Sunday, July 15, 1962

Abilene Reporter News

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - July 15, 1962, Abilene, Texas 1. EXACTLY AS IT 82NDVBAR, N0.29 ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 15, 1062 PAGES IN FIVE SECTIONS ic Storms Wallop Loraine Twister j Is Destructive southeast 9uite, By JACK SHERIDAN Reporter-News Stall Writer LORAINE A sporadic raid- afternoon twister which apparent- ly failed to touch down, did an estimated to in damage here Saturday, but no in- juries were incurred. .Constable Lawrence Graham said 'the tornado approached Mitchell County town from the northwest, swung through town and then left in a northeasterly direction. Graham, who was in a gas sta- tion In the center of town at the time Of the storm, said he didn't believe it actually touched down. 'It seamed to hover overhead (or a few said Graham. 'A small cafe in the northeast part of town was completely level ed but a Negro woman in an ad joining home was unharmed. Mrs. Julaia Williams, owner of the cafe, 'Said she heard the wind and rain and ran from the cafe into the adjoining house. "I got to the kitchen saw the roof of the cafe and tree limbs going by the Mrs. Williams said. The roof settled 100 feet away. Sgt B. J. Butler of the Depart- ment of Public Safety and Deputy Sheriff Roy Richards both esti- mated the damage to be close to A Buick belonging to Walter Jh'g Courtney received heavy damage when a large limb from'a mes- quite tree pierced the windshield and both side windows, damaged the upholstering and dented the roof. The strong winds which brought with 'them an estimated .50 inch of rain were said to have done moderate damage to the cotton crops in the area. Hail whipped FEATHER V. 8. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE WEATHER BUREAU Weather Man Pace 3-A) ABILENE AND VICINITY (Radios 40 Partly cloudy continued Monday with afternoon tveniiut ibanttersrwwerij. both days 100, low Sunday nUht 711 to 75. NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS1 Clear Ib cloudy and hot Sunday and Monday, ttmndershottera Northwest 94-102. ir to cloudy late __ M and 70. lut nUM. 7.47: sunrise today 12; lunset tonUht 7 47, 'er at 9 pm 2799. at 9 p.m.: 71 per cent, See LORAINE, Pg. 2-A, Col. 3 WHERE IT RAINED ABDjENE Municipal Airport Total for Year 11.88 Normal for Year 12.93 517 Glenhaven 07 582 E.N. 23rd 1.60 1758Ambler .60 154i N. 8th 81 742 Sandefer 4 i..... .70 682'E.N. 15th 522 Grape .75 1041 Jefferson Dr .70 DYESS AFB .1.50 BALLINGER 15 Damage Here, Roby, Violent weather with at feast there were reporto of a two tornadoes 'slammed into the Abilene area Saturday afternoon do waft and evening, injuring five persons sound the base. By KARL R. BAUMAN HYANN3S PORT, Mass. (API- Kennedy ended his Jogg HASKELL search Saturday for a top-flight INADALE................... J.OO administrator to head the Depart- Ogment of Health, Education and COLEMAN k Trace president LORAINE .25 to 1.00 LUEDERS...................40 MUNDAY ....................20 OVALO ROBY .04 .50 ROTAN....................Trace ROSCOE..................Trace SEYMOUR..................1.50 STAMFORD .15 TUSCOLA .06 WINTERS ....................10 IT'S A Mrs. Julia Williams, at right, narrow- ly escaped injury when the cafe adjoining her home was leveled by a twister ,at Loraine Saturday after-, noon. A short time before the store had cinder bloct walls and a sheet metal roof. Mrs. Williams was in the cafe and ran to the adjoining house when she Jieard the approaching twister. (Staff Photo by Jimmy Parsons) Mayor Gets Ribicoff Job Jr Welfare. by handing the job to resignation Thursday to campaign Cleveland's veteran mayor, Antho- ny J. Celebrezze, 51. 'It came as a great surprise to Celebrezze said in Cleve- land. It came also as a surprise to just about everyone else. Even Kennedy didn't know for sure un- til Saturday morning that Cele- brezze was his man to succeed Abraham A. Ribicoff, the first J2r- A MINUTE TOO LATE Walter Courtney of Loraine had just opened the door of his garage and was about to put his car away when a twister drove the limb of a mesquite tree through the windshield and windows and creased the roof of r. (Staff Photo) car. Related story, Pg, 8-A son named to his Cabinet and the first to resign. governor of Connecticut, sent In his formal for the 'Democratic Senate nomi- nation in that state. Associates of the President said a key factor in his choice of Cele- brezze was the mayor's reputation as a good administrator. Kennedy made up his mind to offer the job to Celebrezze only Friday. He reached the mayor, who was on a fishing trip to Can- ada, by telephone and told him he wanted him for the Cabinet vacancy. Like many other husbands fac- ing a problem, Celebrezze had to beg for time. He hurried back to Cleveland to talk it over with his wife. Before 9 Saturday the mayor phoned the is spending the weekend on Cape Cod, co say he'd accept. Celebrezze, now serving an, un- precedented fifth term as Cleve- land's mayor, is coming to Wash- ington Tuesday for a conference with Remedy. Asst White House press secre- tary Andrew T. Hatcher said Cei- ebrezze's nomination would, be sent to the Senate for confirma- tion early this week. Celebrezze will join the Cabinet as soon as ie is confirmed, Hatcher 'said.'' For Celebrezze, the shift from the mayor's chair to the Presi- dent's Cabinet means no change .pay. The salary of each job is annually. Celebrezze is a Roman