Thursday, February 22, 1962

Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - February 22, 1962, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT Byron THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY THIRTY-TWO PA Associated Press (VP) BACK HOME TCecnacting the return of George Washington to his Ml. Vernoii home after 40 years of public life, Army Warranl Officer John C. McKin- ney and Mrs. E. K. Van Swearington of Alexandria, Va., play the roles of Washington and his wife, Martha, at ceremonies today marking the 230th an- niversary of his birth. (AP Wirepholo) Terrorist Attacks Sweep Algiers to Prevent Peace Robert Kennedys In West Berlin Agreement Pends from Rebel Group ALGIERS (AP) A wave of terrorist attacks swept Algiers today as the right-wing Secret Army Organization made a last- dilch effort lo wreck an impend- ing French-Algerian agrecmenl lo end Ihe rebellion. Police reported more than a score of scattered attacks be- tween 7 a.m. and noon, as Eu- ropean gunmen in cars and afoot fired at Europeans and Moslems, killing at least 11 persons and wounding 15. The violence erupted as the Al- gerian rebel National Council was called into session in Tripoli to act on an agreement with France to end the strife. The CO-membcr parliament was cxpecled lo give the needed four- fiflhs approval lo (be accord pav- ing the way for Algerian inde- pendence, a measure already en- dorsed by France. With the measure repotted ap- proved by the rebel Cabinet, i hopes soared for a cease-lire in !the North African territory by Kun- day. BERLIN AJty. Octi. Hobert F. Kennedy flew without hindrance along the 105-mile air corridor to West Berlin today and pledged anew American cletonni- nalion to stand by this isolated lliat they wanted lo reserve blocks of space in some of the corridors for Soviet military flights. Western controllers at tin- center denied the request and hold lo the niles lhal. each flight, plane must be registered individually. Wreck Near Tye An Abilene man was injured. nut seriously, when his car went out of conlrol anil crashed Among the victims in today's outlJreak were four postmen killed, and three wounded. Har- ried officials accused the secret army of desperately seeking to provoke strikes and major dis- turbances on the eve of peace. "We have no more palrol cars available to answer all one police radio report said. French headquarters for Al- geria appeared confident that the army will succeed in keeping the lense situation in band when a censc-firc is announced. But the command not taking any cily. The U.S. Air Force carrying Kennedy, his wife flnd Iheir patty of about 15 laml-l _ ed in a -snowstorm j M3H HUft IK 137 Thousands of Bcrliners lined, the streets despite the weather, to cheer the visitors on their ride io Cily Hall. The route included R detour past the Communist wall. West Berlin Mayor Willy Branrll had urged the citizens lo show their attachment In the United Stales hv giving a rous- cl" u- s- M! a.last-dUch to the nrnlhcr of the.0''15' 'Ivc ;it a-nv Thurs-; "prising by the. right-wing turn- chances on Ihe loyally of various field commanders. Informed sources said that the SUO.OOO-niiin French army in Al- geria has been only 15 j clays of food and fuel supplies. this draslic reduction from the normal stocks apparently was meant lo discourage officers from attempting lo join forces with an embankment into a cxlrani.sls. Ins welcome t President. inean Secret Army Organization I pledged lo keep Algeria French. I Portland, received' facial Tacera-! Ic'or lhc (il'sl tirac French Iroops iCSeilia- j- _ _ nmMilv ii, onmkTl Aubrey Car] Ely, 47, of i lions and other injuries in Ihe -i- Inert Wai I C'U' A fionsle-j Wednesday mandant, Maj Gen. Aiocn of> (hp Courts son FI. and the mayor were nivnot field secret TUK.VS HEAD, KYKS AS HE SCANS INSTRUMENTS DUIUNG ORBIT FMGUT iiictttrcs inside capsule made by automatioally operated camera Spit 'n Polish Reception Set to 'Welcome, John' CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. perhaps from even fur- high school band polished away, are expected lo flow (s instruments, The mayor Cocoa Beach and line the jared a special proclamation. highway