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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - March 29, 1962, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR F6ES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 81ST YEAR, NO. 285 ABILENE, TEXAS, THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 29, PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS Associated Prp.ts (VP) Frondizi on Isolated Island for Detention IN ILL HEALTH Whittaker Quits High Court Post WASHINGTON (API-Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Whit- 61 the third youngest member of the higb re- tiring effective Sunday because of ill health. President Kennedy announced to a news conference that Whit- laker was leaving Ihe court at the decision of his physician. He said he made the announcement with exlreme regret. "1 know that (he bench and the bar and the entire nation join me in commending Mr. Justice Whit taker for his devoted service to his country during a critical pe- riod in ils Kennedy added. Wild Whitlaker's retirement, Kennedy will make his first ap- pointment to the nation's highest tribunal. The President said a successor lo the justice would be announced shortly, but declined lo he drawn into a discussion of pos- sibilities for lhe appointment. Only Justices Potter Stewart, 47, and William J. Brennan, 55, are younger than Whitlaker among the present members of the court the law, justices of the high courl may retire nl their own choice on full pay ot a year after age 70 with 10 years of service. Two of the present members o! the, courl, Justices Felix Frank- furter, 79, a.nd Hugo L. Black, 76 are well past the eligible retire- ment age and have long service Chief Justice.Earl Warren is 71 and will complete 10 years on the bench next October. Whillnker will receive halt pay of J17.500 a year on his retire ment. He lias served on Ihe court five years. Reporters tried lo draw from Kennedy some expression as to what judicial philosophy he woult look for in picking a replacemenl for Whittnker. In response to a question, Ken ncdy did say a successor to Whillaker would be announces shortly. But he declined In say what process he would follow in deter mining on a successor or whcthei response to a specific ciues JJibicoff, now Sec rotary of Health, Education anc 89 Degrees Heat Record Partly cloudy and cooler weath- er has abruptly ended Abilene' one-day heat wave in which lh' mercury climbed lo BO around p.m. Wednesday for the holies day so far Ihis year here. Bob Miller, mdeorologist at the Ahilene Weather Bureau, snid Ihe mercury reached 89 around 4 p.m. and maintained that level through K p.m. The mercury dropped 37 de- grees during the night to a low of 52 here Thursday morning. Miller said lhe forecast is (or partly cloudy and cooler weather through Friday with lhe expect- ed high Thursday 60 to 65 and 65 to 70 Friday. The overnight low Is expected to be around 40. Hollesl March 28 in Abilene was Sfi in 1928, Miller reported. Vclfarc, mighl be considered. Rihicoff has been considered a airly sure bet lo Iry lor the Sen- itc from his home state of Con- lecticul this year. But before he oincd the Cabinet there was some bought he might prefer a spot on he bench. Whillaker was appointed to lhe lighest court by President Dwight Eisenhower March 2, 1957. He is one of four Republicans on the nine-man courl. Guido Won't Say He'll Take Job BUKNOS AIRES, deposed president. armed forces finally deposed Pres- ident Arluro Frondizi .'oday in a bloodless, slou-motion coup and sent him lo an isolated island for detention. The military chiefs said (hey acled because lhe president, 53, had lost his grip politically and no'longer was'able to cope wilhitegic control resurgent Pcronists and Their announcer! selection the job, Jose Maria Guido, Sen- ate president ami good friend o! Frondizi, had not said he woulc accept. The coup was finally executed 24 hours utter the preliminary moves were made lo occupy slra- .._...._ ihroughout (AP JOSE MAiUA GU1UO choice for president social disorders. But as the generals, admirals and air force chiefs watched an A naval officer, with a convoy of five cars, went to Frondizi's luxurious suburban home air force plane carry m-m alTcst al 7.4G Cvcr the horizon they faced an- il ther successor