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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - July 23, 1944, Abilene, Texas WAR BOND BOX SCORE flpcrall Quota Series E Quota Series E Sales to Date Abilene Reporter "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WK SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES.'-Bvron SUNDAY V VOL. LXIV, NO. 36 A TEXAS NIWSPAFEH ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 23, 1944 PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Associated Prea (AP) V.ited Prat FIVE CENTS Russell Leads Garrett SAM In Runoff Long to High Court LONG, Wins Promotion from. District bench to Associate Justice of llth Court' of Civil Appeals Milburu S. Long, judge of the 42d district court the past 17 years, yesterday, apparently unseated O. C. of Eastland, judge of the llth circuit court of appeals 16 years. On the baste of incomplete un- official returns from 21 of the 23 counties, Judge Long polled 29.156 votes to for Judge Punder- burk. Tile lead was expected to grow when additional returns were %ceived. Missing were Knox and Borden counties, ahci boxes in other counties. The incomplete returns showed by counties, with Funrterburk fig- ures first and Long second: -Baylor 528-944; Brown, Colemon, Conianche, Dawson, 744-1.348: Eastland. 437; Ernth, Haskell, Howard. Jones, Miumell, 699-851; Palo Pinto, 316-475; Scurry, Shackel- ford, Stonewall, 437-494; Taylor. 375; Throckmorton, 412-556. 7ye-Merkel Box First in at 6 for W. R. McCartney, election Judge first to report complete returns for Wagstaff in Third Place Sam Russell of Stephenville seeking reelection for the 17th congressional district, was leading his three opponents a1 midnight with returns from the 12 counties incomplete. Clyde Garrett of Eastland stood second with votes to Russell's Bob 'Wagstaff of Abilene was third with and Joe E. Fitz- gerald of Stephenville trailed with Taylor county, with complete re- turns except for the Shelton-Webb and Stith boxes, gave Wagstaff 549 ballots to for Russell, 468 for Oarrett and 161 for Fitz- gerald. Taylor, and Callahan counties were the only two Wagslaff car- ried, according to the incomplete returns. Garrett carried only his home county of Eastland, but scat- tered strength put him in second slot. Russell led in the other coun- ties. Votes by counties were: CALLAHAN, about 100 votes out, Garrett, 539; Russell, 444; Wag- staff, 929; and Fitzgerald, 297. COMANCHE, about 125 out, Gar- rett, 497; Russell, Wagstaff, 298; and Fitzgerald, ERATH, Garrett, 702; Russell, Wagstaff, 322; and Fitzger- ald, 806. FISHER, Garrett, 411; Russell, 967; Wagstaff, 277; Fitzgerald, 50. EASTLAND, Garrett, Rus- sell, 597; Wagstaff, 175; Fitzgerald, 214. HAMILTON, Garrett, 266; Rus- sell, 776; Wagstaff, 132; Fitzgerald, 303. JONES, some 110 votes out, Gar- rett, 867; Russell, Wagstaff, 966; -Fitzgerald, 495. NOLAN, few votes out, Garrett, 955; Russell, Wagstaff, 536; Fitzgerald, 460. PALO PINTO, complete, Garrett, 792; Russell, Wagstaff, 207; and Fitzgerald. 271. SHACKELFORD, Garrett, 306: Russell, 392; Wagstaff, 188; and Fitzgerald, 157. STEPHENS, complete, 1.- 053; Russell, Wagstaff, 261; and Fitzgerald, 344. DALLAS, July 22 Veter- an Speaker Sarn Rayburn and Hat- ton Sumners appeared to be head- ed for victory over young oppon- ents in their races for re-election to congress as returns at midnight mounted in their favor In the Tex- as Democratic primary. Rayburn had votes to fcr state Senator G. C. Morris of Greenville, his nearest opponent, with an estimated two-thirds of the vote in Rayburn's fourth dis- trict tallied. Sumners total, with half the votes in the Fifth district accounted for, was to for Judge J. Frank Wilson of Dal- 5S. Close races developed In some of the 15 other congressional contests, with the incumbent lagging the most Rep. Richard Kleberg who had votes to for Capt. John Lyle of Corpus Christ! on in- complete returns from the 14th dis- j-lct. DISTRICT 1 (11 -urns from 7 counties, one com- plete: Beck Mays Pat- nan was the I DISTRICT 2 (11 counties) Re- CLYDE L. GARRETT, in Runoff Senate