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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - April 28, 1944, Abilene, Texas BOND BOX SCORE Since Pearl Harbor April Quota April Solei MORNING LXIH, NO. 316. A TEXAS NEWSPAWl WITHOUT OR WITH OffPENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKDTCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT Associated Prea (AP) ABILENE. .MORNING, APRIL 28, 1944 -TWENTY P.AGES Vnltet Prtu IVf.I PRICE FIVE CENTS Ward Fight in Courts; Both Sides File Pleas f Avery Thrown DutofOftice 6y Soldiers CHICAGO, April 81 Federal Judge William H. Holly -tonight Issued a temporary in- Junction restraining Montgom- ery Ward and company and Sewell Avery, chairman of the toard of the huee order house, from interfering with government operation of the f Chicago stores. He bowed to the military men then escorted by city detectives, walked to his chauffeur-driven car. Efforts to reach him for comment on the melodramatic turn of events unsuccessful. The lirst of the legal moves and counter-moves that eventually may put the issue before the supreme CHICAGO, April 27 Vf) Assistant Attorney General %Carusi related today that as Sewell Avery was being ejected from his Montgomery Ward and company office, he turned to Attorney General Francis Bid- die and said: "You New ''court took shape late in the daj'. Attorney General Francis Blddle asked the federal court here for .an Injunction prohibiting Avery and other executives from obstructing government operation of the Ward and compelling them to turn over corporate records. Ward attorneys petitioned the court in the national capital for immediate UU1 at., the company's, nrll for' -Mi Injunction enforce- ment of the Labor Board's order dlretUngVthe concern .to extend an expired'rontract with a CIO onion. Avery's refusal' to comply with that Instrac- A and a similar; one from President led to fed- eral control of the local plants. Silas Strawn, member of a law firm representing the Ward in- terests and a director of (the con- ccrn, announced an Injunction suit HEMISPHERE above shows location of th eight Atlantic bases, now un der 99-year lease from Grca Britain, whose acquisition i perpetuity was recommende( to the House Naval Affair Committee by Represent tives F. Edward Herber Louisiana; W. Sterling Col and William E. three-man sub- Solon Urges Congress }robe Issue WASHINGTON, April 27 resolution for a co ;ressional investigation President Roosevelt's seizu of Montgomery Ward anc company's Chicago plant was ntrodueed today by Repre- sentative Dewey (R-I11.) but Kepresentative Sapath (D- chairman of the House Friedrichschafen larget On 14th Day's Assault MOTOR UNITS LANDED FOR IIOLLANDIA INVAS10N- A U. S. Army jeep is driven off a shallow-draft landing craf at the be-ach during the amphibious invasion of Hollamlia Dutch New Guinea, on April 22. Other landing craft are n background and a troop ship is at right. (AP Wirepholo from Signal Corps __________________ Rule Corporal New High Set Disagree-On MnAction lln Air Force Day's Action LONDON, Friday, April 28 Moscow said today the lull on the eastern front con- tinued through' its sixth day Thursday, but the Germans declared the Russians still were attacking in Northern Romania and in the Carpath- ian foothills. Tiie Soviet communique said again there were "no Important changes at the front." A supplement to the communique said the Germans lost 400 men klll- led and 15 tanks nnd (our armored Chicago HepUDiican, caueu lor ai transports destroyed In n futile al- seven-man committee to determine Allied forces pressed their advantages today m three lt to Hud weak spots In the of Stan- committee, indicated it would be sidetracked. Terming the seizure "a new high in official Rep. Chicago Republican, called for a Allies Expanding In Three Theaters By J. B. KRUEGER Associated Press War Editor authority in law for the selz- ure." Rep. .Sabath, Stan- AlllCU lUlLCU mtli -------J I ICHJlJb tw ereat theaters of the Pacifip New Guinea, India and soviet del i in a fourth watched the Japanese expand their islawow i whose committee north Honan offensive with its grave implications lor China. A 'dlspatch from MOSCOW earlle New -York, Ohio, committee. has power to steer