to the GETS FOUR YEARS Woman Found Guilty at Anson By WILBEKT WIGGS Reporter-News Staff Wrilcr ANSON Eighteen year- old Brenda Ivy Wimbcrly was convicted of murder without mnlicc Thursday and must spend four years in the stale penilen- linry for killing her husband, a 104th Dislricl Courl jury ruled. The jury, which deliberated two and a half hours, found Mrs. Wimbcrly guilty of the lesser of- fense after she had been charged with murder with mnlicc. The young defendant took the jury's Verdict without any show of emo- tion. Defense attorneys gave no indication whether they would ap peal the verdict. Her husband was shot lasf Oct. 16 beside the First Baptist Church in Stamford and died eight days later in a Fort Worth hospital. Arguments were completed last nighl, bul lhe jury did not begin deliberations until Thursday. The jury returned ils verdict at a.m. Explosive testimony highlighted Wednesday's session in which the accused took the She was one of several witnesses. ly were found at Grandfalls by her father she returned to Slam- 'ord. Made Trips Brenda testified she learned she was pregnant April 5, 19GO, after being examined by an Abilene doctor. The 18-year-old mother recount- ed how she made two trips to California, where- she lived with Wimberly, Die second lime after their marriage Jan. 27, 19S1. She contended thai on her firsl Irip Wimberly attempted to gel her lo "have an to "adopl her unborn baby out or sign a paper saying Ihe child was not his." She said lhe.'couple experienced five separations during their mar- riage between January and Oct. Flood Control Hearing Set A hearing will be held at 2 culion asked for conviction the Texas {mission on the proposed mil not less than 4o years in prison linn flood eontro, prDJ t f lhe for the defendant. I WEATHER D. DEPARTMENT OP C'OMMKKCE WRAT1IER BIU1KAU 'map. r'trr 3-A) .B1I.ENB AND VICINITY (Hudlus es> Partly clowly and cool Krfi INTbAI, TEXAS i TEXAS Jloxlv n and lankeht. bf> rtly chmili-. Frlto. ri nnrt law fnr 19 ind M. t ui nll i wiurl mimcv l itinrlie iod aKci rtunlnn n( honni 2fl.l5. t nonn renf. Four Idlers which Brenda testi- fied she received from a Robert Vickcrs while she lived with Wim- herly in California were introduced Wednesday afternoon by District Attorney Tom Todd, but (heir con- tents were not disclosed. Cause Trouble The Idlers were ciled by Brcn- da as causing part of her troubles with Wimbcrly. Btcndn vas in Ihe witness chair three nnd i half hours nnd sobbed frequently luring her testimony. Explosive testimony came from 'ay Mike Koonce, a nephew of Wimberly. He testified- that Rrcnda told Wimberly in July that she would not sleep with him Wimberly) because "I have jusl slept with a man." Strenuous objections by defense ittorneys Davis and Frank Sear- were overruled by Judge Owen Thomas. Mrs. Wimberly was (he final witness. During the day, Todd ilso called Mrs. J. A. Wimlwrly, grandmother of the dead man; Mrs. Kathryn Byrd, his half sis- "or, nnd the nephew, Koonce. Under questioning by her nl- orncy, Brenda Wimbcrly carefully raced her rclalionship with Wim- bcrly from Ihe lime she mel him in 1959 until Ihe shooting Oct. 16 19B1. She testified she began dating Wimbcrly in January of 1960 when she Was Ifi, Brenda sale! she knew he was married at Ihe lime but didn't find oul his wife wns preg- nant until March the same year. She snid she nnd Wimberly de- vised s scheme whereby he used lhe name Bobby Williams when calling her nt home. She snid Williams' name nlso was used early in March when slic and Wimbcrly Icfl SlnmfonJ nnd drove lo Odessa, where Ihcy lived logclhcr In R motel. Brcndn said her parents- were lold.sho area. Gov. Price Daniel called for the public hearing after the proposa was submitted to him by Ihe Boarc of Engineers for Rivers and Har bors. City Manager Robert M. Tinst man said the proposal has no a.m. A small crowd oulsidc residence sang (he national them. The tnll, gaunt president, who !sad won out in 34 previous crises in his four-year rule, was driven to the airport and put on a plane for Martin Garcia Island in lhe River Plate. On Ihis island ex-dictator Juan D. Pcroa was imprisoned in 1915 when he was vice president. Many of the military leaders who watched Frondizi go were the ones who forced Pcron's final downfall in 