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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - March 5, 1944, Abilene, Texas West Texas Citizens Urged lo See Red Cross Parade Monday NEWS TEIEMATSJ FIRST IN WEST TEXAS SUNDAY OK WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES SfxicH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT VOL. LXI1I, NO. 262 A TEXAS 3mU, NEWSPAPER ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MARCH PACKS IN THREE SECTIONS XworiaKd Prns n Casualty List Mexico-U. S. Water Treaty Probe Pushed "WASHINGTON, March Chairman Sumners iD-Tex) of the House Judiciary committee will ex pedlte his committee's investigation of the constitutionality ot the re cently Mcncd Mexican-United Str.tc water treaty, he. saM today. Sumners said he personally vroiili considerable time to the iuves tigatlon. Station Destroyed LONDON. March Yuio slav Partisan headquarters report tonight In R broadcast communl que that Its lltli corps had destroy ti the railway station and a tral at Rakek, and that in a two-da bailie near Ljubljana 230 German were slfiin and Iwo armored train and transport Iraln were dettro) ed. containing a note o! reproach at the manner of premier heard of the proposal, f-ald the hcad-ol Ihc Mate "reserves Ihc risht to acl accovd- inch" upon receiving more detailed Intel ination. It was learned Allied rciircicnlalives also had had no of- ficial word of the plan and were awaiting it before replying to Bado- glio. The statement reiterated the Bad- oelio government's determination to ,-oopcrate ''to the best of its possi- bililics" with the U. S.. Great Brit- ain and Russia, and its wish to de- velop and strengthen "this coopera- Namcs of two west Ccnlral Tex- lion in Ihe intercuts ol Italians and ns were contained In a War DC- o! Ine common cause." isrlmcnt casualty list made pub-1 the Italian fleet prncwd- ic Saturday nisht. Tlic men. bo'.h I rrt vnitr istcd as wounded in action In Ihc Central Pacific area, are: Pvl. Ar- W. Breedine. of Hugh Breeding, Cross Plains and Ar Lepke Executed For Rosen Death OSSINING, N. Y., March Louis tLcpke) Buchaltcci and two of his accomplices, Emanucl (Mcn- dy> Weiss and Louis Capone, asso- ciates in "Murder, died to- night in the electric chair at Sing Sin? prison for the 1936 murder of Joseph Rosen, Brooklyn candy store proprietor. Earlier In the day the U. S. su- preme court denied Buchaltcr his final lesal bid to live as the con- victed bow of Murder, Inc.. issued a statement protesting his innocense and denying he offered to "talk" In exchange for his life. Lepke's hope for life through the courts was exhausted 10 hours be- fore execution lime when the high court refused a petition that would have caused another stay of the ex ecu lion. About the time the supreme court was considering an appeal to review a lower court denial of a writ ulti- mately designed (o return leplee lo ,'cdcral custody. Lepke's wife. Rct- ty, gave this statement to reporters at a restaurant within the prison's shadow, saying it was Irom her hus- band: "I am anxious lo have It clearly understood that 1 did not offer to alk and give- information In ex- hange for any promise of a com- .utatlon of death sentence. did not ask for that. I insist hat I nm not guilty of the Rosen murrier. that Ihe witnesses against T.C lird and thai I (lid not receive fair trial." lis to be cleared by local traffic South Mli to'-jst, Pine from North 1st to 5th, North Sth trbm Pine to Cypress, Cvpress from North Sth lo.Ut. Will Watson, general cliairaia'ri of the 'parade, has lined up a live section array of military equipment, some types of which have never been displayed before In this section, beautiful Red Cross floats depleting the various phases London radio, quoting said the had reached Ihe high- way linking Uie'lwo Germin fortreises of Pskov Ostrov. the broidcMl wtt recorded bj of this great world wide orgmlzar cn] importance.1 lion, nine bands including three crack military organizations from Camp Barkcley. and hundreds of flag bearers both mounted by horse- back and marching. And. too. there will be an elc- No other details were given b the official bulletin, which for th past three days has given unusually bilef accounts of the war. Berlin reports, however, indicated a gen- eral slackening by both sides on the eastern.front because of unseason- able thaws, "Where operations were started with heavy forces they have at present slackened to actions of lo- said a Berlin quoting Ihe Transocean correspondent, Walter By LKONAIU) MILLIMAN Associated I'ress War Kililor Three thousand Japanese have been killed and wound- od by reinforced