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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1944, Abilene, Texas BOND BOX SCORE Since Pearl Harbor May Mem Reporter 346 A TEXAS NEWSPAPER WITHOUT OR OPFKNSE TO FRIENDS OR TOES WE SKKTO1 YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT MONDAY MAY PAGES fourMile Gain Made Joward Biak Airfield By LEONARD MILLIMAN Associated Press War Editor Battlehardened American tank and infantrymen pushed Japanese forces back four and a half miles on Biak island in Iheir drive for new airfields within range of the Douglas MacArthur announced The Americans fought to within two and a half miles of Mokmer airdrome 24 hours after their landing Few Nipponese planes were seen although they have nine Airdromes within 50 miles of the battlefield in the Schouten near the western tip of New Nine Japanese bombers arid fighters were shot Liberators joined artillery in blasting Japanese unloading 288 tons of Hitler Confers J3ver JapAxis Collaboration May Hitler has conferred with the Jap Two hundred Japanese lab orers were liberated by the greenclad Three hundred miles to the i the Hollaiidia area MacArthur iportcd Japanese were starving to death by the Bodiesof 453 more enemy dead were count A new Japanese drive In central China was suddenly spread over a 10D mile Japanese imperial Iroops cxpand 1 their latest China drive Into fullblown perhups at anese ambassador to Berlin on seizure of HankowCanton Nine Nipponese acute questions of GermanJap r ancse collaboration the radio said L Just what Hitter expect from the Gen Hiro Eb was too hard a ques tlxi lor Allied observers lo The Berlin raoio account said the took place Hitlers with Foreign Minis ter Joachim Von Ribbentrlp also Berlin also put out the guess that Dwight Eisenhower was waiting for fresh troops from merica before Newspapers again carried stories about the Invasion speculation in the United Stales and it is gen erally admitted that the last 10 days have Increased the tension on side the The Nazi domi said high com mand has allowed theilast the most for Invasion both from the point ofview of and by because discovered flaws in the arma in vasion Jted Site Score on Enemy May Con Winuance of the lull on the Rus sian front was reported tonight by both the Soviet and German com The brief Russian announcement said there were no important at the front but that 14 planes were shot down Sat urday and that recently a Soviet Baltic fleet force sank a German submarine in the Gulf of The Germans reported local fighting on the Carpathian sector said they had dispersed strong Soviet bands In the rear area of the central with prisoners This apparently referred to Russian guerrilla forces The Germans also said they Jombed Rovno and Sarriy Salur Way iThe Finnish communique as re corded by the office of War Information said Soviet forces had attacked fiercely at several points on the longquiet Finnish Hbut had been repalsed with con siderable ClydeGarretl Hurt Cisco Sunday May mer Congressman Clyde of was injured at 1 In an automobile accident n Highway west of while he and members of his family were returning from an exstudents re union at HardinSimmons His physician says he will be In bed a week or ten Other mem at his fatally were Nazi Headquarters In France Removed Jlring British Typhoons today re moved building In northern France used as German military the Air Ministry an attack was so the announcement that only bat walls were left standing by the time the last planes in the for mation Bojiiov Fails 1 May Bojiiov has failed in an attempt to form a new Bulgarian Just as Chrfsto Kelfotf be fore according to a report from inside Bulgaria Tlie Ankara radio said last week president of the par had succeeded Boiilov as Presumably Bojllov was recalled Immediately after Kalfoff failed to produce t satisfactory columns were probing southward on a 100mile front north and east ol the In the first day at their In vasion of experienced American jungle troops eap furtd tile best port In the Schouten islands lislicd a firm twomile long and began a push through dense for ests of stunted bamboo and sago palms toward Mokmer Mokmer as the nearest ofthree lirdromes on They are with in practical bombing range of the the Palau Islands and key points of the Dutch East In richest conquest of the The Biak which Mac Arthur said marks the practical end of the Kew Guinea represents an mile advance from In that advance three of the Mikados com prising have been destroyed or The new Japanese drive in China began Thursday with three columns driving down from east of the Chinese reported yesterday two of these were but the third was reinforced and marching toward Reinforced snd marching toward Saturday two other on the western flank of Ihe attacked north of Tuny Ting major down the railway began Saturday night with fgur col umns pouring out of Yoyang Vachow and across the Sin chlang