that forms its 'main street. rlast Tuesday when alxiut 55.000 Police Chief William M. Walkerlpersons jammed the hcviclios tol lhambcr of Commerce readied n 3ig red, white and blue "Welcome lome, banner. The nearby (own of Cocoa Beach, which prides itself as "Spa'celown, was gelling sel lo let go Friday with a big open-arms greeting to Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr., first Amerieun to orbit the earth. The joy was tinged slightly with' disappoinlmenl. Tlie townsmen had hoped Presi- dent Kennedy would ride through on his ivay to greet Glenn at the cape. Rut word gol. around Wednesday lhal the President1 planned to bypass Cocoa Reach and fly right to this missile lest center to give Glenn a medal and m.'ikc a quick inspection before! returning lo Palm Beach. Somewhat ruefully. City Man- ager Jerry A. Singer said "It would have been a privilege to' was bracing for a big traffic snarl, perhaps bigger than the one Petition Asks For Railroad Barricades A petition requesting (hat ad- Iditionnl traffic controls be install- Glenn, Carpenter (jRAND TLRK ISLAND. Ba-iiess under stress, Dr. Graybicl watch Glenn's rocket lalcc otf. Mayor Thomas S. Kcnnedv al in Abi- drafting a proclamnlion of wel--lcilc has teen presented for city come lo mark Glenn's rctuin. U-ommission consideration Thurs- Mariy are likely to drive to Patrick Air Force Base to sec! The petition, signed by approxi- Glenn land and possibly witnessjmatcly SO citizens, 'requests that jhis reunion with, his lamily. he givcn lo tlle in. The motorcade will move a{ Ratej nl aU majrir Atr K-, base to lhc -south] .j passing; hamas John K. Glenn ,lr. backed up his backup pilot in a sea- rescue a day after Glenn himself was pulled from the ocean in his space capsule. Glenn, brought to this Air Force tracking station for a physical examination and interviews about his 17.500-m i 1 c-an-hour flight around Ibe glotx1, look part in the rescue of a skin diver Wednes- day. His fellow astronaut and back up pilot. Navy f.l. Cmdr. Mai- gate of under a 100-foi "Welcome home" said he never did gel a veryibanncr across highway "CJr.ce acain Abilene has been Text of Ihe petition: rapid pulse beat before or during-AlA the flight. reminded of the danger ri i j i is lllci lilil! "l numerous rail- Glenn reported he had recog- airfield about ir> minutes be-i nized El Centro, Calif., because fore the President's !n flty' of the coloring provided by irri-touchdown al ami of 1Ire under- Sated fields and said he could tin- Thcre. they meet lhc bcl1 derstaixl Yuri Gagarin's repoitiGlcnn visited the President at should be supplemented by of seeing plowed fields on earth.jWhile House early this month. al all major crossings. IE He also recognized the Mississippi; Kennedy probably will look system is not feasible, we Delta even when he was the ground cnnliol urge Hint the railwnj B Atlanlii-ilioarl of the man-in space officially petitioned miles east, out over the k- Coast, and looking back. iliou, and see Pad 11 from lllc commission lo siibslanlial- Gtenn said he thought he coukllGlcnn blasted off. !'-v reduce the speed of (heir (rains have the President come inio s- Carpenter, had been town." But he said he "'ilh <wo unidentified he President had his reasons for slim tllvcrs who livc nn lhc islailtl- (icing it another way. And, Singer said, it wouldn't prevent this space age Ixximtown showing it is "bursting wilh hand at (he ainxirt. Bui the Moslem nationalists at the historic accomplish- A ,.e believed that the end of Edward M. Kennedy, youngest; on; their long battle against brother of the President. south access road to possibly the beginning of a was due in the city lo celebrate., 2n struggle against Algeria's his 30th birllulay nnd hold a SO and iipjun-.