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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - March 30, 1944, Abilene, Texas BOND BOX SCORE Since Pearl Horbtr Morch quota March tales to 90 A TEXAS NEWSPAPER HUNGARY Rumania token TfomRuiliaoflti World War cupltdbyftuiliain ni recaptured by Axfi in 1941 RUMANIA YUGO SLAVIA To prevent satellite no lioni from deserting German forces tsfce over irtategic points in Bulgaria and Ru Extra worry for Hitler is fact Bulgaria is nol formally at war vith Istonbu Sea of Mar mo ra Abilene Reporter WITHOUT OR WITH QWENSE TO FRIENDS TOES SKJJTCH YOUR WOULD EXACTLY AS IT MORNING THURSDAY MARCH 1914 TWELVE PAGES API United Prcts PRICE FIVE CENTS Reports from a area of West Cential Texas revealed that Tues nights sub freezing weather nused heavy damage of ftull and eelables but that livestock losses ere In some sections Irult men said lie full extent of damage from Die evens norther could not be deter mined for wo or three but rora lirsl glance crops were bclicv to be Fruit growers at Clyde said they believed all trees in such as pears and will suf had not bloomed and should be undamag Uilh exception of hcans ami vegetables were not killed by Hie reported GERMANS BACKS TO CARPATHIAN WALLMap above shows how inexorable Rus sian heretofore over fairly flat have forced German backs against the wall of Carpathian where in more easily defensible they may make desperate Map also shows areas over which Balkan nations fight among themselves and drastic steps Hitler has taken to forestall satellite countries from deserting the Nazi Rusti into Czernowitz Gain Elsewhere On Battle Front March SO AP Russian troops stormed across the Prut river yesterday al two points one of them a bridge the Germans neglected lo destroy and fought inlo the northern and western outskirts of Czerno witz capital of w h i 1 o upstream other captured Kolo Pruf river railway town In the Carpathian foothills only 30 miles from Czecho Moscow Other Soviet gains were announc ed in Bessarabia and the Southern notablj the capture of March A Berlin dispatch by the German agency DNB said loday that Premier Marshal Stalin is ill and dnctors fear lit may have another collapse Stalin apparently had a col lapse and fainted while working late hours one in Febru Ihe report Doctors prescribed a lonp so Slalin conferred wilh Kte menlil telling him tlial he would appreciate the armys inlcnsifing Us advance Tn fastest possible manner because he would not consider a rest before the worst nf his task Is Balta In Ihe Ukraine north of Odes fa and a bloooy lightening nf the pockft in the Kamcnets Podolsk orie northeast nf Czerno titz In the twin drives into the Russians said they Ihrust across the bridjc al the same time tank nncT motorized fnrccs farther west were forcing Iht Then both groups burst into the which sits on a bluff on the risht south No explanation was given why Ihe Germans did not hlnw up the but the impuralicm was that Ihcy were too hard pressed lo do CzechoSlovak patriots wuc sum moned in a Moscow broadcasl lo rise against tic rmy stands than ffl kilometers from the CrechoSlo vak the broadcast The Hed army als on you to Form Partisan DCS tioy communications vital to the J HUN CARPETBAGGERS RETREAT BEFORE SOVIETS March 29 Tens of thousands of German carpet1 civilians and officials who went east for easy plunder of oc cupied are swarming back across the Carpathian moun tains into Hungary to escape the Red Hungarian and Rumanian sources in Madrid told of this exodus to day and of the problems it is creating for the German defense of the Ncrtheast The Grman army has taken com mand oi the Ger man trnntport Is ncinff de layed on highways and railroads by the panicfty flight of Nazis who once reveled in soft governmental jobs or did a business as civilians requisitioning the wealth of the Ukraine and Po In Hungary dissolution of all opposition parties by the new puppet government gave the Ger mans an unexpected problem where to get the manpower to maintain the Hungarian civil Partisans Launch New Bosnia Drive March Partisan attacks in Eastern Bosnia were reported tonight by the Free Yugoslav which said that the attempt of German forces to the offensive had bogged down af ter earlier Violent battles with troops of puppet Premier Ficid Mi lan Neriic and Ihe Chetniks of Gen Draja Mihnllovic in Southern Ser bia also were announced in the broadcast communique nf Marsha Tito Josip BrozK During phases of this light ing the Chelniks were reported as fisted by the Bulgarian Air Five concentration camps estab lished by Hie Gestapo and operat ed under the cf the Hungar ian police already are filled with some Himearians of almos all parties reports here Diplomatic reports reaching Mad rid also desertions from Hun earian southern army garrisons t Titos Yugoslav Partisan were increasing Notable among deserters from kej posts in the army and civil govern mem were said to be thousands o Hungarians who