1955. The slow action of the coup ap- parently was due lo division and 1961, when he filed for a di- withi" lhe lhc -orce in Haskell County. Todd. asked Brenda if she shol ler estranged husband in self de- ense. She responded that she did. During direct and cross exami- nation Brcndn repeatedly conlend- xi she didn't realize the gun was jeing fired until she heard Ihe shot. She also contended she was scared of her husband and was attempting lo get to her car when :ie "advanced" on her. Frequent objections were made during Todd's cross examination on whether Brenda had ever fired a pistol befoie. Todd also asked if she had been intimate with Wimberly before the Odessa trip. He named a series of figures from three to 100, asking her if she could remember the limes Ihey had been inlimale. She said she could -not 'remember. "Do you mean fo tell this juYy" the child (her daughter) is Todd asked Brenda. No Doubt "There's not a doubt in my she responded. Asked how she knew so positively, Urcnda said she had never hail relation- military. Also ploying a possble part was hesitation over Ihe re- action of the United States and the effect of a military take-over on the mullibillion-dollor Alliance! for Progress program. The final showdown came on the day of a crisis precipitated by national elections in which Pe- ronisls captured five governor- ships and shared in others and gained 45 seats in Ihe national Congress. The military foes of Peron blamed Frondizi for allowing Pc- ron's followers to stage the smashing comeback. Accompanying Fronrlizi lo Mar tin Garcia Island, 30 miles south- east of Buenos Aires, was private secretary, Eduardo Tito Gonzales, who returned to the mainland. The three armed forces chiefs onrioiinced- COMPLEX GAME Billic Hudson, left, and Dottie Bbncy play a complicated game of "Fox Across the River" with one of the nearly 450 exhibits at the seventh annual Oil Belt Science Fair. The intricate lighting equipment illustrates an in- volved mathematical solution to an "agricultural" problem. Billie and Dottie both are in the ninth grade at Lincoln Junioi- High School. More pictures, Pg. 17-B. (Staff Photo) EXHIBITS OPEN TODAY Bleeps at Fair Hy DAVE COBR rlrr-Nows SIsJI Writer Cheeps, Weeps and peeps cch- Pres denlloed thc Guard lNot. (Iocs sUl Armory-Thursday, lno mlril 111 JIIIC UL _ about 4 feet high and is topped-building the machine, he also de- with a shining half-sphere, is only tails its uses. of the student's project. The Science-Fair was opened Jose Maria Guido, nex presidential succession under lhe Not only docs Ihis student tricacics constitution, would succeed Fton- dizi. There was no immediate an- nouncement from Guido, however, 3ek Science Fair began. The cheeps came from the scv-! eral exhibits explaining the cf-j fccts of different experiments on' ship with any man besides Wim- that he would take the post. lowl am: the fowl including x-ray, pituitary! Absentee Ballot Deadlines Near Hector bcrly. Oilier defense witnesses heard Wednesday morning included Wimberly's grandmother, her half sister Mrs. Byrd, Mrs. Louise Childs, Jones County Judge Pete Seal Machado, izi's Intransigent Had- party in Ihe Chamber of :id turning eggs rcgu-j and not at all in an A tnlal of 32 absentee lave wen requested at Ihe office Jof City .Secretary l.ila Fern Mar- d-jlo the public after judging Thurs- of day at noon and will be open p.m. Friday and Saturday the Armory will be open from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. Third, fourth and honorable mention winners will be an- nounced at the close of judging Thursday, but the first, second and sweepstakes winners will not be known until the awards as- Deputies, said he would not: Gui-j chicken was loss fortunate.tin ,ho A n 3 ei, do is ,-ilso a member of the "Ihers. He was exhibited in fnr comnlissioners and ,hc Iran.sigcnl Radicals. skeleton form to display the ef- Giiidn had stood' by of a lilck of Vitamin D in earlier in the crisis and said <ilcl on bones. would not supplant him. But mili-j Andrews' secretary; Henry An- drews, private attorney, and Den- nis Ralliff, Haskell attorney, filed Wimberlcy's divorce hjm ,hc b See FLOOD, Pg. 18-A, Col. 6 a-m- lhc lhc shooline fa. the country. ----------------------------------------1 happened. sewer bond election. Fifteen