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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - January 13, 1970, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 89TH YEAR, NO. 209 PHONE 6734271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 13, PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS Associated Press (fP) lOc SUNDAY PLAN Drs.-Don Davis, Richard Macy and Lloyd Van Pelt or Los An- geles discuss an unusual health program which would provide free veterinary service for sick and injured animals. The program, lo be called VET-AID, would depend on public donations. (AP Wirepholo) LA Firm Seeks To Promote Pets' Welfare LOS ANGELES (AP) Los A-ngeles residents on welfare al- ready get free medical care. Their .pels soon may get the same through a private founda- tion. Officials -say that more than half the persons receiv- ing welfare in Los Angeles County own pets, and that, many sick and injured animals suffer and because their oyyners can't.afford veterinarians' fees. Giving-.pcts. free js; the. aim of. a-n'ew' Istefcd 'project. TheSprp'g'ram will depend on public' in the near future. Veterinarians'have agreed to bill for costs only, donating their time. Harry Maiden, executive di- rector of the Animal Health Foundation of California, which will administer the program, announced its inauguration al a news conference Monday. "Poor people lend to have more animals than the af- says Donald Payn, dis- trict supervisor of the County Animal Shelter. program is'a godsend for them." Maiden said the foundation will solicit and the pro- gram will begin as soon as has been raised. Caver Will Seek City Council Seat Howard Caver, 30, filed as a candidate lor city council Tues- day morning in Ihe April council election. He filed for the north- side Place 1 position held by Dr. John Stevens, who isn't running for reelection. Caver has-been assistant di- rector 'of the Upward Bound Project for 1V4 years. He pre- viously taught junior high English and band at Woodson High School. Caver, a Negro, was presented (he Outstanding Citizen of Ihe Year Award by the Carver Community Committee. He was the president of the Taylor County branch of the NAACP in 3968, third vice president of the Community Action Program in 1967-68, a member of the Afro- Leadership Conference, a repre- sentative of the poor in Ihe Com- munity Aclion Program, and a member of the Omega Psi Phi NEWS INDEX Amusements 2A Buisness News..........8A Bridge 7 A Classified............5-7B Comics -4B Editorials..............2B Horoscope 9A Hospital Patients........4A Obiluon'ei 3A Sports............. This Man's Art.........2A To Your Good Health------7 A TV Log 7B Women's News.........3B HOWARD CAVER Upward Bound official National Social Fraternity. He is the first candidate to announce. He said there were (wo reasons for his liming. One is that "hopefully it will influ- ence more people to register before the deadline." (Voter registration deadline is Jan. 31. He said his other reason was that a Negro had not run before and that there were "a lot of skeptics" about a Negro's ability 10 do the job. Therefore, he said 11 was "going lo take more than normal to convince the skeptics that a Black American could do the job." Drug Traffic Probe Ordered by Judge All. families in Los Angeles and Orange Counties receiving welfare will be eligible for the program, called VET-AID. A rccepienl may lake his ani- mal to "any veterinarian in the program, and the veterinarian will bill the foundation. Dr. Lloyd F. Van Pelt, presi- dent of the foundation, said VKT- All) .was begun .because "many, animals suffer because their indigent owners can't af- ford treatment for them." Sniper Shot Ends Up in Barrel Of Gl's Rifle SAIGON (AP) The sniper's shot wound up in Hie bairel of Hie Gl's M1G rifle. Result: no damage. Cpl. Ralph C. Blumenhagen of WiUimanlic, Conn., was scout- ing for a company of 25th Infan- try Division troops earlier this week during the batllc at Black Virgin Mountain, 55 miles north- west of Saigon. Blumenhagen's unil was pinned down by sniper fire on the mountain's western slope. "I (old the point man lo llirow a liand grenade at the sniper's position which was about 30 feet from us, and T would cover for Blumenhagen reported. "As lie prepared to throw, I carefully leaned around the edge of a rock and tried lo zero in on the 'sniper. "Just