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Publication: Abilene Reporter News November 5, 1944

Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - November 5, 1944, Abilene, Texas BUNDLE SCRAP PAPER .JFor Salvage Pickup Today In Business District; Sunday in Residential. "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT LXI V.NO. 140 A TEXAS NEWSPAPER ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 5, 1944 FORTY PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Associated Press (AP) vntted Press (V.P.) PRICE FIVE CENTS Reds, Axis Situation Grave In Budapest Iheater x LONDON, Sunday, Nov. 5.- (AP) -Russian tanks'yester- dw crashed into Soroksar, only a mile outside and then were hurled back in a great armored bat- tle flaming along the edge of the imperilled Hungarian capi- tal BuTpest radio announced late last night in a broadcast rlpscribine the Axis situation as critical. Fify miles southeast of Budapest other Soviet troops tflpled the Tisza river stronghold of Dzolnok in a great wheel- KoVement that sent Red Army units charging across the Budapest-Dzolnok trunk rail- ks Advance, Retreat way on a 19-mile front in pur- suit of the enemy retreating Fremier-Marshal Joseph Stalin announced the fall of Dzolnok. whose capture cut ths enemy's di- rect escape route Into Budapest and jecured another valuable Tisza crlstog for Red army reinforce- ments flowing into the Budapest battle. A total of 40 Hungarian locali- ties, were swept up during the day, a'L Berlin said both sides were throwing in fresh troops. Dispatches relayed f r o rn Stockholm said street f.ghllnj had broken out between Hun- garian workers and SS troops inside the capital, and fiiat the German commander, Alfred Jacob, was having considerable difficulty In main- taining order. The admitted Russian penetra- tion to Soroksar put Bed army tanks wUhin six miles of the heart of iltlapest. Soroksar is on the east bank of the Danube due south of one German front report broad- cast late last night said; "For hours now the Russians havs been push- toe. up the roads to Budapest and l-Yainst the German Danube bridge- lieads. The Russians have strong numerical superiority." Berlin announced the Russians temporarily had seized Vecses and Ullo, only five and eight miles Stftheast of Budapest, but said they were then thrown out of those rail towns in fierce counter-at- tacks. French radio broadcasts salfl Kcd army tank spearheads al- ready had broken into Buda- suburbs, but this was not confirmed by Moscow. However, dispatches from the Soviet capital and Berlin broadcasts said Russian artillery and planes were pumping explosives Into the capital. Budapest dispatch relayed by Berlin said Soviet planes roared constantly over the Danube city, bombing and machine gunning streets clogged with German troop, tank and %un columns .and knots mrj wlnin road In ihej that any (if the passenjers had srcinr. attrmptcd i" bailout.____________ nf the Burma with him nt his drain, he hail i tn Nnw Ynrk last, month In attend j the fnreiqn t.rade association con-, On rjhlnosp'.I' ventinn and the national conference w.hrn, lhr n( of prison officials and parole of- i mi. js BimlKl Jmmncsc fled over mcnml.iin MemlK-r nf a family lone, proml-1 'pr losll nently identified with Galvestun of Japanese with- Seaiy wns a nephew nf the oi'Winal Umma was posed by John Senly whose will was resiinn- .sible for establishment, nf the John ho.spital 111 Ci.-.lve.ston. lie was chairman of (he hoard of the Hulir'.iliiRs-Kraly Na- tional hank of f.alvestoiv. Grovrr, Associated Press man of the. board nl the Galvpstni Wharvrs, Iiu and a dirmm and j irnaMircr of the Scaly-hmith I'oiin- elation which [jlvrn lnrKc sup- war corresiiondent. in A.sla. Durini! tlic past f-priiiK and sum- mer the Japanese in north, Burma were estimated to have lust aronnd flBhtiiiK men killed. They llicni'-nnd.s in China's i province near the Burma pnrt. In Ihe and In Ihe Uni- versity of Texas Medical school la- in Galvoston. So.ily was president, of Ihe Inler- niillonitl Crco.snl.lnp and Const rue- linn Co. and hiMclcd a Galveston h.'ir'warc compay, and various cot- ton concerns. fim-vlvors Include his wife, two sons, One Taylor Healy nil of Gnlvcv.on. saltl tonight. Romanian Officials Offer Resignations LONDON, Nov. Ro- manian Rovcrnnwiil. which his been accused by Moscow ol protecting Fnsclst clement.1., has rcslfinert and )iVc Scnly ,Ir, and Lane lias been reconstituted on a more raly'i n dauchlcr, Eugenln Democratic basis, the Bucharest THE NATIONAL ELECTION For latest election results Ihc latest returns read the Wednesday Morning Novem- ber 8 RrpoilcrNews. Non- subscribers lo the morning cditinn should make arrange- ments now through Iheir Rc- pnrlcr-Ncws agent or car- rier boy for a copy of this edition. Fresh, complete ncits coverage Is a specialty ol The Rcpcrtcr- A'etM. The Reporter-News ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: November 5, 1944