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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - December 26, 1944, Abilene, Texas 187 A TEXAS NZWSPAHft Abilene Reporter WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IJ TUESDAY DECEMBER PAGES MORNING Associated Press tAP United Press PRICE FIVE CENTS Eden in Greece By STEPHEN BARBER Minister Churchill and Secretary Eden arrived dramatically in embattled Athens today and immediately began conferences seeking to settle the 23dayold Greek Even as the British Prime Minister and his Foreign Secretary were arranging for a general meeting of all factions for 4 p m Tuesday the leftwing ELAS group continued furious fighting with British Greek I government forces throughout this Christmas Cannon fire and rocket blasts reverberated in the The was invited to send three or four representatives to the i rvl Army Plane rash Toll IIAreHurt with promises of saf Damasklnos of Ath mentioned as a possible regent for Greece in previous attempts to settle the will at the Tuesday The seriousness with which the Greek situation is regarded was in dicated by the announcement to night that Churchill and Eden had arrived and disclosure that Field Sir Harold Al lied Commanderinchief in the Mediterranean and McMil lan British Resident Minister in the both were in Athens who has vigorously defended against numerous crit ics his action in using British troops against the Greek Left immediately held confer ences with these British offl the ircek Royan Govern ment premier and the arrival of Britains sews uj iw top leaders In Athens was the first intimation to the world of their per sonal intervention in the Greek in ternal which has involved three weeks of civil Heretofore they had dealt through and Lieutenant General Honald British command erinchief in Armistice dealings with the Left ist ELAS have thus far been fruit J less and lighting has This was Edens second visit to Greece within a few He went to Athens with the late Lord British Minister Resident in the Middle October 26 a few days before the tatters assass r ination and Eden nad seen Marshal Stalin In The following communique was issued in Athens tonight and a copy forwarded the Headquarters of the II ELAS central committee Churchill and Eflen arrived in Athens After coijununicatinn with Field Marshal Sir Harold Alex commanderlnchicf of the Allied forces in the Mcdlter rancan Harold MacMillan and the British Mr Resinalrl they in terviewed Greek Prime Minister Papandrcou ana informed him that they propos cd to convene a rcp rcscnlalivc so far as of Greek political The conference is to enable her to resume her place among the United The Central ELAS Committee is being invit V cd to send delegates to take their part in this The necessary safe conduct will be given to these The Archbishop of Athens has con to preside at this con as jfc At the same time as the commu nique was a message to the ELAS Central Committee in which General Scobie invited the ELAS to send three or four delegates to to morrows conference also was re It stated v General Scobie received at 8 a m on the evening of December 22 a reply from the ELAS Central Com mittee to his statement of Decem her he is forwarding for the in formation of the committee a of a communique Issued in Athens this The Central Committee are ac cordingly invited to send delegates b take their part in the proposed con All necessary arrangements wil be made for their safe 1 It is suggested that they shouli send three or four delegates as the may The meetings will be a 4 on December British beaufighters blasted th ELAS concentrations with rocket and cannon in the northern sub tirbs of the Greek rmy transport plane crashed Into ogringed Roundup Mountain ear y killing ten soldiers and in uring 17 Officials at the Middletown Ai Technical Service Command said hat the plane was on a special mis ion from to but withheld he names of the dead and Injured ntil the nearest of kin had been It was the riht I said fire chief William Vo elsong of nearby New Cumberland ne the first to scene n a heavily wooded section known s Reesers five miles from Vogeisons said the plane hit a ree and a wing and the engines were on fire when he arrived with he New Cumberland fire company n response to a telephone call from The men were in the plane crying for help and we had to cut our way to them with an Part of one wing was on a tree 200 feet from the The Weather DEPARTMENT OF WEATHER ntlREAII AND VICINITY rloitity and rolrtcr Wednesda rlnudy ant somewhat warm the KAM Parlly cloudy rolilcr in north piHtinf mostly cloud and considerably colder In Tilt day showers in extreme south porllo Wednesday partly