Friday, April 24, 1970

Abilene Reporter News

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - April 24, 1970, Abilene, Texas 80TH YEAR, NO. 309 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, FRIDAY EVENING, APRIL 24, 1970 PAGES IN TOUR SECTIONS Associated Press SUNDAY BACKWARD Babe Stovall docs a day festival, which is featuring jazz, blues, gos- littlc fancy guitar picking behind his head as pel and folk music, will end Sunday. (AP Wire- he sings about mean women and hard limes dur- photo) iiic the New Orleans Jaxx Festival. The five- MEMPII1S, Tenn. (AP) A prc-rtawn tornado roared across souili Memphis and neighboring Mississippi today, injuring more Ihnn 30 persons ami inflicting widespread properly damage. The storm blew nff same A pall of gray over Abilene Friday morning, thunderstorms which may hit the area Friday afternoon. The weatherman said rains would be possible also Friday night and Saturday. As of 9 a.m. Friday, the Abilene recorded .35- inch "of rain, which (ell Thurs- day afternoon. the inlcrmillcnt rains, winch began Thursday afternoon Ihrcaloning to" rain on the Frontier Festival parade. In Ihc Hig Country rain I races were recorded with Baird measuring .35-inch accompanied by liiiil. The hail was reported to be (lie size of marbles. Tiiscola and Buffalo Gap experienced .20. James Doty, KSSA weatherman, explained in part was hapiwns and what can be expected in Hie pre-sunimer season: "Tills lime of year il heals up on the surface (of Hie llierc is cold air aloft and a good supply of moisture. These are Hie three ingredients for a thunderstorm." Thursday in Haird il rained briefly but hard. According In one rain gauge there .70 inches of rain fell in less than an hour. WEATHER U. S DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE ESSA BUREAU (Wealher Map, pg. <A1 ABILENE AND VIClNITYW-mik! cloudy to wim KSIIOred Dvjrvlpritormi Ir.dw, loniqV and Saturday. Cnntiiuiiil warm. Protabilily el "in twin days M per ccnl. High Friday nrar U- rnrtay n ghl m 5-1 center which sent high winds through Oak Grove, near Para- gonld in northeast Arkansas, and injured five members of one family and destroyed a house trailer. Oak Grove High School suffered an estimated 5I.OCO in roof damage and sever- al outbuildings were destroyed. No deaths were repurlcd in (he storms and injuries were said to be minor. No determina- tion of overall dollar damage was made. Winds lo 73 miles an hour were clicked al Memphis Jnler- nalional Airport where 3-i planes were damaged. Several planes were damaged al the DeSolo Airport in north .Mississippi, where Iwo employes were in- jured. Most of these injured were treated for cuts from flying glass. The fire department said its ambulances transported 12 persons lo hospitals. Firemen gave first aid at Ihe scene lo 20 lo 3D others who did not require hospital treatment. The twister apparently fol- lowed a path from DeSolo Coun- ty in norllnvest Mississippi through Corn Lake, DeSolo Air- port and into south .Memphis and Colliervillc, Teiui. LONDON (AP) A 50-year-old woman was remarried Thursday to Hie man she divorced so he could gel his secretary out of a Polish prison by marrying her. Afler the ceremony, the couple wont home and drank a toast with the secretary. Dr. Sxymati and his wife, Lydia, wore living in Poland in IfiliG and had been married 21 years. The secret police raided (heir home and found notes for a book critical of (ho Communist regime. Nina Karsow, (lie doctor's 25-year-old secretary, said Hie notes were hers and look full responsibility. She; was sentenced to three years in prison for "anlistalc activi- ties." Then the Sy.echlers halchcd their plan In her out. In April (hey wore divorced and Mrs. went (o Israel. The doctor stayed behind, and a year later married Nina while she was slill in prison. As a married woman she was set free early. She and came to London laler in to join Lydia. The "temporary" marriage was declared void last month. Lydia and Ihc doctor were remarried in a Register Office using the gold ring he first put on her liner 25 years ago. "This was merely a said Mrs. "Although we were divorced, in our hearts we were slill man and wife. I gave up three years of my marriage because I fell I had to repay our debt io -N'ino for taking the blame and Ihal was the only way Io do il." Reds Block Main PlIN'OM PUML, Cambodia (At1) The Viel Cong today cut the road between Phnom Penh and Anglassom, 3B miles Io the south, blocking one of the two main routes between the capital and Cambodia's ports on Ihe Gulf of Siam. A Viel Cong roadblock yards north of slopped traffic. A government force inside the town was re- ported fighting about 100 enemy troops and a government com- munique said paraliTjop units reinforced Ihc defenders Thurs- day