legislation into the House or bar it, said of the Dewey resolution: "It's ]ust politU Caldwell Asks Late Spurt in Boqd Purchases CHICAGO, April 21 "I've teen iired before in my life, but this is the first time they carries me out feet first." Sewell Avery, chairman of the board of Montgomery AVard and Co. was thus quoted today In a copyrighted story in the Chi- cago Daily -News by Phil S. Hanna. The News story said that Av- try, answering the. question "What are you going to replied: "Why, deep right on fighting, of course. When you know something is wrong you do not rniit because someone takes you out feet first, do you? "Somebody has got to awaken the American people to the fact that the government has been and is coercing both employers and employees to accept a brand of unionism which in all too many cases is engineered by f people who are not employees of a plant." 15 Suffocated In Naval Fire i In the Southwest Pacific described" conttmicd heavy shelling Gen. Douglas A. MacArthur's of the German-Romanian posltioi headquarters announced com- pletion of the Hollands oper- stm tnc streets with capture ol squares but Soviet Runs have Cl'L. I.OYP H'EBB RULE April Loyd C1'TS lh< (Hitting Nazis LONDON, Friday, April 28 The Allies' merciless jiouiuliiig of Nazi military in- stallations winged into its Mill straight day today with an RAF attack "in strength" on Frietlrichshafcn. This smash by Britain's big night bombers followed a record doublcheader daylight blow al Nazi targets in France by the U. S. Eighth Air Force, which sent out more than heavy bornb- Webb 27, has been killed in action T '8 day. ours preceding th. Webb 27, has been killed in action in Italv his parents. Mr. mid Mrs. RAf s Penetration deep Into south- Buck Webb have b en notified by mor a lled more than Al- hammered the contin- ithe first dlcr from Rule and Immediate vl- clnily that has been reported killed a j new high for such cal. We get one like that every day." Rep. Knutson (R-Minnl said however, that a "determined effort will be made" to get action from the 'rules committee. PORTSMOUTH, Va., April by t_ iL- _______ l.__ ____ cmnVn nnrl ...._- I firrtflilrnsl Kain crvDUCaili. me g, pt radio pon airfields in the area aie Tne German communique said days left.'-in 'April, .Taylor, county apparently is going' to far. shorl of Its monthly, war bond quota of The county had not reached the halfway mark yesterday with" the sales standing at one County. Chairman C. M. Caldwel made a final plea for action on th home front in an open letter to th citizens of the county. "When I look at the upper let hand corner of the front page o our paper and see how far short w by the com are of our April quota I don't feel ment said. Mr. Caldwell wrote. "I ask myself the question, have I done my duty? I wonder what the C.OOO Taylor county young men In ser- vice are thinking about their home county. "Abilene and Taylor county have the greatest buying power within a radius of 125 miles. Surely we don't want to let our men in the service down in a time like Ihis. "April '13 statements of our banks show that their customers have nearly one million dollars In sav- ings accounts drawing 1 percent in- terest. Why don't you invest a part of this In government bonds? It will be Just as sale; It will, bear yoi; more Interest, and you will be do- ing a patriotic duty, as I see it. "If the citizens of Taylor coun- ty will rally to the bond drive, they can put this over. I verily believe you will save money for yourselves, you will save heallh of our men and you will save lives of our men. [atement placed- In the congres sional record: "The significance of the presi- dent's action is dijclostd when we remember has xxx -___ tion, the Mternpl soon- er or. later to compel the em- ployes of Wards to pay a dol- lar Into the campaign fund rcome by smoice and all organized ri when fire br9ke out ceascd in the hold of. a naval area of Sevastopol can as completed." ,1 which Is to be used to re-elect President Roosevelt." Sixteen of the 18 Illinois Repub- ment protesting the seizure as "il- legal, unjustified and arbitrary." i ui I time Ari announcement nav.1 of icers declined o .release had completely dove- 1 immediately pending notification of plans for their next