had been hand picked in advance by Iho German lo run Ihe country but who Chang ed their minds when the German actually took Northwest Market Spurts in Wool Ore March Northwest wool market cd in the last few with sales of pounds in Portland reports from erowtr organizations and mill operators indicated assistant manager of the Pacific Wool Growers Cooper suld heavy buying here prob is temporary as most mills are processing civilian main ly from imported OLD WAVE DOB HEAVY DAMAGE 10 AREA VEGETABLES Taylor count home demonstration af ter Impeding 411 tlub gardens In the Some loss nay occur In pota although those which were cm oil at he jrounrl will conic Vegeta bles such as Knlish ra beets and greens appar ently Al least half the peaches and apricots around Abilene were kill The temperature in Abilene hit a low of 24 degrees at The freeze didnt leave enough in Fislier county to make a according to Roy county Early gardens also were but no livestock loss es were There Has concern in Merkel yes terday over the early thru had not been fjooth said growers reported that the tall wheat had fallen down after Ihe Just srtiat the out come would be was lien who lives north of said peaches on dull trees at hit place were jusl like a ball of Ice 3111 were frojen through and llover who has a young orchard at his place west of said the fruit was a complete There were some livestock Reports In Sweetwatcr lolrl of 50 fresh shorn goals heing killed in I Ihe freeze on the Carter ranch noitij of Practically all the fruit in Scur ry county was wiped reports Snyder newspaper A low mark of 16 degrees fcill ed early gardens and set back wheat No livestock losses vsrre reported except foi some baby Vegetable and fruit crops were ruined in Mitchell Livestock suffered but ranchers reported heavy Many observers In Stamford brllere the fruit crop Is a total loss in that There was about a 25 per cent loss of he younff vegetable A major part of the llaskell sections early gardens are ex pected to survive the coH althoiijh damage lo the poten tial Irult yield likely will prove said County Anent The lale freeze did not cause any loss of live he Fioiu Albany came the report that I all vegetables and most of the fruit I had been No livestock was Damage apparently was heavy In I the Rising Star area where he I perature fell to 23 At Ballinger the low reading was I Runnels county said he didnt believe the I grain was damaged Big1 gcst loss was in fruit and I Thousands of Japs to Die In Few Leaders Sayl Brunswick Raiders Meet Opposition Loss Slight March 2Q March 29 nvAm erican Flying Fortresses bombed the Brunswick area of Central Ger many and Nazi lighters tor the first time since March 23 rose to give serious battle over that vit al aircraft factory only to be routed by escorting Eighth Air Force fighters who shot down 39 of the Simultaneously American Liber ators bombed the IasdeCalais area of the French meeting opposition only from moderate to heavy antiaircraft From all nine American bombers and nine fighters fained to it was announced It was the third consecutive day of American operations aimed pri marily at the air arid the said It was the 15ih attack on Germany and on all In this recordbreaking month of Labor Party Split On Ruling Element NEW March 20 WjThe eightyearold American Labor whose helped President Roosevelt win New York states 41 electoral votes In split today on the issue c com The right wing de feated In yesterdays primary elec tionfor control of the slate com body which dominates the parlys presidential candidate on the ground that the left wing victory meant Earl Brow rtcr has captured the American La bor Browder is genera of the communist party In the United The Weather or COM WFATJirR VICIMTV IVMT and narfifij AM HOrit Vita PJ 11 i ii Believe Polish Appeal to Hull March A message from the exiled Polish government at presumably making a fresh appeal for Ameri can help In setting RussoPolish po litical and territorial was presented to Secretary of State Hull today for delivery to President The letter was brought here by Ambassador Jan on his return from conferences with his Clcchancnreki called at Hulls office but declined subse quently to icveai the nature of the His visit brought back into the diplomatic spotlight a situation al ready being driven toward a new crisis by Red armies approaching the border of Sovietrecognized Po One of the main questions which the United States must take into consideration in connection with any Polish appeal for assistance is what the Russian government may do about a Polish government once Russian armies cross the Higher Crude Price Asked in Petition Oil operators of the West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico permian basin area arc nilnj with the Of Ificc of Price Administration In J Washington a petition asking that oil prices for the area be revised upward n cenls a The petition was taken to Wash Ineton by Mayor Ilcntlrickson j of Midland and