niglil. The Vietnamese entered Ang- tassom before dawn Thursday. Al thai time government troops reixirtcd in positions on Ihc eastern side of the town. Four Cambodian soldiers were reported killed and six wounded Thursday. The assault on Anglassom was part of a two-prong maneu- ver, the other being an attack on Takco, lite provincial capital six miles to Ihe cast. Takeo and ils several Ihonsand Cambodian defenders were reported slill under attack Thursday night. l-'.lsewhere in Takco Province, Iwo Viet Cong were reported killed in skirmish at Kaam Samnar. The blocking (if Heinle 3, which Anglasfoni straddles, cut off an important commercial and military artery thai Hie co- Innial French staged major op- erations to keep open during the Indochina war after World War 11. Al the roadblock a man in a preen uniform fired 10 rounds from an automatic rifle In force back two newsmen in an auio- mobile: none of the bullets hit Ihe car. The military communique also reported that the Viet Cong blow up a bridge! and occupied a village in Kratie Province north of Phnom Penh Thursday. The army also reported a skirmish al the village of Krol Ko, 12 miles west of Svay Hicng town in eastern Cambodia. I[ gave no details. Radio Phnom Penh came up with a new explanation today for the hundreds of biillcl-rid- dlod Vietnamese bodies seen by Western newsmen in the Me- kong liiver south of Phnom Penh April 15. The government radio said Ihc Viet Cong in Camhodia lied Ihe hands of [heir own battle dead and threw them into the river to give the impression they were innocent civilians massacred by the Cambodians. Earlier, the Cambodian gov- ernment said Ihe dead in the river drowned in the sinking of a boat. KEEPING ACC eight women were announced Friday campus beau- lies for (lie J 969-70 school year at Abilene Christina College.' They are: (lop center) Betty Rulliiigloji, junior, Fayetlevillc, 'J'enn.; (middle row from left) Sara Ramsey, junior, Old Hickory, Tonii.; Lincla Hicks, senior, San Antonio; Saudi Glasscock, Denver, Colo.; and Alclba Cavalier, senior, Fort Worth; (bottom row from left) Linda Core, senior, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Pat Hooper, junior, Pincllas Park, Flu.; and Julie Tinton, fresh- inan. Abilene. Viets Beefing Border With Cambodia 'IT RAIIEDi ABII.'ENE Municipal Airport Total for Year..... Normal for Year ALMAivY imECKENRIDC-E HUFFAI.O GAP TUSCOLA .35 5.12 4.C.1 .02 .70 .35 .2 .20 NEWS INDEX Amuscmcnls........ Dnrffjc C' Ccirics Edilcricls.......... I toior.copp Kr.2pi1ol PaticnK Obituaries S.iorls lo Your Gocd Hco'lh TV Log Wrmrn's 6B 2-8D 1 1C AC 4C 4 A 2A 7-9C IDA 8P By GKOKfiE KSPfill Assiifiatrd Press Writer SAIGON AP) The South army is putting more artillery tfnd troops along several hundred miles of the Cambodian border in prepara- lion for more armed forays into Cambodia in pursuit of North Vietnamese and Viel Cong troops, informed Vietnamese sources said lodiry. "We have gone into CamlKidia many said one source. "We expect to continue. We arc paying more attention to the westrrn side of South Vietnam. We ars re nforcing il wilh more artillery. There arc more air strikes ii'long (ho Iwdcr. We arc reinforcing our outposts." The buildup is heaviest in So'.ilh Vietnam's 3rd Corps Tac- tical Zone, an area of 10.0M square miles sharing 231 miles of border with Cambodia. Thn border area runs in an arc from 3-1 miles west of Saigon to 100 miles northeast of Ihc capital. Til" sources estimate to North Virlnamosc and Viel Cong troops are in casern Cambodia. One source sffid Cambodian troops had with- drawn from all (heir outposts along the border because they were "afraid of Ihe Viel Cong and iNorlli Vietnamese." This source said there is no official agreement between Smith Vietnamese and Cambo- dian authorities for South Viet- forces to cross into Cambodia. Ily JACK IIOLDKN ST. LOl'lS Scaled-down request totaling at leasf Slj million over a two-year ]wriod to help black members of the United Methodist Church and Ihc UMC's 12 Negro colleges will go before the General Conference o[ the church Friday on (lie linal day of a five-day conference here. In a session which lasted far into Ihc night Thursday, legislative committees of Ihe General Conference laid before Aid Due Abortion Resolution, Pg. 2A nearly 1010 delegates some of I heir answers Io requests made Tuesday by Black Methodists for Church totaling 521.5 million or more See MICTHODISTS, Pg. 9A Can't Paper tabloid Press. paper in Forl Worth 55.' Winds variable from PTl' TEMPERATURES Thun. p.m. ..Frl 76 76 75 7< 73 70 O 59 59 61 .61 9.00 for JJ-hWjrs ending 9 Hgh nnd fl.m And i9. High ar.d [ow wrne dale Iflil year: 78 SU-.5C! Mil r'ohl: p iirrise 4 a.m.; Mjiscl tonklM; 7 p.m. Baromeler reading Al 9 m. 36.24. H'jfnldily al 9 