of kin. action in their areas. A meeting The fire broke out in the vessel or tncse top men Oj (he Pacific about o'clock tonight. The mf" I presaged great operations requiring nployed in the repair work on the ___ in' were civilian workers a yard. All available "We further believe that the pres- sent jrom the Norfolk naval hos ident's action has no basis in law nor under the powers granted him by the their state- I land-sea-air teamwork. The Importance of the meeting ambulances were was pointed up In Ihe alliance lot Vice Adm. Thomas C. Kinknid. "Such arbitrary use of power Is I shfp'Vas said by a Navy a threat and a menace to the peace- spokesman as not extensive, ful continuation of all private busl- ness, even to every comer drug rom e Am.ri nerc to the Navy yard to re- commander of the A Hied raove workmen to the yard dis- forces in thc Southwest Pacific ana where many were given other top-ranking men on the staffs ni.vii. u artificial respiration. Damage to thc store and every corner grocery store in thc United States." Stockholders Meet To Transfer Site CHICAGO. April gomery Ward and company In 8 Scouts Parade Before Campore gomery Ward and company In a I y from Tavlor county notice lo shareholders prepared or n AMcne's down- inserflor. In evening newspapers to- P'J' at 2 p m. wjtn day said of the scheduled annual i.oriin. ihnm before would be filed In federal court with- in thc next few days in an effort to halt continued federal operation the- plants. "The government has no more right to take over that property than you he declared, "and you will find that will be the case when the matter comes to court." Biddle, who moved into Avery's 'JuiSte with other federal officials after the Army had gained posses- sion, told reporters Avery was hustled oul because he refused to cooperate and insisted he was the See WARDS, Tf. 20, Col. 3 "Get busy friends. Let's put the quota over. Thanks." 360 March Strikes WASHINGTON. April Wj The bureau of labor statistics -to- day reported 360 strikes In March Involving workers. The re- sulting idleness aggregated 415.000 man-days, or 0.06 per cent of the available working time. ay said of the scheduled annual meeting tomorrow: "Because of the presence of tres- passers on property of Montgomery Ward Co.. Inc., the annual meet- ing of shareholders called for a.r.i. Friday. April 28, will be im- medialely adjourned. "The meeting will reconvene at rie crystal ballroom, floor 8, Blaci- slone hotel. Chicago, al 12 noon of he same day." Otherwise, company sookesmen ndlcaled the annual meeting would mnceed a.1; usunl. since proxies had been received, shareholders were expected to he in Chicago and the date had been fixed by company jy-laws. Customarily, Sewell L. Avery, chairman, who was ejected by the Army from his government-seized plant today, presides at the annual meeting. them before going to the Fair Park grounds where they will attend a two-day Camporee, Charles F. Rutledge, scout executive, said Thursday night. Following the evening mess Fri- day, a formal retreat will be held in the rotleo arena where scouts will of the respective commanders. The conference was held in March before the Hollandla Invasion. Chinese dispatches reported the enemy hail overrun square miles In nine days In Hie offensive initially aimed at Chcngiisicn, an-Important rail city. For this drive, eslimajeil, thc Japanese have drawn 18 divisions, mostly from wcll-lralncd Manchurian forces, and arc In Ihc midst of n great bnd which feeds millions of Chinese. Chinese sources in Kunniln judged the enemy operation as th beginning of a large action to tlo Japan's North and South China conquests together and seal off that great area from Allied use Assaults Fail ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, Na- ples, April troops on thc Adriatic sector of the Italian front have thrown back two small- calc attacks, one south of.Canosa nd the oilier In the Ortona area, was announced today. Both ground and nlr warfare in he Mediterranean theater hit the loldrams, with bad weather cut- ing air activity to 80 routine patrol artlllVry "bnite'rV oT'thc 36th located on "on Sen killed. He enlisted Jan. Survivors his pa ents are B FJylng Fortress lit Monday wherl vo broters, Weldon. a