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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - January 13, 1954, Abilene, Texas LIGHT RAIN wjim "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES" Byron VOL. LXXIII, No. 211 Aauciuted CAP) ABILENE, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY IS, PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS PRICE DAILY 5c, SUNDAY We- Freezing Rain G lazes Abilene Area Roads PRESIDENT WITH Eisanhower poses in his White House office Avith Korean war heroes after decorating each With the Medal of Honor.-Left.vto! right, are: Lt. Edward R. Jr., Metakie, Lai; Pf c. Ernese E; West; SusseU, Ky.; the President; NavyHospitalman 3-C CONVINCED FARM PROGRAM RIGHT Ike Terms Atom Pool Talks With Russia Encouraging1 WASHINGTON. Ei- said, today this country's" preliminary 'atomic talks with .Rus- sia are encouraging, but it is too soon to tell whether the Soviets acting in good faith.. His reference, to the atomic talks, which were an outgrowth of his proposal for, an, international atomic energy pool 'for purposes, .came at .con- ference in: President' also discussed important domestic issues. On ihe'controversial pro- gram .which he' submitted to Con- gress last Monday, -Eisenhower de- clared he believes itt is workable and practicable. As to whether it is politically feasible in this elec- tion year, the President said we'll find out about that laici but that he is convinced the progrim tor a" twitch to flexible price supports is 1 right If.to Consress On lus labor law proposal foi system of government-conducted elections among employes oh the question of striking, the President said he would leave !o Congress whether such votes should come before or after a strike has begun. Eisenhower said that in making the recommendation as part of his plan for amending the Taft-Hart- ley Act he was trying to establish a principle. He said he purposely avoided spelling out details v be- cause that Is' the province of Con- gress. The President also: 1. Slid Secretary of State Dulles was-only stating a fundamental truth.when he declared in a.speech last night .that, the United States has made a basic decision to'meet any' future Communist aggression by relying primarily on instant massive retaliation. 2. Laughed off an effort to find ment, have not been able to agree out whether he intends to: seek-a second term. His political friends, Eisenhower added, .nave "advised him never to deal with that sub- ject, 3. Expressed-confidence that the United States-is achieving better balance in its-defense forces ev ery day 4 Said regarding the cqnirovtr- sial Bnckei on treaty making power? that he never would subscribe to any treaty or' agreement which in anyway con- travened the Constitution. He in- dicai-zd.' however.; that he and Sen. Bricker chief sponsor of the proposed constitutional amend- THE WEATHER B.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE WEATHER HURKAU VBILENE AND with occasional light rain Wednesday aiternoon and Wednesday nleht. Thursday partly cloudy and warmer. Riga icinpcratuie Wednesday 35 10 40 Low Weones- fiay Hish Thursday to 50. NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS: Cloudy with occasional light rain and slowly rislns: tem- peratures this afternoon and tonlpnt except aoine freezing rain In extreme north this WEST TEXAS: Considerable cloudiness and slUhtly. warmer, a few snow Hurries In the Panhandle and widely., scattered light showers elsewhere this afternoon and tonipht. Thursday, partly cloudy and warm- "EAST TEXAS: cloudy witu occasional lain and slowly rhinp temperatures this afternoon, tonisht acd Thursday. Tuti P it Wed. A.M. 30 23 59 SS........... 23 30 3 31 Sunset las! nltht p.m.: Sunrise today a.m.: Stmssl tenlsM p.m. Barometer reanicc p.m.. -R.33. Maximum temperature for !t hours enJ- kiE a, fiJO a.m.. 33. Minimum temperature. !or 24 hours end- tos 5.m.. 26. on a compromise. 5.' Reported.he.had by 1to: Agriculture that it knows of no plan under consideration to sell butter and cottonseed oil to Russia. The whole matter of -foreign trade is under study, the President said, and he will announce his recommenda- tions la r government sources reported that a "private exporter ha> applied for Twnnicsion to seV surplus butter and cottonseed oil to liussta and a Soviet satellite and that the under pKliminary' study rat the Com- merce Department. That depart- ment has the responsibility, for licensing exports. 