Texas cavalrymen in the first five days the battle for Los Ncgros island in the Admiralty, 'Gen. Douglas MiicArthur announced today. of the Japanese were mowed down as they charg- ed in successive waves throughout Friday night and early Saturday morning into the lethal fire of the dismounted First Cavalry. Seven hundred were buried on the edge of Momotc airdrome, captured by the invaders when they land- ed Tuesday. "Again and again his (the enemy's) forces hurled them- selves against nur lines in an nccssant but futile effort to Ihe MacAi'lliur said. "Wave after wave was destroyed before his forces fi- lally recoiled in complete de- feat after one of the fiercest encounters of -the war." Against these surprising losses only 61'Americans were killed and 244 wounded. After stopping the attacking foices, the Americans prepared to continue their advance behind low- flylnj warphncs. American destroyers moved tn close to nearby Mnnus island, source of Japanese reinforcements pour- ing onto Los Negros, and slitllei Sead'.cr harbor tl.Lpttnuu, Adm.' William P. Haisjy's bomb ers returned to' Rabaul, after weather hnd forced a one day lay off, and sank two cargo ships eft a gunboat In flames. ihant in Ihe line of march, carry- ug a Red Cross mirse lo depict, the organization's activities tn Burma Hid India. One float will have monkeys In a Jungle setting ns background for nurses' activities at the front in the South Pacific jungles. Heading (he long military section will he high ranking officers from Camp Barkelcy and the Abilene Army Air Bate. Among those who definitely have accepted lo ride in the parade in staff.cars are Gen. Roy C. Itellc- bowcr. commander of Ihe Medical Replacement Training center, and Col. Victor w. B. Wales, Camp aarkeley ccmmander. Other high ranking officers have been Invited to participate, announced Walls Akin, parade marshal. broadcast military Plato. "The near future will reveal whe her the calming down Is a result of the mud period which set In early this year or whether It is merely a pause for the bringing up of new Sovlel divisions which Is ndicatcd by concentrations In va- rious sectors of the Iront." Other Berlin said the en- tire front was a morass as rain and thaw deteriorated roans. [in D. Strickland, son of Dan J. Strickland, Knox City. Cotton Loon Plan Announced by WFA lo-vine Italy's unconditional sur- icnricr last September.'.Italian crrws are still attached to most of the and some units have parti- cipated in escort work and other Allied naval operations with Ital- ian officers and men al their posts. State to Ask Early Trial for Lonergon NEW YORK. March sl'iant District Attorney Jacob Gru- WASHINGTON'. March Tlic War Food administration nounced todav a scheclule of pre-jnict said today hr would s.kk jn miums snrt dlffrmms which aill be eene scions court fsrly nrxl applicable under the 1944 Commnd- I wrrk that a new dale, he .'ft and a ty Credit corporation cotton loan r.pw panel 'of br chrv-ci preoram. (far Iht fir.st (iesrcc murrifr' trial nj The schedule is dcsienert to en- courage a' greater production ol longer length cotton needed for the war program. 1 Complete details on the 1914 loan program will not be announced tll shortly before the beginning of the cotton marketing year on Aug- ust I. However, the WFA said the basic loan rale would be M per cent of Ihe partly price for cotton as of Alittist 1 Wayr.r Lonergan. Lonergan's trial for the bludgeon- of liis wife. Patricia in her bedroom Is.st October cndet S'csterday when Judge John J Freschl dismissed a special Jury panel and directed Lonergan's at tomcy to appear new Friday ti show why he should not be cited fo contempt of f.-ourt for his trip t Canada which delayed the tria twice. Jn charge of Ihc military WFA Boosts Dairy Products Subsidy WASHINGTON', March Tlie War Food administration noui'.ccd sharp increases today in It subsidy rates for dairy produclioi hi March ar.d April ami promised Bl the same time lo re-c.vnmlne re turns lo Ihc producer from milk used in such products as cheese evaporated milk, butter and skin Ihe Weather f. s. nr.rARTMr.XT nr cOMMtucr Wr.ATIirR RVRFAV .SNn Vl( IXITI-; Parity Jiy ind w.rmr'r featured by armored unils ar.d the crack division hand from the 12th Armored division, will be Col. Jack RV3I1. The MUTC also will have a strong representation of men and equip- ment, including the 66lh battalion icolcrcd) band and the 355th Army band. "There have been numerous requests by horsemen and youths wilh ponies lo rMc In Ihe saiil Director Watson. "We deeply appreciate their in- (rrrsf. hut II be impossible lo allow participants on horsc- tnrk nlhrr than Ihe members ol Hit Sheriff's MarHln- I Simmons flag hearers and par- adr nl.