private at 'he Americans also hit airdrome. Ft Bliss and Lcc of Rule, and nEar Munich EC sWcrs Louden Webb of Wich- Previously It had received a onei Kan Mrs. Jewell Rogers ol two punch from US. Heavy bomb- Rule w< "S M3rCtl l8' -I An official announcement of the operation early ihis mom- Ing salflt Hhe ,'alrcrafl bornbtr command of the RAF was over Germany In strength last uffbt, with Frledrlchshafen main Thc forays info France were made agalnbt what a communique described LAWN. April Henry J. Miller, a resident of Lawn since 1919, died Thursday at" p. m. at the Winters Municipal hospital. Tic had been ill only one week. Bom Ocl. 7. 1875 in Lcc county, Tex.. Mr. Miller moved to Balllnger in 1904, coming to Lnwn in 1919. He owned nud operated a blacksmith shop here. He was n member of the Baptist church. lights and the small Adriatic survivors include his wife. Mrs. Ion the only noteworthy Incident anywhere aground. Steady day and night patrol probing and artillery fire contin- ued. o The public is In- vited to witness this event, and a public address system has been ob- tained so that visitors may hear the program, Rutledge said. Alter the camp fire, scouts will go to their camp site, guards will be posted and taps will blow at 10 p. m. Saturday, Rutledge said, scouts will enter numerous contests, thc final contest to be a bicycle race omposcd of four scouts from each roop Saturday afternoon. as a base to bomb Japan llself. In Burma Lt. Gen. Joseph Slil- ell's Chinese and Americans have mashed forward six miles in one ay, apparently crippling Japanese eslstance to the .drive upon fyltkylna. which guards thc Bur- ma road Stilwell wants to reopen, hinese troops captured thc vll- agc of Manpln, 45 miles above lyitkyina. In India a major battle shaped Ihe Weather S DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE WE BfREAU ABlLtXE AMI VICINITY: CtovSl with iboTra Friday atid Saturday. SaloMif. Finr. lo oceailm ''EAST'TEXAS! ciooir. ihtwtn tail anj nttlh Fmi lo .cca.tonally ClrDTir VfEST TEXAS: Moillj vtdelr icalttTei ihowtil, warmer El Taio area and Bend trr Friday: Salord.y Fielh h.r. AM Wtd. I10VR PM To Build Ship WASHINGTON, April A Liberty ship built at the St. Johns river shipbuilding company will be named the Raymond Clapper, the maritime commission said today '.n announcing that the Jacksonville, Fla., yard won a safely contest con- ducted during March. Sees Bright Future HOUSTON. April 27- W) -Al- ready playing a major role In the synthetic rubber program, Texas is dWtlned lor a still greater part. Col. Bradley Dewey. national rub- ber director, said today while on a periodic -tour of inspection of the nation's rubber facilities. RAIDS OF PLANES IN PACIFIC DISCLOSED JhBI 51 51 O IS <0 61 ffi "fi ;x H 6 t t 9 10 11 11 e: 63 55 llith an4 low Ifrnprtilurti lo B p. TO and 45. llith and low same dale Ult year: II and '.9- last Snnrlte mornlnf: Sinict HUTCHIKSON, Kans., April Arlemus L. Gates, assistant' secretary of the Navy lor air, dis- closed today that "we have been having raids In the Pa- cific." Here for the graduation of the first air crew from the Navy's new operallonal base, Gates said: "I don't thir.k the public that we've been havi.-.j 1.000-planc raids In the Pacific. The new coor- dinated training here Is part ot the expanding offensive." D. S, Cargile )ies in Son's Home Mrs. D. S. Cargile, 15, died a 7-45 p. m. Thursday at Ihe horn of a son, Homer Cargile, 1042 Chest Anson Ginner, E.S. Via, Dies ANEON, April S Via, ginner hero for thc past 22 years, died at his home Thursday at p.m.. following an Illness o more than a year. Born In Virginia April 3. 