6. Declined again to give a breakdown oh tiie 2.200 govern- ment workers he said previously had been separated from federal jobs for security reasons. He said he believes a great number of the 2.200 probably resigned even be- 'ore they knew there was any de- rogatory information on their rec- ord. 7. Said he advocated stripping convicted Communist of U.S. citizenship because he'be- Lieves a conspirator is just as guilty as anyone who actually, at- tempts to overthrow the govern- ment by force. the newsmen no signifi- cance should be read into the fact that he did not renew his call.this year, in the state of the union See IKE, Pa- ll-A. Col. 1 Air Base Water Offer Accepted At Least 135 Thought Alive Under Snows VIENNA. Austria ot rescue workers struggled today to uncover at least 135 persons still missing under snow and ruins in the avalanche-stricken Alps of west Austria and Switzerland. There and in Bavarian Germany S6 already we're already among the "white Only minor slides, which caused no damage, were reported during ;he night, and colder weather brought hope the-snow movement was: letting up. But a Vienna weather official warned that west Austria's average temperatures still were above normal and there still was danger of more ava- lanches. This was the toil so far from the snowslidcs which began Mon- day, in the wate of the winter's worst blizzards: Austria 62 deaci, 131 missing. Switzerland IS dead. 4 missing. Bavarian Germany 6 dead. The center of tragedy was the 12-mile Walser Valley: of west Austria, near the Swiss frontier. There hundreds of rescue skiers from Austria; Switzerland and Liechtenstein, worked 'frantically seeking the dead and injured in homes in the village of Blons. crushed under two massive ava- j modern -flat-top being Water rate offered the Abilene ir Force Base by the City of Abilene has been accepted by the Strategic Air Command. City Manager Austin P. Hancock an- nounced Wednesday. Representatives of SAC from Omaha, Nebr., will be in Abilene Thursday to .confer with city of- Icials regarding the sewer rate. Notice of acceptance of the water charges was received in a letter from Capt. Robert Dosh of the base "contracting office, SAC, at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha Capt. Dosh stated that there are still some points about the city's jroposal on -service which are quite clear.' Following is.the'city's proposed water rate, which has been ac- cepted: (1) City will deliver .an aver- se, of gallons of water per day at a maximum rate of [low of 1.150 gallons per minut? ivith pressure of 20 pounds pel- square inch at point of delivery at the base boundary. (2) Necessary meteringsfacillties at the delivery will be furnished by the city. !3) Hates for water to be as First gallons. SlioO minimum charge; next rMKW gal- lons Co cents per 1 000 next 38 000 gallons. 30 cents per 1.000; next 950.000 gallons, 25 cents per next 4 million gallons, 23 cents per 1000 next 10 million gallons 22 cents per 1000 and all er 15 million' gallons, 20 cents .per gallon' The following proposal has been made bv the citr for providing sener to the base 1 The city will construct a sew- er main from its e-astmg 24 inch sewer at Ahson Avenue and Cat- claw Creek to the Air Force base, which sewer irill have a capacity of not less than 6.12 cubic feel per. second. The 'main will -be of 24- inch and 21-inch size as required by' available grade. 2. The city will provide sewer capacity as required by the base, not., to'exceed 6.12 cfs from Anson Avenue and Catclaw Creek to the sewage disposal farm. This caeac- itv shall be provided either through the existing West Side sewer main or through such other sewers.as the .city may construct 5. For the construction of the necessary sewer and metering fa- cilities, the government shall pay the city a connection charge of (the estimated cost of the 6. For the maintenance and operation of the facilities and. the disposal of sewage, the govern- ment shall pay monthly; a charge of 2 cents per thousand gallons measured at the reservation, boun- dary. This charge shall be subject) to readjustment at the end of five years if the city nas constructed a-new sewage disposal plant. 7. In the event the city has constructed a new sewage dispos- al plant within five years, the gov- ernment- shall pay inonthly a charge of 4 cents per, thousand gallons. FREED Airman Orville G.'Mil- ler, charged with arson in a 000 'Wichita Falls fire, was freed bv a Breckenndge inry Tuesday. (See story, Pg. 7-B.) Low Bid On Air Base Job Gerald Mora of Houston was apparentlj the low bidder Tue-dav on the construction of gasoline storage facilities at Abdene Ail Force. Base. His offer was The V in the future. 