-o snirt no commercial vehicles will be allowed. rent First Top Quota Of Red Cross The subsidy program is desig lo compensate dairsmrn for In creases in production costs since the Oilier of Price administration established ceilings on milk last >car. new ratrs on milk vary from minimum of 50 cents lo a maxi- mum of 80 cents per hundred pounds. Farmers selling buttcrfat rather than whole milk will get a flat subsidy of eight cents a pound. Eastern outpotts at thr Caro- line hlandl, fiurdinj: Truk from Ihe C'entrnl Pacific American f f ft v e, we re bombed by four-enjtlned Army Mheraton Thursday, Admiral Chester W. Nlmlti announced jesltrdiy. Shipping facilities were hit i Kusallc, easternmost of Ihc Caro incs, while Ihe airdrome was al acked at Ponape. H was the eight raid within three weeks on Ponap1 vhich lies only 440 miles easi Truk and about the same distant south of the recently caplurc American bomber base on Enlwelo atoll In the Marshall Islands. Ki has been struck nine tlmi ilnre Jan. n. Two by-passed Marshall ijlam were bombed the same nay us the asi Caroline strike. The first full-scale battle In Northern Burma appeared tn up as Iwo columns ot Amciican-uaincd Chhicse approached lo within Ihrce miles of Malngkwnn on the north and west. The Chinese, who have been lighting a circuitous route over more than 100 miles of mountain; and Jungles to open a new supply route to China, see a highway ly- ing ahead of them for the first time. 100 miles north of the Japanese base at Mytikylna, Is the Jungle terminus of a roart to Mogaung. Japanese pul up stiff rcslsl- anrr otilsirtr Jlslmkwan Ihcv did In Soulhivrst West Africans rrushetl mosl of Ihe positions defending; in Ihe soulhwrsl and vttrt attacking the 40 milts north of Akyah, their ob- Jccthe on tlit coasl. TRENT, March today ccanic the first Taylor county ommimlty to reach Ms Red Cross war luud quola and exceeded 450 goal by almost (100. In less than seven hours 3] work- ers had. collected and local olflclals estimated that at least would be ports flit totAlj-wm'cofirrlbutcd from. 25! citizens the said only'12 persons contacted fail- ed to subscribe. The nrive opened _. nine o'clock mid was completed by 4 p. m. The committee'8 original was M50, bub at a meeting -Friday" night. In Hie Trent high school 'thi goal was upped lo by popular vote. The canvassing committee In- cluded O. L. Guattlcbaum, L. N. McRec, H. H. Mcliee, Lcstey Bcas- ley, J. H. Bishop, Wilson Bright. Oliver Bright, R. L.- Reeves; Roy Hewitt. Mrs. A. Williamson, Mrs. O. C. Slrlbllng, Mrs. J. M. Strewn, Mrs. A. W. Woods, Orvin Robinson, W. P. Scolt, H. W. Bcckham, A. W. Woods, D. H. Jones, H. H. Jones, A. Williamson and Carl Edwards. Community chairman Is L. E. Ad- rian. Blast Terrific LONDON. March Lon- don's anti-aircralt guns now firs with such blasts that they knock the locks off the doors of the con-, trol rooms, blow the doors open and shake blackout boards down. This was disclosed tonight In an official account saying it happen- ed so frequently that the job of keeping the doors closed and the blackout boards up had been as- signed lo ATS girls In addition to their regular duties. Blocked From Move LONDON. March 4 British ambassador lo Argentina is under Instructions (o refrain from making any move that would even Imply recognition of the Farrell regime, It was learned reliably to- day. and Mit WIST TliMFI K w lill yrjr. li'l HUM. Sonrl't Dili nirnlri. Snitt tlalftl, Angelo Men Buy Merchant Molors FORT WORTH. Mar. B. Bradley and Gene Whltrhead. of San Anizclo. havr purchar-rtl the Mfrrhanis Fa.'t Mntor lines of Fort Wmih. .lojcph A. owner of thr firm announced today. Ihr sale Is subjfc' lo approval by thr ICC and Ihc Railroad Com- mission of Texas. PurchJft price was approximate- ly Included In trans- fer arc 100 pieces of equipment and all shop equipment In Fort Worth and Abi'cne. Merchants Fast Motor lines op- erates Irom Fort Worth and Dal- las to Odrssa, Lubbock. Abilene. San Antelo. Fort, Stockton, Cisco ISLANDS TRUK MARSHALL MILES .ISLANDS o----------400 ENIWETOK. INLAND KWAJALEIN NAURU Pacific Ocean i.GILBERTIS. VIA SOLOMON ISLANDS V NEW .GUINEA "GUADALCANAL Coral Sco JSAB8EN1S. PUSHIXG Texans art- flushes? on toward Lorcngau on Los Negroes island in Ihc Admiralty-, and have killed and wounded Japanese. Invasion of the islands outflanked Japs'on New Guinea, and New Britain, putting Allied forces 700-miIcs south oi vital Trnk. ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

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Issue Date: March 5, 1944