large problem5 Is having a correct .address (o gel up'to date Information on cost etc. I know, some Information can be obtained agencies. I had rather write directly to the ship travel service for brochures. go to any unnecessary trouble to solve your, problem. Let the travel agent do the worfc. His services are free and he can give yoii the. same and complete information that the'ship travel service would. If you writing, the travel agent will give yoirseveral addresses. Q. Why arc all (he kills In a class room punished for what a few do? Our 8- ycar-old's room has had recesses taken away for a month because of three boys. A. Without the teacher's name or school it Is impossible to know the silualion but A. E. Wells, superintendent of schools, says this Isn't a school policy, just an isolated case. Why: not jusfcall you child's teacher and ask her'? <J. noes Ihe Stale or Clly, either or both, require that an Individual register a small utility trailer when It Is to he "used only for Individual purpose such as Irash hauling and Ihe transfer of personal properly? A. Any vehicle that is to be used on Ihe public streets or roads'is required to be registered, says Burl King, county lax colleclor. For a small trailer, the registration fee is The only vehicle that isn't required to be registered is farm equipment that isn't hired out and is used only on the farm property, he says. I want lo know how you would fame a hamster (hat Is one and a half years old and still bites but should already be lame. A. You're right, he should be lame by now because Ihe life expectancy of a hamster is only'about two years. Maybe he's getting grumpy in his old age. It's possible to tame him within a few days by giving him lots of tender loving care and petting him as often as possible. Always pick your hamster up by Ihe nape of.the neck and never startle him when he is sleeping. Biting is one of the characteristics of hamsters and even tame ones will playfully bite. At any rate, it still hurls, and gloves should he worn. Address questions (o Aclion I-Ine Box 30, Abilene, Texas 796M. Names will'not be nscd but questions must be signed and addresses given. Please Include telephone numbers It possible.___________________ IffiWS INDEX Amusements 8A Business Moles......... 2B Bridge Collided 16-I9B Comics 15B Edilbriols 88 Horoscope............ IDA Hospitol Pollenls 9A Sports H.MB To Ycur Good Health 7A TV Log.............. 13A TV Scout 13A Wwnen't News 3-5B By GEORGE KS.PKfl Associated Press Writer SAIGOK (AP) U.S. Navy boats are planning an assault up Ihe Mekong Iliver (o help open a 60-mile stretch o[ tlie waterway to tlie Cambodian capital of -Phnom officials sources. today! -they reported the operation will begin Friday. If Ilia operation materializes, the Navy boals will be in for some sharp'fighting. North Viet- namese and Viet Cong forces are dotted along most of Ihe waterway and control the ferry crossing at Neak Luong, 37 miles soulhwast or Phnom Penh. President Nixon lias said lie would not send American forces beyond 21.7 miles into Cambo- dia without seeking congression- al approval. Tlie operation would lake.half of the 600 Americans involved all Ihe way to Plinom Penh. The sources said there will be 40 U.S. boals .and 60 South Viet- namese craft. The South Vietnamese part of the operation was first disclosed by the Foreign Ministry in an unprecedented public announce- ment of a future operation. The U.S. Command had no immediate comment. There also were reports that U.S. 7lh Fleet aircraft carriers were maneuvering in the Gulf of Tonkin off North Vietnam but the intention was not clear. In announcing (he operation. Hie Foreign Ministry said air' cover would be provided for the Guardsmen Carrying Empty Weapons at 4 Universities By JAMES R. POLK Associated Press WASHINGTON API Na- tional Guardsmen called out lo control protests at four major universities across the country after the Kent State shootings have been given orders ID keep their guns unloaded. Troops sent into the Universi- ty of Kentucky to enforce a night-long curfew were issued live ammunition Wednesday on orders from Gov. Louie N'unn, but (he guardsmen were told not lo load Iheir rifles. Ammunition was kept from guardsmen at the University of Wisconsin, where students built barricades in the streets and set them ablaze before being routed by tear