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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - March 19, 1944, Abilene, Texas Fear Nazis Will Inundate Holland To Slow Up Invasion Of Allies RED CROSS FUND (OSS WAR FUND CAMPAIGN IOX SCORE Ceunly quota Contributioni Saturday to dote RAF, Americans Ham See Story Col. 4 and 5: SUNDAY BOMB 960 M Doolittle's Raiders Only Bombers Advancing Deeper By LEONARD MILL1MAN Associated Press. War Editor Pressing against the Japanese from northeast and south- west, Americans dropped bombs 960 miles from Tokyo in (he deepest penetration .vet of Nipponese soil by Und-bascd bombers and also carved two airfields out of Ihe jungles be- hind enemy lines in Burma. A solitary Aleutian based AH' bombel' Thursday at- Abilene Officer Dies in Action Capt. Allan E. Markowltr, 28, of Abilene, cousin of A. Schein and Mrs. killed'in ac tion in-Italy Feb. 8, while serving as 'a medical battalion commander in the 36th division. Orphaned- in. early childhood, he was reared by hts Mr Schein, local merchant, who was his guardian. He resided in Abilene i. ta.yearjs before entering high school at Kcmper Military school. Follo CAPT. ALLAN E. MAfKoUrl. Ing graduation there he enlered the university of Texas and had taken his Doctor of Medicine degree and finished interneships In City hospi- tal of Cleveland, O. and Bradford Memorial hospital of Dallas when he entered the Army in Julv 1941 Captain Markowitz had served tn Africa. with the 36th when it became thi first American group to land on European continental soil at Salerno. He also fought in the Hapido bridgehead bsttli near Cas- sino. He is survived by his wife. Sue Reich Markowilz of Cleveland Heights, O.. a sister, Jeanette Pil- Jar of Hollywood. and n brother. John, of Pecos. west from Japan proper. Aside from Maj. Gen. James Doolittle's carrier raid on Tokyo, no American bomber has been so close to the heart of Nippon. It was one of a dozen bombing raids in the Pacific, extending over miles, reported yesterday by Adm. Chester W. Nimitz. Over the Pacific American bomb- ers made three strikes at the Kurile islands, four at-the Central Paci- fic Marshalls and two in the East- ern Carolines. All planes returned Nimitz said. Paramushiro, Kurile naval 'base, and Shumushu', northernmost of the '-Kurties, vu LESJROM TOKYO Rallies Boost Red Cross Fund three times by AlEuhari-bas- planes Wednesday 'ind Thurs Son Antonio Gets Major Air Center ANTONIO. March Ean Antonio, after April 15 will be the largest aiv forces center in the entire United States, according (o a telegram Saturday, received from Paul J. Kilday. member of Coii- gress from this district. The congressman reported that the entire army air forces installa- tions at Miami Beach. Ha., consist- ing ol officer candidate schools and basic training units are being mov- ed to SanAntonio beginning Sattir- day. Personnel approximating is to be Involved In striking at Slatsum, Am- ericin tlrraen by-passtd hall a of (he 30 odd islands of the Hurtles which lead like i row of stepping stones toward Tokyo.