They appeared to be encircling the rail town of 20 miles below The Japanese were 80 miles above where Chinese troops have halted three previous south ward drives of the Chang provincial capital of is the major city on the danlon Hankow The present offensive Is about 350 miles south of the start of the Japanese drive in April that overran most of Honan province Tokyo radio boasted the Honan conquest dealt a mortal blow against United States air units xxx seeking air bases within Hying radius of the Japanese mainland Chungking reported rains had temporarily halted the drive from southwest China toward It said five units of Joseph Stllwells forces drew the net lighter about encircled Japanese in their north Burma base of Myltky British colonials slogged through Ihe east Indian mud to make a series of local A Japanese night counterattack near Kohima was reported beaten back with heavy Texarkana Negro Charged in Murder May 28wiA charge of murder was on file to night against Oeorge 30 yearold after the battered body of Minnie May was discovered two miles south of here early Boarle County Sheriff Monroe said the woman had been clubbed fatally and raped as she lay The body was found In a shallow ditch anrt was covered with branches and oak Position Unchanged May Thomas Dcwey of New York told a press conference tonight white his position or not bein a candidate for the Republican presi dentialnomination Is fie Is doing nothing to discourage talk about his leading in precon vention delegae and he expects to have suggestions for the 1944 party Promotion Mode The War department today an nounced the temporary promotion of Grovcr Cleveland Blissard of Sis Spring from second to first He received his com mission at Pampa In Associated Press AP Untttd Preu PRICE FIVE CENTS New Rome DriveOpens CHASE ENDS IN FLAMESHcaded toward its doom in the central Pacific near a fourengined Jap flying largest Nip combat plane operating in that begins to burn fiercely after a 19minnte hideandseek chase in the clouds trying to escape a Navy PB4Y patrol The Navy said the big plane exploded after luffing the The PB4Ys only damage was a hole from a AP Wircphoto from Elm Creek Flooded A cloud burst early Sunday afternoon flooded a six mile strip in the Lake Abilene and Buffalo Gap area with inches of rain which fell in 40 raising the level of the lake four inches ami widening Elm from the lake through from the customary 10 feet to 400 Texas Streams Go on Rampage By the Associated Presi The Little the Trinity ant the Guadalupe were continuing lo rise yesterday as heavy rains con tinued to fall in many parls of the Including the thirsting Rio The Trinity was more than two tet over the banks al Dallas where rain the In South at the Guatlalupe river bolstered by eight inches of rainfall In the past 10 days was 2 feet above normal and rising A 25foot crest in the river was predicted at Cuero and the inundation of thousands of acres of corn and cotton was ex The Little river was on R new rise and at the town of Lltlle River traffic was blocked by the flood The new rise was from the Leon river which was out of Its banks at several From Hebbronville in Jim Hogg county to Benavides in Duvat county torrential rains of frorrf six to eight Inches were La redo got a soaking rain and south cast of In Zapata the Rio Oraiide was said to be on a slow Edlnburg said drenching rains were genera over the upper part of the lower greatly bsne fitthig fnilt groves and truclc farms and said that relief from pumping holidays on the Rio Grande was The fall at Edinburg to talled Southern Britain Bombed by Nazis May raiders struck the south ern British coast last niht and some persons were feared killed bv a direct hit on hoie in one I least of the attackers was reported to haie been shut Wings of a womans hospilal In one town had to be evacuated as a precaution against gas explosions after a bonb hit a main a few yards Strikes Grow NEW May Kew York said today figures of Cue bureau of labor statistics show that manhours of Idleness due to strikes durin the first Quarter of 1H were aboil taiee thoie for the same period last Abilene received a sprink ling inches and territory only two miles west of Buffalo Gap was covered with iess than a quarter of an Since May inches of rainfall have been recorded in Between both Saturday and Sunday Stamford was saturated by approximately 3 inches of The sudden deluge al Buffalo Gap was the heaviest rain to fail there In 12 Water covered the road between Lake Abilene and Buffalo Gap in a dozen About 200 yards north of Abilene State park water rose to about three feet on the blocking traffic from the A Jeep and sixwheeled truck from the 12th Division ears through for about an hour in order to keep traffic The Jeep was driven by Cumberland Clark and Hoy Cur tis Manlove and Donald Walker were Iji the Carnage to crops around Buffalo Gap has not been Rain prior to Sundays