cloudy and not out cold Wednesday Fresh strum winds on cloudy aii roliicr rxrent in AVednesda narllv cloudy and not nuite so Sr HOUR M 3R 17 IB 17 in 17 In 0 n ditc List yea Sunrise thin IIKI S linnet tonlcht Succumbs Here Mark died at Hendricl Memorial hospital Sunday followini n illness of several He had moved to Abilene a yea go to be with his only E 1233 Funeral rites were held yesterda morning at KikerWarren chape with Christian Scienc hurcli The body was taken to Dallas fo cremation and will be buried in Cedar Hill cemetery here Thursdaj Kuehn came here from Clcve where he had been con lected with the National Steel Cas ng for 50 Survivors include his son and Paul Kuehn of CoJo War Prisoners Stage Silent Night Opus war interned i he branch prisoner of war cam observed their first Christina n captivity by staging a Th Origin of Silent Eight speaking In Ger took part in the preseni ed in a barracks before other pr soners and their At the conclusion of the chorus of 18 prisoners sang Silen The internees constructe the scenery and a were provided by the NAZI LEADERS CONFER ON BIG Marshal Walter am Marshal Karl von Rundstedt extreme right study a map of their counteroffensive aeainst the With them are staff Photo made m Western Front head quarters according to German accompanying this radiophoto from neutral NEA OPA Lists NewPoint Schedules 25 W Housewives will find more ra tion points are required and their supply of valid points diminish ed when they shop for food to Ration points will be required for six canned vegetables green and wax asparagus and spinach in addition to under new Office of Price Adminis tration regulations effective at eastern war A pound of butter will increase Horn 10 red points In value at ame And beginning December about 85 per cent of all meats will be back on the ration Not all ration stamps the house wife may have on hand will be valid Auto Fall Kills Another Hurt Unusual Christmas eve accidents in which two children fell from au tomobiles on highways near Abilene cost the life of twoyearold Doug las Schmitt and left Sandra Sheets of Swcctwater in Hendrick Memorial All red and blue stamps i il which became good before December 1 and all sugar stamps and home canning certificates except 34 are That leaves Book Four red stamps R5 and S5 and Book Four blue stamps A2 and 32 valid Five new red stamps 1 through X5 and five blue stamps C2 through GZ wi I become valid December Each will he worth 10 Ill announcing the OPA emphasized that there is ample food for but said the action was taken to insure everyone a fair share of scarce Price Armn istrator Chester Bowles said civilian supplies of butter and com mercially canned trails and vege tables are at the lowest point since the war began and meat supplies are Both meat and sugar allowances will be reduced under the new regu The fourweek point al lowance for meat per person will be 50 points while five pounds of sugar will be the quota per person for a threemonths period instead of 10 Nazis D For euse By LONG PARIS Germans were bursting toward the Meuse in a fierce new show of armored power on this bitter cold Christmas Day in which Allied air armadas for the third straight day darkened the skies with one of the i ghtiest attacks since DUay wrought terrific MacArthur Victory Complete In Leyte By CLYDE BARTEL Associated Press War Editor General Douglas MacArthur today said the campaign for Lcyle Island in the Philippines was giving the Japanese commander General 111 II 1 I hospital in a critical condition from The Schmitt child was riding In a car with his and Clarence and another He apparently rolled down a win dow in the back seat of the automo lost his balance and fell from the His head struck the pavement and the child was dead upon arrival at the regional hospi tal at Camp driver of an Abi leneView was driving toward Camp Barkeiey on highway 158 and saw the child fall from the car which was enroute to Abilene about pur miles from the city Crawford highway patrolmen Powell and Pat Hoss that he swerved the bus and missed the patrolman Ross said medical of ficers at the hospital told him the child died Instantly as a result of the The accident occured about The body is at Elliotts funeral Burial will be made in Can The childs father is stationed at Camp The Sheets daughter of and Phil Sheets of Sweet fell from an automobile in which she was riding with her par ents and grandparents three miles west of the city on highway The little girl pushed the door the door flew open and she fell from the car onto the shoulder of the She was rushed to the Abilene hospital for treatment and last night late her condition was un Her father is manager