-The new Urjet is more than ISO miles closer to Tokyo than Faramushlro. Four atolls were attacked In the Marshalls, while to the southwest, Kusaie. easternmost of tlie Caro- lines, was attacked for the eighth :ime this month and Oroluk raid- ed for the fourth lime this week. They are eastern outpoit.s of Trti'K, 3lvot of Japan's Central Pacific de- .ense. Tank-led American soldiers drove against the elaborate defenses of the town of torengau. last Japa- lese stronghold in the admiralty slands, guarding the northern rance to Ihe Bismarck sea. The attack started Friday nojij. gen- eral MacArthur reported today, dis- mounted cavalrymen piessirig on rom Lorengau airdrome in the hird dav oi their invasion of Manus sland. In some places they ctack- ti the well-prepared defenses South Pacific air forces heavllv raided Rabaul. New Britain, and nearby Kavieng. New Ireland, on the eastern flank of the Bismarck sea. On the west W'ewak was blast- td for the seventh straight day and tor the second successive time of- fered no air opposition. Night bombers ranging over Dutch New Guinea caught a Japanese con- voy off the port of Hollandia Two 6.000 ton freighters. ships for this area, were damaged. Sugar for Canning Available Again WASHINGTON. March Sugar for home canning, the Office of Price Administration advlsrri to- day, will be available tn housewives a' same rate as last year--a Heads maximum of 25 pounds for each family member. LITTLE ROOK March Five lrollnds tllc allotment ran Hugh D. Wallace of Little Rock was! 'e witn Stamp M elevated to the presidencv nf L. j" R, Book Fedcral Home Loan Ba, of U .Brjlnmng next Thursday la- Rock at a meeting of the Cd" f K 7 directors todav. The former riri i M additional supply, up Red Cross war fund drive contributions hit Saturday night thanks to the untiring efforts of Maj. David Evans, MRTC special service officer, the MRTC bands- men, the spontaneous re- sponse to many West Texas shoppers in the business sec- tions and the alert work of Red Cross workers. It was Red Cross rally day down- town and Hie folk who Jammed the streets at any of the five locations were Major Evans and hts Red Cross lineup set up "business" If they didn't know before just why it Is so Important for Taylor county to reach Its quota of In this borne front campaign. The day's c o n t r i b u t amounted to which JJ.855.78 was directly attribut- ed to the rallies. That figure may not sound like a lot of money, said Roscoe Blan- ke'nship, vice chairman of the drive but It represented' contributions TCI likely woiild nol.havc._goUen other. wise largely contributions fron youngsters as well as grownups who had previously donated to (he cause "How much does America mean to Major Evans nskcd as Ret Cross workers took Abilenians' an- swers in pledges nnd cash ranging downward from the S1CO mark. "Will you help brins a boy back from he asked. "You aren't making n sacrifice the 36th di vision Is the only unit represent- ing you In real sacrifice. "It's all rich! for rnr bojs and the nth division, and for your bojs to 50 to war, but what are yon dolni in bring them back when the irar Is over? IVhf n n America soinj to realize we're in a war, he demanded. "And who told you we had this war cinched? Some folks are actual- ly' contending the 36th division, and ihose other boys, will be home for Christmas. What Christmas he asked? "The was isn't won. yet: and may I ask: What good is your money if we lose Major Evans interviewed small children before the microphone, ac- cepting (heir dollars for the Red Crow, while members of the Red Sre RED CROSS. Pg. I, Col. 1 Dutch sources say German occupation forces coulH an.1 Would fload these areas IT n Besides land actually .below sea level, other sccllbns could he put ulldcr water by divert- mio low-tying stretches. (AP Wirepholoj, ACT WOULD UNDO WORK OF CENTURIES BY DUICH By ADRIAAN K. VAX RIEMSDI.IK (Anela Sprcial Correspniirlcnll IWrlltfn tar The VlssoriKecl Press) rnm I that "HI iwtror Ihe complex dramate sjsltm, undoirj the work of centurirs more than h.ir nf Holland under water, have ton aro, Sed by f poru