Saturday, January 13, 1962

Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - January 13, 1962, Abilene, Texas Abilene "Att 3AV 9909 X9 09 S3TVS 1 "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS O[ K 'OUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 81ST YEAR, NO. 210 ABILENE, TEXAS, SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 13, TWENTY PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS Associated Press Ice MOWING SCENE Three Abilene boys drowned Friday evening in the icy waters of Lylle Creek at a point indicated by an arrow above. Their bodies were recovered an hour afler they slipped through a thin ice cover about 6 p.m. (Staff photo by Jimmy Parsons) Texas Citrus Crop Badly Damaged Related story, 1'g. 2-A One county agent, A. II. Kar- Dy TIIK PKESS oiange trees and frozen fields of: The lush Lower Kio egclables. Valley liHJk- a parting, staggering) A record low of 12 degrees wasj blow Friday from a four-day in some areas of the the unhai vested grape tic blast that did untold damage: valley early l-'riday. "frozen hard "as n over Texas and claimed the livcsj Tm.s apvelircd losl. of at least 31 persons. j growers retried their. Growers' main concern is n The valley's flourishing citnis'cilms Irces were beginning lo their trees The 1951 de- "arJingen awl jmonclville u. Hio Hondo 15, in Three Abilene buys plunged.-lewn tip a iwri.-ihle light plant; All (hroc souths were clad in noon, ffe said (he youths were through a Ihin icy cover the banks as tin- men in llieiblue jeans and khaki jackets. :running up and down the frozen Lytle Creek north of the K. S.jbonl began lo lower the -jrappling: Rescue work was hindcn.i by surface, throwing rocks through llth St. bridge and drowned lole. hooks inn the- ic> 'several hundred spc-iialor-, who the ice. Friday afternoon as two oompan- The body ol Lanny Owens was pie-sed cloi-e to the creekhank as "I lold them to get off the ice looked on in horror. 'pulled to surface ...i 7 p in 'officers hurled Ihe hooks into the because it was already cracking." The victims had failed to ,iu, Kdie youth's Mas water. :Bryan lold a reporter. The youths the warning of an older teenager ;11 tinall'v ihe Joe Hryan. M. of BIO K. S. to listen, he said, that the ice. which had been thaw-.body of Danny Oucns was recov- aino'u- It'e p-irly of boys who went up lo the Owens house ing under direct sunlight, was five niiimlc, laler. played <.n the lie during the alter-1 See BO VS. Pg. 7-A, Col. 6 Sinning to crack. They slipped niullaneonsly through frozen: surface alxnn 15 feet from Ihe bant. Hodies of Ihe three hoys class- males al L'lmdaic School east of Abilene found in six feet! of water shnilly after 7 p'm.. more j than an hour aflci the icy waler! swirled around limn. i The victims were identified as: Teddy l.amlis iLanny Owens, 11. and Danny Grce. Owens, in. A soiis of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. OH ens; of K02 E. S. Hill St.. i LIMA. 'AIM A mighty Jerry Wayne Kdge. 13 son of Andean tlui; bitiitiil out Mi. and Mrs. G B. Edgr- oi the'Hi villages mid settlements in !-ic Bryant 'frailer Park al Ml spate of eighl minutes WcdriC.-d.iy Lane, -left sn feu survivors lha' avail- Funoral for the three youths is-able aid is more than aikfnime. at Elliott's Funeral Home .The- head nl a relic! expedition Two companions who had linen running nn the two inch layer of ice. Dicky and Randy Craiifill of Abilene, witnessed the tragic drounings. I Handy. 12. had already stepped off Ihe frozen creek atom ISO yards north of Hie E. S nib bridge. His brother, Ricky, n. stepped through the ice al Ihe [edge of (he creek, but grabbed an I overhanging branch as he fell. Ilej Iwas able to pull himself onlci Ihe' Very Few Survive s Avalanche SIT pic In IT. I'g. 3-1! said Friday. "Nurses and doctors; on the M cue bill can tif.d no i.r.f iti ta'se cave m'." (Ii'ii. I.ui.- I'rreln. chairman of .-aid ol Two Bm Railroads the lowest on record southernmost c i I y. (however, recalled 16 degrees ran (o (he Owens. ihouse about a block and UOGKIl l.AS'K AP Business Ni-ws YORK 'AP'- The I The younger Cr.-mfill. his Yolk on never be known but I I think il is over He said relief was well within (he abilities of Peruvian agencies in view of the scarcity of survi- vors. Nevertheless, a United States Avalanche DiaMer CommiUec. !wict5, has ,a program in ;senl tons of clothing, blankets, Ifood and medicines. Fearing new icefaHs. the gov- j eminent declared an emergency .zone in the snowcapped Andean Mellon where the diaster-slruck. 