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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - March 12, 1944, Abilene, Texas BOX SCORE ON RED CROSS DRIVt County quota Contributioni Saturday Conttibutioni to Mme Reporter SUNDAY VOL. LXHI, NO. 269 A TEXAS NEWSPAPER WITHOUT OR WITH (Wf-KSE TO KRfKNDS OR FOKS WK SKIiTCH YOUR WORLD f-XACTLV AS IT ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 12, 1944 -THIRTY-FOUR PAGES IN THREE Pre" FIVE CENTS om .EISENHOWER WATCHKS PRE-INVASION SHOW-Gen. Dvvight D. Eisenhower, Com- 'niandcr-in-Chicf, Allied Invasion Forces, points out a hit of interesting action to his dep- uty, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder, right, who also finds it a worthy subject at the American armored unit prc-invasinn show "somewhere in (Is'EA Nazi's Black Sea Line Cracked RED GROSS FUND TOTALS Highway Junction Falls LtDNDON, Sunday, Mar. 42 ed' a spectacular new bridge- head across the; wide Dnieper river in the' last 60-mile stretch, held by the Germans 4ear. the Black sea yesterday and captured the district cen- L_ ,._ uisijatiuiia uj ter of Benslav, only ,37-miles; WI ltr Jlwt 0[ but above the big sea'-port ot ,hat he is hc Kherson, Moscow loday. Bcristav is a highway hub tor al war fund "Taylor count.t Saturday night stood representing 3T 1-2 percent ol the quota. Campaign Chairman Ed Stewart faid ihe day's donations of least Tour major roads branching j out into the Ukraine. "Unites of x formation forced the Dnieper during Ihe night (Friday- and after a vigorous at- tack captured Berislav, district cen- ter ot the Nikolaev the mid- night Moscow communique an- nounced. Bother Russian forces at the north- western end of the' flaming 500- tnile Ukraine front were reported still fighting In the streets of Tar- nopol at the end of the third day of battle for tlie strategic rail toira. ,Tnc Moscow communique and Its county can push over the top by next Saturday night. The drive leaders had hoped to reach the halfway mark by last night. From Elmon Kerby at Tuscola came the report of col- lected in that south iTaylor town through yesterday. This figure, how- ever, will not be added to the grand total until It clears the local of- fice. Stewart said he knew of several thousand dollars that had been col- lected in the county but had not been cleared through the WAC shack headquarters on Pine street. The day's 100 percent firms and organizations list included Agricul- tural building, Jack's Military store, Service Parts Co., Cliff English Co., Moscow communique ann its Service Rpplement gave few dclails of the J Zenith. Cleaners, Fratcy and Co Russian crossing but for the first Draughon's Business college South-' time spoke of figbfinz "southwest western Peanut. Co., Abilene Bed- snd south of Aposlolovo." Sir Bernard Predicts War End in 1945 LONDON, Mar. 11 Gen. Sir Bernard L. Mont- gomery declared today that "we have got this war abso lutcly gripped in a firm hold and the enemy cannot es- but he predicted that the fighting would probably extend into next year. In anoiher confident expression, Gen. Divight D. Eisenhower, su prcine commander ot the Allied in- vasion forces, told graduates at the Royal Military college at Sand- hurst that lie hoped to meet them soon, east of Ihe Rhine. Montgomery, commander of Brit- ish ground forces under Eisenhower, told vs-ar workers on a lour of tank and xun plants' that: "I have not the slightest doubt that If the bat- tle front and home front really get down lo It tills year, we can get the thing almost, so tightly that next year we will just topple It over." "A( Ihe end of this year, if not sooner, we shill hare It just about right for toppling he added. Elsenhower told the young offi- cers al Britain's "West Point" that "A small unit of leadership will win Ihe forthcoming ground battle. You must master your Job, "and master It quickly." Colorful Sir Bernard, of British Blh Army fame, who took a day off from training the invasion force to inspect and chat with 'the men and making tools for the at tack, was .cheered when he remark- cci. on the changes that had oc- the dayi of Dun- Muenster Raid Climaxes Best Air Raid Week LONDON, Mar. 11 bonlbers "I gofVushed Into the sea my- selt at unpleasant. But we are doing (he'pushing now." lie said. Abilene Boiler Works, Abilene high school teachers and employes, Sun Electric Sanders Appliance Co, Refrigeration Supply' A: 'Electric Co., Abilene Electric Co., Berry Ra- dio Shop, Cosby Hadio Shop, North Junior high school teachers and em- ployes, -McCarty Manufacturing Co., Abilene Arfa "rent office, Tay- lor County War Price and Ration- ing Board, Dr. A. D. McMurrlan of- fice. Dr. G. O. Wood office. Dr. W. R. C.'Allen office. Dr. J. A. Wolfe office snd Southwest Products Co. Fisher Is Over Red Cross Quota ROTAN, March lllc 1 EiIII 3 caled thai RAI- night bomb- the allack on Bcgcnsburg Kcb 25 isr radio fai.ed to come Bombers in waves in wlih Its regular 10 pin. news bulletin and the Luxembourg trairs- Ing down because o! (he approach of enemy aircraft." The Frankfurt radio then broadcast a warning that airplanes were reported In the alert area. The. operation of (be American bombers was the Hth Ihis month for the Allied based in England. Meeting no opposition from en- emy fighters. Fortresses bombed Mueiuler through an overcast, using navigational instruments. U. S. headquarters nnitouiiced. This transportation center is in Western Germany 35 tulles from the Neth- erlands border. Liberators Attacked the P3i-de- Calals area, where enemy emplace- ments threaten the Allies' shortest invasion route from Britain. Thunderbolt lighters, meanwhile, swept over occupied territories and strafed airdromes and enemy gun positions. No bombers were lost In the day's operations, but four fighters were missing. Il was the third time tilat Ameri- can heavy bombers have hit Ger- many Kitrinul Vpre'vious. "perfect records'" having been set November. Muenster bombers were Ihe first all-silver Fortress group lo at- tack Germany. U had none of the old dim-colored camouflage which has been dropped to save 50 pounds of weight. All new ships arriving here are silver-colored, and old Fortresses are being stripped. infantry divi- sion has been in almost ac- tion on the Airno beachhead since Jan. 24, it was officially announced today, and bore (he lion's share of the task of turning buck the Germans' second big offensive here The division which fouslit acrosi Sicily and up nle Kalian uenln- a a major seuernl from Indiana Thc 45th originally was composed of men from Oklahoma. New Mexico, but this section- on onoti. e secon iv In five days, was made by Liber- whittled away by alors with an escort of u'slilninss today the unit has men from mosl of List Passengers Aboard Gripsholm The Weather V. S. DEfARTMKNT Ol WEATHER BUREAU ABii.r.xi: .vxn vtcixnv: PI and rfllder lodif ind frrih lo >tronE todir, dEmtr in( lonlikl. FAST TF.XAS: rlooij So, nlthl ind In n

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: March 12, 1944