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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - February 13, 1962, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD YEAR, NO. 241 smva __310? 9908 xe 03 ABILENE. TEXAS, TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 13, 1962-EIGHTEEN Associated Press CARRY BODIES Parisian March Protests Terror Yhe vast throng marched two gloom and an electricity workers miles from the historic Place dc la Republique to Pere Lachaisc Cemetery with .the bodies of four of .the eight persons killed in wild street fighting last Thursday night between police and Communist- led demonstrators against the se- cret army. The government relaxed its ban on public demonstrations for the funeral, which was arranged by virtually all labor and left-wing organizations in Paris. The bodies of the other four demonstrators were sent to their hometowns in the provinces for burial. WITH DUTCH Place PARIS The Parisians marched tlowly through Paris today in si- lent protest against the Secret Ar- my Organization and police re- pression of demonstrations against Hie right-wing Icrrorisls. !l was one of (lie biggest as- semblages in the French capital eince the 1944 liberation. streets leading into the de la Republique were moving rivers of flowers as marchers clutched bouquets and began the two-mile march. The bodies were carried in hearses al- most hidden under wreaths of flowers. Six hearses followed with flowers for the graves. Gray, rainy skies added to the strike darkened shops and slorc-J in the area. Umbrellas opened as a slow drizzle began to fall. Only the sound of the thousands of feet moving along the street broke the dreary silence. The familiar clat- ter of buses and the muffled roar of the subways were missing as transport workers joined strikes called on nearly all levels of the economy. In the forefront of (he throng were former Premier Pierre Mendcs-Francc, leader of a cinlist splinter parly; Maurice Thorez, secretary-general of the French Communist party, and his deputy, Jacques Duclos. Before the march the bodies ,vcre ou( in a trade union icadquarlers and thousands filed by Ihc plain wooden coffins in a stark, unadorned room. Workers threaded through the jammed thousands taking up a collection for families of the vic- tims. Donors wore given while- and-black badges bearing the leg- end, "In homage to the victims Sukarno Told Of Interest Over Dispute JAKARTA. Indonesia (AP) Robert Kennedy told Indone- sian President Sukarno today the U.S. government has "done all it can behind the scenes" to pro- mote a peaceful solution to the Dutch-Indonesian dispute over .West New Guinea. A U.S. Embassy source said Kennedy emphasized to Sukarno in a two-hour conference over lunch at Ihe Mcrdtka Palace coming up with about as 1st Countdown Begins for Glenn HE'S OUR BOY Guy Hancock puts the finishing touches on a 12xl6-foot Valentine which will be de- livered to the Arlington, Va., home of astronaut John Glenn today. Marines S.Sgt. E. W. Murphy and Gen. Sgt. Donald R. Michaels will take the Valentine, signed by persons, to Arlington from Roanokc. [AP Wirepholo) Republicans Shift Targets To Criticize R publicans WASHINGTON Re- publicans engaged in praising the greatness of Abraham Lincoln America has "a big interest in: this dispute and wants a peaceful (solution." Kennedy's remarks to Sukarno were the basis of a verbal mes- sage he carried to neutralist In- donesia from his elder brother President Kennedy, the embassy source said. The U.S. attorney general made similar remarks in conferences today with other top Indonesian political figures who regard him as a direct pipeline to President Kennedy. New Leads In Ballinger Beating Case BALLINGEH Omen at the establishment (Dei tad Lottie Neaielgh, were tf (own Tuesday. The burg Ury WM by Instructor M tKe Khnol. nuch criticism of Republicans as hey are leveling at the Dcnio- :rats. Margaret Chase Smith of Maine, he lone GOP woman senator, oppcd the political soul-search- UK mill a suggestion Monday light in Bangor, Maine, that her larly's lending lights are ducking