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Publication: Abilene Reporter News January 9, 1944

Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - January 9, 1944, Abilene, Texas WAR BOND SCORI turHi Wai Loon let Frla.y Sold Hill, monrii LXIII, NO. 207. A TEXAS NEWSPAPEB Abilene Reporter WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT coES--Bvron SUNDAY ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 9, J944-THIRTY-FOUR PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Aisaclattt Press UP) Vmtrt Press PRICE FIVE CENTS fifth Fights Way Onto Cassino Plains Order Drastic Cut In Draft Deferment 4V WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 Service an- nounced today a drastic curb on occupational deferments for registrants 18 through 21 years move expected to make at least more non-fathers eligible for military service. JUNGLE FIGHTERS SLAY 220 MORE JAPANESE Major General Lewis B. fcrshey, Selective Service di- rector, said many in this group will be rejected for phy- sical reasons, and cautioned against assuming that the or- ter, effective Feb. 1', will de- lay long the drafting of pre- war fathers. The farm workers In the 18-21 age group of them non-fathers) are not affected, and with an industrial de- ferment may retain It If his state selective service director authorizes the exception. Aside from those exceptions, oc- cupational deferments no longer be granted to registrants un- OTr 22, even if they have critical skills, or are fathers. Deferments In effect Feb. I will be allowed to run their course, but will not be renewed. f Student deferments sharply curtailed by the order, thnugh a limited number of college students taking scien- tific or professional work exempted. Today Hershey uld the or- tier was occasioned because the armed forces need more men and not because of easing of the manpower situa- tion In Industry. 'whether the ordrr will be tV the 22-55 age group later, Hershey said- that jt "all de- oh the demads for me.' The order-.does nol affect occu- pational deferments for'men 22 and over, .and .In, issuingjthe order i .-service it-emphasized that'in cupational deferments, fathers over 22 would normally be given consideration over non-fathers. Hershey said 80.000 fathers were Inducted In the last-quarter ol 0i3, compared with the original goal of and commented that draft boards are "loathe to induct fathers." tinder the order, high school students In the last half of f Ihflr academic year will con- tinue lo be deferred until the end of that year tf they re- quest It. Persons studying lo be minis- ters, doctors, dentists, osteopaths veterinarians also may keep their deferments. .ocalflier Badly Hurt J. B. Jordan ST., 1648 Butternut, as informed Saturday by the War Jepartment that his son, 1st Lt. .obert C. Jordan, was In a critical mdltion from injuries accidentally region to Back 3onus Program HOUSTON. Jan. 8 W) Na Commander Warren H. Ath erton asserted today that fhe Am erlean Legion will support paymcn of a "reasonable bonus" lo veteran of World War ft to equalize tire pa: of servicemen and war workers. Condemning labor stoppages dhcrtcm declared that "if anythin blows up in our war effort it I Ihese strikes'' and disclosed that th Legion expects to draw many of It future members from women's ser vice organirations, f The bonus, 'abcled by Alherton a compensation." supplement other veterans benefit being urged the Legion he ex plained. Why shouldn't Ihe fighllng me and women get as much pay a Atherlon asked in a interview, stressing, however, tha the program "would have to b modified by the nallon's ability I y." "We don't want to bankrupt Ih he said. IHE WFATHER 4r. nr.rARTME.VT or rOMMCitcr UIIATIIKK RVREAI; AI.II.FXFI AND VU'IMTV: Fiitr Mthrr trmrNTMnTe In Up ftflrmoon; M San-lay mrht. MnniaF ulr TKXAS: unl ronilnxJ In Of In north porlfnn Knit Ml. AM KM. 1101 R Sat. Y II 42 19 _ 31 19 4.1.........ft...... _ 13........10........ _ 1 arrt frith and low u M ADVANCFJ3 ALLIED HEAD- QUARTERS, New Guinea, Sunday, an. 9 Inland from Borgen bay, New Britain, in the face f Japanese machincgun fire, Ma- ine jungle fighters have slain 200 nemy troops and reached Hill No. 60, a good artillery observation ost, headquarters reported today. The new enemy losses were addfd o more than previously In- licled during lire invasion of Ihe Jape Gloucesler seclor of Western Britain which opened lasl 5. Named for ILs elevation, Hill No. iO Is n mile and Ihrse quarters oulh of Silimati point on Borgen ay east of Cape Gloucester. Sill- nail was Ihe main landing point of he Invasion forces, part of which wept wesl to capture Ihe Cape Gloucester airdrome wliile others LT. f. C. JORDAN eceived- Jorhat, India. Lieutenant Jordan is adjulant o n Army Air Force transport squad oritfiervhig r-a number of United

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: January 9, 1944