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Publication: Abilene Reporter News March 14, 1962

Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - March 14, 1962, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 81ST YEAR, NO. 270 ABILENE, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, J.5ARCH 14, 1662 PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS Associated Prea (VP) Hope Not Bright For Geneva Pact GENEVA the first time in almost two years Russia and the Western Allies began a new round of disarmament nego- tiations today with some hope of restricting but much less hope of stopping the nuclear arms race. The 17-nnlion U.N. Disarma- ment Committee met at the Pal- ace of Nalions in late afternoon for a ceremonial session. The last big disarmament conference broke down in I960. The delegalcs, including U.S. Secretary of Stale Dean Rusk and Soviet Foreign Minister Antlrei Gromyko, heard the resumption of negotiations hailed as signaling in ilsclf an easing of East-West ten- sions, American sources said just he- fore the session opened thai the Western powers and Russia might be able to negotiate an agreement lo block the spread ol nuclear weapons and thus begin lo bring the arms race under control. Western officials saw litlle pros- pect of agreements in coining months, however, which would hall lhe manufacture of nuclear weapons. The oullook is dim, loo, for stop- ping nuclear weapons testing. In both cases, officials said, the ap- parently insuperable barrier is Russia's unwillingness lo open up ils territory to international in- spection. Tho ministers made no com- ment as they entered the palace for the crucial .discussions, which were set up under a resolution of the United Nations. Omor Loulfi of llie United Arab Republic, a U.N. undersecretary, formally opened lhe conference as the personal representative of Act ing Secretary General U Thant. Conveying Thant's wishes that (he conference be a success, Lout- fi said "no one can fail to recog- nize the complexity of your task and the difficulties which you must overcpme. Positive and hope- ful elements, however, exist." Among (lie hopeful factors, he said, were the inclusion of eight neutral nations to bring to the conference the "views of the dif- ferent regions of lhe world." "The resumption of general 2 ir.t-hi sM 1333. (his mostl> in J.ovv cn 11-41. 1KXAS J I Kr mostly in Ih wn. to h'tonirhl. q.inc fWrirt Thm 11 m 10 Si i The retired officer said hi.s workiTllM. '-'i'.'jrit Tl "ifi r.T scuth. Ilivh Thi.rsdav 31-H TKMPKRATt You ns 2.00 N'eely, a retired Air were named new in law enforcement spans five nha has morc two OVAI.O j of the slwrilf's staff. lUNGKIl KOSCOK........ KNYDKR STAMFORD SWKKTWATKH 2.00, a.oo 2.GO 2.50 3.00 SYLVI-STKH 2.50 TUSCOI.A WKINKRT WINGATK W1NTKIIS 2.00 2.00 2.00 .75 i col, vork_ I Kox, formerly a cl chief deputy in McCmdy and his wife live alJKrnlli and Cnmmii'hc Counties nnd! 1802 N. 6lh, The couple has ninrsbal ;il Dublin, Tex.. I n sons. Iji.is alxiut 14 yours experience in! Woodnrd said the Hum's b.nck-llaw enforcement. He and his ground includes twn years us llani- lin police chief, two years as Smith County deputy sheriff, 10 years as a member o[ the Tyler police dcpiu'lment and twti yr.nrs as assistant and night warden reside at 1309 S. Kowio. They havel a son, Harold, idso an Abilene resident. The sheriff saitl the new ap- IK'intnienls will fill all cxlcllng va- cancies en his sloff. 2 TO 0 00 9. CO 10 M 3J 11 It M tlllh I.IK 10 anil II. Sun.icl lA aixl low tor 21 houn anil It) .Utc l nltil: ii- tnntfhl: Ilaro'.ncter ictdlet at nrxin: llumklliy it nouoi nc col f ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: March 14, 1962