-'Kiiropcans was near at ment scored by Glenn last Tues- day. The as drcn. p; hour reunion with Robert. Ed- ward, who also is making a cnlly did not realize the distributed tracts among slopped at the intersection anil his Algeria's nine million Moslems soiial tour, was flying from Paris; auto skidded through the inlor- urging them to acoil clashes with ;0ne had dived to see how deep be could go wilhoul a supply of air. Carpenter accompanied him down and said the man appaient- hccaine unconscious at the 80- distinguish the heights or levels! At Hangar where Glenn witl'-in limits of Abilene." Alpreiwrn! for-his great adventure-.' pelitiun apparently is a re- of different cloud for NEWS INDEX SECTION A foot depth, on his way up from! islronaut's wife, two chil-'110 fccl- Carpenter could not suc-j flusincti larcnls and in-laws wereitml 8'vil1K nim Jlis mouth- Bridge lo head Soulh loday for their re-jl1'01-'0 lor air alltl him loi Sport, union wilh Ihe Marine surface, where Glenn, silting: colonel Friday. by commercial plane. '.section into the railway cut, a.Europeans and lo Ruesls of Kennedy nn Robert is nearing the'end of about five fccl. your joy within your own _Plnne W, month-long lour which he sairlj to (he vehicle was in a boat, helped pull the man And they were going, Glenn was laking time out from giving was lo meet people nnd explain I American policies. Standing bareheaded. Ihe nt- lorncy Rcneral discarded one of Iho speeches he had prepared for delivery here and spoke a feu scnlcnccs in heavily nccenlcd German. President Charles de The President 100 Believed In Train Collision government approved the Algeri- agreement night -after nearly four hours of discus- ,l.ouis .loxe, minister of Algerian affairs nnd lop French negotiator jwilh the nationalist rebels, tar more than an hour on Ihe ,-i Colombia _ Ablative accord hammered oul in thank you. Mr Mayo., a pr; fc Mid. "My and a freight train between! The docmncnl. more than Invited of his oihitnl flight Ip Editorials Glenn's wife, Anne, their son: David. 16. and daugbler M; his parenls, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Glenn Sr.: and Dr. and Mrs. II. W. Castor, Mrs. Glenn's father Aeronautics and Space Ad-j Rodio-TV logs ir officials. During TV Report afternoon b.c went swimming in! Good Health the Atlantic, accompanied by two physician friends. Glenn loday slarled Ihe last satellite able lo do (his could he'Konnedy will present him with sl1" I'1H-'- M 'rain car extremely helpful to weather fore-jlhe space agency's Distmguished sinasbup at lhc Shcllon St. cross- casters. Service climax of of "le liowntov.n area, i-'nur live? u ere lost in the wreck, "i The President will return crossing has warning lights Reach alxnil noon, bllt <locs "0( havc Ciicnn then will fnce lises to Iw a heavily covered news! conference before he and his fanvJB ridqeDOrt Man jily go off on what a space aju-ncvl _ ififficinl said will be a quiet week-. Killed in Crash end. Next Monday, the Glenns will! IJKCATl.'R, Tex. licart- 'link up wilh the Pie.-ident collision of two trucks killed jat Palm Beach and fly from me driver seven miles south of !lhcre lo Washington where thisini'rc Hunter Giiiiin. 25. of .country's ranking space explorer] Bridgeport. was Ihe victim, will receive the thanks of Con-i James Smith. 24, of Louisville, grcss aiul the fullest possible! Ky.. Ihe oihcr vehicle, honors. injured and in f.'iii SECTION B Food page Womcn'i newi Obituaries Amuicmcnri Comics 2, 3 7 .14, 15 ____ 2 3 9 10 ____11 ------12 ____15 .15 15 uhile his memory is still fresh. Doctors also arc taking a bit of his lime wilh another blood happy In he in Berlin. I was in Cali and <lpnl Mowinfi lievcd today and mother. Krom Palm Beach, (he Haul's relatives were due lo lum and fly here aboard an Force plane, wilh lhc lialf of interviews based hundred ]irc-set questions Berlin Iwfore. during the blockalc (of 1048-191. Now. as Ihen. Gen. Clay is our man on the spot." He added in English lhal Presi- dent Kennedy scnl hi.s greetings people of Berlin." The Kennedys have made n lo have score of lives. Unofficially, it reported lhelv dcalh loli may be close lo 100. a cease-fire and .steps for Authorities were allemplins to. :le for iiKtcpcnlcncc. Kennedy will spend the s" fnr have found no definite end al the family's winter fl'om n'-s ''Rhl status, said Dr. A.shlon i jicl of Pen- sacola, Fla. a self-determination referendum.., Pa! h Gaulle fully expects lojhi, 'p It also provides for future eco- r. i tl riiou niv. A ii'i in tin 'lo you personally, and lo the confirm reports lhal the passen- nlhci. foopcr. I'fhe