then my rifle seemed to recoil as if I had fired it, al- though I didn't Ihink I had. When I looked at the muzzle of the weapon, I found that I hadn't fired but the sniper had fired at me. An AK47 round was lodged tightly in the end of my rifle's barrel." WEATHER U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE ESSA WEATHER BUREAU tWialhfr Map, Pg. <M ABILENE AND VICINITY mile radius) Partly cloudy It cloudy Ihlj allernoon and lonighl; partly cloudy and a little warmer Wednesday. High today, lov; tonight, 35; Ivgh Wednesday in the upper JOs. Lfghf variable Out- JorA for Thursday, partly ctowly and cool. High and low lor 24-Mx.rj ending 9 a.m.: 55 and 33. Hisfi and lo.v lima dale last year: 65 art 37. Sumel Fast night: jijnrlsa loday: sunsel tonight: By ELLIE RUCKEH and BETTY GR1SSOM Was Old Dump Eyed for Landfill? Q. Have our Cily loaders seriously considered a landfill al the old city dump site? A. Yes, they've considered this, says City Manager Clifton. The problem is thai there's rock five feel below Hie surface at Hie old site and it would be quile expen- sive lo excavate it. In a landfill opera- tion a large hole is dug, then more dirt must be dug to cover Ihe compacted trash, so it would take more equipment and be quile difficult to operate in an area where there is so much rock, says the cily manager. Q. Could you ploasc tell me if there's a sclinnl in Abilene or nearby where a serviceman could get an li- cense? A. There's no school in Abilene, but you'll receive by mail a list of all the schools (for airplane and engine mechan- ics) in this part of lliu country, where worked on aircraft while in the service (from your letter it sounds as if this would apply to you) you can get a certain amount, of credit toward your license for (hat lime. You'll be contacted by the FAA in Fort Worth shortly, and they'll tell you exactly much credit you have toward your license. Q. Why s (he green light so brief al N- IfHIi anil Trcadaway? It's prac- tically impossible lo cross Treadaway if you arc (lie fnnrlli car back. Some- times I .sit through (wo green lights wailing for someone ahead to make a left turn, A. Treadaway, of course, carries more traffic than North lOlli, and Ihe green signal on N. 10th was purposely set on a shorter lime cycle, but. it shouldn't be THAT short. It's possible the time setting is off or the timer motor may have slow- ed, says Dud Taylor, Traffic Engineer, lie said lie would check it immediately. Q. What is the solution or chemical (hat you pul on pine cones to make (hem burn In colors? A. Thanks to Mr. Jim Dublin and Mr. F. E. Melecn, here's the recipe: DIS- SOLVE 1 Ib. chemical (one of those lisl- ed below) and 1 Ib. ice cream salt in a gallon of water. Soak pine cones, wood chips, or tightly rolled newspapers over- night, making sure Ihe material is com- pletely covered with (he solution. Remove from solution and let dry thoroughly, pro- bably a couple days. For green flame-copper sulphate Illue flame-copper chloride Purplc-polassium chloride Red-calcium nitrate Carmine-lithium chloride Most of tlicse chemicals can be. obtained at your pharmacy, and if nol, most phar- macists will order lliem for you. Q. Could you please explain (lie federal lag placed on pillows and mal- rcsscs? It (ells about the contents and government restrictions and says, "DO NOT REMOVE." A. This is the consumer's guarantee that the pillow contains what the tag says. It's the rclailer who is not supposed to remove the tag before selling it to a cus- tomer. Once in the consumer's hand, (he tag can be removed. Address questions to Action Unc, Box 30, Abilene, Texas 79601. Names will not he used but questions must be signed and address given. By UOY A. JON'ES II Reporter-News Staff Writer Joining Gov. Preston Smith and other slate officials in declaring an all-out war on drug abuse, 101th District Judge J. Neil Daniel Tuesday charged bis current grand jury to make a thorough investigation of drug traffic in Taylor County. Judge Daniel charged Ihe grand jurors lo call before Ihem "anyone whom you believe to possess knowledge concerning il even if it means calling in some who have previously been burned by its use, if such arc to he found. "You may want information from the Texas Dcpt. of Public Safety or from known sources of criminal information, 'stool if you he added. Recognizing the heavy case load the