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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - December 25, 1938, Abilene, Texas WESTJTEm' HELPER Mew VOL. LVIII, NO. 208 "WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 26, PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS D.U. PRICE 7IVE CENTS, SUNSHINE NURSERY CHILDREN BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS IN UNANIMOUS ACCORD- Americas Pledge Defense Unity Pope Charges Fascists With Santa Clans ccrtRlnly Is line old fallow. Children at the Sunshine nursery asked Mrs. Allece Wood, who Is In charge at the home, write their Christmas letters. Each named two toys most de- sired, all or the little girls list- Ing dolls. Sure enough, when Sanla ar- rived at the annual nursery Christmas tree Thursday after- noon, he had brought the right toys to each little boy and Here he Is with the happy youngsters, some of whom have even outgrown the nursery and started to All were remembered. There was a young woman present the parts- who had attended the nursery as a child. She is In Abilene for Christmas, and toot her baby boy to the party. Mrs. Wood Is seen in (he background at the That big Christmas tree was decorated by the Pan Hellanlc. Besides the toys, there were apples, oranges and candy for the chil- dren too. (Staff AT LEAST SEVEN Mystery Cloaks Air Crash 'Mistreatment' VATICAN OITY, Deo. Pius XI accused Italian authorities today of encouraging "mistreatment" of Catholic action which, along with racial marriage discrimina- tions, caused anxiety for the 10-year-oid concordat of reconcilia- tion between the ataU, He spoke in his Christmas address to his cardinals, ex- pressing his "bitter at vexations in relations' be- Germany Closes Ickes Incident' BERLIN, Dec. prop- aganda ministry spokesman today declared the "Ickes incident" was closed diplomatically after It cul- minated in the United states' re- jection ol a German protest against a speech by the secretary of the interior. Though regretting that Acting Secretary of State Sumner Welles' rejection "left a sting the spokesman said -the protest was couched In such terras that diplo- matic action ended with the strong American retort. Not even diplomatic quarrels most Interfere ffflh the Christ- there will be no laid the it "we PRESIDENT SENDS GREETINGS TO NATION WITH PLEDGE FOR PEACE WASHINGTON. Dec. Presldent Roosevelt gave his Christ- mas greeting to the nutton today, along vtllh a prayer for world peace nd a re-avowed personal pledge to wort for that end. The chief executive spoke at dusk ak the lighting of a community Christmas tree In Lafayette park, directly opposite Uie White House entrance. The radio carried "to my feilow countrymen everywhere" a wish for "a merry Christmas with peace, content and friendly cheer to all." Before all Ihe world, the presi- dent said he was renewing a pledge often given his I shall do whatever lies within my power to hasten the das' foretold by Isaiah, when men 'shall beat their sn'ords Into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sa'ord against na- tion, neither shall they learn war any more." His brief remarks carried com- mendation of peace efforts In the west em hemisphere and an im- plied criticism of the aggressiveness of nations across the seas. France Trumps Colonial Cards PARIS, Dec. French government was reported today to have decided to tell Italy that her action in declaring invalid the 1935 Italo-French agreement deprived her of colonial territory France ceded In the accord. In circles close to the government ILjras said Ihe cabinet today to Inform Italy her action re-es Christmas at Coleman Liquor control the Abilene o'tic lovers in the Co by relieving a. more than 500 _ and an quarts of wftie and John Coates, said Ihe liquor In a barn near the cheer did his other localion Coatfs sa Santa Slayer to Remain in Jail F.LYRIA, O., Dec. liam Case. white-beard- ed fanner whose defense of a grove of Christmas trees brought death to a neighbor, chose today to re- main in Jail instead of returning to his evergreen-studded acres. He reaped Innocent to man- slaughter in the falal shooting of William Rousseau. 