Race Neck Neck Lt. Ted Miles, formerly of Stam- ford but now on duty with the army air forces in Louisiana, was battling Sen. Pat Bullock neck and neck in a race for the senate from the 24th district, a contest that may not be settled until all votes are in. Early this morning, on the basis of incomplete returns, Lieutenant Miles led Senator Bullock by a three vote margin. Only two of the 12 counties were reported complete early this morning. The vote then was: Miles Bullock .Lieutenant Miles did not come to the district to make his sensational bid represent this district irj the: state senate. His campaign 'was handled'by-friehds. _ He was represented -as a young and sifccessful business man, fully capable of representing, the district In the state senate. Senator Bullock, whose home is n Colorado City, trailed in eight of .he 12 counties. He has served one ,erm in the state senate. Vote by counties was: Bullock Miles :allahan 861 Eastland 789 'isher 345 Haskell 969 es Mitchell Nolan Scurry (complete Shackelford 408 Stephens 992 Taylor Throe kmorton (complete) 253 .1.061 981 360 122 603 435 584 1.492 Totals j turns from 5 counties, none com- precinct to the Abilene Reporter- plctc. Combs W38, wilson 1H Nnvs last night. His ca.l came at DISTBICT 3 (8 counties) Beck- worth 768, Martin Meredith DISTRICT 4 (7 counties) Re- p. m. Balloting returns got to slower start than in the prior two first primaries. The Lisman box was in 1942, nt and Trent in with the near-perfect mark of The latter box made that mark perfect in the second primary in 1942, reporting promptly at 7, as soon as the polls closed. turns frcm 7 counties. none com- plete: Balcli 377. Morris Ray- burn DISTRICT 5 (Dallas county) Davis 421, Wilson Sumners See CONGRESS, Pg. 8, Col. 3 Share-Car Clubs Must Be Formed For B and C Books WASHINGTON, Jury 22 The Office of Price Administration 'ormerly announced today that be- ginning August 1, ration boards will to issue full supplemental gasoline rations for home-to-work driving by motorists who have not organized a full car club. Forecast some weeks ago when the policy was adopted experiment- ally In the District of Columbia, the new national program is in- tended to step up the efficiency of car pooling, OPA said. Under the plan, drivers who do not have full ride sharing arrange- ments will be given "B" or "C" sup- Four of Five Taylor County Races Settled In lightest balloting In at least 10 years, Taylor county voters ap parently. had settled four of five contested races on basis of incom- plete returns early Sunday. Despite the small turnout at polls, tabulators at some boxes were lat- er than in many years in striking totals. Still unreported early this morning were results from the Shelton-Webb Motor company box and from Shep. Telephone lines to Shep were down as result of Sat- urday's rains, and the election judge could not be contacted there. In returns from the 29 reported boxes, high vote of went to Gov. Coke Stevenson. Not more tha'n 900 votes were indicated to be in the two missing boxes, with the estimated county total at That compared with a high of in 192, in 1940, and in 1938 and 1936. On basic of the nearly complete returns, winners without run-offs were Wiley Caffey, county judge; Mrs. Chester Hutcheson, clerk; W. T. McQuary, Shtriff; and John L. White, survej'or. Although enough votes still were out to change standings, C. O. (Pat) Patterson, incumbent, and Luther McMillon, former deputy sheriff and county commissioners, appar- ently were matched in a run-off for the tax assessor-collectors' of- fice. Patterson led with Still with striking distance of McMillon' 1.771 was G. P. Holland, former city tax collector with P. E. Church, businessman, was elim- inated with 480. In the three man race for judge, Caffey, local attorney, ran Jar ahead of his opponents. His total in 29 boxes was to for W. E. Lessing and 984 for A. C. (Crockett) Kyle. McQuary, standing for a second term, polled. to 2.607 for Sid H. McAdams, former .sheriff who served three terms ending in 1942. Although her lead Was. not con- clusive, Chester Hutcheson, Merkel, apparently had won the clerk's race. Her vote was as compared with for Mrs. Daisy and for Mrs. Kate Caupsoaux.. John A. White was assurer! of ?.n- other term as surveyor with votes against for his only op- ponent, J. L. Dellis. In commissioner races, Luther J. Webb, precinct 1, and i_R.