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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - February 12, 1970, Abilene, Texas WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT BOTH YEAR, NO. 239 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 12, PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS Associated Press lOc SUNDAY tt Claims 68 am. Killed in Factory 98 Others Reported Hurt in Israeli Bombing By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Egyptians said two Israe- li planes today allacked a scrap melal factory just nbrlh of Cai- ro and killed or wounded 166 ci- vilian workers. The Israelis warned llial because of a "lech- nical error" a large delayed-ac- tion bomb miglil still be in Ihe wreckage. The director of Hie nearby El Khanqa Hospital, Sarnie Kan- soli, sh'id G8 bodies were found ami 98 injured were accounted for. He said some of (he bodies were charred completely. One official at the faclory said: "There are more bodies underneath the wreckage." 'El Khanqa is about 16 miles north ol the Egyptian capital. The Egyptian Interior Ministry described the factory as Ihe "National Company for melal in- dustry." The maintenance workshop U.S. Again Proposes Secret Peace Talks By JOHN V1NOCUR Associated Press Writer PARIS (AP) The United States again proposed today se- cret sessions of the Paris peace talks, kind North Vietnam has said it will refuse ID attend as long as Ambassador Philip C. Habib heads the American dele- gation. North Vietnam contends the United Slates is downgrading the conference because Habib, who was No. 2 man on Ilie dele- gation, replaced U.S. Ambassa- dor Henry CaboL Lodge, who re- signed In December. They IK- lieve Habib does not have full negotiating power. Apparently lo underscore this view, Norlh Vietnam sent its lowest ranking rcprescnlalive so far to the 54th session of the talks. He is Nguyen Mini] Vy, a member of tlie North Viet- namese delegation. Xuan the chief delegate, has bnycol- ted the talks since Dec. C. He was replaced by Col. Ha Van Lau, the second ranking mem- ber. Lau was said to be on vaca- tion. Habib reminded ihe North Vietnamese and Viet Cong that they rejected his proposal for secret talks at Ihe 49th plenary meeting. "We have proposed restricted sessions as a means of avoiding polemics ami enhancing serious he said. "You have had additional lime lo con- sider this constructive proposal. The experience ot Ihe past sev- eral weeks since we made that proposal makes clear Ihe desir- ability of moving into a fonim where genuine talks can lake place. We aro ready lo hold re- stricted sessions immediately as a way of moving these talks ahead." Habib said all attempts at holding meaningful at the plenary sessions had failed. !'il is he charged, "Ihat so far you have sought lo avoid such discussions." "Despite our efforts your side has refused to respond construc- tively. On Ihe key questions of elections, 'withdrawal of forces and prisoners of war, you have. repealed the same generalized foimulas and charges, and the same unrealistic demands for unilateral action on our parl as a precondition to any real nego- tiation. "You have shown no willing- ness to clarify your position on any of the major questions. You have shown no readiness to ex- plore alternatives to jour own rigid demands. You give no in- dication of what you are pre- pared to do to achieve peace' in Vietnam. In short, you deliber- ately block serious negotia- tions." Vy kept to old themes. He in- sisted that it was President Nix- on's administration that had sabotaged the talks while pre- tending to negotiate seriously. American position at this conference.table concerning resolution of Ilie Vietnam prob- lem is an obstinate and arro- gant he declared. "They have advanced unreasonable de- mands while making extremely perlirlious maneuvers." Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hinh, Ihe chief Viel Cong delegate, at- tacked the Nixon administra- tion's Vielnamizalion program. "It is really a vicious she said. "The thing that 1.5- million American, puppet and satellite troops had been unable lo do for several past years, how can the puppet army achieve now on ils Mrs. Binh repeated the Viet Cong position that all American troops must be rapidly and un- conditionally withdrawn Irom South Vietnam. Speaking first, Ambassador Pham Dang Lam of South. Viet- nam renewed a call for private and secret talks, asking: "Why do we not improve the format of the meetings and try new meth- Ambassador Tlmy told news- men Wednesday no privalc ne- gotiations could ever lake place in Paris if Habib continued as head of the U.S. delegation. Testing Tuesday For Census Work Applicants for jobs Id work in taking Ihe census in Taylor and Jones Counties will be lesled next Tuesday at Ihe Abilene Chamber of Commerce. This announcement came jointly Monday from Richard Newton, dircclor of Ihe District Census Office in Wichita Falls, and Jack Gressclt, executive vice president of Ihe chamber. Some ICO citizens from Taylor and Jones Counties will be hired to conduct Ihe census. Tesls will be given at 3 a'.