3. Metering facilities- at the boundary of the "base will be pro- vided by the city. 4. Maintenance and operation 01 all sewer lines and metering fa- cilities will be by the city, as will be the disposal of such sewage as delivered to it from the. base. b-ds were opened at the office of Col H H Hallock district en- gineer T. S Corps of in Fort_Worth Vtork will prabablv begin with- in tbe next three weeks, Orren Bover, acting area engjieer here 'aid 'Wednesday He oointcd out that it u-ualh from 10 to U after bid opening to notify the success- ful bidder. This is because the contractor's ability to make bond must be determined, and his past record investigated; legal opinion must be obtained on the contract, all "bid's must be checked for The contractor on the gasoline storage facilities job must begin work within five calendar days sft- er being notified of the contract award. ,THe contract ed is 210 calendar days from the date of the notice. Bower said approximately: 25 bid items'are included in this proj- ect. These include four 20.000-barrel tanks: a security chain link fence around the fuel storage area; a record house: a transfer pump shelter: some -service driveways KRBC Starts Work on New Television, Radio Building Construction has begun on. a new bir-ying to hfuse KRBC's ra- dio and television stations. Dale Ackers, .president of the. Reporter Broadcasting Company, announc- ed Wednesday. The concrete block structure, of lanches. Rescue work continued, too, in Dalaas. also in the Vorarloerg sector, where eight persons were still missing. A huge snowslide yes- terday swept over the railroad sta- tion and a delayed train waiting at the platform there. Five persons died under the snow and 36 others, some injured, were rescued. Secretary Urges Air Force Academy V.'ASIIIKGTON E.! fensc secretary for. manpower. Talbott. Air Force secretary, told Congress today there is an "im- mediate and. in my opinion, w-' Sent" need for a separate air academy to help overcome a short- age of young officers. lie testified the United Slates is the only major power without a separate educational Institution for military airmen and engineers. "This deficiency U of serious im- port to our national he said. .Ta'itoll appeared before the House 'Armed Services Committee the start of hearings on a bill to an Air Forte West Point and 'permit Initial planning. The eost Is estimated nt 100 million President Elsenhower has per- Mnally endorsed the measure, kott testified. The proposed academy also was iiipporled stronnly Roger M. Kyes, deputy secretary of defense; Dr. John A. Hannah, atslstant de Army Gen. Charles L. Uoltc, Vice Adm. Murr E. Arnold, among other top-ranking witnesses. "I feel strongly ihat the quality of our airpowcf Is largely depend- ent upon the'quality of the regular officer corps." Talbott said. But, he added, the Air Force is losing officers at such a rate that H needs approximately new candidates each year to maintain authorized strength. Of these, manpower studies Indi- cate half should come from mili- tary academics and the remainder from civilian colleges, he said. "To date, we have found It Im- possible to fulfill either of theic Talbott added. The main debate on the bill Is expected over location of the academy. The measure provides for creating a now to survey possible sites, with the air secretary making the final de- cision. built in the 4300 block of South 14th St. (U. S. Highway The broadcasting station. con- taining one of the largest televi- sion stifdios in West Texas, will be completed in three or four months, depending on the weath- er. Ackers saidi designed by architects of Lockwood Andrews, consulting engineers of Houston, and was planned for radio and -television broadcasting with a view to ex- pansion as any new developments enter the television field. The building will face south on the San Angelo highway. It will contain approximately iquare feet of floor space. It will w 162 across the front and 122 feet from front to rear in the main secOon that will house tele- vision operations. Block-Sized Building It is being built on an irregular! shaped-site containing the approxi- mate area ot a city block.1 The site ivill provide space for a driving pattern around