-Flsher, precinct 4, were re-elected. L. A (Lem) Dudley. Merkel, precinct 2 was formed into a run-off with Houston Robertson, also of Merkel With enough votes in the Tuscola box to change results, had a majority over three oppon- ents for commissioner from precinct 3. Precinct races stood HS follows: Commissioner, precinct 1-Lu- ther J. Webb and Harvey Schmidt 749. Commissioner, precinct ertson 333; Dudley 398; and Oscar T. Jones 279. Commissioner, precinct B. Cox 32; Marks Waldrop 47; Leo Standard 42: and Tate 170. Commissioner, precinct thur Cleveland 185; L. R. Fisher 406; and R. D. Shafer 39. Justice precinct 5 D. Cobb 569 and Vernon B. Simp- son 161. Constable precinct 2 (Tiiscola) J. W. Atkinson 33; Fayette White 115, and H. L. Greer 108. No returns were available on the justice race in precinct 8 (Shep) in which Eugene Crayton was op- posing J. W. Matthews. Yanks Ready to Hit Japan-Admiral King Thrusts by ONLY ONE RUN-OFF FOR SIATE OFFICE DEVELOPS DALLAS, JULY lo the Texas Election Bu- reau at a. m. from 181 out of 254 counties in the state, including 38 complete, show the following totals for candi- dates in Saturday's Democratic primary election: Cunningham Ferguson Grimes Jones Mills Minion Porter Stevenson Lieut. Satterwhite Smith Turner Martin Sell- ers Supreme Hubbard Rowland Simpson Smiley Criminal Hawkins Shellon Sheppard Hunter McDonald 997. Rogers Woods GKOVER SELLERS I'., Attorney General Creamery Butter tipped to 16 Points WASHINGTON, July Price Administrator Chester Bowles tonight ordered the ration vnluc of creamery butler increased to 16 points a pound from 12 points, ef- fective at a, m. Sumhy. plemcntary rations for only thirty I He said the hike was necessary days. During that period they wiU because "more creamery btiiter ted. to re- RICHARD CRITZ Faces Runoff for second ierm on State Supreme Court Models for New Cloth Allowed GOV. STEVENSON Given Record Majority Second Full Term. tor LT. GOV. JOHN LEE SMITH Wins Second Term CARL HUSLEJ' appeared clccS- cd district attorney of the 42ri judicial district on return of yesterday's primary. WILEY CAFFEY helil a IOIIR lead late last nighl for county judge of Taylor County. WASHINGTON. July Fisher Counti'mi Industry receiver! the go-ahead i war goods embodying new materials and wartime improvements in de- sign and tcchnoloEy. The'War Production board action nal tonight to build models of Killed ill Crash GOLDSBORO, N. C.. July 22 i.TV- Second Lt. Merlin G. Rat- Japs on Guam Knocked Back By LEONARD MILLIMAN Associated Press War Writer While invading Yanks rolled over counter-attacking Japa- nese defending Guam's fine port, Adm. Ernest J. King an- nounced last night (Saturday) al Pearl Harbor, after a dra- matic visit to the Marianas, that liis fleet now can and will strike Japan, the Philip- pines and the China coast. The commander of the D. S. fleet disclosed he is conferring on future operations with Adm. Ches- (More War News on Page 6) Hulsey Leads ln42dRace Cnrl P. Hulsey, Taylor county judge, and Thomas E. Hayden Jr. former Abilene mayor, went into a run-off Saturday for election as district attorney of tiie 42d judicial district, comprising Taylor, Shackel- forrl and Callahan counties. On basis of incomplete returns from nil three counties, Hillary was setting the parfi in the race, with j 4.3G1 to for Hayden, and L- 625 for the third candidate, W. E. Martin, Abilene attorney. The rate count wns nearly com- plete in Taylor nnd Callahan coun- ties, but tabulation had hern com- pleted m only three of Shackr) ford's 10 boxes, Still out was the largest box in thnt county. Taylor gave Hulsey a margin ovcr Hayden of more thnn 001) votes, but Hayden had nn edse of approxi- mately 700 over Hulsey In Calla- han nnd Shack el ford. Partial vcte by countirs follows: Taylor Hayden Hulsey 