37-year-old un- employed father o( two small girls Bond w? fixed at SI.OOO. "I could put It up easy enough, but I'd rather stay Case said. .Jes the TCCrann lormaily, she also would demand that Italy return shares of stock'in the Djibouti-Addis Ababa railroad which were given her un- der the IMS agreement snd actual- ly changed hands. A third pact of the accord, signed January 7, 1935. provided for prog- ressive removal of Italian cllizen- ship and other rights in Tunisia by 1965. Explosion of Bomber Probed TJNIONTOWN, Ala., Dec. 21. to bits by an explos. that shattered a twln-motoreu army bomber and sent the pfccei crashing to earth in names, of at least seven and posslbl men were gathered up toda clump of cedars transform a scene of horror. No Immediate possible. Major Warren A. Ma operations officer at M: field, Montgomery, Ala., vapor from a broken gas may have gathered In (he senger compartment of liufe ship and have Ifnlle a spark before the pilot, a. of hb peril, could find a cl Inj In the rainy nlfht. Maxwell field officers repor' their Investigation had given hint of sabotage. Major Maxwell said a tramp over the area convinced him "at least seven were and asserted "never In all my experience in avia- tion have I ever seen anything like" the devastation wrought by the accident. Effects recovered indicated nine persons might have been killed, but reports from Hamilton Field Oalif., said only seven soldiers left there Thursday aboard the plane en route to Mitchell Field. A witness to the catastrophe, Bob Lontr, said the plans circled the town, obviously seeking to land. He watched its lights as it swung wide over the rural terrain. Suddenly a flash lighted the countryside and building? in Ihe 1-2 miles were shaken by the blast. Citizens rushing to the scene wcrc impeded by an almost Im- passable road. Knee-dwp mud hindered Inves- tigation and reclamation, and most of those who came because of cu- riosity went away horror struck. Even veteran newsmen and photog raphers turned away. tween the Vatican and the Italian government. He said he, forgave the "rude" disrespe-t of his "white hair" in the disregard of the concordat and the flying of the nazl flag when Relchs- fuehrer Adolf Hitler visited Rome last May. The nail swastika he de- scribed as "a cross inimical to the cross of Christ." The pontiff criticized that which affects the "dignity, liberty and In- tegrity of the individual." He refused to discuss ihe fascist contention that the con- cordat "was not wounded In the slightest but remained sound" but declared that the Interpre- tation of a two-party jiaet "cannot be usurped bj one party alone." God, he declared, would "en- lighten minds and move hears in the direction of truth and justice, which are the sole true and solid bases of the welfare of the Individ also of peoples." In his statem tlon, at pontiff "Obs, ran' whil Brazil Last to Sign Document Of Solidarity LIMA, Dec. Brazil's signature today gave the unanimous backing of the 21 American republics to a Pan-American conference dec- laration on continental soli- darity and defense. Afranlo Mello Franco, head of the Brazilian delegation, signed the declaration at p. m. bringing to an end two of controversy over the action the confereci should take. The agreement .DjjjijfOsly signed by the other rejmbllcs, was an- nounced Thursday night as pro- claiming the decision of the na- tions of the western hemisphere to maintain and to defend tbjir' continental solidarity agalst arfror- eign Invasion or Brazil's signature concluded a two week "battle of phrases" over the solidarity project with first Argen- tina and then Brazil the primary stumbling blocks. Argentina held out for dec- Iiratlon covering from any retlectlni tier tan that the United Stata might be in ijjrtsjor in the Braiil yesttrday sought undefined slight modifi- cations after the draft hid been approved by all but herself. Mello Franco said after he had signed that Brazil wanted to give to continental solidarity "a much more ample and more affirmative expression" of the line up of the -publics than had been drafted. jn the two weeks of negotiations, than half a dozen projects n considered and the one iccepted was baaed on ah declaration. GOODFELLOWS SET RECORD FOR HRISTMAS GIFTS WITH and man toys. This is md-whrfwas rd Uv thlt time. othef contri jKtounted to or more lan last yeajXit was ttjf Lions ,ub and gamdT against he forceyof "empty baafets" that ut over the of mm neededyio care )irt For Lake "on solhii an uele. w The king later _ assuring the poniif. would be given the greate eration. Weatherman's Gift: The weatherman's Christmas package lor Texas: Fair and pleas- antly cool in the northern half of the state today and tomorow: cool- er In South Texas and Rio Grande valley and skies a bit on the rainy side. The Boss' Sends Employes of many Abilene firms each, a total of IM. Ison broke dirt yes ontotatlon for Hamlln's storage basin. It Is on T 3 Kbuth's farm two miles south of ttimate that It wd iths to complete the Is sponsored by the administration, 'rhi rage basin will cosi S1M.MO of this ft 'voting1 water revenue S105.H5 supplied by the [e wDl hold approxonatel) 0 gallons of water, whli the stqtage tank will'hold a mil. Hon gallons. Water will flow from "ke, five miles south of town storage basin, two rolles fro iwn by gravity flow. Ironical Japs SHANGHAI. Dec. Japanese central China headquar ters announced today that Japanese army commanders would welcome any friendly gesture from