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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - June 25, 1944, Abilene, Texas WAR BOND BOX SCORE Quod Overall Scriei E Series E Sales........ VOL. LXIV, NO, 9 ATRAS Mene Reporter "WITHOUT OR WITH OFl'KNSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS JT NIWSFAFn ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 25, 1944 PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS xtjociaftd Prea (AP) Vnlttd Prai (U.p.) t'RICE FIVE CENTS mericans Closing In For Kill Raid of Day on France By HENRY B. JAMESON SUPREME HEADQUARTERS ALLIED EXPEDITION- ARY FORCE, Sunday, Juh'e RAF heavy bombers thundered out over the southeast coast of EnglancT'early to- day in the fifth large-scale Allied-aerial mission in 24 hours With the Germans' flying-bomb ramps in northern France heir apparent objective. The RAF attack was made s the robot bombs fell again n Britain affer a 15-hour lull. Numerous formations filled he night air, taking three- quarters of an hour to pass >ver a coastal town, as they ipened a new week of. aerial issault, combining support for he invasion and defense against Hitler's rocket weapon. Soon after the planes had passed ut of sight heavy gunfire was heard from Ihe Calais and Dunker- ijue areas. At 4 o'clock Ihls morning the Ger- man radio said there were no enemy ilanes over the Reich, but earlier 'Fisher County .Woman Killed; Daughter Hurt _ ROTAN, June Casey, 'l6, who was seriously injured Sat- urday when the automobile' her mother was driving'crashed into a email culvert five- miles' south ot Roby, was still in a critical condi- tion late tonight attendants at Cal- 4Ian' hospital here said Saturday aleht. Mrs. Clyde Casey, <0, her mother, was killed Instantly. Funeral for Mrs. Casey was held at the Rotan Baptist Church at p. m. Sat- urday. Burial was In Sweetwater cemetery. Pauline Casey's attending physi- cian said Saturday it would be three or four days before she could un- dergo X-ray eximlnatlon, everi if she should survive. 'She suffered injuries on the forehead, chest, a W broken leg and possible Internal hurts. The two were enroute to their farm home In the Barren View com- miles south of Roby when the accident occurred.. Front the cfifyito death 'Besides her, _ who Is a mechanic' at Avenger.fleid Mrs. Casey 'U-Nsurvived; by her B. bcnton of Ro- Atan. three brothers, John, Jim and Willard Dtnton of .Rotan, and Pau- line Casey, her only child. Ciseoan Injured in Rail Wreck Improved A. B. Cloud, a Cisco railroad man Trtio was injured in a train 'collision t Bastrop Friday, was'rcpoftcd ini proved and "yelling for something to eat" la'ie last night at Camp Swif hospital. 9 He was one of several tajurei when an empty troop train collldec with another train. One was killed First reports was that Cloud suf fered R severe leg injury.' I Rain at Electro ELECTRA, June Rair ranging from light showers here t one Inch in nearby eommunitie fell today. Five More Nipponese Ships Sunk By LEIF ERICKSOX U. S. PACIFIC FLEET HEADQUARTERS, Pearl Harbor, June 24- sinking of five additional Japanese ships and destruction of 72 enemy planes by American carrier bombers and lighlers was reported today by Adm. Chester W. Nimitz. The admiral's communique said a speedy Yank task force sent its planes agelnst Japanese Island strongholds within 890 miles of Tokyo in a series of aerial smashes designed to neutralize Nippon air power within easy range of American-invaded Saipan. The planes were from the powerful task force time earlier In the week ranged far westward to beat strong Japanese fleet units. The latest reported aerial strikes carried American sky fighters over Iwo Island, in the Kazan group south of the Bonlns, and over'Tinlan, Pagan and Rota In the Marianas. The yanks lost five fighters. Added to the toll of ships previously taken by the'carrier task force were five Japanese cargo vessels, four small and one mediwn. A dozen Japanese planes 'filtered through the Yank sky screen to find the carrier task fotce but all were shot, (town by-fighters. A twin engine bomber with five Zero escorts was intercepted some distance from task force six were destroyed. None of the American surface ships wss damaged. Airfields oil Tinlan Island were bombed and shelled by naval suns. 