gas Wednesday night. Only in Ohio were guardsmen still carrying loaded rifles, but new warnings were issued against opening fire in wake of the earlier deatiis. Kour sludenls were killed and 10 wounded Monday when Ohio National Guardsmen shot into a SUMMER SPORTSTERS Waiting for the summer crowds to roll up are two skating cockatoos at England's Flamingo Park Zoo. Whizzing along on roller skates is just one of trie tricks they perform for their visitors. (AP Wirephoto) crowd of antiwar demonstrators rft Kent State. What touched olt the gunfire remains unclear, en- meshed in controversy and con- fusion. Illinois put guardsmen on standby alert and sent part of the force onto the Southern Il- linois University campus after a clash Wednesday night. Bui the militia's top general said the troops had standing orders not to load or fire without a specific command from a senior officer. Guard guns were also kept un- loaded at the University of Mar- yland, where the last Ir'onps were withdrawn Wednesday aft- er five days of demonstrations. The Pentagon's riot regula- tions say troops are allowed to load their weapons only upon an officer's orders or if their lives are in danger. Brig. Gen. Hohcrl Canterbury has said his Ohio guardsmen, under slate control at the lime of the shootings, carry live am- munition when assigned lo riot duty and routinely load their weapons when sent Into action. At Kcnl State, where troops gradually arc being pulled out, and at Ohio Stale University, closed after unrest Wednesday, soldiers were still carrying load- ed rifles, according to the Guard headquarters. Bui a spokesman said com. mandcrs had issued troops new precautions not lo fire unless or- dered or unless fired upon first. Gov. Nunn warned that troops sent into the University of Ken- tucky after a campus fire would he armed "with mounted bayo- nets and live ammunition." He said they would use necessary force lo protect properly. But state Adj. Gen. Larry C. said the Kentucky guardsmen were ordered nol lo load their weapons. In Illinois, Adj. Gen. Harold R. Patlon said guns would be kept unloaded unless Irnops were given a direct command by an officer. He added, "The guardsmen will not fire into crowds. These arc standing or- ders." The Guard patrolled the STU campus at Carbonrlalc, HI., alt- er nine students and 12 polim- men were Injured In a clash. The troops were kepi in an ar- mory off campus (luring the ac- tual fighting. flotilla, but il did not make clear whether these would be U.S. or South Vietnamese air- craft, or both. In a related-.-development, it was learned that the govern- ment is considering'an amphibi- ous assault at the big port of Kompong Sihan- oukvillCv-and -Ine .Cambodian base of Ream, reporled lo be threatened by North Viet- namese troops only 20 miles away. Ream is 15 miles south- east of Kompong Som. Presumably the Soulh Viet- namese are seeking American support for Ihis.amphibious as- sault should they decide to car- 17 it off. Sources said the American part of the task force in the Phnom Penh operation on the Mekong River will include 38 gunboats .armed wilh .50-calibcr machine guns and.lwo 350-foot long landing ships to be used as command po.sLs. The landing ships also will help carry back any of the Vietnamese living in Phnom Penh who want to return lo Ihcir homeland. The 60 Soulh Vietnamese navy gunboats will have mixed Amer- ican and Vietnamese crews in- formants said. They added that some of Hie American boats will gi all the way up the river, Ihe others only half way. The Foreign Ministry said Ihe flotilla also will be protected by Soulh Vietnamese troops, pre- sumably riding in attack boats along wilh their U.S. infantry advisers. The Foreign Ministry report- ed the operation would be car- ried "with Ihe cooperation of Cambodian (roops." It described the movement as a relief operation lo transport medicine and other relief cup- plies to Vietnamese in Cambo- dia .who cannot loave. Oilier sources described it as an out- right military operation. The flotilla will leave from Iho district IOMTI of Tan Cnau in South.