Chinese leaders, a dispatch of the Domel PEORIA, HI., Dec. The eagle-eyed jchoo! teacher raced down the aisle and triumphantly seized i note despite frantic efforts of the recipient to tear It up. She started lo read It for the edification ol the class and was embarrassed to see: "Sign this and bring live cent: (Japanese) news agency from Nan- to school to buy teacher a box of king said today. I candy. In Simple HOPKINS TAKES OATH OF OFFICE Last Edition Until Tuesday This Is tlic Reporlcr-Ncws morning. Subscribers and Sunday mornin only will receive sue Tuesday Subscribers B. E. Hamilton to Federal Bank Job ROSCOE. Dec. Hamilton, assistant cashier of th Roscoe State bank, has announce his resignation, elective Decembe 27. He has been with the loca bank 19 years. He resigned to take a Job as fed eral bank examiner with the Dal las office of the Federal Depos Insurance corporation. He will as sume duties in the new capacit December 28. T. M. Dobbins, president of Ih Roscoe State bank, expressed re gret of losing his "right-hand man. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton ha been prominently In civ and social circles of Roscoe. This Christmas Is the greatest irlstmas in the long history of bllene Goodfellows' annual cam- algns (a bring Joy to families who jppen to be unable to provide hrlstmas cheer for their own illdren. The total of casn given this This does not merchandise ilvertty a rroup of 1 firmi, ts of more than 800 families who deserv- ed to be remembered. The Lions club's "game" raised M13.W in dimes, of this sum J241.33 went to the Gcodfellows. Thlj sum was given when it appear- ed that was the exact amount needed to bring the fund to mtributions came In later. s buying dozens of Good- baskets, the Lions had them- a veritable spree of spreading ey gave S100 to the Salva- y for Its annual Christmas dinner and charity, to buy tickets to a special children's Chrlst- masjperformance at the Paramount, the Tuberculosis association, 850 lo special charity aiding fami- Hesmrecommended as deserving by Ioc4 churches, and to the PTA Milk Fund. In'addition to this the Lions club spelt H2.H1 to build the "gridiron 'bowl game1" In front of the P. ft M. bank, to hire night watch- See GOODFELLOWS, Pg. 8, Col. f eedy Of City Remembered It was a happy day before Christ- mas In more than 800 homes of Abl- ene needy. There was food for the ollday dinner; toys, apples, oranges and candy for the children. Yes, the Goodfellows have com- ileted their annual good deed, in an admirable manner. Wlth.clocklike precision, the buy- ng, packing of the bags, loading of the trucks and the waa checked off this year. By mld- mornlng on Christmas eve, the last Goodfellow bags had been delivered. To every home went a ieef rout weighing 4 1-3 pounds, a can of et potatoes a quart of syrup'two cam corn, two cans tomatoes, two pounds .of twoy cans' Mexican style two toeia, two pounds of. two ,'pounda candles, an orange and'two apples 'or each member of the family. Then there were dolls for the'little girls and other toys, which were Jiosen for each family as near In keeping with the children's own re- quests as possible. 1OODFELLOW BUYER Postmaster O. A. Kale has been Ihe Goodfellow buyer since Good- fellows launched their Christmas cheer program in Abilene many years ago. Here Is what hla "gro- cery list" looked like: pounds of beef, 182 No 2 cans sweet potatoes; cans com, cans tomatoes, 792 .quart cans of syrup, pounds of rica In two-pound bags. 816 cans of Mex- ican beans, loaves of bread, pounds of cakes, In two pound bags, pounds of candy, In two pound bags; oranges, ap- ples. That's a big order. It was filled, right In Abilene, with many of the firms from whom pur- chases were made not only offering bottom: prices to Goodfellowj but adding their own gifts In merchan-" An example were the 100 extra, loaves of bread .that bath Mead's and Taystee 'threw In'." Those annual gifts.. The TMrersa! Manu- facturing company added 100 half pound sacks of coffee to the deliv- ery of Mexican beans from there, IT !M NEEDY, PE. t, CoL 4 Christmas On Sunday Gives Added Solemnity To Church were visited hy Sapta Clans on Christmas eve. Many others already had been remembered hy the Sanla who brings girts in the form of casli bonuses or merchandise from "ihe boss." The 75 employes of the Texas Con- solidated theaters In amount, Majestic. Queen and Pal- remembered Wednesday. From the Dallas office, each em- ploye received a Christmas greeting and a check. The total received here was between and taid Walls' manager, a-vonlecn employes of the Inde- pendent Ice and Refrigerating com- finy were presented checks tor JIS total "This 15 Christmas time If he had a messaut for the business world. "This is a good Christmas for me ililer. jlder In Pkrhin- 100th merMla.it: !o psrlly e-oudj rtlon. iHghtly