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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - January 29, 1954, Abilene, Texas MILD IMene "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SK EFCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES" Byron EYEMB FINAL VOL. LXXIII, No. 227 Xaorwfcrf Prat (AP) ABILENE, TEXAS, FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 29, 19W-3IXTBEN PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS PRICE DAILY Se, SUNDAY lOe Judge's Ouster Pushed AUSTIN new sharply- woraid briefs assailing and defend- ing District ;judge C. Woodrow laughlin of Alice were 'in the hands of Texas' nine Supreme Court justices todav. They were filed late yesterday by opposing attorneys in the his- tory-making case in -.vhich the Su- preme Court was asked by 11 at- torneys practicing in the 79th Ju- dicial District to remove Laughlin. One more formal step remains before the court can rule. Yester- day was the deadline for final written briefs; on Feb. 10 final oral arguments will be heard. A decision may then require long study of the bulky record. Judge D. B. Wood of George- town, master in chancery named by the court last summer to hear weeks of evidence in the case, has reported that five of the eight re- inoval charges should be sustained. Released Billots Among them were those that al- leged Laughlin obstructed investi- gation of the Alice slaying of Jacob S. Floyd Jr.. and that claimed he had improperly released Duval County ballots to favor South Tex- as political boss George Parr. The claims that Laughlin Is .unfit to serve and counterclaims that the attack is "political" were made against the backdrop of bitter ani- mosity between opposing South Texas factions for or against Parr. Laughlin was elected to office with Parr's support. C. C. Small of Austin one of Laughlin's attorneys, told the Su- preme Court yesterday that the effort to remove him in effect was a "private assault" that jeopard- ized the constitutional safeguards of judicial independence. For All of Term William H. Shiremim. spokesman for the lawyers seeking Laughlin's ouster, asked the Supreme Court- removes make the removal good far his full four- year term lest he seek reelection for the unexpired portion in No- vember. Laughlin's term began Jan. 1, 1953. The district court over Laughlin presides includes Duval, Jim Wells, Brooks, and Starr coun- ties; all in a. more or less-constant ferment of Parr or snti-Parr feel- Ing Small had criticized the "pre- ..hi th d of. seeking Laughlin's removal-as being in ef- fect a private damage suit Alter- natives, are ImpeacluKent and ad- dress methods) of removal. This Supreme Court case is the first of its kind in Texas his'ory Shireman. arguing for the ouster, .also noted that the method was un- usual but said that the master ap- pointed to study the evidence was "an experienced trial judge and one who was sufficiently removed from tile situs (place) of contro- versy to be free of prejudice." Taxi Fare Changes Pass First Reading Change of taxicab fares re- ;ducing the minimum or short-haul .rate and upping the longer, trip charge was voted by the City Commission Friday morning on first reading of an ordinance. Public hearing and final vote will be Friday morning, Feb. 12, regular commission meeting. The session will start at 9 a.m. The ordinance carries out the request of Bean i Hughes, taxi- cab operators, who asked it in an effort to increase their over-all rev- enue. Proposed fares are: 25 cents for the first one-half mile: 10 cents for each additional one-half mile or fraction thereof. Present rates are: 30 cents for the first mile; 5 cents for each additional one-fourth mile or frac- tion'thereof." HAVE YOU PAID YOUR POLL TAX? Polls Paid Thursdav 603 Polls Paid to Date 7.272 Polls Paid Last Pols Paid in Days before deadline.......___1 LOUD, ISN'T that fire department siren will be even louder at 7 p.m. when it's other Availing sirens. Stanley E. Smith, Mothers' March chair- man.'happily cocks ah ear as Fire Chief D. C. Musick" tests the noise-maker" out. (Lloyd Jones Studio Photo) AT 7 TONIGHT Screaming Sirens to Signal Mothers1 March on Polio There'll be a lot of noise Fri- dav night, but it'll be worth it. At 7 p m., AbUemans will heai screaming sirens, honking horns, and a tapping at the door. Cub and BOJT Scouts probably will be blowing forth their family car horns, but don't get excited. They were asked to do so. All the fanfare means the Moth- ers' March on Polio has begun. Itll start with the wail sirens from the police department fire department, Western .Cottohoil Company, and West Texas Utilfc ties, said E. N. Mitchell. Civil De- fense communications director. Ordfnance Waived But isn't all that -racket against the city ordinance? Not from 7 p.m. Fri- day. Mayor' C. E. Gatlin tempo- rarily waived the ordinance for that hour. He urged fullest cooper- ation of Abilene citizens in the Mothers' Porchlight Parade. He said: _ "The success of- :the" Mothers' Porch-light .Parade will.have much to do with Taylor County reaching its goal for this campaign. All us, especially parents, have a di- rect interest in our county reach- ing its goal, to do our bit toward the entire nation making its goal. The National Foundation just about has this foe whipped -let's help deliver the knockout blow. "Some of us may have given to the March of Dimes already in some other phase of this worthy campaign, but let's give cheerfully again. We owe it to the cause, and to the hundreds of women who are giving their time Vaccine In Sight Chairman Mrs. Stanley -E. Smith, speaking of the increased need for polio money, hoped that perhaps in the future "we may be able to take our children to the doctor for a vaccine and not have to worry about polio. "That's why they're asking for more money this year: to perfect the polio vaccine which will be tried on children in March or April, or when they get sufficient quantities." Dean W. T. Walton, chair- man of the March of Dimes drive, SPARE A DIME TO HELP A KID? Youth's Body Found in Ruins HUOTSVILLE WV-The body of a iS-ycaixrfd Sam Houston State Col- lege student found today in the ruins of a which was destroyed by fire Sunday. James Edmund Davis Jr. of Huntsvillc was last seen car- rying equipment from the First SspHst Church during the fire. The body was found by Fire Chief Buddy Baldwin and Ben Grcsham, a member of a church "committee which had been named to work with an engineer in prob- ing the ruins of Permanent Investigations subcom- mittee before he was drafted on Nov.'4 last. McCarthy has denied intervening with the military for special treat- merit for his former aide. The New York post said today that the investigation stemmed from voiced by, Schlne'i fellow trainees. .Capt. Harry Dix information acknowledged that an investigation has been ordered. The, Post account said Schine. whose family" owhj a string of ho- tels, was slated for training in the InveMUatioa Div- ision. Lapham said -the soldier had "C" physical profile, indicating he was not in top physical stiape; and so he was not sent on to advanced infantry .training. The Post quoted Lapham as saying; "Schlce was permitted to the request of con- gressional committee-and it wasn't within the province of the com- mandant here to yea or nay." But, according to the Post's ac- count, the allegedly favored treat- ment ,went; beyond just 'Weekend passes. 'It quoted unidentified OI'i who took basic with; Schine ef- fect: llis one stint at KP, lasted but two hours. A car whisked htm away from the kitchen. He failed to appear for New Year's Eve guard, duty as tctaid- uled. (Upturn, UK Port taid. acknowledged that Schine's name had been removed from the guard roster and that he had been given a pass.) Schine got both Chruimas and New Year's off. although everyone else in the company had to stand night guard on one holiday or tat other. He also got a Thanksfsv.nl end pass, although everyone, was confined' In accordance with rule that bans pasws during tht ilnt four weeks of training. His buddies, the Port siM', de- seabed Schine as making ,tt ob- vious that be bad a pose at "doing for the gcvwuiiwot, They reportedly laid Cadillat and a chauftw would pick Urn up a Mock from bMiacki and when he waWt to for -Jfliti the cMnpMjr nr would MI to "tenet tboM OH pMjr smflo OH rf ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: January 29, 1954