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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - December 18, 1938, Abilene, Texas WlSTTim' MEWSBftKR VOL, LVIII, NO, 201. "WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS JT ttttt (AT) ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 18, 1938-THIRTY-SIX PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS. PRICE FIVE CENTS, Principals And Scenes In Kidnaping And Gruesome Slayings This 54-year-old Mexican, Frank Salazar, Is the object of an Intensive search as the mur- derer of the Kennedys. He was at one time employed at the Jarm. This Is the bed on which Kennedy was found dead. Note the blood-soaked pillow and the pool ol clotted blood on the floor beside the bed. Kennedy, shot through the head, apparently had died Instantly without mov- ing. The bedcovers were undis- turbed when Earl Kennedy, brother of the slain man, discov- ered the crime. Photo By Harry Holt. This Is the west bedroom, adjoining the back porch, where Fay was found unconscious. She was found beside the chamber seen in-the background. The disheveled bedcovers evidenced the struggle that apparently took place between Mrs. Kennedy and the murderer. Note the blood soil on the mattress at the head of the bed. Photo By Hirry Holt. pretty Wilma Ken- nedy, pictured above, Is misstep Officers she will not be found alive, she was a senior In Miles high school. MEXICAN CHARGED WITH MILES SLAYINGS SANTA PAYING SCANT HEED TO WAR CRISES Christmas shoppers in Abilene this year are .paying little attention to international war crises when it comes to selection of gifts. Managers of local variety stores said last night that so far this season customers had voiced no objections lo buying goods manufactured In Ger- many or Japan. All admitted that their stocks of the foreign joodi were le.u than last year due to the partial unorganized boycott declared on Japanese man- ufacturers. In reality the "five and ten" stores carry com- paratively little of the foreign merchandise. Only the cheapest of toys and knick-knacks are rtamp- ed made in Japan. Nearly all the Christmas tree decorations and tinsel are made in Germany but customets show no hesitancy In buying, they, said, FOR AMERICA'S SOLIDARITY- U. S Declaration Blocked Plan Rejected Chairman'Asks New Instructions From Buenos Aires LIMA, Deo. 17 (AP) Reads of hading delegations to tie Pan-American confer- ence failed tonight to reach an agreement on a measure for continental solidarity, the Argentine representative re- fusing- to accede to the United States viewpoint. MEET ADJOURNS The second today- heard Secretary of State Cordell Hull plead for acceptance of the American project, but adjourned without taking action. After the session, Afranlo Hello Franco, chairman of the meeting and Its spokesman, said it still' would be possible for any delegation Ir Introduce its own resolullon nest week although a midnight deadline had been set. He express- ed optimism that the delegates would reach an accord next week. Tsidoro Ruiz Moreno, chairman of the Argentine delegation, said he See AMERICAS, PI. 11, Col City Subscribers SAVE OVER Take advanlage of Bargain Rates below during December only and save money. Give your subscripllon lo your carrier boy. BARGAIN RATES NOW IN EFFECT In Abilene Morning Edilitjn, with Sunday Evening EdKlon, with Sunday BOTH PAPERS, with Sunday MAIL SUBSCRIBERS Save Over 30% BY MAIL Either paper, with Sunday (In Tfias Only) The Abilene Reporter-News PHONE 7271 .THEY'HE SAN ANGELO, [Dec. WV- Out here In West cowboy boots are common footgear many a rugged ranchman Is un- cornforfable In any shoes other than the high-heel! his worn since childhood. Tiiat't ffhy Commissioner Jake Harper created s.mlld sensation when he swung his feet up on a table at a meeting of the county court. "You he "1 had to have my only pair of boots worked on; I didn't have any more handy; to I borrowed these high heeled shoes from my wife." Civil Service Is Allied Request AUSTIN, Dec. James V. Allred today recom- mended to the Incoming legislature civil service for state employes, aboli- tion of the state auditor's office and approval of the board of mineral de- velopment on all leases to state-twned lands. The recommendations were contained in a portion of the governor's address released for publication. Governor Alfred urged the lawmakers to adopt a form.of civil vlce for employes to permit newly-elected public officials to devote more time to the pressing duties of ol- fice Instead of to Job applicants. This would also result in secur- ing "more efficient help In the de- he said. Since the state comptroller was "supposed to be the real auditor for all departments of government" and, since charges were "being free- ly made that the auditor, be.ng an appointee of tht governor, has lost his Governor Allred advocated abolition of the office in the Interests bl "efficiency nnd economy." He pointed out the office cost a year. Leasing of government lands were "matters too important, the amounts involved too great, for the responsibility lo be borne by any one the governor said. He suggested requiring approval of the board of mineral development. Howard Votes Liquor Return BIG SPRING, Dec, Howard county voters apparently decreed by a small margin the re- turn of legal sale of hard liquors, wets leading in a referendum to- day, 849 lo 758. This total account- ed unofficially for all boxes but one In a rural precinct which had an estimated polling strength of 20 voles. Package stores were voted oul o! the a year ago, attcr twenty months' operation. 