the building and parking area for about 80 automo- biles. The building will be two stories high over the CO by 60 foot tele- ,ylsion studio, allowing a clear- ncc of 20 feet from floor to ceil- ing for the handling of television cameras and equipment. Television control men will look out ;over the entire studio from a sound proof control room extending six feet Into thr studio and raised three and a half fcet above floor level.1 A door 12 feel wide and I.1! feet high at the rear of the television Talbotl said the Is sll" "wide open." ers to bring in their equipment. Television projection room, con- trol room, offices and other rooms will be located to the front and center of the building. The radio station will te in a wing to the right of the entrance and will in- clude two broadcasting studios in addition to the control room, an- nouncing booth, record room and others. The building will have- year-round air conditioning. The present television station is located at the KRBC transmit- ter on Cedar Gap Mountain and contains a studio 10 by The station is about a IS feet. 33-mile round-trip drive from Abilene and the studio doesn't provide adequate space for staging television shows. Ackers said. The new station will be a 10- minute drive from downtown Abi- lene and television programs wall be' sent by microwave to the trans- mitter. Tho present radio station and of- fices are located atop the Windsor Hotel and the television business offices are located in the Fulwiler Building. 934 is North Fourth St. Ackers said the new station, with its larger television studio, will pro- vide facilities for staging witter variety of television shows includ- ing more participants. It will also the operations of the Reporter Broadcasting Com- pany. No interruption is expected in scheduled radio broadcasts when the radio station is moved to its new location, and there will be little or no delay resulting from the moving of television equipment, engineers have advised Ackers. Snow, Sleet Due In Part of State light in some West Central and North Texas much'of the state Wednesday, and there chance of sleet or snow in the North portion of the state. Seven accidents, six of them minor, were reported in trie Abilene area by the'Highway Patrol here as ice glazed road- ways and bridges. A Snyder woman was injured as a car struck a bridge near Abilene on the Albany highway, and an Abilene wom- an was treated for a head cut suffered in a fallon the ice. _ Temperatures skirted the freez- ing mart _ The Dallas weather bureau said drtp of a degree could change rain to sleet or snow in extreme Noithr Central Texas. A nigh of 35 tc 40 degrees was forecast for Abilene Wednesday with a low 'fffidnesda> night of 35. Bridges Sanded The Highway Patrol reported ice in the immediate vi- and parking areas within the stor- age aiea drainage ditches; side-j walks fuel pumps for unload- ing the gasoline railway tank cars and also- for transferring the gasoline from the tanks to the runwas aprons several thou- sand feet awav Taping, valves, etc, storage area: and cathern firewalls around the stor- age 2 Air Fields Placed Under Area Engineer Engineering supervision by the U. or Engineers for con- struction on the Abilene'Air Force Base here and the Goodfellow Base, San been bined.. An area: cinity of Abilene was thawing at mid-morning, but bridges were still-'frozen over .and the highway department was putting sand on them. rlt was freezing to the north and west around Snvder and Lubbeck. Cloudy skies and conturasd oc- casional light rain were expected here Wednesday afternoon and nifht. Thursday will be partly with a high of 45 -to 50. A weatherman said there will be gradual warm-up during fee next two or three A West Texas Utilities Company dispatcher reported fine mist was falling throughout the area. The mist was freezing as .far south as San Angelo and Concho. Jlist was "also Big Spring and Midland and as far Southeast as Mason. Lines Eicapt Damage The-West Texas Utilities Com- pany and Southwest Bell Teli phone Company said .there had been mo damage to power and telephone lines. There was only a trace of mois- ture at Abilene, the weather bur- eau said. at the top of the Pan- handle, already had three inches of .snow; on the ground, deposited Tuesday night There was a trace of snow-at and more snow flurries were predicted for See WEATHER, Pg. 11-A, Col. 5 engineer a newly creaied be ..in charge of the two. fields. This was announced