elder Kennedy is recuperat- ing from a stroke suffered De ger train carried cadets of a Frmcc om, ,hc ncw iv in San Diego, Calif., point of attempting in each lluenavcntura try they have visilccl to speak al atxiard the ship Gokl- least n few words of Ihe. Ian-11'" Riiage. Mrs. Kennedy her husband by speaking a words in German also. j WtAllltR As the Kennedys' plane flew' _______ the 20-mile wide corridor frnmj informed sources at! OK mu.Mvnr-i- Ihe Berlin air safely cenlcr said Calm nnd relaxed, Glenn Fri- day mcels President Kennedy, the Sovicl representative there had not repealed his allcmpts to reserve nir space in the airlines Soviet planes. The source snid the Soviets gave ndvance notice of specific Soviet flighls In lhc northern cpr- rldor lo'Hamburg, but they did nnt interfere with Western flights. A crisis arose in the corridors two weeks agn when the Soviets (lie nir safety center, Ihe nnly four-power agency tllll functioning In Berlin, i nlnw i'nil lil iriclav 60-fiS. Ixnv 'rlmrsil nlRht nhonl 40. Illch lo.lavi 'NOIITII'CK-vritAL TK'SM cnnjiiicr. ilile rlinxlhcM lo'lnj- Friday. Scat- [.crn InnlxW and Il1u wmicr Innlilil, lurnlni; tolilcr Frlilw. Imiichl K In SR In norltm-rjii NOI1TII lo niclay 52 In I'lrniih if m 73 I wrnttrrrd l ir- r-ri tnnlnhl. nimlli- In mulhcwl. Nlosllv rloudr FrMav. wllh i-hsni-f of orcajional ]n rnnnflmllf. A tllllf! wannor tn- (Uy. iNn IniporUnl rhanErn tonlirit, Winny Mid lumlnf colilcr Krlrlay. Ixivv Icnlshl Mrnund 18 In [n sn In tmiln- Itlih M in noith to AJ in Algerian slate and for guarantees for (he I'luropcnn minority. No amount of guarantees, how- ever, was expected lo placate die- hards in the secret army. Tlie French commander in Al- geria, Gen. Charles Aillcrel, vis- ited Ornn lo discuss emergency measures with the local corps commander in thai secret army stronghold, Stcel-helmclcd Iroops n hullel-proof vests palrolled Ihe streets of Algiers in armored vehicles. Terrorist ntlnrks continue) tin- abated as the secret army buill up Its slores of arms and other equipment. Bui French army Iroops captured one 13-man secret army field unit in a clash at a farm house near Tipnsn, M miles wesl of Algiers. Aflcr a brief ox change of gunfire, the secret nrmy members .surrendered and 10 rifles and three submachine were seized. 19. The President's wife and their ancl tlie public also, through a two children, Caroline. 4, conference at Cape t.'anav- John Jr., 1, flew to Palm Beach Wednesday in the family plane. At his news conference Wednes- oral. Vice President Lyndon B. .Johnson is due here late today or early Friday morning to escort day Kennedy called Glenn's ns.troiuut from his rest home a "magnificent achieve- ment." The President said it goes 'far beyond our own time and our oun country." "Tlie success nf (his "The success of this flighl. the new knowledge it will give us, and lhc ncw steps which can how will affect life on Ihis planet for many years lo come." he said. Cocoa which considers (self Glenn's second home, will show ils feelings for him dining a slow-moving motorcade which will carry (he red-haired, green- eyed. Marine war hern the 20 miles from Patrick Air Froce Base lo the cape. TUevnixl County schools will be out And thousands of person? from other central Florida com Wednesday night Glenn, was fst of some coin- a party given by men of Ibis Air Force tracking station nanncd by personnel of Pan and Itadio Corp. of America. The base is commanded jy Capt. John Portasik. Glenn sal at a table signing all- ographs by (he scores, with the competition provided by Amer- ica's first astronaut. Navy Cmdr. Man n. Shcpard Jr. Shcpard de veloped writer's cramp also. Shcpard flew in Wednesday tearing lapes of conversations re- corded Tuesday between space and earth, some of them between him and Glenn, lo he used in the debriefing. Remarking on Glenn's calm IIUSTI.KRS The local boys didn't liavc a chance when Mrs. M. J. Tamblyn, 87, loft, and Mrs. Kdilli Croft, 70, teamed up for tiic pool tournament al the Jlitkllecluirch Home near Winnipeg, Man., recently. Mrs. Croft also heat the men when the home held ils annual horseshoe tournameVil last summer. (AP Wire- photo)