he presidential nomination Because they are afraid they an't fcpat President Kennedy. Sen. Jacob K. Javits, R-N.Y., colded Republicans in a New York speech for "paying too nucli attention to the thunder on he right and not enough alien- SEN'. MARGARET CHASE SMITH ion to (he thunder in the dies." afraid of 'M? Sen. Leveret Saltonslall, R- Mass., snid in-Seattle, Wash., he igrccs with former President Dwight Eisenhower that "ex- rente left wingers were advocat- ng socialism, while the extreme ight wingers were advocating ;lrong-arm government." Saltonstall, who described him- self as a moderate, indicated he vishes both wings would go away. le said neilher subscribes lo the 'real aims" of Ihe Republican or Democratic parlies. Sen. Hiram L. Fong, R-IIawaii, said in a Pittsburgh speech Re- publicans need lo ask themselves vbcther they have "given suffi- cient impetus to humanitarian have we lost touch with millions upon millions of our 'cllow Americans who no longer SEN. JACOB K. JAVITS watch the cities cgard Dcpublieans as "The prepondc ranee of cvi- Icnce suggests we have increas- ngly lost support of the "ong snid. "Surveys show tlint Republicans fail to command ma- jority allegiance of a single ma- jor group in America." Mrs. Smith blasted what she called "faintheartedness" among the Republicans. She made il clear she thinks former Vice President Richard 51. Nixon, Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona ami lov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York may be "wailing for a sunnier day" in 1968 to bid for the presidency. Nixon and Rockefeller declined comment. Hut a Rockefeller WEATHER y cKidr Ml 1. mH wmmiiw. Low kwkM M I. Mutt. lAiih tlieir SKN. 1.KV1CKKTT strong-arm government spokesman out that when he governor was asked Sunday luring a television interview I'hctbcr he thought a Republican could beat Kennedy in 1964 he replied, "I certainly do." Mrs. Smilli suggested thai per- laps "the really true role con- cniplalcd foi George Homncy is to be the sacrificial lamb on Ihe Republican nllar in Hoinney is taking a leave ns icad of Amcricnn Motors lo seek Ihe GOP nomination [or govcrnoi of Michigan. There is speculation that if he is elected, he will go after the party's presidential nomination two years hence. Commenling in Cincijin.'ili, Ohio on Romney's entry inlo the race Goldwater said he tapes llvil during tlw campaign Homncy able lo decide more emphatically that he is a Republican" than some of his statements on a pre vious television program indi rated. Mrs. Smith noted Nixon anc Goldwalcr havn said Ihuy will no bid (or Ihc 19G4 nomination am that Rockefeller has not sail oiwnly that lie would accept it .tnvits, who classes: himsell n a liberal, said that if Republican don't adjust (heir course lo liif for big city support Ihcy may be come "an impotent fringe parly.' New Record Heat Today 'Possible' Abilenc's winter heat wave is expected to continue through a second day of record-setting tern- wraturcs heforc turning coolei iVednesday, local weathermen in dicated Tuesday. TUB mercury is expected to hi! record levc! Tuesday aft er soaring to 87 Monday for the high reading here for Feb Plane Probes Areas Where Impact Due CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. CAP) the preliminary countdown began today for altempt to rocket John IL Glenn Jr. into earth orbit Wednesday, an Air Force weather reconnaissance plane probed storm-tossed Atlantic recovery ar- eas where conditions were report- ed improving. "I don't think the case is hope- less by any a weather specialist said. "But it's not as encouraging as we'd tike." He said a thorough weather study may bring a decision late loday on whether to put Ihe flight off a day or In hopes the wealhcr would clear, Project Mercury officials loday began the preliminary countdown aimed at a a.m. launching. The 14-hour count is siilil over Iwo days, nol necessar- ily conseculive. with the last half picking up shortly after mid- nighl on launch day. As the count started, heavy fog blanketed the Cape Canaveral irea, but was expected lo buna off >y midmorning. A