of the Bluebonnet hotel in Strasbourg Shines With Loaned Light This has become a city of sorrowed light in the shadow of Tontline American troops patrol Its streets French Hags float serenely over its But no part of this Alsa tian capital is more than five miles away from German Mast of it is nnd Its waterfront on hc Rhine is under machine gun and mortar fire from the opposite So It was a simple matter for Ger man artillery to knock out a muni cipal power The only surprise was that they waited three days be fore doing it after the Seventh Army drove them out of Since thei nearly a month has passed am Army civil affairs detachments col laborating with French authorities have managed to borrow enough electricity from towns well beyonc the artillery range to illuminate al B29 Lost Over Tokyo 21ST BOMBER A Superfortress was lost over Tokyo carrying two a major Isolated Isles Get Yule Gifts and It downed in others was the second combat B29 NAZI UBOAT IS PRISONER IN ALASKA DE Four dots in the Bering Matthew and Nini vak had their Christmas todty because of a special flight u made through bitter weather by to almost certain Lieutenant irevfcanl of San The crew with pilot Tro visani on the trip made to deliver pounds of Christmas mail and packages included Lieutenant Jo seph Smiddy of Sulphur The training school boxed the car go in 100pound strapping par achutes to the The plane met temperatures aver aging 13 degrees bclcw zero and battled powerful work S The story will be Irrand on Page column By The Associated Press Disclosure that Gucnther Pricn is a prisoner of war in Arizona lifts partly for the first lime in three and onehalf vears the covering ihc fate of this most famous of Germanys Uboat command It was en October when the war was less than six weeks that then a lieutenant com startled the world by slip ping into the closelyguarded Brlt sh naval base at Scapa Flow and linking the British bat tleship Royal Oak with a Eight hundred and ten of the Royal Oaks officers and men Prlen then managed to get his submarine safely out of the British stronghold and returned to Germany where Adolf Hitler personally dec orated him with the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross and promoted him to the rnnk of Prien then was 32 years Trlcn claimed to have tor pedoed and damaged Ihe Brit ish battle cruiser Rcnulse at the same time he sank the Koyal but this the British How he got in and out of Scapa Plow has never been satisfactorily although many legends quickly grew ap about the during several cruises in Pricn was credited by the Germans with sinking more than tons of British He was the German underseas ser vices hero of Then came a curiously anti climactic On May the British radio reported that he had been missinR since April How the British knew this never was Reluctantly the German hich command on May acknowl edged that Pricn and his submarine had failed to return from a cruise Presumably he was His name cd 12 hours against the Clements without food or Water taken There MOO along froze FBI Probes Wreck Of Train in Illinois vcstlgatlon into the derailment of a Chicago and Northwestern passenger train near Poplar time being the the coroners office In Boone closely county announced tonight an in quest would be held Into the death of Anna WIs only fatality of the Five other victims of the wreck were in critical condition and the coroners office said date of the iiorts nn their chances of ors nn In addition to who was pinned beneath of the was mentioned publicly NOW It Is disclosed that the toast of the German suffered a fate that ninny submariners con sider worse than wns How and when remain Ill tne 1 was Tomoyuki Yamashita The Tiger perhaps the gtcatesv BiUHary annals of the Japanese The fight for invaded by he Americans October 20 In the nilial liberation thrust into the has cost the Nipponese an estimated casualties com pared with for the leadquarters The Japanese have lost planer in the Phil pplnes since the Tokyo government officials had said that Japans fate in the war depended upon the outcome of the and had boasted that its soldiers would hold th5 Tokyo meanwhile broadcast a wholly unconfirmed claim that Japanese submarines are again operating In the pump There also was enough for pu ing the citys water supply nnd op erating refrigeration plants and hos pital electrical Onl street cars still are Strasbourgs food situation pre sently is largely due to the fact that retreating Ger mans left so much Major Robert forme engineer and no commanding officer of civil estimated he stock was sufficient for eight weeks witl the citys present population of Under German occupatloi Strasbourg was the distributing