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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - April 16, 1944, Abilene, Texas BOND BOX SCORE Since Pearl Harbor April Quota April NEWSPWtt MAJOR OBJECTIVES IN SIX-DAY EUROPEAN AIR OF- and bull's-eyes mark major objectives in nini n iILdJUL UUJt tllVCb JI1 jbe virtually non-stop air offensive waged by (he U. S. Army Air Forces and (he RAF over Europe in six days beginning April 8 and including April 13. Targets hit by U. S. bomb- ers are indicated by circled stars; those by the RAF are marked by bull's-eyes. (AP fall of Sevastopol Imminent, Reds Say LONDON, Sunday, April (AP) -Russian troops smashing tnrough Sevastopol's outer defenses yesterday cap- tured points on a broad front only three and one-half miles of that burning Crimean citadel, while in old Poland another Red army crushed the Axis garrison af Tarnopol on the southern invasion route to Berlin after a three-week siege, Moscow announced early todav. _ ..-_...__________________________ mi f. J _ dlcs Indlcatwl top leaders available In teukemia Victim r Life jo" Hldens, four-year-old 1Ir, P. T. was under an haa oxygen Hent 'a'fc Hendrlck Memorial hospital late last night making a desperate but losing fight for !tfe. She is suffering from the rare mysterious disease of acute lym- phatic leukemia. Attendants held little hope for recovery after she failed to rally from an eighth blood trans- fusion Friday. Molly jo became 111 In December. Cause of leukemia, disease hi bone marrow creates an ab- normal amount of white blood cor- puscles, Is unknown. The Weather T. S. DF.IMRT.MCXr OF COJt.MrRCE VTE.VIIIER BUREAU ABILIEXE AXD VICINITY: r.illj Sunday. wlndi, rlouJr. lilllc In Jf mprrjkltirc. IfTAST TE.VAS: Parllr SttndAT- Fresh trlndi, trxAS: eiKr Sanity. Waimcr In panhandlt X H 57 AM Fcl. tPtR ITURF.S HOUR sal. PM Frl. J 76 I T! J U !1 If-i 11 _ i' 12 s tij O.Kltailn; Ha I IJUI till llu UlUtll.rXS [Or fl.fi j cmc supply and naval base, is the naval task torce planes on February removal He admitted to the bar in which thi. encirclement 16-17 jolted Truk to thc realization I The 65-ycir-oM m-.pral was re-! ln lud r fs finally had reached Its I moved as active commander by thc late Wat. spinning in the Caroline Islands that the. war finally had reached Its doorstep. Kusaic and Ponape atoHs, rC, H V dS doorstei'' and atolls, mnch Comn e to the of Truk, already Liberation yest knew It. --------------L_ moved as active commander by the French Committee of National PURCHASES REDUCE l irVJLJ DEPOSITS BUT SLIGHTLY knc Two months ago, Truk stood -.in. touched by the war, an untested symbol of power In Japan's micro- neslan empire. Today It Is caught In the grip of Allied air power, whtch tightens Its hold by day and night and relent- lessly reaches out for more and more of Its supporting bases. A review of Central Pacific air operations shows strikingly the ra- pidity with which modern aerial Thereafter American air power Midland OfflCCf cracked the whip with Increasing A frequency and force over the Caro. "ilSSIng "1 ACTIOn un.c jn March, nine more atolls "mwations to soften Truk." M Adm. W, KlniU referred or island groups felt Its sting, ell maved by the stab into the Palau and Yap groups, nearly 1.200 mites west of Truk and almost In the shadow of Ihe Philippines, by pow- erful naval task forces. Three more atoli targets, two of them having airdromes, have been 'dcd In April. Fifteen tn all now ve bcfn nttacVid. Some get only Bee TRUK, Page 6, Col. 6 The War department last officially reporter! 2nd Lt. Robert K. White, son of James W. White, 702 Storey. Midland, as mlssini? In action in the European theater. Soldier Candidate ODtSSA, April Pfc. J. T. Ruihcrford. 2f-sear-oid Mannr, !er C. Woodward 1312 to 1339. In Dec. )9H he and Garland Wood- ward of Houston, also formerly o.' Coleman, formed a partnership In Colenan. Besides Justice Critz. survivors Include h't wife and or.e sister, Mrs. George L. Kob of Sherman. Funeral will be held at UV First Methodist church In Cc.icman S'.m- day afternoon at 4 o'dook-. Thi- Rev. A. S. Galforrt ot Bronnu-ood. trlcl ar.rl former pastor of the Onlrnun church, will officiate. He will te bv li-c Rev. Floyd ?r.c! the Rev. T. Lynn Stewart, pastor o; tiie First vtlcran of Tarsus, todav annoanc- 1 Baptist church sute Burial will be in a Coicrr.an ceme- sentative for the district. I tery. In Abilene banks at clroe figure was of April 1.3 tolalcd 423.- accotdins to statfmentt Lwicd yesterday on call of the comp- troller of the currency. Although people of Taylor coun- ty have tought approximately 750.000 In war bonds since January 1, the amount of money In the banks here was only S21S.024.9t less than on Dccrn-.bfr 31. date of the test hank ml-. Dcpwils at the end cf thc oi mis yp.ir amounted lo Sfi.S44.183.6a more than six months csrlier at the third quarter call of Govfrr.ment bond.-, hrltl by me local banks April 13 totaled tl6- Two years earllsr this nf Joans .ir.rt of ta-n banks 13 WAS 9376.5 and total resources JJ0.267- 54802. The Farmers and Merchants Na- tional bank at Merke! reported de- totaling SI.529.5J9.32 ar.ri the Homo S'.ntc tai-.k at Trent 45. A report had been obtained from Iho oiiirr bank in the coun- ty, (ho First State of Tusco'.a. Thc Trcii! siKi and the Abilrnr rirpcsils totaled 97925. for the coiinly at the flld of IDI3 was Abllcnr bsnk on Ihls call fcrcnce. "The most striking evidence of waning Japanese air strength In this theater is seen In our nav.il opcralions. Our great Pacific fleet has been able In defy Japanese) air power to penetrate some to 1.500 miles inlo an area which was fully alerted and which should have been a hornet's viciously attacking planes." (General Hale obviously was re- ferring to thc recent task force at- tacks on Palau and adjacent Is- lands In thc Western Carolines less than 600 miles from thc Philip- pines. Enemy scout planes detected this huge force while It was far mr. Ht sea and warned Japanese H.irshipj uh.'ch fled the Palau naval base l Unless thc Japanese can greatly their air arm. General Hale observed, "our fu'.ure progress In the Central Pacific air war will be determined entirely m Wash- ington and not lo any extent In Tokyo." rc.s'jrr.efi, to c( BANK DEPOSITS, 6, Col. 5 I the praeculion s brief. Officers Enter Pleas of Innocent DANVILLE. 111.. April 15-W- Counsel for thc New York Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company and 30 officers and si'.bsirliaries, facing charges of conspiracy to con- trol and to inj'.ire and de- stroy food manufacturers, entered ple.is of innocent today In federal district, court. Federal Judge Waller C, Undicy asrtt-d to a tentative f.n'f of April 29 on which the heatin; may be to completion of ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: April 16, 1944