Catholic. Cleveland is one of the nation's Robert F. Kennedy', the Pres ideal's brother. la announcing Celebrezze's ap- pointment, Kennedy said the may of "brings to my Cabinet a wealth of .experience gained from having the years with the of-people, particularly those in the areas of health, edu cation and welfar... He therefore brings to this great departmen an intimate knowledge which win prove Invaluable in making the 2 Die in Wreck BASTROP (AP) A head-on crash between a produce truck and a car killed Helton Constable Alva Stroud, 50, and his wife, 44, Friday. ANTHONY CELEBREZZE 'a great surprise' largest Catholic communities, There now is one Catholic in the Cabinet of the first Catholic ever elected to the T- Atty. department an effective instru- ment for the general welfare." Kennedy said he had known Cel- ebrezze for a number of years and that he had the "highest ro- gard for his ability, integrity am dedication to the public service.' Ohio's two Democratic senators Stephen M< Young and Frank J Lausche, himself a former Cleve land mayor, Were quick to praise (AT wirephoio) Celebrezze's appointment. "He is an ideal Young said. Lausche said Celebrezze "has been a very able, honest and hard working mayor. I am certain tha he wi'l. fill the new post with dis tinction and honor." Cussed and Discussed.. The County Committee Under U.S. Farm Program What Is a county committee under the gov- ernment farm program? The county committee has come in for re- peated reference, and considerable blame, in testimony before Senator McCleHan's commit- tee investigating the Billy Sol Estes case. Farm Editor Bob Cooke today begins a series of stories the background and functions of c county committee, as it operates in Taylor County, See today's farm page, Pg. 10-0. at Dyess Air Force Base, danv aging aircraft, flooding _ streets and also taking the roofs off several houses at Loraine. None of the injured was believed seri- ously injured. High winds, medium sized hail and heavy thundersbowers dis- rupted public service utility lines in widely scattered areas. Haskell, Roby, Loraine and Abilene all had damage. Aii undetermined amount of damage was inflicted on Strage- gic Air Command aircraft at Dyess. High winds and hail .struck shortly aftet' 6 causing dam- age to C-130 aircraft belonging to the 64th Troop Carrier Wing. Several C-47 aircraft also were reported damaged as were heli- copters. Several buildings were damaged slightly by the wind. Weather officials'at the base safd that winds were clocked at 55 miles per hour near the center of the runway at the peak of the storm. The rain gauge was dam- aged by the high winds, but from 1.00 to an inch and a half of rain fell during the brief period. The storm approached the base from the and. unable to give exact af aircraft damage Saturday eve- See STORM, P Argentine Seauly Miss Universe MIAMI BEACH. Fla. (AP) Miss Norma Beatrix Nolan, Argentina, a Latin beauty wift Irish in her eyes, was chosen Sat- urday night as Miss Unlvene The Jet black-haired model war picked from among a field of nternational beauties by a pans! of international judges and Sadn't expected the honor. "I don't Sunk m sto aid before stepping on stage, 'All of the girls are prettier thai Abiteriian 1 of 2 A 57-year-old Abilene carpen- ter, Clyde Henley of 1057 S. 10th, was one of two persons fatally injured Friday night when a pick- up truck overturned near Also killed was Robert Lee Pall, 57, a carpenter of Corsi cana. The driver, Ernest Willis, 52, of Cleveland, was injured, The Associated Press reported. Mr. Henley was born June 41, 1905, in Winston Salem, N. C., and came to Abilene in 194? from Galveston. He had worked in the vicinity of Texas City for the past year. He married Lucille Dahl in Shreveport, La., in 1940. Mr. Henley was a member of Carpenters Local 1565. Funeral is pending at Laughter- North Funeral Home, Surviving are his wife; one daughter, Linda, to, of the home; four sons, Billy, 19, stationed with the U. S. Navy in Japan, and Robert, 18, Richard, 16, and Sam- my, 13, all of the home; and several brothers-and sisters. NEWS INDEX SECTION A To Your Good Health ....7 Oiluarin 4 Oil Page.......10 SECTION B Library, natts 4 Editorials.............. 6 Dyeu pix Pagt 8 Butiiwu Outlook 7 SECTION C Woman's 1-12 AmuMmenfi 10-11 10 SECTION 0 1-4 lUoio-TV loot 4 TV Church 9 loud, a spokesman said no Due to darkt officials For Weighs 120 pounds, and rom 35 to 25. and back to The 24-year-old g daughter of an Irish farmer; wfc migrated to Argentina. judges panel selectejJ l_t first runner-up Hiss' Geirsdottir, a lightly freckled; daughter of Iceland, who said he wants sleep, sleep, sleep." The second runner-up was Mfti' Anja Aulikki Jarvinen of Finland carried a bicycle valve with er as she paraded her beauty friends with whom she worn an advertising agency in Pam- are, Finland. She said, "They< ave it to me because I'm get- sometimes angry." The third runner-up was the tall, dark-haired daughter of a re- ired officer in the army of the Republic of China, Miss Helen, Liu. Poised and calm, the picture of Oriental serenity, Miss Liu nne of the popular choices, of Uw apacity audience of She is a student, studying accounting, in Taipei, Taiwan. Don't leave Without Letting Us Know Don't ban on vaeblfon colling ml An accumulation of paptri In your yard b cm open Invitation to <md ton. Initwd, kt ui your popm in our Vacatlan-Mk. 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