ballots have been mailed out from the office and 17 voters already have cast ballots at the Judges admitted Ihey were jlaty sources said GtiMo had suAAm. the presidency after ff a rooster in the pitui-i' J sembly to be held at Abilene High School at p.m. Thursday. The sweepstakes winners in each of the Iwo attend and compete in the 13th National Science Fair-Internation- al at Seattle, Wash., May 2-5. At the Oil Belt Fair, projects tarv exhibit. I Headline for absentee voting divided into biological and Mice and harnpslers also scrvcdjtnc election is 5 p.m. Friday. [physical s.iencc on lhe secondary; as "guinea pigs" for the young i Only four absentee ballots havc.lovcl. There is no distinction scientists. One exhibit cost lo date in the schon! made between the two sciences the effects of six "Gs" on election. Absentee voting below the seventh grade. Following the judging of the A is the pull of gravity. Six'in that election is in the office "Gs" would the force of grav- cif Ihe county clerk nnd the dead-'projccts themselves, competitors- ily six limes whal it is on earth.iline is 1 p.m. April 3. The elcc-jfor first and second place titles 'The "G" force is currently intcr-'lion will be held April 7. Mrs.nvill be interviewed by Ihe judges'; esting scientists in the man in j Chester llutcheson, county quizzed on their knowledge i space progriiin. '.reported. lot.their subject. Bul the students were not stricted experiments dcalingj with itniiunLs oxdusively. Among j the o'.her subjects tnkon fur de-. tailed studies liy Ihe youthful'" scholars are special! ,ffni ff VKOOL HM theory of relativity, air speaking over a light beam, tiuuivo electromagnetic forces. and carlwn-H. I WASHINGTON pnv-Jthat Sadler owes to Kven adults will (with care- f-rnmcnt has accused Jerry taxes (ul training and lots of reading) I ler. Texas land commissioner, of j 1054-57. able lo umicrslaml sonic of these trying to evade payment of in-j Sadler denied the accusation In- topics. But how many over-Jl-comc taxes on SIM.050 in petition asking Ihe court to or- viewers v.-ill iindcr.stand the idea j fees collected in 105B. U.S. Tax tier a redelennination of his tax. of "Making Rakelilc through Poly-U'ourt records showed today. status, lie snid he actually over-' or "TraciiMj P-32 Sadler contends he reported Ihcipiml his taxes by S4.588. ficdi arc subjects ''is 1M7 reliini, arid Innlj The Itilcrnal Revenue orderly scientific studies liy hichjlhe government is trying tn laxjs.iid Sadler received a fee- schcxil sludenls in the Science''1'1" twice on the same item. Jon July W5fi as co-eounscl in i The legal fee item is a mnjorja suit lo break the will of tha- in the government's claimhate Murray Case Tells in probats Tc.v. and penalties tot.' AWAITING Ivy Wimbcrly, 18, on trial in ICMlh District Court in Anson charged with the murder of her husband, Jimmy, last fall, Thursday morning awaited the jury's vcvdicl in the ease. She confers here with her al- nnd Willlnms were going in liiex- torncys, Frank Scarhoroiigh, left, and Davis Scarhorough, both ol Abilene. (Staff Ico lo marry. After slm and Wim. Photo by Wilbcti The clcnicnl.iry malhematics nfi electronic computers is expliiincdl o less advanced adults in one of lhe many. Science Fair piojixMs.! So are Iwinb shelters. The Ixiinl) shelter projects in-j elude one o[ original design, a cul-l n way model showing UK- fnniish- iiiRs' mi above-ground! shelter, a Ix'Sow-grmn-.d shellerj and lhe effects ol radiation and1 bombing on those and with- out a shelter. A Riant, gleaming solar furnace loomed abnvc the heads of lhe judges. The JuniiU-e, which stands NEWS INDEX SECTION A SporU food .'.............15 SiCTION B Obituaries Womcn'i newt Bridge To Your Good Health Amutcmenti Butincis News Comici ____ 3 ____8 ____ 8 10 ...12 13 Radio-TV !o9J ..........17 TV Report .............17 This was described as his fee in helping gain a S730.000 settle-! menl for the plaintiffs, Mrs. fior- I rude Parker nnd Edward W. Mil- liken. 'Hie government said Sadler 2 fraudulently understated Ihis le- gal fee by ilMAW, but Sadler con- tended he reported this item in his lax rclnrji for 1957. Sadler has asked for a hearing in Dallas. In challenging the gov- crnmciil's notice, he himself as a lawycr-pronwlcr-fl nancicr from Percilla, Tox.