Wednesday morning by brren Bower, who is acting area engineer.. He is sta- tioned at the Abilene Air Force Base, now under construction. Bower was designated; as: proj- ect engineer in charge of the local project when it got under way last fall. On Dec. 14 he :became assistant project when Fred Johnson was sent here from the Fort Worth District office as project engineer. On Jan. 3 the change in set-up was effected, placing Abilene and Goodiellow bases under single su- pervision. Johnson at that time was ;made area engineer, and Bow- er assistant ;area engineer. Johnson was recalled to the Fort Worth District office Jan. 9 to fill the position of assistant to the chief of the engineering division of the district. Bower became ac- ting area engineer. WHAT'S NEWS ON INSIDE PAGES NAUTILUS AND of two articles on the powered submcrirts. Paae 2-A. COTTON ACREAGE Acreage for 1954 .now up to a House- Senate conference committee. Page 3-A. ATTEMPTED gation continues into attempted or'scn of University .Baptist Church. Poge i-E. One In 7 Wrecks; Ice Blamed Tcy highways took their toll of bent fenders Tuesday night a'nd early Wednesday as the Highway patrol reported seven accidents la the Abilene area but only one re- sulted in personal injury. The injured person was Mrs. Faye Palmer, 2T12 Avenue S, Sny- der. who was reported as serious- ly injured when a car in which she was riding struck a bridge about five miles from Abilene on State Highway 351 George Holland, 1282 Portland, Abilene, also in the- auto that_ hit' the bqdse. was reported as not seriously injured. The accideat oc- curred between and 4 a.m. Both persons were taken to Hen- drick Memorial Hospital by an am- bulance from Elliott's Funeral Home. Tilrs. Palmer was said to be employed at the" Abilene Track Terminal. _ Mrs. Palmer was said to be un- conscious when taken to the hos- pital. No report on her condition was available 7- Kighwayr_Patrolman Kennetn Decker said icy roads caused three accidents east of Abilene on High- wav 80, one 9.6 miles out and the other two a quarter of a mile far- ther east. A car driven bv William Carson Harris, Hherside. Calif., collided with a Safeway truck dnven by William Howard Bailey, Dallas about a.m. The car was tow- ing another vehicle. Damage was slight and there were no injuries. Ko details were available on the other accidents other than that no one was injured. Ice-Sheathed Roads Piling Up By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Cars clanged together on icy North and West Texas pavement Wednesday, and at least one per- son was Jailed. The ice formed bj freezing rain did not appear to be enougn to make pavements decep- tively slick and dangerous. 'Hundreds of: cars crunched to- sether, sometimes in long skidding fines. A fatal accident occurred near Demon, where Mrs. Neil Johnson. 53. was killed when the car in which she riding skidded on an icy bridge and collided with a truck. Mrs., Johnson's husband, driver escaped injury, as'did the truck driver. Freezing rain or mist was re- ported from Fort Worth west to San Angelo and Midland, north' to Ardmore. Okla.. and northeast to Paris. Tex. Freezing rain also was reported at .-Waco in Central Texas. The ice formed mostly on bridges and other exposed sur- faces. Fort Worth police estimated more ttian 250 cars were involved in 30 separate wrecks. More, than 20 persons were injured there, nont seriously. At Wichita Falls, streets were icy for an hour and a half during the morning rush to work. Thirteen were reported Twenty-four cars piled up in one fender-denting wreck on a bridge. The only injury reported in the melee was a cut lip received by oae man- The state highway patrol esti- mated there -were 13 accidents in Tarrant County around Fort Worth. At Sherman freezing mist fol- lowed sleet, and highways were dangerously slippery. Sleet freezing rain formed ice on streets at Paris, where the. early morning temperature dapped to 22 degrees HAVE YOU PAID YOUR POLL TAX? Polls Paid Tuesday 170 Polls Paid to Date 2 875 Polls Paid Year 7093 Foils Paid in 1932 18 030 Dajs before Deadline I1) studto will permit showing of auto- mobiles and trucks and provtv bandy for bands and olh- KRBC'S NEW architect's drawing (above) pictures struc- ture that will house KRBC's television and radio studios in the 4500 block on South 14th St. The building is to be completed lour mouths. b- IV ;

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Issue Date: January 13, 1954