s (rom s" by drain- .ored .hit areas In Holland, and undoubtedly will destroy any ffhlch mifhl conceivably be til use to an Allied invasion force. Should the Germans succeed in these plans. Ilicv would be revcrs- e and Waal ers, thus cutting the Germans off from I Kn Reds Pouring Through Nazi Ukraine Line (iLONDON, Mar. Tlie Red army pouring un checked through the brokei German front in the Ukraine captured Yampol on (lie Dniester river border of pre war Rumania today and an- nounced the near destruction of the German Sixth army, with more than Nazi casualties, in an 11-day battle northeast of Nikolaev' The Russians listed Ger- iians killed and captured In the rout of the sixth atmy, recon stituted since its historic capitula lion at Stalingrad. The offkial British Bovcniment radio after announcins the news thai the Russians had reached flu- nania broadcast a warning to (hat Axis Satellite to get out of (he war 'a; once." The Russians niiijouurrrt i resoundlnt serin of successes on all Ukrainian fronts from Dubno In prt-irar Polind down to the enclrrlrrl Black sea port of Nlkoliev. In two orders of the by Marshal Stalin, the nlfhtly communl- jiue a sjitrial communique Issued In siKcwslcn. .'hey, were pursuing. 40 P 50 German -dlviilons across the muddy Ukraine farmlands. The victory over (he jlnxed Ger- man sixth, army One at the most notable of the war. the Rus- lans listing nine German divisions as liquidated, another so badly cut un it could not light, and ten otli- ers soundly whipped but still re- taining what ihe special communi- -some fighting capa- The remnanls of this army were declared now fleeing westward In- dividually or In small groups Identify Body Of Berkeley Gl Body of soldier found on A ranch near Camp Barkeley In January has Frankfurt Objective Of Main Air Raids Ihe American operation against industrial installa- tions at Augsburg. FYicdnch- shafen and other targets cost 43 U. S. bombers and 10 fighters. The U. s. attacking force was re- feired to In the communique as Mug "in very great strength." It was estimated at nearly 2.000 planes Including the Lightnings Thunder- and Mustangs Rhlch (iirnlsh- ed the escort. H was Irarnril Julhnrllallve- lv early loilay thai nlsht raid- "s of Hit British Lomhfr com- m.inrl had iwtf( om ,he Rtkh Frankfurt, thflr main objer- tlve, Is the horn? nf many trtut faclories inrludlnj .Ircr.fl Plants unit Is ,h German chemical Inriiislrr was hlt Ia5t Tuesday bv !AP Masriultos. It received Us last Irom heavy bombers on Feb and n week before that u s' Flying Fortresses nmdc a heavy at-' taci on its Industrial targets American fighters In yesterday's destroyed '38 trtemy Planes, But the numbLer ot Nazi to M lhe the bombers BaJ not'announced The escorting repre.semrt some of scparatf blow by thr RAF at night U is 30 miles northwest of MUII- WOUNDED COLORADO PRIVATE BACK TEMPLE. March addillonal battle-scarred Te.vans (ill members of the 3Sth division' arrived at Ihe Army's McCloskey .General hospital here yesterday. They were rtc. Alfred o. H. Leal, Borrnc: Pfc. W. More- land. I.orcna: Pfc William J. Svooorta. Shiner; Pfc. Jack Mlze. Colorado Cilr. urn) Sri. Curtis I. Oswalt, Xtllern. Leal was wounded by mortar thrapnel near San Pielro Dec. 15. He was hit in the right arm and shoulder, when his unit stormed enemy positions. j Morcland has been with the 35th eince it wa? mobilized. Hfs company commander was Captain Guy Ros- al Waco. He received a b'Jllel wound through the righS hand De- cember 8 at. Venefro while engag- ed in close fighting with the enemy. both Miie, II, was hll hj trenade and s Oecereber 16. He received count- less wntmiis In both Ipps, ]ff[ arm. Irft tool, both hips hlnd Mon- n Ka -.....