weather report said similar conditions could exisl Wednesday, which would delay he firing. The reconnaissance plane look off from Bermuda to take a close ook at seas and skies in a line extending Ihrough the three main recovery areas where Glenn's capsule would impact after one, !wo or three orbils. The main concern was the zone 500 miles east of Bermuda where Glenn would land if his flight were terminated after a single pass. Waves were reported run- ning five to eight feet high there ;oday, down from 10 feel Monday when 40-mile winds whipped the area. The launching attempt will not 3e made if waves are higher than five feet or winds more than 20 miles an hour in any of Ihc recov- ery areas. Condilions in the other two ar- miles south of Bermuda and 800 miles southeast of Cnpe reported satisfac- tory. The weather expert said a ser- es of disturbances was miming through the Atlantic easl of Ber- muda, with a new frontal wave developing every tew hours. Tlw last Iwo waves were less severe than those of Monday, he report- ed He said the weather trough causing the disturbance may break down in a few days, givin. hope that the launching can he atlempted lalcr this week if not accomplished Wednesday 12. Previous highs for were in 1887 and that dale wlicn Ihc DOWN, DOWN IT COMES The old First Presbyterian Church of Bryan comes tumbling down for progress and it took progress to dislodge it. The stout old building defied efforts to topple it with a steel ball and a drag line and crane were finally used to push down the tall spire. (AP Legislator Says Guard Could Be Free WASHINGTON (APi Wiscon- TASTE BUT NO MONEY 'Sir Douglas1 Character Falls NEW YORK was in Honolulu. National Guard Divi- show for "Sir Douglas; -Sjr Douglas" is really Lou sion could lie released from Lonuon Monday. (Bennett, .18. a California native live duty before June M. Rep. Henry Reuss, D-Wis.. said today. 'At an a.m. weather bricf-j Heuss said lie drew (his con- ing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration released this report: elusion from all mobilization in- formation given him by the Pen- tagon and it should not be con- "The western Atlantic is still sidorod a pl.coictjoll. subject to stormy conditions in Thfi is jn empcralurc reached 82. David McLaiiglilin, technician it the Abilene Weather Bureau, said prospects are good for an- other record reading Tuesday with a high of 85 expected. An 84 on Feb. 13, is the rec- ord for this date. He noted that the temperature was 63 at fliSO a.m. Monday and it had reached 63 at that same time Tuesday. The slight cooling is expected from a dry Pacific cool front which was west of Abilene Tues- day morning. Mclaughlin ex- plained. He said that as the front moved eastward during the night, it is expected to lower tempera- tures about 10 degrees. The Tuesday overnight low Is expected to he 45 to 5fl with a Wednesday high expected be- tween 75 and 80. Ihc area around Bermuda and about 803 miles to the east. Small- scale storm centers are moving northward across the path of first orbit at frequent intervals. "Marginal winti and sea condi- tions, together with cloudiness aixl showers, are indicated in that ar- ea, but Ihere k ho positive NEWS INDEX SECTION Sport. To YMir Htitth SffTION Edifwklt Wemtn'i Cwnki d.JU-TV TV 3 6 10 He arrived on Ihe liner inivc] ;lgeiicy clerk, the FBI id Ihe FBI was waiting tor him' at the dock. The agents escorted him lo Ihe federal building, where U.S. Thomas E.'d- wards said that since Benne at Ft. Lewis, Wash., and Texas' 49th National Guard Division j activated last fall by Presi- dent Kennedy during tension over Berlin. The fact th.it Ihc budget for the] year starling July 1 requests no funds for either division. I'Ul IMLNU IIU IHJS11IVC1 JIIU1- cation of another storm forming no present intent Gas Refinery Fire Raging ,nrt 1_ I 0111U.T ;HIIU mill allH-l; he was held in bad for N a hearing Monday on a hc blazcd a of cashing a phony check for to Denmark, Norway, England and Scotland. He was arrested in Aberdeen, Scotland, last month on charges of passing a phony check in Lon- don. After serving 14 days in London on the charge, he was placed aboard Ihe Ivernia and Scotland Yard notified the FBI before planned launch time. There has been little change in Ihe east- ern half of the Allantic where trade winds are still well a'txive normal. by the Pentagon to keep today from a gasoline PAMPA <AP) Searing heat to expect his arrival, forced firemen to stay a safe dis-' Arri-Med with Bennett in Aher- Iroops on active duly beyond June 30. Ho said a worsening of the Ber- lin situation, however, could IT.