'Japanese coastal guns on that island, only seven miles from Saipan, Intermittently have shelled ships at anchor off the Invasion beachhead. Two Nippon planes spotted just oil Saipan were downed by Yank fighters. Fajan and Roll Islands vtre hit Thursday. At Pjjin four cargo ships were'sunk and four irounded planes destroyed. A wharf and fuel dump were blasted as were airfield runways and buildings. An aerial torpedo sank medium Japanese csrgo ship the raid on Rota where Ihe airstrip and buildings were bombed. '.Qn Saipan Island U. S. Marines and soldiers were pushing forward slowly. They made new. gains along the northern shore of Mflgiclennc bay. Land mines and booby traps planted by the retreating Japanese made the going very tough. Navy Venturas hit Shumushu, In the Kurlles, and carried out neutral- ization raids in the Carolines and Ihe Marshalls. Iroops Watch Nazis Wreck Cherbourg LONDON, June Z4 The Ji. S. Eastern Strategic Air Force announced tonight that German planes raided two air- dromes In Russia which are be- used ly American shuttle bombers, killing three persons and destroying several planes. it.told of "nuisance the Rhine, Hannover and Bruns- wick arm. Both U. S. and RAF heavier made attacks Saturday afternoon and night against the launching ramps of .the Nazi Jlying bombs, follow- ing lip'earlier attacks on the same targets 07 medium and dimife ;ln England wu n- "caBMaly fcjr of'ilie flytof bombs early to- Me fire was heard and explosion lied fire fodnred, The weather was lirVfavorable dur- ing most of the day, somewhat hampering operations, tut the big planes jammed the skyways ftt sun? Taylor County NearQuolain SthWarLoan Taylor county staged the great- est war bond-buying spree of World War I! last week, but of bought only each of Series E bonds. The second week ,of the Fifth War Loan drive ended with a total of bought, only 352.50 less than the total quota, but Series E purchases had reached only {484.505.1S on a Series E quo- ta of This left of Series Ebonds to be.bought and there were only 14 mire business days b-fore the end of the Fifth War Loan drive 12. While It total The Weather V. S. DBPARTME.Vr OF ABU.! EAT HER BUREAU AND VICINITY; San- WEST TEXAS: tlaudr with widely scattered lhandtr shswtri iiy. Mendiy. to PArlljr cloudy; thunder It Pisa arn, til. -55.........6..... SS .....it .11 Sil. Til. r.M. 91 U Sf M 38 08 SI 97 9R S3 .91-91 U 1" High and low ttrnptritorti In 3 and 77. Hijb and 3tn it stit: 97 71. Samel Utt iUCht: fiumtit Ihli mornini; Sunset tonlicht: Ill p.m. WASHINGTON, Jane 24 A number of American planes destroyed on a recent Ger- man air road on two RUMUTI alrdromfs used by the Ameri- can Air Force {n shuttle, bomb- inf operations ovtr Europe, Ihe War department anoaahctd to- night. Three crewmen also wcrt lost as a result of the attack on the fields, apparently those used by Italian-based and Britain-bas- ed bombers in the.'shuttle flights over Axis targets. While the type of the destroy- ed planes was not specified, they presumably were flying fort- resMS or other bombers, Further details Verc not anil- able. set for their tenth attack on the mysterious, camouflaged rockel ramps around Calais. They also hit a 'number of railway switching sta- tions around boulogne. RAF and Hfiltfaxes also struck fhc rccket ramps dur- ing the late afternoon In what the air minister called a "well treted" bombing, After 15-hour lull In which no fly5iig bombs attacked Britain a plane was heard to land in of din'w'so-.'H will bt necessary'to sell an areraie of dally phrenases of Series E bonds last week was or.iy JW.7ZO. In the second week of the cam- paign total purchases were 617.50'and Series E sales Callahan Initial County to Go Over BAIRD, June 24 Callahan coun- ty became the first in this 29-coun-. ty'region'to.exceed its Fifth War Loan overall nnd Series E quotas as Baird townspeople bought more than worth ef bonds al a public rally -.tcnight. The county's overall quota, of has been exceeded by ap- proximately and the Series E quota of 5H5.0CO has been top- ped by more than worth of purchases. Lockett Shelton, assistant regional manager. State War Finance Com- mittee, said Callahan was the first of vast area under his supervision to report passing both quotas. Tonight's rally was marked by the presence ot two war veterans wound- ed in Italian lighting. They were Sgt. Matuhan and Pvt. Holllday, who came to Baird from McCloskey General hospilal, Temple, to take part in week-long rallies. J. R- Black of Abilene, who has six sens !n service, was another speaker. A Drives aimed cut

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: June 25, 1944