'One hundred Peruvian army en- gineers reached Ihe devastation [area lo allempl (o restore roads "an1 Reports from the stricken death will'valley 200 miles northwest of (old of panic among Ihe few 'survivors who escaped. The slide rashcd from 22.205-foot Alt. Hu- isi'aran. sotting in motion snow, water, mud and debris. Ipunies called consolidation '.economic necessity which 'im- benefit i lie nation's ecor.omy.' Both earricts exiKlieiuesl '.o ,'os', financial slcddine. in !cm (hiiugh tin- appaictitly l JFeb. 12. 18119. about a block and a half n: Monte Alton and San Juan, hiilh'away lo summon help. While one inlo with 12 degrees, had Ihe valley's ol the members of Ihe family no- asseis. isl-cd Ihe year in the Kslimates of Ihe rlealh toll still lowest reading. Klsa shivered in lified police about I! p.m.. everal; stt'P- set l ins ihe h.'nc-iy. innged from 2.000 up. but these Ray-others dashed to (he creekbaak. terms for tho maniace. .ipplio.ilion for npeo.s- were based mi of per- groves in Ihcir comeback ycarlsplit and one of them remarked, stroved an eslimated 12 "million I "10 15' T1lt' victims had dis- fill left formidable approv.J by ihe Inter-tale -ons missing. Only 50 bodies had after Ihe devastating freeze the Irccs spill Dial's the'citrus trees ami this was lo have bllrs IGl McAllen 1T under the ice. could delay final merger for Commerce Commission, federal been recovered friim the yards- 1B3I. were hardest nil. lend." jhceti Ihe comeback for many'18' antl longer. regulatory agency, will be.deep mud and debris that cov, a feeble] The manager of Ihe Texas'n! the citrus growers. It lakes ai Mercury Climlis jquickly converged on ice andfCilrus Mutual, Winn. said.citrus tree ahoul 10 years In reach-, At a-m- Friday the n 'cury climted to 32 degrees A bright sun. making start at erasing packed snow from hundreds of miles freeze probably would cost theiniatunly. countryside, failed to denl t he j Valley citrus industry S19 million.; Sidialion Bleak gloom of valley growers as iheyj He said the growers probably j surveyed ice-splil grapefruit amljnould lose million. He saiiljtnble siluaiion was bleak had a chance to salvage S3; ..Our is vege- Kdinbiirg, to end 64 hours of sub-] fapl. George Sullon'j- freezing weather. However. a llalf tlnzt'" uniformed of-; of Ihe valley expected unsuccessfully ailempled in1 .freeze Friday night. the todies by rail regulaiory ageiicy. will the scene. lrl M --liitemcnl fdllowin" :is sun11 as po.-.-ilde. the villages of Ranrahirca west of Ti-P l.nne. Tiic Ul-'ll'li in Hilhili ll-'-v-t. said. Htiarasoucho and H smaller iboiil 50 feet wiiie at that point, iini1 Philadelphia, the com Inder the plan. Ihe Pri-.nsy NEWS INDEX Central would join inlo a new cur-; about .piiiaiion lo lie called ihe i'lihahilanis N.-M 'I'ork Central Tians- cmlv m of WEATHER million lo S4 million ,he down there gone." he said. Stale agriculture commissioner: The vicp ABII.KNK A.NTl VICTMVN1 ilt: S5 lo SaCurrtay night Mch GO. The lor niwl xv.-irmei', Mjtl. si.inp liiuii. ness itevploplnK Sjturdc 'lohn Wll'lc Floi'ida Citrus siuluaRobcrt County agents estimated hooks into the H) foot acres of valley lettuce tlolc [unharvesleil when ihe M' .c- 5rli.ller of w- K- S' struck. Other crops damaged eluded cabbage, carrots, tunia- -jto the valley to survey the situa-jw. Rulledge. offered sympathy lo Tcxa, grower.s. He said ihe (es ck v-M-i The commissioner estimated -fortunate set of circumstance for1 from. 3fi per cent of the orangeh'cxas uill rlofini'miv ;lls0 reimrlcd vcge- ami if il !l p m. fl p m. ja were slill I'niit Frozen While said ahmil five or jmillion of fruit were in 'iiold and all ol it is <_., I "If we have a quick (haw alll ONE FROM ABILENE uill he ruined." he said. "If there is a slow lhaw. some of il may salvaged." He said, however, lie doubled if "we can salvage in dollar value." He said concenlralc planls are paying S5 a ton for citrus, while a box of fresh oranges brings altfliil un the open market. liable losses as the thermometer [dropped lo 18 degrees. .rbrotight a boat lo the creeksidc.'i II was loiierrd inlo ihe th.c boal iimbnlanre driver for Kiker U'anea Kuneral Home, and two other men edged the boat to (he nri-a where the; Elsewhere over the stale broken three bovs fell PR. Civil T-A, Cnl. Defense aixi his Ihiough tlv ice.' Director Glen' volunteer rescue SECTION A Amusements 2 Obituaries 