toiler north portico t r portion. araiy .It trth day This In daily fdllfnns is both day fu Saluriiy Ir.ehu I for the ceived Hopkins' resignation as WP An extra week's salary, the total around S150. and other gifts went to the force at S. k Q. Clothiers. There was no Christmas bonus at Montgomery Ward's, but employes receive monthly bonuses on the quo- ta basis. mas mately AND Turk LI contest, but It wu 1 cue ted to SIS to each, e were cash gifu to chandise in the store went to cm- Thornton's department credit lo each employe, ihe Christinas. The occasion will take on added solemnity as church services throughout the city retell In song and sermon the story of the birth of the Christ In Bethlehem.' the bright star In the heavens, and the shepherds bearing gilts for the King. Hundreds of Abilenians will Join In the worship services before sitting down for the traditional Christmas dinner. Bankings of winter green- ery, polnsetiias. wreaths and candles decorate the churches, giving im- pressive baclti-ound for the Christ- mas music snd messages. With packages mar 1, Christ- mas cards dispatched, and thf shopping rush over, the day will be spent by hundreds In family reunions. Scores of visitors will be attending; the church terr- Ices too. Monday. will be holiday. There will be no business activities, for stores, banks and offices will be closed. Even the employes of the Abilene Reporter-News will be tak ing a holiday; there will not be another edition until Tuesday morn- uw. The holiday week has been not only by Goodfellows, but by In- dividuals, churches and clubs Be- tween 23 and 50 families who would have been on the Goodfellow list were cared for by others. This, be- cause some individuals with Good- feilow hearls go to the welfare asso- ciation and personally see to the needs of some poor home. One Abl- unselfishly provided not only food ar.d toys, but clothing for three families. The Mexican children made mer- ry too. They were guests of the Ro- ,ary club, Thursday afternoon, at a Christmas tree at the city hall au- ditorium. There was Santa Glaus, toys and bags of fruit' and candies. The auditorium was filled with children for the occasion. The party for Mexican children 1: an annual event on Ihe RoUry calendar here, Traditional church services on Christmas ere at the Heavenly Rest Episcopal church and the Sacred Heart Catholic church ffcrc to usher In the religious observances. At midnight .Christmas High. Mass was to be celebrated at Sacred Heart. The Third Mass in E Plab (Rosewig) was sung by the choir, under the direction of Dan Gal- lagher, with Harold L. Thomas as guest organist. Tne Hich Mass, most Impressive of the year for municants of the Catholic church, was to be celebrated by the Very Rev. Henry Felderhoff, pastor. Pre- ceding was to be singing of carols. Low Mass will be celebrated at 10 o'clock this morning. Yule- tide hymns will be sung by ihe choir, and the Miss will be fol- lowed by benediction of the blessed sacnment. The Christmas eve service at the Episcopal church was set for 10 o'clock, centering on the Festival Choral celebration of the Holy Communion. "St. Cecelia Mass" sung by the choir, will also be heard at the morning serv- ice The Christmas will be by the rector, the Rev. Wil- lis P. Gerhart: his theme. "The Word Was Made Fiesh. and Dwelt Among Us." Christmas evening there will be a play. "The Shepherd that Stayed." ay the young people. cms with Gifts or Bonus Money There wa.i Wednesday nigh marrlM member and the girls dinner ware; the and neckties. Elm to the nearly 200 Banner in Anson Spring. Coleman, McCamey. Midland. Angelo, Santa Anna, ahans, Munday, Odessa and Pccos SOME CARDS From Manager H. C. Westbrook himself, the 60 employes of Hotel Wooten each received Rrce'.ins cards to which bills wc-ri attached. The f J. C. Penney's. Ed Grissom. manager r 5tore presented Cish ]l_ regular employes. The pre cash bomuw. an to employes of Mm- 00 Laundry company with cash gifts 'of one week's pay, on length of service, em- to Clinic pharmacy employes ployes of the West Texas Utlu'tlfs company received Insurance policies In the amount of SiOO, Sl.OW, and yx. Cash gifts to employes of the Abilene Reporter-News amounted The total MI in oomiMs ito There aUo were cash bonuses lor employes of the Citizens Kat'orial bank, these at the ann-ial Christmas party last The checks we.-e for per cent ol an- null Mlarics. Thirty-n-ir.e employes of the Merchants Motor Luies yester- day shared in the cash out to all employes ot the R. Doyir, agent, did not have the total. James, president of the Farmers Merchants Naiior.al bank Saturday mornlntt announced that institution har, had "a very satisfactory and that all employes art receiving a stantUl bonus. ;

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Issue Date: December 25, 1938