-..I...... i...u ,tl numiutn tne vi Netherlander.1! hoped to sc.il off from the Germans all North and Smith Holland and Zceland nrovii Grotilngen and Fricslnnd. Brsirtcs those areas nciuallv hr-' w i other sections also can he put under water by diverting .'he some stretches of tow-Kins hnrt. me ruerj haiislion or heart lallure! Tlie soldier's home address was Corry. Pa. His mother Is Mrs. Drll Kimiry .who lives at 1M 1-2 Brooke street. In COIT.V. U. William R. Derr tell Abilene Mediterranean area, ii has tircn an nmmccrl by lhe War rteuarlmem" (he Unllrd Press disclosed last nlchl' Sgt. .Veasomr M Georgia R. tir-xfnme al Snrelwafer whilr Pic. Talley Ihicrt his lather J I West Texans Norther, Rain Get DFC Awards iHits Abilene "'.j'' yesterday as attriidant accompany- i Talley as Ihr ne'st'eTlIln" !ine the to Corry. Sgi. Turkrr gave his molhfr's i 1 he bodv was found on Hit Tom! name. Mrs Mshcll Tucker as hli 10 Drummond ranch about, three miles ar kin. __ north of View on Jan. H. A rifle I--------------------------------_____ found on the ranch the preceding day by John Ocon, a ranch hand. Ird In the discovery of the body by camp officials. He had leportcd finding the rifle to the ranch owner who art- vised Camp Barkcicy officials. id and 1 Itmprrttarti to 9 War Announced of r :Scurry County lops i Red Cross Quota The recipients were Wtll-'i blew inio iam M, Robert's o! Kwerli-.j'er and j c tMf V'-'lcrrlay allnnoon piish- 16th St.. Bis Spring. i degrees In Both of the men namerl members T-I tempx-raiiirr Mood a: 40 At- lasi iiuriy "uMi m inp men namrn. mrniDcrs of the U. S. Army Eijhrh Bomb-! cr Command in England. com pletcd at lea.n 2.) combat miwlon. in Flving Fortresses er.emy occuytcd Europe, fairt thr announce mcnt. minutes himglr.. rlou Thf -.Idrlc cilv al i-30 wind" nrtn- rir rb i liorlirr In I rJr i ,nc nf SNVDEH. Marrh IS _ jfipli- Scurry county is over the lop In the Reel drive with a total of S12.2.50 nsaimt a q-.ioln of aiuinuucrd Chainiian K. O. VVcriue- worth. Thf Hrrmlrieh rommumiy raised community KI4.25 Ara" 'fWln't 80 awinst ALBANY SERGEAN1 KILLED IN ACCIDENT IN ENGLAND fife from War rieparlmnil. I Scrscanl t'S.VF M 'Jlcaiy BnnrV.- .Sqiiaclron, had been overseas a h o ti t S2lrl5' K-riy combat Inf. east to :hc nort dropjwd 13 ricerf Union men carry the tiny medal, Webster said. Floyd cold n i -e fo'er fr n B n'35 rffltctfd of lhc Crcd.t Union Oiliican shipnrd in Xo- vrmbor and irachrrt Er.tlarnl on Dec. H, 1313 Born in BwokMlle. Pa.. June 3 I.'IO. he was a of Brook- lilsh .vhool. He camp to Al- bar.y with thr Hraly Drilling rom- In Fcbruarv nnrl later waj fmnJo.iTrf Groover and Rose Oil He was lo Mary Relle Parsons in Albany. Jan. 29. 19JS. Siiriivurs Include his wife' his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gilli.iart ol Brookttllr, Pa.: five sistc-rs and three brother.'. Sophronia Gillisarv and Cijitnce of Brookville. Robert i nf Warren. Ohio: Sgt. Ednard Gll- of rresncs Calit.. Mrs. Dive In aerial sinmrry. rrrclved his wings Honadlf. Erlp. Pa Mrs Walt and was pron-.o-.i-tl to Serjeant. Schmidt r-f Media. PA Mr- Willis From tarcdo IIP went in Salt' and Mrs. Herman Hohe. Pitts- Lake where he assigned to i, burgh, PJ. three moiitii? lor service 1 t J. SfrsMiii Gllliean rcrfivcrt basic training al Duncan licld. Ssn AntPiiio. F i o m Ihere he wrm :o Uibbock Army air lielrt for monllis and Ihrn lo where he com- plelert Ihr ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: March 19, 1944