grand jury is cases, including one murder and three armed rohbery charges Judge Daniel put no deadline on the investigation, but gave the jury a free rein lo run its own show. He added that be hoped the jury could make a report by the end of next week, if possible. Since grand jury matters are secret until indictments or "no bills" arc returned, there bad been no previous mention of Judge Daniel's charge until the jury regrouped Tuesday. The 747 Evacuation Still Under Test HOSWELL, N.M. (AP) Can all 447 passengers of a giant Boeing 747 airplane get out in 90 seconds? Pan-American World Airways officials here have been trying lo do just that for the past week. So far (hey haven't much suc- cess but they're still trying. Federal Aviation Administra- tion regulations require that Ihe aircraft's full load of 4-17 passen- ger.1; be able lo evacuate Ihe air- craft in 90 seconds. In Ihe first test, passengers beat the time limit but more than the five doors allowed by regulation were open. The sec- ond lest took 104 seconds, but only four doors were open. Officials say Ihcy will (17 again lime with Ihe regulation five doors in use. same jury returned 4 8 indictments in a two day session in November. Judge Daniel prefaced his charge by explaining the steppcd-up slate program which will be aimed at catching and convicting "pushers" of hard drugs and marijuana. The program was begun about 10 days ago by Gov. Smith, the announcement being made before an audience of state agency heads called inlo special conference at Ihe Capitol. Judge Daniel said that the Stale Hoard of Eudcalion began immediately to find the best ways of educating Texas youth with reference to driving, crime, n'nd narcotics, and he hailed this move as "a big step forward." He praised the efforts of Criminal Dist. Atty. Ed Paynters's office, the Abilene Police Dept., and Taylor County Sheriff's Depl., in fighting the local drug problem, but added: "Unfortunately law enforcement agencies and the courts usually become involved with drug cases in most instances when il is really loo late to be of much help to the perpetrators of crime. It musl be pointed out, however, that this grand jury may demand that the police, Sheriff's department and the courts re- double their efforts in combating this insidious drug traffic." "Young people today may very well say that we do not understand them, and to a certain extent this may be he continued. "1 do know that you cannot threaten, scare, or force them inlo most anything, and from the court's standpoint, T would nol suggest such methods on the part of any concerned wilh the drug traffic, and for that reason I do not propose lo threaten, scare, or allempl to force young people into believing anything concerning this matter. "I do propose that they be educated in this situation and, bsing so educated, prepared to accept Ihe sure punishment that is forthcoming from enforcement of Ihe law by the law enforcement agencies ami Ihe courts. He remarked that a group of local service clubs (Kiwanis) "has already begun the fight in conjunction with the Abilene Mental Health Assn., and the fact thai they have begun is to be commended." Woman Is First Traffic Death Here Ei'ma 766 Elm, 15-20 minutes before her body was killed in a one-car accident was freed, Duran said- Funeral is pending at.Elliott's Funeral Home. al a.m. Tuesday on E. Hwy. 80, one mile east of Slate flwy. 36. The dealh was the first fatality in Abilene for 19TO and the first fatality in 119 days. She was dead on arrival at Hendrick Memorial Hospital. Adolpho Silvus DeLeon, 3, of 2441 Walnut, a passenger in the car, was listed in satisfactory condition Tuesday morning at Hendrick. According lo Patrolman Guadalupc Duran, Miss Brionez, the driver, losl control of the automobile; heading east on Hwy. 80. The car left the road and rolled twice end over end inlo a ditch. Miss Brionez was pinned in the car approximately Bush Says He'll Challenge Ralph AUSTIN (AP) Wilh the blessings of President Nixon, Hep. George Bush, brighl young political hope of Ino Republican party, said today he will chal- lenge Ralph Yarborough, D-Tex., again. Bush made the expected an- nouncement al a crowded Cap- itol news conference after Icelering on the poinl of gel- ting inlo the race for several weeks. "I feel very strongly that Tex- as needs a new voice in the Bush said. "I believe the