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Chamber offices for those applying lo be enumerators or crew chiefs, Grcssett said. Those making Ihe highest grades will be interviewed and considered for one of Ihe six crew chief jobs. Persons interested in applying arc invited lo call the chamber, 677-7241, and give their name, Laotian Troops Beat Back N. Viet Attack VIENTIANE, Laos (AP) Three companies of North Viet- namese troops attacked the Plain of Jars airport early to- day and were beaten back with the loss of 75 men killed, a Lao- tian government spokesman said. The Ihree-hour attack came one day after U.S. transport planes flown by the Air America charter company completed the evacuation of refugees from (he airport. The government spokesman claimed the batlle was a "great victory" for Ihe government forces. He said one government battalion beat hack an estimat- ed 400 North Vietnamese with- out the aid of lactical air sup- port. Government casualties were not announced. Six Norlh Vietnamese prison- ers were taken, the spokesman The Plain of Jars airport is about 100 miles north nf Vienti- ane and 35 miles from the head- quarters of Gen. Vang Pao, who commands government forces on the Plain of Jars. King Savang has been visiting Van Pao's base at Long Chien but is expected lo cut short his visit because of the attack. The Plain of Jars, so called because of Ihe large ancient fu- neral jars there, is a plateau in northeast Laos. It is o( con- siderable strategic importance because it lies athwart the main last-west route from North iVel- nani. Vang Pao's force of Mco tribesmen recaptured Ihe plain from Pathct Lao and North Vietnamese last summer. With Ihe end of the monsoon rains re- cently, Pathct Lao and North Vietnamese forces have been 'moving inlo the area, apparent- ly for an allcmpt to retake the plain, and the government and ils U.S. allies decided to evacu- ate Uio civilians, address and telephone number. Grcssclt ssid enumerators will work an average of six lo eight hours a day and can earn annul n week. They will work on a "piecemeal" basis, he explained, being paid according lo the number of citizens inlerviewcd. Some of the work will al nighl, so persons who have another job but who have spare time will be considered for the job. "A person who works during the morning and has the afternoon free would make an ideal census taker, in Ihat many of the contacls will be made during the afternoon and al Gresseit said. Crcsv chiefs will be paid an hour, and Iheir scheduled will be varied. To apply for a job either as enumerator or crew chief, a person must be 18 years of age or older, a U.S. citizen, and must pass Ihe lest lo be given Tuesday. The census taking is expected lo last about 30 lo 45 days. Workers will report March 30, and will lalte two days of Iraining before the actual count starts April 1. Grcsselt said Ihe Abilene Chamber of Commerce, through French Robertson, chairman of a special census commiltec, has offered ils facilities and any oVher type of assistance lo Ihe Census Bureau in carrying out its program here. Newton tentatively plans lo be in Abilene Tuesday to meet with cily arid Chamber of Commerce leaders to discuss the census opcralion. Whether he can come depends upon his having permission from a doctor who is treating him for injuries suffered recently in a car-train collision near Wichita Falls. Panel to Meet AUSTIN (AP) A special committee studying the feasibil- ity of constructing a stale office building in Houston will meet Feb. 27. Hep. William Swanson of Hous- ton is commillec chairman. and Ihe powerhouse were re- ported badly damaged and most of Ihe dead and wounded were believed lo have boon nil there shortly after reporting for work. The Israelis said later Ihat one of their warplanes may have dropped bombs outside its largol area. Defense Minister Moslie Day- an advised Hie Egyptians that one 840-pound delayed-aclion bomb was set lo go off after 24 hours. Dayan's warning--setting a precedent in the Arab-lsrffeli was conveyed through Ihe International Red Cross. Tlie defense minister in effect told the Egyptians lo defuse the bomb before rit explodes and possibly kills more civilians. The United Nations also was notified through LI. Gen. Odd Bull, Chief cease-fire observer in the Middle East. The Israelis did not say where the bombs fell, but an Egyptian spokesman said it was at a melal plant in the area of Kl Khanqa, 12 miles north of aCiro, one of Ihree targets which the Israelis reported hitting in ail- raid? today. The Israeli military command said il emerged ci debrief- ing of pilots Ihat the bombs were dropped outside, the target area because of a "technical er- ror." In an almost unprccendenled slop, the Egyptian Information Ministry officials invited news photographers lo Ihe scene of (lie factory. The Israeli military command said its