1869 Mr. Via came to Texas with hi larcnts when ho was 15. He livc< n Fannln county until he came t Jonts county 22 years ago. Survivors Include one daughle Mrs. E. J. NfcClung of Anson; on granddaughter, Lois McClung; foi uby Miller: one daughter. Ozella Inrlene Miller of Lawn: one son, cnry Frank Miller of Lawn; one aughtcr of a former marriage, Mrs. Iclrcla Miller York of Georgia; two rotlwrf, A. J. Miller of GoMllnval'.c nd Joe Miller of Gideon, one sls- cr. Mrs. Euma Freeman of Uvalde nd one hiilf-brolhcr. T. O. Foster f Clcburr.c. Funeral be held nt Lawn Dale of the services has not been et ponding arrival of relatives. ip as British poured reinforce menls Into Kohima, hllllown guard ng the entrance to thc Assam plains nnd thc strategic Assam- Bengal railway which supplies Stll- wcll. Japanese dug In on the sur- sisters and two brothers. His wl died five years ago. Funeral services will be held Leonard. Texas, Fannln county 0 p.m.. Friday. The body will be Texas Form Income In March Declines AUSTIN, April A dras- tic slump In marketings o! cMtle, weak opposition. Nine Ameri- can heavy bombers, three Mar- auders and six fighters were- lost by the U. S. and Allied Air Forces while three enemy air- craft were shot down. The night was clearly lighted by he moon, keeping Nazi suadrons squatting on their and giving England a raid-free Interval aft- er three attacks from Wednesday ditslt to Thursday dawn. But thc moon did not keep tht RAF at home. Instead and Halifnxes soared over the channel In two roaring waves with probably another couple of thous- and tons of bombs. From the wild warnings of German radio there were Indica- tions that ether ImportantJargeU besides Friedrlchshaten were blast- ed during the night. Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich stations filled the air until 2 a. m. with announce- ments of bomber formations over western nr.d northern Germany. About 150 American Flying Fort- resses and Liberators hit Ger- man mystery Installations on the. French Invasion coast in themom- Income in Texas, the of business research announced today Thc University of Tcxns ngcncy found that agricultural Income dropped to S50.090.000 in M.irch as compared with in March year ago. unprecedented repeat performance Sec BOS1B1SOS, ff. 20, Col 6 p.m., riiuay. im. U.MJI wiu ut .m......j carried overland, and burial, bytllc fcrtr.g from a "gafUo-lntcstlnal up side of his wile. In the Leonnrd cemetery will be under thc ciirec- Knox 111 WASHINGTON. April 27- W) Secretary of the Navy Knox. suf- wcll Japanese dug In on thc sur- cemetery win DC u.iuer U.L- ..un- rounding hills could watch as the1 on o! the Lawrence Funeral home British gathered strength. She was bom April 14. 1868 In Bell county, and she had been a Longtime Merkel Resident Succumbs MERKEL, April Mary Ke-ns' 72. longtime resident of Merkel, died at p. m. Thursday at' the home ol a sister. Jen- Ynchid'e her hustand, D. Keny. She had been seriously S Cargile; live sons. Clarence of 111 a week. Strathmore, Calif., Homer ot Abl- I Funeral will be held Friday at 3 cnc Hulin of Roaring Tex., ftf m. from her sister's home with FLOOD LOSSES CONI1NUE 10 GROW IN MID-WESI By The AssorUIrd Press .the rc.iche-! Us predicted Thc llocd-rAvaiiCrt tank of thc I crest of 365 fee1. 03.COO acres wu" Gates said "we have been build- ing up all the time, until now raids in which 1.000 planes are used ar not uncommon." He would not elaborate on tha point. He emphasized, however, that "the Navy has become flying Navy" with its plar.cs coordinating closely with the surface fleet and the Army, and described the air- plane as the Navy's "most Import- ant weapon." Dan of Littlefield, tnd J. A. Car- gile of Crane, Mo.; six daughters. Mrs. Elmer Woods and Mrs. George Jones of Strathmorc, Calif.. Mrs Watt Holly of Dickens. Tex Mrs. M. O. Gwinn of Roarlr.g Spring, Mrs. Carl Reese of Los Angeles and Mrs. L. V. Bashan of Stockton. Calif.; three brothers, Monk Hood of Burkburnclt, Horace Hood ol Belton and Sam Hood of Brown- wood; and two sisters, Mrs. Betty thc Rev. S. P. Collins ol Amltnc. pastor of the Grace Presbyterian church here, officiating. Burial will be in the Rose Hill ceir.ctrry with Barrow-Shcppaid home In charge of amusements. Miss Ke-ny was born Dec. H 1671. in Lamar county and moved to Merkel In 18M with nn untie, J S. Hutson. and his family. She ha< made her home with him sir.c Ward of Temple and Mrs. Laura Grilfm of Belton. moving to Merkel Her parents die when she was a child. are the flslcr. a broth Ar.scn. set" is under a physician's care at his home here and has cancelled nil cnsasemc-nVs to permit a thorough rest. MLuourl riiers to- 1 he flooded at a ot SUCO.fXX) to ts. clay bore the brunt of from lerops and SiOO.OM to farm pro torrential and waters rearing their threatening ccslly in rrtllm Ot

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