majority of Texans don't ac- cept the old solutions of 'spend more money' and 'let Washing- Ion do it all.' Bush talked over his political plans wilh Prcsidenl Nixon in Washington Monday. He de- clined lo reveal his plans unlil a news conference here loday. Bush said he showed Nixon Ihe resull of a private poll in Texas (hat indicated a "fantas- tically high amount of approval for the administration in Tex- as." This is significant because Nixon losl Texas in the ]9fifl election, Bush said. Bush said he expects "a very lough fight" if he takes on Yar- borougli. He said the race might cost million, and he didn't know if he could raise thai much. Bush lost a bitter election to Yarhormigh in 1064, then was elected congressman from his Ilouslon district in 1966. He grew bolder in his slatements in recent weeks, saying he was 99 per cent sure he would run. DAN OGLESBY Baptist moderator Caps Pastor Dies af 43 The Rev. Dan Oglesby, 43, pastor of Caps Baptist Church and moderator of Ihe Abilene Baptist Assn., was dead on arrival al Hendrick Memorial Hospi'al at p.m. Monday. He liad apparently suffered a heart attack at his residence, the Caps parsonage. Funeral arrangements are pending wilh Elliott's Funeral Home. Rev. Oglesby, who had recently returned from a trip lo the Holy Ijnds, was elected moderator of Ihe Baplisl association in October. He was the association's evangelism chairman the previous year. Survivors include his wife, a son and a daughter. FORECAST OF THE 70s Mayor Sees Population Here by 1980 Confidence in the future and an optimistic outlook are. the keys to the views of a number of Abilene business and civic leaders concerning the city during Ute new decade. According to the business men interviewed recently, in popula- tion, Industry and business the years of the 70s will be bright and eventful. J. C. HUNTER JR. "I'm optimistic for Abilene for the decade of -the said Mayor J. C. Hunter Jr. r! "I predict by 1980 Abilene will have a population approaching with an industrial base adequate to support he said. Factors which Hunter believes will promote this rapid growth are: 1. a location near enough lo metropolitan centers lo receive industrial spill-over; 2. adequate water, fuel and power; 3. an abundant reliable labor force; 4. a good education system; 5. a reasonable tax structure; 6. good cily facilities and sound city government; 7. and most important over people who want Abilene to be a better city and who arc willing to work hard to make it better. RALPH HOOKS Ralph Hooks, former mayor of Abilene and president of Lydick- Hooks Roofing Co., said, "I Ihink our future is extremely bright. "I think within Ihe lasl few years the progress the citizens have made in providing new facilities will'be a great htilp in the seventies. I look for Abilene lo really become a cily in Ihe next 10 years. I'm oplimislic about (he fulure of Abilene." HAROLD CRAWFORD Abilene Chamber of Com- merce President Harold Craw- ford says Ihe outlook for the 70s is good "providing we work for il. The only things that happen arc whal we make happen." Referring to a recent com- puter report from Brandcis Uni- versity designating Abilene as a potential "Boom Town" in the next 10 years, Crawford said there is no conceivable reason (given (lie proper attitude and as communily desire and backing) why the computer's forecast cannot become a reality. "We have plenly of land available for industrial expan- sion, adequate a goo'l water supply and an excellent labor said Crawford, who is also president of Harold Crawford Tire Co. "Dut just because the com- puter says It, 11 Isn't necessarily he said. "Certainly we have made tremendous strides in growth and development but now is not the time lo become complacent. If great things are in store for miisl be worked for now find con- slantly. "New additions lo (lie com- munily, industries anil people, must be wooed mightily for Ihe competition is tremendous. They must be planned for now in areas such as housing, educa-. tional facilities, retail outlets, etc. Existing local industries must be encouraged lo expand. "If a community sets goals and reaches all of musl set other goals. If it falls to set any other goals, it is no longer successful. It may have been a success, and a big one, but the moment it no longer has ceases lo be suc- cessful, Crawford said. A. B. we've: a Sea FORECAST, Pg. 2A I