Mayor Emery Car per of who will con j ter with OPA In their the operators charse they have been discriminat ed in the matter of prices state that have been Igiven producers in the Panhandle Should the OPA grant Iht appli ft would mean an increase about 17 ccnis a bsrrcl on olh I of all gravity in the West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico Ian estimated Increafe of per tile German pfancs shot out of the sky over Bruns wick in a sharp a number of olhrrs were listed as destroyed on the Ger man craft destroyed by bombers have nol yet been The Germans always have de fended he Brunswick area vi gorously against refealcd Am erican one of the most rcrent when 81 German and 29 American bombers and eisht fighters were lost Both todays attacks were made through clouds and bad flying The Paris radio went off the nir at 10 indicating the RAF might be raiding the The spurt shown by the German air force together with its success In downing 5 of tliclgreat British force ofmore than planeswhich concentrated on Ber lin on the night of March proves that the Nazi air force still has teeth even though It does not bite very often nny The Nail fighter planes swarmed up like in angry hive of Single and Iwlncngln ed Nazi fighters met the bomb ers over occupied territory and harrasscd them to the target ivhcrf a niltl dogfight de veloped wilh the sky a mass of weaving and twisting On the way back from Brunswick of the escort planes swoop ed below the overcast to shoot up a number of enemy found on the Sortie of the nine bombers report ed mtsslhc miy have been lost from the small force of LUteratpro which carriedout the on GOTHAM COUPLE QUADRUPLETS NEW March 28 sturdy girls and a bom today io and Harry The hospital reported tlic a former and the quadruplets as do ing exceptionally The born at Sloane Hos pital lor Women this were New Yorks first quadruplets In Two of the girls weighed live one weighed four 12 and the boy four 13 The a wcllcircssert man with dark shiny hair and a small appeared a little very happy hut nol sur He had since last he that his 27 yearold would have multiple Zaricf Is an assistant concert master with the Columbia Broad casting The mother has been al the hos pital more Chan six The Zarlefs have civ other a sixyearold II 3 If 3 I riirh xnif lo ind llith in and last ffcnpcritiirri o samt dalt lul ytir tMl mofntne l lonittil Shy of iMarch Bond Goal i Taylor county war bond sales i reached last night i against a iuota of leaving to be sold in the remain ing two days of I County Chairman M Caldwell made a final pica for Taylor llans not to fall behind In this monthly assessment and to keep up the good bond buying record of Corpus Printers Still Meeting COnPUS March 3S IVA committee Local 528 of th Typographical Union mcl with the publishers of the Caller Times and Joseph com missioner o the United States con ciliation MI vice today hut th paper said tonight no agreement was reached o end a lator The afternoon Timcf appeared in abbrevialtd form as did the mom Ing Calkr as the union printers continued a meeting which started at The newspapers sent with arrangements tn continue printing Newsmen Expect FDR Victory Xfarcll A majority of 50 Washington cor respondents polled Ijy Newsweek magazine expressed Ihe lielluf present indications to a RooseveltWallace tickcl winning licit November over a DeweyWar ren War and popular unwillingness lo change horses in was the principal reason advanced for the The newsmen picked Presldcnl Iloosevclt and Thomas Dew ey to win the Democratic and Re publican prcMdentfnl nominations bill the margin forecasting n Democratic victory at Ihe noils was to 22 with 2 The asked Die most likely and second mosi likely Demo cratic presidenlial as II Inks gave Roosevelt 49 first choices and Secretary Hull Roosc vcll BO 9 second Hull 10 Senator Byrd vicepresident Wal lace 3 Speaker Rayburn with other voles Twentyfour picked Wallace as Ihe most likely running mate for while 14 selected Kay BURMA TO BE MASSACRE SCENES By LEONARD MILL1MAN Associated 1ress War Editor Violent ciouth for thousands more Japanese in the few tnys in Burma and Bougainville from entrapment an a suicidal quest lor glory was predicted today by America Joseph Stilwell reported his Chinese force had trapped Nipponese soldiers in a gooseegg shapei sector of Mogaung valley in Northern Burma by loopin through the The Chinese came out on the mail road behind the enemy force which has been stubbornly re sisting frontal attacks for a I cant conceive of the Japs lasting more than 10 days longer on said Robert Beightler of comman der of the 37th Theyre already impotent as a fighting x He estimated conservative Dies at Ballinger March 23 Cordelia pioneer resident of Runnels died Wednesday following an Illness of two Funeral will be conducted nt 3 Thursday from the Acncw chapel with the i pastor of the Methodist i assisted by the retired Bap tist Hiirial will be in Evergreen I Mrs a native of