3 Sports 4.6 Oil news 9 SECTION B Bridge 2 Church news 2 Women's news 3 Comics 4, 5 Editorinls 6 TV Scour 9 Rodio-TV [Ogs 9 Form news, markets 10 porlatiiiii Co.. domieilexl in i of Riinrahirca's escaped Appar- raseucho's slightly n are missing. huge block of ice. loosened by Pern's slimmer suns, crashed into a gorge, gathered up tons of ruck and ice and material of Holder- of nut-land-: share- ff Pennsylvania couv inun -Aould receive cmnmnn slock ir, llie new cnrporaiinn on a one. llrilflcic of r. menclinis mishco r :Ule coin :-e befcre it :id tin the in-aeefnl and mining, eommnnilics below. Alioii! people lived in the vieinity of lluaylas 'I'l'.e N.U-I number of dead Pg. 7-'A. Cnl. 4 Imay be Kinnvn. nl cumir.nn ivniild leceive .-hare- of Ihe stock ol. ill" new company fin- each share Slnckimlders n; Imlh railroad-: io approve asked For Your Sunday Rending I'lcasnre Abilene Appealing Spring Hats hats InnU Iwirr llir very voinic Aliiknc in rlny pajtr of tlir W hfll t-tnry ufuncn of ilitif ulirn innrlrlfit by ulm npjirnr tlsc rinn- nirtiV Srrtinn, Thr spring Chopping itilh a Colleges Eiirinarked for Funds Alijtrup rnltrjefs nrr cnniurkctl (n rrceivf: more tlun the rnin Mnrry million frnin major whirh mid Male finnl- llclaili- of fur (Up Mr- Interview ATI interview lioii. uilh Mtirtlia MHJT uilli tlir 3U, will he R feature of ihcr S iMarllia Ponder EVnikT. ilrnnuuir -uprniio iM' I'liilliMrinoiiif On-ln'-tra l.iy Sn-- Gunmen Captured After Week-Lang Crime Spree Two men who stole several another pickup was stolen from ,100k S2 al gunpoint 'from a a farm- Basketball nntl Sports Nrws tlHill Inrally, iho nxtlnn nnd nllirr Cnnfrri'lK'c and North Texas and Southern Okla- "'Shway 180 M miles knocking on his front door. ihonia were in Oklahoma wcst .They loft in Ritenhovcr's pickup. nighl. i Wednesday, Iwo men pawned al l-'riday aflernnon Iwo men innk One man who gave his name' Jvalch near Seymour, j a llrfiO linxlel ear at gunpoint from lo llie Oklahoma Highway Patrolj'01' The watch had Latin American farm hand near as Joseph Key of Abilene, fl'om a lwllso Veinon. :Vernoii. Tex., and fled toward Vomided an Alltis. Okla.. police man who tried lo question Ihc !lwo men in downtown AHns. The J. T. Fisher, received a shotgun pellet wound in his fore- head. The man who gave his name as Key was captured in AHus, while the other, identified by the Highway Palrol as E. .1. Cruse, 32, of Elcrlra, Tex., escaped in a !car he took at gunpoint. He later was captured at llollis, Okla. Officers gave Ihis account; Two men stole a cnr nt Abilene. Saturday and abandoned it that night near the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kmnietl Dodd. 10 miles soulhwest of Seymour. Tex. The men look Dodrt's car and forced Mrs. Dodd to prepare food they look wilh Itiem. Tlie Dodd car wns found aban- doned itorlli of lake Kemp, in Wllbnrgcr County, shnilly after a pickup truck was stolon at nearby Vernon. That vehicle was recov- e d Tuesday Snyder v' ,e l.atc Thursday nighl, men'Altus. If miles north of llie Fisher and a fellow officer, Olis spoiled Ihe car parked al AHus. Fisher approached the car and tuld the Iwo men (hey were under arrest. The driver of the car llircw il into reverse and or.e of the men in the car fired a sholgun blasl al Ihe officers. They returned Ihe fire and shot a lire, miming the car inlo a curb. Both men fled. One ran inlo n umber yard where he surren- dered after lieing surrounded by officers, Tho other look Ihe ear of a salesman, whose name was not learned, at gunpoint aiul lied. Alxiul Ml officers from Texas and Oklahoma were si-arching Ihe area for Ihe escaped gunmim Witnesses agreed thr.t the men titled (he description of twn uho were socn near Vernon Sunday when a pickup cnnl.iining a shut- gun was stolen from the livnin Phillip? irm north oi POLL TAX BOX SCORE Poll Toxti Poid Exemption! ClolmcJ Tet.l, Mil PoHi, Extmpts RtcorJ ____ Jor 31 CAPTURED Altus, Okla.. and Jackson County officers capture1 a suspect who yai'e his name as .Joseph Key of Abilene as a suspect in a series of "shotgun robberies" in North Texas and southern Oklahoma. The man was taken follow- ing a giinfighl in which an Altus patrolman was wounded. The man's companion escaped in Altus and was taken later in Hollis. Okla. The suspect lies on the ground with a shotgun hencath him. Left lo right the officers are Patrolman Owen Clark, Jackson County Sheriff Kenneth Spear and Deputy Sheriff C. C. Shelley. (AP -photo)