a.m.: 71 per cent. By KU.IE RUCKEIl and BtiTTY CHISSOM Q. Why can't newspapers lie (lie of Ihc TV guide pull-niit section of (lie Sunday paper? My husband likes (o rrart in bed and it's abnnsl Impossible In hold the paper while Ijhg down. Quite, frc-tpirnlly he has breakfast in rcstanranls, lie IIP is cither being linked In the face hy olhers witli larger papers MI! plbtms, or else he Is accidentally poking someone else. A. There are a nuniljcr of tabloid newspapers in the country, bill for some reason they're not extremely popular. The reason the It-N doesn't use labloid sixe is they feel (he lay-out of the paper simply looks heller when they have more printing, pictures and ads can be larger and more space can be leu towecn column'; which tends to make reading easier. H-N does print some special sections in lahlnid including some special advertising sections. There is only one major daily (J. Is II slill possible (o book passage fnr an ocean voyage, either Atlantic nr 1'acilic, on a cargo on "tramp" steamer, at a considerably lowrr fare than Ihe cosl of passage on regularly scheduled passenger liners? If so. f ivoulil appreciate some leads in (his area. A. Passage on Ihc freighters is available, difficult to obtain because of limited passenger space you may have to bonk yonr passage a year in advance. The fare is usually less than for a regular liner and a travel agency can give the exact prices as they vary from one ship to another. This lype travel is recommended strictly for the adventurer who has lots of lime and doesn't care where he's going as freighter schedules are very flexible. In fad, you probably won't gel a definite departure date until a few days before the ship leaves, says a local travel agent. Q. Why is il wlien grocery slnrrs advertise whnli; fryers so much a pniind Ihal (here Is nn Sometimes (here's nn liver, only a neck and hcarl. Of course you can'l this until you get ready In conk it. A uhnlc frjcr shnnld have everything It's supposed to have. Who is (o blame? I jnsl wonder. A. The packer is to blame, or maylw the federal inspector, or just blame human error. Olen llollz, market manager of a large grocery store here, says a liver, heart and neck should lie inside oach fryer when it leaves the poultry house in Kasl Texas. They're checked by federal inspectors after Ihcy leave the assembly line. Me said if Ihc local grocers checked each fryer individually it would be so lime consuming thai Ihcy'd have to raise Ihc price of the fryer. Q. Is there a place in Hie slate of Texas or anywhere else that would give a man a job If paroled nut of prison? If so give address. A. Yes, Ihcro are businesses that arc willing Io give you a chance if yon qualify for the typo of work they're looking for. Your first step is to contact Texas Kmploymcnl Commission, Hickory. Ask for Mr. Wilkcs or Mr. Gordon; they wanl Io lalk lo you personally. They've placed quite a few ex-convicts in the past and will gladly help yon if Ihey can. Q. Atler a family discussion last night alnnl Inni; words, ue'd like, lo know the Irngesl unnl in Ihc Kngllsli language. We say il's snpercalifragilisliccxpiali- dndniis (3-1 hut nur father says that il dnesn't count because it has no moii.niiiK and there's a longer word Ihan dial anyway. Whn's righl? A. We side wilh Dad, "super11..." is more Mary IVippmLve Ihan English. And Ihere's a longer word all righl, how about "pneu- monnnilraminoscopicshicovolcanoconiosis" (15 Toss lhat into a conversation when Ihc subjtcl of Lung" (the dreaded coal miner's disease) comes up, be- Dial's Ihc official term for il. Second longest would he anti-intcrdcnominalional- islically (32) letters and the longer word in common use is disproporlionablcness Address qneslinns to Action Mile, Rox no, Abilene, Texas 79M4. Names will not be used hid (picsllnns must be signed and addresses given. Hrasc Include telephone numliers If possible. Good Samaritan Comes Through For Carrier Beys Sunday morning two young brothers found that their bicycles had been taken during the night, and it put them in a real bind since they used the bikes to deliver both morning 2nd evening editions of The Reporter-News. fint an Abilene man read pf their plight in a Letter Io the Kdilor in Hie Wednesday afternoon Reporter-News and came to their aid. Thomas A. Morris o f American Founders Life Insurance Co. said, "We had six bicycles in our garage, and figured we could do without two.'1 Ho took two of the bicycles to (he young boys Thursday afternoon. The b'ovs, Kyle Ramon, 13, and Jimmy, sons of Mr. and Mrs. .Jesse Ramon of Meander were delighted, Mrs. Ramon said. "We really appreciated it; I have been having to take them morning and evening to deliver thrir papers this she said. "We have known Mr. Morris for a long she said.