- was a marine who dc- "In the Cape Canaveral a request lo Congress for cloudiness or fog is likely again supplementary appropriation lo Wednesday morning, bul should fincry wrecked by a million [serlrd in Honolulu and jivui.., j- explosion rind lire. inicd "Sir IXmiilas" on his lr-'v- Flames leaping 1.500 feet high! els. The marine, who was not at times burned for hours utter! identified hive, was iMiag ncKl in the blast about 2 p.m. Monday in London for U.S. authorities. not persist pas! midmorning." Waller C. Williams, operations director for Hie mnn-in-space! piojccl, said he would base his Irunch decision on Ihe latest available wenlher information as Ihc countdown got under way. The specifically, a heavy cloud cover over Ihc Cape postponement of the effort lo rocket the 40-year-old Glenn into earth orbit on Jan 27. Trouble with Ihe Atlas rock- el's fuel tnnks extended the post- ponement for more than two weeks. At a pre-lnunch review Sinn- day, technicians reported that all elements apart from the still du- bious weather were in what they cnllcd a "go" condition. These elements included the Alias rocket and Ihc capsule- both of which have been plicucd with the global tracking stations and Navy re- covery forces out in the Atlantic, at Ihe Twentieth Century duly. iin the Texas Panhandle. [Tour i Travel Agency in New Kcuss said present plans call fori Firefighters waited for Ihe blnxcjYork. Using Iho agency's an engine room of the Cargray; The FRI keep the two divisions on miles west of hereieleik Bennett was a Iho :Kml to be released when its ,10 die down enough for lo ery, cmhl, airline tickets and replacement division, the SlhiiviliT and bring it in check. iblank ducks, lie built Mechanized Infantry at Ft. Car-j There were 18 workmen insideJchnracltT of "Sir son. Colo., is combat-ready Similarly, he said. Ihc to bo released when the 1st Ar- Foose, 57, suffered a broken shoul-j. up a gas cup exploded, and of tllc nlos, fashion.il isjbut one got oul unhurt. Fniesl' ,s jrl tho in ble mored Division at Ft. Hood. Tex., is ready for combat. Both the 1st Armnred and Hit 5lh Mechanized are being activated this month. Rcuss said. Ho said the nucleus (or the 1st Armored will be-on existing com- bat command of 2.000 men from which a full strength divi- sion (it 15.500 will be built. Stock Marker Opens Higher YORK (AP) Tlic slock market opened higher today. General Electric advanced General Molovs was unchanged and Wcsllnghouse cased li. head injury HospitalinH-nlTuff der and a attendants said his condition was not serious. Eight.big storage tanks caught fire after the blaze swept through Hie plant. B. 0. Benllcy, plant pcrintcndcnt. estimated the loss! his biggest achieve- ils said, sras the loss- Ing of parties in New York and Lous Island for members of a rock 'n' roll band serving aboard Ihe aircraft carrier Independence. at million. Officials said until were out, (licrc was danger a 000 gallon butane lank nearby also might go up. "If the lank should explode, il will wipe out everylhinR around a reporter rtl Ihe scene said. Sheriff's officers halted travel on all ro.ids in the vicinity. The refinery is between Skclly- lown and White beer. "Sir Douglas" was invited aboard Ihe carrier in Norfolk, Ihe names Vn- llis hosts lo lho Island party in a plush night spot, he arranged for their air passage from Virginia on credit and had; limousines wailing fur Ihom at the airport to take Ihem lo night spot in Weslbury, N.Y., of- ficials snid. Bills for all this began pouring into the agency, authorities mid, at which point "Sir Uouglai" fian hit overseas Jaunt