cent er for hence the size of the Additional supplies of var Budapest Is Nearly Encircled the United States Pacific The Dome News Agency radio report was heard in London yesterday oy the Domel said Nipponese submarine were striding in force alter a two jear and that four of th undersea raiders alone had sunk four aircraft two destroy ers and four The enemy radio also said thrci American Superfortresses droppec Red Army drove to the western city limits of Budapest yes in a 15mile cu he last railway escape route west ward from the Hungarian capita and came within 10 miles of com plclcly surrounding The Russians alto surged west ward through southern Czechoslo vnkla toward the Hron Garam river north and south of Leva Le vlce In a drive within less than Incendiary bombs nearby areas In on Tokyo Christinas am Day IlfjtllUjr This also was unconfirmed MacArthurs announcement ol the end of the Leyte campaign said that units of the mil Division supported by Seventh Fleet PT boats stormed ashore at the west coast town of palompon Christmas morning and captured this last por through which remnants of Japanese units might have Yank land artillery also pounded th towns from the conqueror of Ma lay Peninsula anil Singapore in 1D12 was made commander of the enemys Philippine defense In He announced his intention to take the quick tin conditional surrender of Mac The Japanese lost 10 convoys to talling 27 warships and 41 trans ports and by Amen can headquarters in futlt attempts to reinforce MacArthur said American casual ties on covering only ground were wound cd and 172 He also said that American plane lilt Clark Held near Sunday Manila time witl are about 40 tons of bombs nnd sho down 18 of upwards of CO enemy in Additional supplies oi var ious kinds wil be available when ever the Germans fall back and th waterfront and its warehouses freed from close range Strasbourg citizens are tcrccptor aircraft which attempt Betting the highest bread ration in I cd to defend this important Hip France 300 grams Property poncse damage was relatively many I was the third day shops and a number of restaurants Luzon raids by Yank planes living have and retail trade lias from Leyte and nlso probably Iron been resumed with German marks IMimloro which Ihe Amen and French francs both circulating cans invaded December 15 in nnoth on the basis of 15 francs to one er defiance of Japans assertion tha The of civilians still i the United States Philippine cam is sharply antl jpaign must anc would passes arc required to go from one j part of the city to the There is no refugee problem here ill fact it Ijust the reverse since many thousands of German nation als fled across piiinn bridge still were leaving I Memphis Hie Merry Xmas citj cringe sun were icavum the citys population below K On the other hand it is estimated that German nationals still are living In to rlo with all of them Is a political pro While FBI agents pressed an in hlem Merry Christ i masto M persons today by rclcas them from jail where they who i hccn lodswl gradually are being moved rearward icr tor eventual repatriation I custnm of T1 complicated by the emotional reaction of the French who live un der German Foi Germans arc bcint Freezing Weather Due in City Today to release those arrested on Christ mas On the basis of latest positions isclosed at Supreme Headquarters oniglrt as of midday hese advances were measured in erhaps one to three but rom field dispatches describinb the orce of the onslaught it seemed robable they had gone farther in erriflc Christmas Day battles fclood y costly for both Against toughened doughboys re the Germans this time vere not reeling off big but hey had definitely broken the 48 lour virtual One of the new surges was west of Laroche toward the probably no more than 15 miles ahead of advanced enemy units iar hcr reported operating near 14 12 miles from tha A second was aimed northward rom Laroche In what appeared to JB an attempt to outflank the Vith wedge which has split in two the big German push in One German pressing southward within 16 miles of the French finally seized 23 miles northeast of the French gateway city of and drove the Americans from eight miles to the As these forces traveled an American relief force some four miles farther east was fighting north In an attempt to relieve doughboy forces cut off in the Bel gian road center of six miles ahead of its advanced posT Along the 25 miles of Field shal Karl von Rundstedts southern flank in the Ardennes Gen eral Elsenhowers counterattack kept up its steady battering bu there were no further gains re ported since this mornings an nouncement of the capture of three The Berlin radio