Tcn was to Ihe late Thomas in Iffio in ordered the union to go tack lo rThts board U not impressed by information that employes are hold in a continuous of the the boirds order The board believes tile employes ar engaging In a Pioneer Dies March Nfrs Hcssie Seharbawr wid ow of Genrpe pioiver rancher oil died here to Her husband died five weeks Funeral tenins will bo held at She is survived by three Jack Thonm of Ausin three Ernest Gaston of Austin Williams both of llallln two George Van Dyke of Waco and Charlie Van Dyke of Gatesville 22 granrtchtl dien and nine great Odd Combination March volunteer reported after an OPA price sums of Hill ccunly More sold only and ly Japanese have died in fu gloryseeking attacks on that Northern Sclomon Anoth er ranking officer estimated 0000 were Reminiscent of pirate days on the China Ihe Chinese Cen tral News agency reported guerrillas had captured a fully loaded Japa nese ship near A Chinese mine a liner in the same Allied planes bombed Japanese over n mile nrc from Timor in the Dutch East Indies lo Gcnernl MacArthur announced Fires set in the Penfoei airrircme and barracks area on Timor were visible tor 20 Along the arc bombers hit Hol enemy shipping and in Dutch New Guinea New Britain New The iiiKsiblHIr hat Ameri can Central 1aclflc forces may tic preparing for an invasion of rouapc appeared today in a report Hint a Navy search plane hail a second group of tlic flanking the Poaapc Is 410 miles casl of pivot of Japans Caroline island In Japanese hands it guards the eastern approaches to In American possession It would be the closest base for a continuous neutralizing air attack on Truk trcm three A lauding on Ponape would also cut off another of Truk 350 miles to the The Japanese indicated they were pre paring to ward oft a possible In vasion when they sent up 15 Inter ceptors Sunday against the sixth consecutive bcmbtng raid on Ponape and the 21si In five Mine or 12 of tlic interceptors were shot raid was followed tip Monday by Ihc first attack on Pa Id miles Ant Island ten miles west of was twice raided last Only weak antiaircraft fire put up by isolated Japanese on four Marshall inland jrarri sens Navy and Marine planes rame nvcr Mon day for their daily bombing and alrafinft In Burma and possibly were shot doun tlir tint two nf the a loss of only three Allied Acrosi trv border on the Indian frontier trooiv to new position under the contin uous pressure cf Japanese pmirms out of the In the Lklmil 32 miks el This Is Ihc most nf three Japsmve thnisls to cut Al lied supply to Tlie central column held ore small read hlock while the Britten reported further successful operations south of small Japanese penetrated closer to Imphal alon supply Chinese in North Bur Allies Withdraw AtCassino Hill lo Reduce Loss ALLIED Na March 23 and Nen Zealand troops have been with drawn from the steep eastern faci of Monastery and the blood struggle to take that fomiidabli height will have to be undertaker anew when the Allied drive foi Casslno gnlns momentum Wiry Indian gurkhas who clunj If their dangerous perch on Hang mans hill 100 yards below the luincd Benedictine abbey lor weeks camo back down las night and they were followed b the lough New Zealanders who hel Hill 202 farther down Ihe slopo The In their casernes to conquer the fortress like Monastery hill which corn the valley for miles around passed completely over two of the objectives In the night March 15 and landed on Hangman hill far ahead of The could be supplied there only by ali With Allied troops Inside Casstn Itself unable lo go lo the rescue here was no point in holding th advanced ncsilions any longei While a strong diversionary was laid down by Allied artillcr et another last th fcurkhas and New Zealander slipped back down the hill withou loss rejoined their Continue Search For Girls Killer March 29 De terlives tracing events which led t he fatal stabbing of Joyce Hauls 14yearold on city dump Tuesday motiilng hunt ed tonipht for a man about 30 year who was reported to have of ffred her if she would him Monday The story of this mans advance to the girl was given to Russe chief of county rteectives and other Investigators by a yearold war worker who said hi spent much pf the weekend wltj Joyce after she left her home Fri Her with bruises Ebout th head and nith both lunjs pimc lured by deep stab wa found en the lonely dump near De western city limits TAiesda An autcpjy disclosed n evidence that she had been rap althojch her clothing was ton and parts of it were fMiRr IOC fefl from the ma and west were reported cnnosUlon gains In the south fiorce ill Passes March TheSenate passed today and sen lo the White House a deficiency appropriations bill aftt yielding to House demands for th elimination of a appro priation for the Commodity CrW Corporation and for tti Office of ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

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Issue Date: March 30, 1944