3.502. and Martin 879. Shackelford Hnyden 631. Hul- sey 187, Mnrtin 209. Callahan Hayden 950, Hulsr-y 672, and Martin 537. tcr W. Nimitz, commander of the Pacific fleet, after personally in- specting newly won Salpan, 125 miles north of Guam.. The disclosure followed the Is- suance by Nimitz of a communi- que saying Guam's invaders in the first 24 hours beat down en- emy counterattacks and moved from their beachheads norlh and south of port Apra toward a junction behind the harbor. King, who also visited previ- ously conquered bases In the Marshalls, pointed out that Guam and roughly within miles of Ji.pan, the Philippines the China, coast. Then lie added: "One thousand five hundred miles Ls coasldered a fair operational radius for the fleet. That Is an opportunity of which we will take full advantage. With that sweep through a 120-degree arc, the en- emy will be puzzled as to where we hit next." On Guam, the third Marine di- vision swept five miles frcm Aiiana to Piti, at the northern edge of the bay, and swarmed out over half of Cabra's island which the northern arm of the harbor. Circus to Reopen SAHASOTA, Fla.. Jul. The RfngliiiR RedsAdvance, Florence Nigh, France Muddy By GORDON BROWN Associate-? Press War Editor Adolf Hitler called on his Ger- man army yesterday (Saturday) to fight on to victory with "exemp- lary obedience and but that army, shaken by develop- ments within the homeland, was hammered and mauled again in {Iav's nd B-ir-1' Hitlci" tolcl (ne army. Jn a spe- num Baik'v circus, whose bi5jdnl orclcr of tho of the top wns by fire nl Hart- "unscrupulous officers" ford, Conn.. reopen at Akron, to kill him and informed (lie soi- -1, E fur I lie be expected OPA cruit their car clubs to full strength Exceptions will be made, it wae explained, if the drivers convinced the local buard that he cannot par- ticipate in a car pool and does not have alternative transportation. clirf, 22. of Roy.ston. Fisher conn- siK.kc ty, Te.v., ttlfetl today when cod today. his piano crashed near tho .Spy-! Aniiouiicomt-ni of being bought with red stnmps the present time thnn hns been al- located to civilians by the war food administration." Farm and processed butter will continue at eight and four red points a pound, respectively. HUMPHREY TO HOUSE THIRD TIME BY WIDE MAJORITY Jon C Humphrey; assistant prin-1 words, I shall try through hard Total vote in this race at fpnl of Abilene high school who lias represented Taylor county in thf: Texas legislature the past two years, was re-elected by a wide majority Saturday, defeating Ern- est Walter Wilson, local attorney. Representative Humphrey h nd for a vote of confidence and was given more than a two to one msrfljn with only t.wc of 31 boxes unreported, three of ihese city box- es. The vote for 2C boxes was Wilson Humphi-ey issued the follow- ing .statement last night after his rc-ftlnetfon was assured: "I asked yon, my friends, for a vote of confidence on the rec- ord I Ttadn for you in (he state "Naturally, I appreciate the you have me (n continue nerving you. I am gra- tified In know you alsn ap- preciate Ibr type of campaign I work and sincere effort to show you how deeply grateful i am for the respt nsibility you have placed upon me." Hurley Sadler, veteran West Tex- as showman, was re-elected to the Texas legislature Saturday from the 117th district by a comfortable mar- Sin over Charlie Jones of Fisher county. Sadler wns drafted to make the race after lie had announced that he did not care lo return to the legis- lature and made a rather jtct.iv? campaign. Incomplete returns from the three counties of Sadler's district have the Sweetwatcr Incumbent a lead of to and there were not enough votes out to change the final results. Burkett, in- cumbent, apparently is faced with a run-off against L. R. Pearson for representative lo the Texas leclsla' turc from this-107th district. W. B, last night was: Burkett, 1.697, Pear- son, and Starr, RUNOFF IN 108TII BRECKENRIDGE _ H. Smith and Paul Counts will enter Into a run-off for representative to the Texas legislature from the 108th district. Smith held a slight lead of to late Inst night, Third man in the race, W. G. Hamilton, trailed with votes. Cecil N. Barnes of San Angelo. on the basis of Incomplete unofficial returns, was elected to the legisla- ture from the 91st district in yester- day's election, defeating Burke T. Summers of Big Spring, lo 822. Summers in the incumbent. from the counties show. cd: Gln.icock, Barnes 52, Summers "Since actions tpcnk louder thnn Starr ran n close third, 118; Howard, Barnes 585, Summers, 2602; Irlon, Barnes 292, Summers. 