jets struck military po- sitions near Cairo and a radar site al Jebel Awcbcd, on tlie Cairo-Suez railroad, 24 miles west of Ihe Suez Canal. An Israeli spokesman said the planes first attacked equipment and ammunition stores at El Khanqa, located 12 miles norlh of Cairo, in Ihe area where Ihe Egyptians claim Ihe factory was localed; and Ihe radar site. Two hours later, the spokesman said, Israeli planes hit a.mili- tary camp near Dahshur, 23 miles scuth of Cairo on Ihe Nile, and military largels in the cen- tral seclor of the canal. The Israelis said all planes re- turned safely. Residents in Heltopolis, a Cai- ro suburb, said they heard Ihe sound of explosions which could have been falling bombs. Air raid sirens wailed al lleliopolis but not in downlown Cairo, though shock waves from Ihe explosions shook the wide win- dows of the Hilton Hotel in Ihe center of Cairo and rallied win- dow panes elsewhere. Sounds of anli aircraft fire and artillery echoed in parts of Heliopolis during Ihe raid. "WEATHER U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE ESSA WEATHEA BUREAU (Wealher Map, Pg, 13A] ABILENE AND VJCINITY (40-mHe radiujj ton'-ghl and I'riday. High today, in Ihe higli Si's; low lontqhl, in Ihe mid WS; Fnrfay, Fn Ihe 40's. Oulloofc, good ueekerd over all North Teias; fair and mild lo warm. and low tor 2J-hours ending P a.m.: 70 30, H'gh and lew same date laif year: 61 and Sunwt 1as1 nighl: wnrise loday: nnsst lorighl: OFF-BKOADAVAY PLAY'S THEIR THING- TWO comedian Eddie Cantor's youngest daughters, Marilyn Cantor Baker, left, and Janel Cantor Can, get their heads together in a New York hotel. They are putting together an off- Broadway play so wholesome they say you can lake both your grandchild and your grand- mother (o fl. Airs. Cari, who studied classical music, wrote tlie score for the play which is titled "Lylc." Mrs. Baker is producing it. (AP Wircpholo) Boird Murder Trial Testimony to Begin HOY A. JONES II llcporlcr-News suit Writer BAIRD Testimony .in the murder trial of Curtis Sherman Goad Jr. was lo gel underway, at 10 a.m. Thursday in- 42nd- District Court here. Tlie 27-year-old Goad, a for- mer Cross Plains house-painter, is on trial .for his life, accused of the murder of Cross Plains City Marshal Byron ft i c li- Hi'd'son. The labo'rous, three-day task of picking a jury had not ended until late Wednesday night, so Judge lialeigh Brown poslponed the start of testimony from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Thursday. Criminal Dist. Ally. Ed Payiiler of Abilene is prose- cuting the case. Jury selection was finally completed <A Q-.05 p.m. Wed- nesday when attorneys for both sides accepted Clovis McCollum of HI. 2, Moran, at p.m. He was the 91st prospective juror examined during the three days of jury selection. Two jurors had been chosen Monday; five were added Tues- day and Ihe final five Wed- nesday. Chosen Wednesday were Mrs. Hope Evans of Rl. 1, Haird, wife of a Callahan County rancher, and the only woman juror; Tommy Holland of Baird, Joe D. Ingram of .Cross Plains, and Duanc Loper of Denton Valley. When jury selection was completed, a total of 45 persons had been excused by Judge Raleigh Brown for cause, the majority of Ihem, 21, because they expressed strong feelings about the death penally. Paynler, who is being assisted by a former district attorney, Bill Thomas, used 10 of the 15 strikes (challenges of pros- pective jurors without giving a reason) allowed by law. Court-appointed Defense Al- lorney Charles Scarborough of Abilene, who is being assisted by his falhcr, Davis Scarborough, used 6 of his 15 strikes. D. D. Hickerson of Rt. 2, Clyde, and Bruce Williams o[ Baird were jurors picked on Ihe firsl day. Chosen Tuesday were Albert. Butcher ot Oplin, Curtis Taylor of Rt.' 2, Clyde, Ed Free- man of Clyde, Norman Coffee nt Baird, and Lee Savell of nt. 1, Clyde Jurors were locked up as Ihey were chosen and will locked up in Ihe company of sheriff's depulies until the trial is com- pleted, probably not until laic next week. Group Seeking Portrait of JFK WASHINGTON (AP) The White House Historical Associa- tion is wailing for an assist from Mrs. Aristotle Onassis in its ef- fort lo gel a portrait of Ihe lale Prcsidcnl John F. Kennedy for the presidenlal mansion. The While House has a por- trail of every president except Kennedy, says curator James R. Kelchum. He said the artist selected by Kennedy's widow never had scon Kennedy, stud- ied photographs and inter- viewed mcmlwrs of (he family but gave up after two years. Kelchum said lie hoped Mrs. Onassis would select another artist. He adder! that Iho While House also would like lo have a portrait of the former first'lady. NEWS INDEX Amusements 1 7B Bridge.................8A Business Notes 1OA Clossilied H-17B Comics 13B Editorials............ I2B Horoscope.............9A Hospital Patients 13A Obituaries 3A Spoils 15-17A This Man's Art........ 17B To You- 'Vied Health 1 IA TV Loo...............23 Woman's News........6-9B San Diego Police Can Trace Criminals Fast With Computer By JOHN PHILIP SOUSA Associated Tress Writer SAN DIEGO, Calif. (AP) A pedestrian, struck down and in- jured by a hil-and-nm driver, was able to give police Ihe color and make of Ihe car but only two letters from the license plale. Next day, officers made an Errest. They did it with the help ot a computer. "We've found Ihat 98 per cent of the thieves, arsonists, murd- erers and other criminals have records of traffic says Jack Baker, a 49-year-old police lieutenant who is also a computer expert. "Having accurate information fasl is one of our key he said in an interview. "So I studied compuler programming and system analysis to deter- mine how they could help police do their job." Baker's computerized Iraffic enforcement system became op- erational in 1967. "Informalion from Iraffic ci- tations, warnings and other sources Is stored in a computer and is available lo us in seven seconds instead of hours or he explains. As an example, Baker lells of a burglar caught less lhan one hour aflcr he pawned a stolen lypcwriier: "We checked our record of transactions filed by pawn shops and found Ihe typewriter. The description of the suspect's car given lo us by the slore manngcr was all wo needed: The compuler produced Ihe sus- pect's man who had a record for Iraffic violalions." A service station attendant .became suspicious of an indivi- dual offering several new tires for sale, so the attendant wrote down the number on the man's out-of-slate plates and called po- lice. "Informalion from Ihe stale In cuieslion got to us more lhan a day Baker said, "and it only gave the man's name and his address there. Our computer gave us his local conlacl in a mailer of seconds The man had been given a traffic warn- ing three weeks earlier." 'Baker's system has been praised in several law enforce- ment journals, Including lha FBI Bulletin, By EI.UE HUCKEH and BETTY GIUSSOM Overnight Camping? Try the State Park Q. I would like lo know It there Is any place on llic sonlh side of Abilene wlicrc ii person fan canp In peace? When I Iry to go camping Uiorc Is no place (o camp. Can you camp at Vaughn-Camp I'ark? It Is down hy Ihe Slonegatc Addition. A. II you want to go soulh, Ihe only place we know of is Abilene Stale I'ark, as over- night camping isn'l allowed in Vaughn-Camp Park or any of the other city parks. There is an entrance fee at Abilene Stale Park and also a" camping foe but you have the pro- lection of the park rangers and some of the conveniences of home: running water, rest rooms, fire grates, and picnic lablcs. Q. Although I know thai at Ihat time, uhal we call now Ihe Year One was not so labeled 1( would seem to me that It would lake 100 years lo make Ihe first century. Then didn't the second century begin Jan. 1, 101, Ihcorctlcally, Ihe Ihlril cciilury, Jan. 1, 201, clc., so Ihat the Twcnllelh Ccnliiry did mil begin until Jan. I, 1901. Yet, sii many people say the 20lh Ccnlury began Jan. 1, 1350. Ifow conic, Ituh? A. Technically, it's Irue that in counting centuries Ihe JOOlh year should be counted as the Insl year of the ccnlury since it is reckoned from (he year one inslcad of 0 which means the century actually began in 1301, says our calendar expert. lie quickly adds, however, (hat public acccplance has decreed lhal for all practical purposes, !hc IDfllh year begins the next century. True calendar reckoning on the ccnlury doesn't stand a chance when pitied against public acceptance. The same holds true wilh the beginning and ending of the decade. Q. Arc (lie cucumbers we buy sprayed siith wax? They sure look and feel like (hey arc. A. Many of them are sprayed wilh a harmless, edible wax coating lo preserve them and lo pass federal inspection, says produce experl Robert Hector. Besides cu- cumbers, he said some apples, rutabagas, turnips, beans and sometimes green peppers are sprayed wilh a germ-killing wax-like chemical. Q. Last summer (here was a rumor that a free wheel chair uould he given for "so many" rmply clgarcHc packages. Wilh the help of Irlcnds, a young crlpplfd girl has saved 18.000 packages. Will you please, flnrt oul the (ohacco company (fiat gives chairs for these packages? A. Action Lino has contacted all the tobacco companies and Ihcy all confirmed lhal Ihis is an "unkind rumor" and it's undetermined as to how il got started. Possibly, saving the coupons on the back o( the packages could help you finance the purchase of a wheel chair through one of the local hospital supply houses. One tobacco company suggested that coupons arc some- limes exchanged for cash, and a wheel chair might lie purchased in Ihat way. Q. Is there any way (o get a doctor whon you ntcrl one and you rton't have a regular doctor because you arc new In lown? A. If it's an emergency it would be quicker lo go lo the emergency room at the hospital. If not, just call Ihe Abilene Doctor's Exchange and Ihcy can find the type ol doctor you need quicker lhan you can bjr going down Ihe telephone list, 1