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Publication: Abilene Reporter News May 28, 1944

Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1944, Abilene, Texas BOND BOX SCORE Since Pearl Harbor May Quota May "WITHOUT OK WITH OFPENSK TO OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT COL'S.'-Bvroit SUNDAY VOL. LXIII, NO. 345 A TEXAS NEWSPAPER ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 28, 1944-THIRTY-TWO PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Associate! Press (AP) United Prea (V.P.) PRICE FIVE CENTS Infantrymen Invade New Pacific Island Heavy Shellfire Pours Into Nazis' Escape Route ALLIES GAIN STEADILY 'ALONG 80-MILE FRONI ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, Naples, May [American armored forces fought their way into the town of Artena, only 2 1-2 miles from the strategic Casilina highway, and tonight began pouring a heavy shellfire'into this main escape route for eight German divisions comprising the bulk of the Nazi forces below Rome. While American tanks and field guns kept the'enemy 'Retreat line under fire, other American Fifth Army forces in their closest drive toward Rome threatened the town of Velletrij 18 miles from the outskirts of the capital. Velletri already was shrouded in smoke from blazing fires. The Germans, apparently larmed over the plight of leir large forces to the south- asl, threw reserves into the ght to keep the Americans rom blocking the all-impor- ant Via Press Corres- Hardin-Sitnmons Given For Memorial Gift of to the Har- dm-Simmons university 000 building and endowment fund by an ex-student and his wife was announced last night by J. D. Sandcfer Jr., at the annual banquet of the Ex- Engineers Fifth's Recons By GEORGE TUCKER EIGHTH EVACUATION HOS- PITAL, Fifth Army in Italy, May Army combat engin- eers pulled a fast one on their pals of an advance Fifth Army recon- thereby par- ticipated In the historic handshak' Ing when junction with the Ahzio beachhead forces was made two 'days ago. _. Pic. Daniel P. Duffy, Charlestown laughed as he told how the engineers had "city-slic'ked" the reconnaissance group which fc.r daj's had been counting on being the first to-break through and greel the advance beachhead "Recori" couldn't get by untlf we the' said-puffy now confined to'the hospital with pneumonia, an illness he had dis regarded to be In on the big show "We would arrive at a.bridge jus after it had been blown up by thi That's how close we wer behind them. When we got to th last culvert scores of Italians swarmed around cheering and help Ing us fill the road. Since ther wasn't anything for our platoon t -do we hurried up 'the road and mad 'contact with the beach forces." Twenty minutes later the recon nalssance group roared up. "I've never seen a madder outf than when they found we'd alread done the.handshaking and had ou pictures Duffy said, addln that the captain was "as mad _as wet hen." 11 'this is the lousiest trick I eve heard the engineer quoted th captain as saying. iondent Daniel De Luce wrote rom the front tonight. In the town of Artena American oughboys were waging a house-to- IOUEC battle with Ihe Germans, Do ;Uce reported. Arlena, itself an im- lortant road junction behind the etreating Nazi army was cached after a spectacular drive 3f nine miles in one day. De Luce said the Germans had attempted a 'sharp counter-attack :m the secondary highway between Velletri and Arteria but that Amer- can artillery was covering the Via 'asilina and shells were falling on ierman positions 15 miles from The Allied armies advances stead- ly along the entire 80-mile active >ont today, American Fifth Army forces forjtne a ring around the Pon- tlne. marshes through' the momitain town of Sme, the largest town jrcl taken in'-ihe Allied offensive, developing a second threat to Ihe main Ger- man forces. Capture 'of Seize brought the Americans squarely up against a new defense line which two German divisions have tried to establish in the .Lepini hills northeast of the majshes to protect the flanic of the German troop.' in the valley and their principal route of retreat along the Via Casilina toward Rome. The main bodies of the two Fifth Army forces, whose patrols joined earlier In the weefi, now were .less than 10 miles apart. The Germans, apparently growing desperate about the plight of their forces at the center of the front near the junction of the American Sec ITALY, Tg. 13, Col. Student association. Sandefer, chairman of the HSU board of trustees, did not announce the name of the donors. The will be paid over a period of several months and b to be applied on construction 'of a Memorial Bunding, In memory of Dr. Jefferson Davis Sandefer, for 34 years president o Hardin-Slmmons. The cjonors wer It mean; listening to xreams of the Bounded and not being able to turn tuck to help them and vou're not sure that tnavi'.o it easier to keep It means stepping on bodies k'lit aril ovf-r fir nrntmt! them In iiyiighl smi? are r.raly slalr xx'.ifs but not all: some are li'.o.At- from Wilkerson protect the beachhead. The Japanese fired anti-air- craft guns from ridge Volitions behind the bench. The. first and second waves ilrew enemy fire. By tbe lime our planes ar- rived, the destroyers and criils- trs iihlch delivered Ihe prt- landing bombardment were fir- Ing Into the hills. Apparently the ground forces found other enemy gun positions on a low wooded hill behind mer. Cur fight of Bostons from the "devil's own" unit were asked to work them over. The pilot of the "Tiny Might" swept the length of the hill in a quick survey run, then twice re- traced the route, each time unloos- ing bombs and streams of machine gun fire. Other plor.es In the flight See EVE WITNESS, Ft. IS, A GERMAN rmSOXKRS WATCH ALLIED eel mmln.s of men who died fight-j prisoners of sit the roausirtc watching as Allied ar- ir.g these sectors months vehicles spccrl onward to form that junction between Fifth and Eighth Armies, against which they had fought j u rtu .imn ..-n i n ov ui vtr. t to. the advance the barragw begin .face tile horror of wha: happened in friendly ind enemy bodies. madly tor so many months. (NLA ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: May 28, 1944