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Publication: Abilene Reporter News July 16, 1944

Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - July 16, 1944, Abilene, Texas BOND BOX SCORE Overall Quota E Series E Sales to Date WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY "AS IT LXIV, NO. 29__________A TIMS HIWSPAftt ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 16, 1944-THIRTY-FOUR PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Auodatei PrtujAP) United Prn, (V.P.1 FRIGE FIVE CENTS ALLIES -GAINTON THREE FRONTS Berlin Tells Of New Push LONDON, July Russians tonight an nounced sweeping gains on the north central Niemen rive gfrnnt, outflanking the German fortress of Grodno and reach ing within eight miles of the Suwalki border of east Prussia and the German command announced that a tremendous new Soviet offensive had begun in the south of old Poland. The Russian midnight communique announced successes down the Baltic-White Russian front, beginning with the of Opochka, 24 miles east.of the Latvian border. The Russians announced Friday night they had taken the railwaj station and were' fighting in the streets. f loesti Gets Jieavy Blasts From Planes LONDON, Sunday, July 16 oil refineries and a pumping station at Ploesti, Romania, were blast- by 750 U. S. heavy bomb- ers yesterday as the worst flying weather ever encoun- tered over western Europe kept the great Allied Air Forces in Britain virtually idle until late in the evening. The weather finally improved suf- ficiently for Eighth Air Force fight- er-bombers to strike at railway tar- gets In Tours, Orleans, Nevers-Or- ...leans and south of Paris. They ''claimed three locomotives destroyed ad 230 cars destroyed or damaged. Th" Normandy-based fighter- bombers of the Ninth Air Force op- erated under a 500-foot ceiling as they dropped bombs and strafed troops and. arUllejy in the Lo area. They also bombed a railway yards near Cherisy and Bruex, reporting 23 direct Hits with one locomotive and 25 cars destroy- ed. No enemy planes were sighted and there were no losses. over the Caen area, the British second Tactical Air Force bucked enemy lighter opposition for the second day in a row. downing.two of the. 30 Germans they encounter- ed while Allied ground gunners got five more. No RAF planes were Indicating a possibility that th Russian air force was Joining h a. night Allied air offensive, th German radio warned at mldnlgh that enemy planes were over eas Prussia as well as western Germany In. the Ploesti bombing, Ing fliers said their bombs ratsec smoke columns feet high am visible 100 miles away. Moscow was silent on thf southern Polish front. Westward in the big bulge thai reaches along the lower Latvian border and deep Into eastern'Lith- uania, the Russians announced ex- tension of. their outflanking man' euver against Daugavpils with car ture of Onikshty and Pichany, rail- way towns 60 miles west of Daugav- pils. West and southwest of Wilno the Red army moved less than 19 miles from Kaunas, reporting the seizure of the railway junction town of Kaisiadorys and Alythus, 32 miles south of Kaunas. The Germans said three days previously that the Russians had taken Alythus, but the Soviets remained silent until broadcast communique to- night. In possibly the most signifi- cant development of the day announced by Moscow, the com- munique said Soviet troops liad reached the Niemen river line on 75-mile front north and south of Alytus and had crossed that historic water barrier at many points. This put them less than eight miles from the Suwalki triangle :hat was annexed to east Prussia in September, 1939, and placed Rus- sian soldiers well northwest of Grodno, which already, was in the wocess of being outflanked from the -southwest. In their drive to the Niemen river north and -northwest of Grodno; the Russians listed capture of the river towns of Driiskienlki. Ondubra, Prl- and 'Gozha, the latter only tight miles from the Suwalki bor-- der and nine miles above Grodno. Crossing the river at that point vould put them even nearer to Ger- nan soil. -Merchant Marine From Clyde Dies Rankin Daniel, son of Mr. and

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: July 16, 1944