said forces in great paced by veteran divisions of the Thirdand miles of Bratislava and 08 miles from The Soviet an nouncing these successes last said they were accomplished with severe cost to Ihe Nazis in both men nnd Inflicted by Russian bombers as well as ground The toll of German and Hun caiian dead in the five days or fishtinq southwest of has by Russian to more than and of Nazi rleptl were left on the battlefields of southern The cninpumfritic stressed the of fhe vire on Rutla ami announced that i vest anl wesl nf that cltv December 2121 the Russians had slain German and Hnnparhin eanllirert and destroyed or seized vast mmnfttics of war This Included lOli planes ami 17 can non plus camtire of 154 many io 21 tanks anil 101 On December alone 61 German tanks were knocked nut southwest of the Russians an The Soviet drive brought of 13 miles northwest of through which runs Ihe electric railroad tn This was the last rail escape route remaining to the The enemy has remaining a pap of miles between Plliscsaba and the Danube hut is a road less trnrt of woorlerl and the Seventh went over to th attack Sunday on a broad fron against the southern flank and had forced some German withdrawals Striking in almost as gjeat force as ycslertlays Allied warplanes iotlay wrcrkcd at least 5iJ de slroyctl or damaged 791 other armored vehicles antl motor transport in a renewed aerial onslaught that lacked only tho full weight of the heavy bomb er effort of he two previous Von Rundstedt still was throwin his greatest weight due in the center of hi southernmost still was deniei him by an epic American defense which scorned surrender and wai being supplied by Supreme Headquarters said a ticubrly heavy battle developed near a mile and a Hall of the where the Germans fell upon the perimeter o the doughboy defenses with tank and On the the strong German drive readied the vi cinity of and Grand 14 ami nine miles west of Stavelot at he apex of the American triangle splitting the German It was not immediately wnnt had happened inside thi but it was ap parent that Ihe American force hokling strong ridge positions then were in increasing danger of belni cut Along the north the enem less trnrt of woorlerl and the frnrn the yiiiage of Li Russians north of the Danube milcs o ready are driving westward with a 150 prisoncrs VMe The line running west from Mai through Stavelot and Stou still was firmly held by th the terrific ruin wrough by the Allies from tire Ger mans were losin heavily In mei antl armor and it seemed clear tha American losses too were runnm view of cutting even ful Also captured was 18 lilies nf Although their mil of es were tho Germans in still controller at or two Northwest of Rodion Second Uk nine Army was spreading out along he Hron on sides of ap into costly One front dispatch reported entire German dlvisiim had beei GERMAN OFFENSIVE SEEN AS PEACE TERM FEELER By WICK IN THE STAVELOT 25 Field Mar e said date of the weather is In More for Karl V0n niimistertfs offensive wait physicians re Abilcn nns today with hn lorcrnst e fif ilfirl fnlflnl fill tllP f partly cloudy and coltlci for thr The temperature tumbled from a s ninneri Dencaui one m 22 persons were high of 55 at noon Christmas Hay to 33 by 9 This Global War See DISPATCHES Pane 10 passed from the fritlcai into new phases of impending action with of the front showing signs of In this sector GI gave Hitler a glim Christmas present by tearing the heart of one of his panzer clcslrojlns more than 178 armored tanks and The armored clriv toward was decimated in mountain vnllcy In eight days of savage fghtinR luring which veter an GIs released 130 American sold iers taken prisoner earlier and wip ed out their captors almost to the last The German officers told their American prisoners that they were scheduled to arrive in Paris Jan uary according to von Uundsi celts after which maybe your Roosevelt will talk peace Tills was the first time that Cic German offensive hud been dcscrlb el as a move to such heavy willing to talk peace drive originally aimed at the fortres of Liese lost 178 armored ve hides and American prisoners released hy Ibiir comrades said today their ralitor officers toltl them the offensives schedule called for arrival In 1aris January Sec 6 Texas Man Killed in Private Plane Th body of Ottis Insurant and real estate man of wi found today In the wreckage of h private plane 12 miles west of her More than 100 men had bee searching for the plane in the thict ly limbered area for 48 A hunting in the vicinil heard Hie plane crash Saturday at notified Sheriffelect Clyde Your who organized the searching ;

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