downpour has made It necessary to replant the Full Name Asked May 28 Thcre are sailors named Smith and 300 of them have the same first name and middle initial the Office of War Information suggested today that home folks spell out all middle names when addressing to Navy Ihe Weather DEPARTMENT Or COMMERCE Eight Nazi Divisions Facing Annihilation ALLIED May lied troops smashed towards Rome along coastal routes from the Anzto beachhead area tonight in a new offensive against weakening while the main Fifth and Eighth Armies heightened the prospects of disaster for at least eight pcrman divisions by capturing Ceprano and Bel and blanketing Ihe Via Casilina with heavy artillery s This afternoon American tanks and infantry pushed be yond Artena towards Valmonlone and the Via which is the only practicable German escape Enemy artillery fire was Draftees Heroes Of Drive in Italy WITH THE FIFTH ARSfY IN May 280PThe dough boy outfits which chased German forces 30 miles in 14 the rugged mountains the Garl gllano front rvere the first all selective service divisions to so in to the front 88th and they were getting their first taste of actual The Identity of these two divisions was made public today along with he names of their commanding John Sloan of commander of the and John Coulter of El a pair of military men who believe in liavlng their men trained and primed ip razor sharp ness before Every stale In the union is rcprc both butabout half the personnel of the 88ih is from New New and Both are reacttvlatcd Worli War I The 85th cleaned out the enemy along the Tyrrhenian coast from Oarigllano to the Pontlne capturing Gaeta and Terractna on the Above the 88th drove across the Ausentc breaking the back of the Gustav line at Santa Afarln and Upigno and driving through the center of the Hitler line at The 83th was activiated at Camp near on July Two months earlier the 85th had been organized at Camp General born was graduated from Ihe United States Naval academy In Dur ing the first World War IIP served as a He wos promoted to the rank of major general tem porary May His various military assignments have included military science pro fessorships at the Agricultural and Mechanical collegeof General whom the War department listed as coming from San graduated trom West Texas military academy In 1911 and was commissioned a second lieutenant In Ihe regular Army catalry His promollon temporary to major general came on March 1343 In the first World War he served for awhile as national guard in structor for the District of Colum bia and Virginia with headquarters in Washington later going over seas as en aide to General Six Air Generals Awarded Medals fire was The acutely aware of their peril and with 17 divi sions already committed lo the fighting south and south east of flung an 18th di vision into the desperate struggle lo keep the Via Casi lina Selfpropelled German guns smashed into Artenas build ings and machinegun lire raked the sloping meadows down which American troops and tanks pushed northward to wards the Via two miles Tliis was the battlewearied Her man Gotrlng which Al lied headquarters said had been reorganizing in a rest area near Florence and originally had been destined to go to It was rushed into the line near Valmon 21 miles southeast of WITH T1IK FIFTH AFIMY SOUTH OF Ger man resistance hie lortay met American infantry attacking from Artena northward toward tlie Via Casllini two milts Fires gushed from Artcnaj hillside buildings as German sclfproptllcd guns laid down n heavy and enemy machinegun raked the slonmj mradoirs which he Americans advanced with tank tacit admission of tha bitter nec essity confronting the Nazi com The new beachhead enhancing the threat of envelop of the curled out from he Allied left frank toward lake It bcean Friday but was disclosed only locations of lie ad ranees in hat area were not made but Hanltl de Associated Press corres pondent on the said hat nnon he American artillery shells poured Into jml soutli of Lake and four miles west of embatlleil Tile Germans arknowlcdgrd tbcd hud shortened lines In the old De Luce said the Germans with drew Saturday night to the Rome side of he AnzloAlbano road where brushfilled ravines gavi tlicm better defensive The entire battlefront was in the shape of a long arm extending up Irom newlycaptured six miles north of through Ihe newlytaken towns of NEW May Sir Harold Alex Allied commander In has appealed lo Kalian patriots between Florence and Kome lo supply the Allies with cvaet Information on German roop movements and and o attack German commun he British radio said in a broadcast heard nv These American Ac Luce Vilia Slclano and with two American lingers reaching I northward on both of the May Six i Alban hills towards Valmontone air Including Ira lhc st and Albano en the west now commander of the I Allied Air Force In the Medltcrian have been swarded Dlslln1 guishcd Service the