1933; Barnes 231, Summers, 158; Stcrlln, Barnes 178, Summers, 173; Tom Greene, Barnes 4837, Sum- 1 mcrs 2085. is effective at once. It is (lie second of Chairman Donald M. Nelson's four opposed by the inour John.sion Air ieltl here, the the road followed firmed services mill] last week's com- j public relations officer nzinodnc-! for full rehc.-tr.stl .1 Krlley. ,tllcrs nr.nonn- lccn "'usheci. clique" had promise which delayed .some of thf profrrnm. In the case of E'Jch flatly forbid- den articles, no assembly of cxprrl- mnntfU models lias been possible for more than two years. The Weather nurly and winter headquarters on Monday. WITHOUT ANY rllr rlon I .MchCly rlnmly an triulh pnrli Iv rlnurtv er Rio Gr When the first tabulation of voles turns In early. At lhat time Stcvrn- iiiindrr-i from the Texas Election Burc.iu r-on had tn his eip.hi oppon- j mc ovcr Importer-News -spe-i enl.s' combined i w.rmrrlclal wire at p. m. Saturday, Ihr i John Lee Smith had 9-178 votrs' partly "wir'ra" rr'irnn'r flRKres on nil contested vaccs' three opponents' stituUy. Mon.iav so lop-sided somebody thought and extreme Illch a nnit it iilRhl: .IDE C. JIUMPIIKF.Y (More Election News, Pages 7, 8, 9, 10) Slinip.ird. McDonald and of the onee-lamons savins of W. Lee Wom, wore still awav frolU O'Danlel: "There ain't Mima be a; RcUlms won, jn slow. rnnolf." These total.-: came from ly nt when flnv siovonscon mn nnaMMn nine counties nnd accounted about. voter.. for' U'JielJicr the revolt irosqticll- rd was sdinctliiiiff bidden hy a tiifht censorship within Ger- many, Alunp ilic eastern front, Russia's First Ualtic army rac- ing into Lithuania in an ef- fort to trap 30 German divi- sions alonir the Baltir coast raptured rancvczys, 85 miles from Rtffa, Latvian port on the In the south, another force battering west- ward took Cliclm, rail Junc- tion 38 miles from the biff Polish city of Lublin. To the north sfiJJ another Soviet force broke into Pskov, last major pre-war Russian town remain- ing in German On the Italian front the Allies continued to push the Germans back to their defense line above Pisa and Florence. One U. S. Fifth Army force advanced u'ell beyond Tavernellc. H miles south- east of Florence, while two other vo pn s Tho further omphn- 1m' th" siml Ii-nd of some of the victors, torncv ueneril nimiini; for his first Governor Stovenpon, Lieut. CJov. Jnhn Isc Smith. Attor-1 over "both" nt that honrVThe ney Oriu-rrtl (trover C. Sellers. prcme Court Justice Piehard Crlfz. Comptroller George H. Sheppjird, ir.i! CommlsAloiw ,7. B. Me.. ever-populnr George Shoppnrtl of Swectwnti-r, seeking re.election n.s comptroller, hnd a nii'.rftln of nbout 2 1-2 to 1 ovcr his two opponents. To the west, U, S. above Livorno (Lcyhom? 1 to within four miles of historic Pisa. down the Allied offensive in Normandy. The Germans attempted counterattacks at both ends of the front but were reptilsed with losses including nt least H tanks. Allied hendcnmr- i tors announced. Southwest of Caen Donald nnri Stntc finpf. of Schools LOC smith had a majority over L. A. Woods. All of Ihese were in-1 ajj ciinibcnt. o'dork omplm- Al p. m. the lahulntlon nc- thn scarcd-mUclope chnraclcr.--- _ (Hn counted fnr ahout 17.500 votes, nf of }.i10 runawav. whilr Lt. t cnc. flllaclc Dy lottm which 8.5lBwprr from Harris county Gm, nnri AMy. den. Sellers slip throuBh their 1 nes nn, (Houfitoni. whlr.li has IOIIR borne (lie I mowing down thr foitowln: distinction ol gclllnc election re-' See TKXAS VOTK, 1's. 8, I'M. I Infantry. ;

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Issue Date: July 23, 1944