-Vietnam's western Me- kong Delta, five miles below the Cambodian border, informants said. The slrclcli of flic Mekong Iliver extending to Phnom Penh has been closed lo commercial traffic for several weeks after two Japanese ships were fired on. Cambodian navy patrol boats have withdrawn to the vicinity of Phnom Penh aftar they en- countered heavy tire in Ihe vi- cinity ot .the ferry crossing point at Neak Luphg. Norlli Vietnamese troops cap- liired Ihe ferry crossing several days ago. Newsmen arriving from Cam- bodia today reported heavy fighting on the western barik of Hie Mekong Itiver halfway be- twftcn the border and Plinom Penh. More Than 80 Colleges Close By THE ASSOCIATED PKESS More than 80 colleges and univ- ersities were officially closed today in the growing campus prolcsls against the war and Hie killing of four sludcnls at Kcnl Stale University in Ohio. Most of the activities were peaceful but Ihcre were inci- dents of violence lhat brought National Guardsmen lo schools in Kentucky and Illinois and new clashes al the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Students at Ihe University of Missouri and Syracuse Universi- ty burned effigies of President Nixon during rallies. California Gov' Ronald Rea- gan closed Ihe entire slate col- lege and university system to- taling 28 campuses until Mon- Arson Charged UT Protest By GARTH JONES Associated Press Writer AUSTIN (AP) Charges of aiMon were filed today against one of the University of Texas anti-war demonstrators as a "slrikc" ag.-iinsl classes went inlo its third day. Lorado Cole, 29, of Austin was named in arson charges filed before Justice of Peace Bob Kuhn. University officials said Iheir records showed no student by lhat name. Kuhn ret bond of and Cole was returned lo the Travis County jail. University police said Ihere was no doubt Ihe anti-war demonstrations T u e s d a y and Wednesday were connected wilh a blaze started in Building Z late Wednesday night. There was slight damage Iq the tem- porary slrjicture housing univer- sity Biology Department experi- mental animals. Officers said witnesses saw two men llglit a fire under a corner of Ihe building and run. four Austin Fire Department trucks quickly put out Ihe flames caused by gasoline and newspapers. A witness said the two men ran from the fire toward the main mall nearby where several hundred demonstrators spent the night after Wednesday's pro- tests. Early today less than 200 re- mained on the mall, either curled up in sleeping bags and blankets or eating a handout breakfast of ptanul butler, jelly, lioncy, bread anil cnffec. Al one Wednesday, COO lo students of Ihe more lhan enrolled gath- ered on the campus mall lo dis- cuss ultimatums given univcr- sity officials. A blistering sun plus the news that more lhan 300 city and slate wilh tear gas, shotguns and nighl waited Just off Ihe cam- pus finally pul a damper on rampaging tempers, lata Wednesday. day, asking lhat Ihe stu- dents reflect "on the grave se- quence of current events." lie also asked the slate's 92 Iwo year junior colleges wilh students and the state's private colleges wilh about lo close, and many of them did. "1 want lo make il very clear lhal closing Ihe not in any way giving in to those who preach and practice vio- he said in a statewide television talk. "This four-day period is support for those who believe in nonviolence." Pennsylvania State Universi- ty, wilh 18 campuses, was or- dered closed, Ohio Stale Univer- sity was closed by its president shortly after Gov. James A. nhorfos said all Ohio schools ex- periencing unrest should be shul. The National Student Infor- mation Center at Br-andcis Uni- versity in Wallham, Mass., said 253 schools had reported they were participating in the anti- war slrikc. Gav. l.ouis B. Nunn of Kentuc- ky ordered stale police and Na- tional Guard troops "wilh mounted bayonets and live am- munition" onto Ihe University of Kentucky campus to enforce a curfew. Rut Ihe guardsmen wore lold nol lo load their rifles. His aclion came after 750 stu- dents ignored a 5 p.m. curfew ordered by university President Otis Singletary after an Air Force ItOTC building was "My decision was lo wail until the campus was Kilt burned down with lives being lost or to Nunn declared. WEATHER DEPARTMENT OF COfAMERCB EiSA WEATHER iUREALJ (weiihir Pg. ABILENE AND VICINITY n- fair avid lenient and Friday. High Thursday In 43i. Low Thursday nlgM In dCi. High FrkUy In upocr Hs. Winds sWherly (rom 10-30 rn.p.h. High ar.d low for 74-noun ending 9 am.: (I ard H'gh tow (or the jama dale hit year: 71 art Suoiet Fait nlgM; p.m.; ujnrlw IJTU wwuat rWlghTi p.m. V