Wari department announced valuable sWiss of air operations over Europe which he made in building up the Hhth 4 TTT WomQIT on al in WEST Sin Sal AM Sun rjt U M I In Samel ill OrcK speculated ihst the fr Jwd a arfc fccre to sfvcr thr spinal They his home Is Tile decorated Inclwlrl Carl of commander o tiic said Filth Air Force service I uiio Is m the Navy and fouhwcst for establishing somewhere In Ihe a highly efficient system of supply i had been a brother in and which contributed I to the notable aerial victories In that thealcr I Churchmen Speok Pefoin in Paris NEW May May 23 French nation would fclsh liberation Vichy radio In a broadcast recorded ot to bo iniperiilcd by failure by government monitors said i to today French Chief of Slav Mar Ihe BntiMi Roman Catholic liclr shsl Kenrl Pclain hart returner twlav In to French Vicliv from his residence near plea to civilians in Pari5 i the Allied bombing o NAVY BOMBERS HIT Navy warpJnnc tinncs on ils way over Wakde aflcr Navy carrierbased bombers left he island near New in Many planes were destroyed and lie airfield Wnkdcwas immobilized as a source of Jap counterattack when the bombers went on with a giant task force the fol lowing day to participate in the invasion oi Sunday Heaviest Day Of Aerial Warfare greatest American aft fflrce ever sent on a single fleet QT about bombers and synthetic oil plants and other installations in central and western Germany today the major blow of the heaviest single day in the western European air In morethan tons of bombs were hurled on from the channel coast to by more than Britishbased American losses were 31 heavy bombers and 13 of lighter cs while the German Intercep tors lost 83 6 of them to Am6rican fighters and 32 to the bomber a com munique Antiaircraft fire ranged from Gripsholm Sails From Irish Port moderate bomber to with one division encountering May scores of American and Canadian soldiers repatriated from German prison the Ish liner Grlpsholm sailed today for the United on the last leg of Us latest exchange Homeward bound Americans were closely guarded from the press dur ing the Belfast stop oshors long enough tjr tea and serv er them by lolly Irish I fBrillsh repatriates and 11 Can adians needing hospital left the Grlpsholm at Belfast and were taken by boat lo Irish service men interviewed Hint guards at their Ger man prison camps now were ad mtling Hitler could not win the K dispatch from Liverpool They reported civilian in the face of Allied was fall ing fast but that civilians stU were carrying on with halfheated Hell The southern sec tion of Berlin has been they and on the way to an embarkation port they saw wrecked trains piled up at several polntv strong fighter The Flying Portresses and Lib were escort ed by more nan Mustang sand while RAP and Dominion fighters pro vided withdrawal While the hip bombers were hitting the synthetic oil plants al anil Luli the lank ordnance de pot at CnnfRsborn and otlicr unspecified targets In central Germany and the Cologne fighters shot up German river gun emplacements and Of the totnl tremendous bomb some tons were un loaded during darkness Sunday morning by British forces of well over bombers that struck the Germans greatest western arsenal at anrt a halfdozen other important objec lives in France and Bel Hardly had Ihe RAF overnight crews doffed flying clothes thi waves of medium light da light raiders started toward the continent and pounded repeatedly May at sources of supply and transport lnS employes of the Chrysler Cor Highland Park plant Then the I at a meeting today to return and their unprecedentedlymimerP0 the William suspended presi dent of Local United Automo bile Workers said the first shift wouid return to their Jobs The a flarenp of dispute which a wees made ILIOO em ploKs In seven Chrysler plants idle for eight started Friday nicht and cnvployes The strikers sairt they were proteslinjj Ihe rjspcnslon o officers of Local iX of the UAWs international Decide Return ous escort took Scf TaRr I Air Activity Hits New High for Week ALLIFD Na May M air ac1 tluty reached a htch during i board the week ol May 21 to The men apreed o return to Mediterranean spokesman with Force said with a toEal of sorties of nere tactical missions by More than tons of bombs were dropped on tactical the At the weeks the Tactical Air Force was credited officially destruction of German motor and the clamaginj of The ficiiros were that UAW Interna tional officers would make an at tempt to obtain reinstatement 6 16 union members who were dis charged from n Chrysler Tlie IS whose discharges precipitated the previous worie were accused of throwing three supervisory employes out of the plant and of stopping an AFL teamsters unionist from rott at the exclusive of half At an AFLCIO jurisdic locomotives shot and rail carsj il fuht was in proi at ;

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Issue Date: May 29, 1944