'Stay Out Of South' Roosevelt Advised WASHINGTON, Dec. Washlnelon's gridiron club handed President Roosevelt s satirical warning tonight to "stay out of the South." He and other distinguished guests Iward newspaper correspondents poked fun at the administration's unsuccessful campaign to unseat Senators Smith of South Carolina. George of Georgia and Tydlngs of Maryland. Lighting Event Deadline Today Deadline for the Abilene Garden chub's Christmas lighting contes fails this afternoon at 6 o'clock with no more enlrtes accepted after tha time. Winners in each of ihe five ctiv! and grounds, tree doorway, window and school build be announced Tuasda; morning in the Reporter-News. First three contestants best in the four home divisions jvll receive merchandise from loca business as prizes. Two prizes ar offered in the school buildings divl slon. Tuesday atternoon the garde; club will release a mapped tour o Abilene giving address of eac' en try In the contest and also othe attractive Christmas lighting dts plays. The three judges of the contes will meet Monday evening in th home of Mrs. John Dressen, dlrec tor of the contest, after each his made a tour of the entries alone. Mrs. Dressen urged that horn Owners who had not entered th contest make an effort to dlspU some sort of Christmas llghtln from now nniil Christmas. Clarendon Gas Rate Reduced AUSTIN. Dec. "11 road commission today ordered 10-cent reduction in the domesli gas rate for Clarendon, effectu Jan. 1. The reduction was from 63 to 5 cents per thousand cubic feet. In addition, the commission or dered old and new rates, retro active to February, 1933. )oll Shortage Severe Report Goodfeltows More Needed To Make Little Girls' Holiday Complete Even modern little gills want dolls or Christmas. It tj part of the Job of the Oood- ellows to see that every little girl, no matter how Door she may be a doll If that Is what she wants. raosty i t ..Unless atl there may be little (iris Christinas rnorhln! because there tn Firemen 'trio' km been repairing the Goodfollow 1071 tU> yur reported latt nljht that the number of doUj M far below one hundred. ]t took lit last year to fill (he requests re- ceived.' About 50 dolls have been put In condition, and already, have been passed on to the American Legion auxiliary, through its president, Mrs Jonna Mae Smith, for dressing This sah annual Goodfellow work of the >gion women, and one for which Goodfellows are most grateful. BETTEK GRADE WANTED Then there are a few more dolls n the doll hospital which was se up this year at'the Butternut Jire station. The Exchange club, in charge of gathering the toys, lasl night issued an appeal for more dolls. "Dolls are needed, and gcw which will not need a great deal of repairing. The tune is short, and there still is much work o be said Hudson Smart Toy chairman. Ljwektse, an appeal for other toy: was emphasized. Again the. stress was on the need for god toys which can be made like new very quickly. Goodfeliow contributions Satur day: J. C. High Melvto Stoker Tom Stoker Carpenter's Union B. L. Ellis................. Hoppe Auto Electric Co. Fourth Grade. Travis School Milton Hughes .5 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coleman 3.M Forrest Kendall 2.5 John, Betty and Deny Crulchtleld 1.0 Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wright 5.0 Previous 2.5 2.5 5.0C 5.0C 1.5 Total ...................JU64.0 Pass 6-Touchdown Mark In Lions Game The bowl game between th Lions club and Empty Baskets too scoring spurt Saturday, wit three more touchdowns made an 35 more yards gained by the Hon The standing is now six touch downs to nothing in favor of th Lions, who have carried the ball 3 yards toward another. The game will continue throws Thursday. Ban Youth Accused Of Slapping Mother CUMBERLAND. Md.. Dec. young man accused of slap plnj his mother was banished toda from Allegany county. William Thomas Usher. 24. wa given a sentence of one year in the house of correction, susncr.oed on condition he leave the county "and never return." HERE ARE VICTIMS 2 Found Dead, Children Axed In Farm Home By NUINEZ WI8CHXAEMPBR MILES, DecV Parental to a romance daughter and a Mex- ican, Frank SalqYar, 24, was believed tonight to have led to thk hideout slaying near here of Mr. and Paty P. and the critical wounding of Mr., and Mrs Paul Kennedy here to a picture I taken after their wedding ta .Austin in 1916. ,vr THESE GIRLS BEATEN WITH AX Fay, 4, above, was found lying face downward, unconscious, in a bedroom of the home. Her sturdy little body had survived two nights' exposure and the gory ax beating at the murder- er's hands, but she was report- ed in critical condition in a San Angelo hospital last night. Imogene, 15, was also beaten, with an ax. She was found In a second bedroom, semi-conscious, and taken to a San Angelo hos- pital where she Is given a 20-80 change to recover. PROMINENT STAMFORD MAN DISCOVERED SLAIN IN HOME STAMFORD, Dec. A. Buster, about 40. prominent Stamford resident and former busi- ness manager of the Stamford sani- tarium, died of a buliet wound at tonight at his home here. The wound was termed self-inflicted at an Inquest conducted by C. L. Meeker, Justice of the peace. Mrs. Buster and a daughter, Mar- The Weather .tnn.KNK ,1M> VlflMTl': SnnJsj nd Monday; wamw SnndxT- KIST TKV.IS: Talr, warrwrr In nirth- cooler In porMnn ,Sun- fr-'r. r.tnlfe la iri-xttrAlr cirU nn the _ Xvl Kennedy, frothtir of ihortljr befort Bdon today it the funily farm home and a halt lootb of of Wifau, 16 year old found him dead on return Ing from an errand in town. The had been gone about ten minutes Mr. Buster's body was on th floor in the hall. A 30-06 rifle was nearby. Mr. Buster, until last summer, had bceii manager of the Stamford sanitarum for eight years. He was past president of the Rotary club, and also had served that organiza- tion as secretary for a number of years. This afternoon, Mr. Buster went to Abilene and brought a second daughter, Dorothy Mae Buster, Abilene Christian college student, home for the holidays. Funeral arrangements had not been made late tonight. auu a. BJUI imaa 01 jniiei. >rmyn oz wunu, 16 year old daughter, caused to believe had been kidnaped W the Mexican, the inspected kiUer and a former employe of Kin- nedy. The Kennedy automobile, a 1934 model black Chevrolet sedan with missing; .Charges were filed in Ban Angelo tonight against M the Kennedy slayer. Oaarjei were filed with Q. C. Fisher, 61st district attorney. The district attorney expressed fear that Wilma "will not found alive." Evidence pointed conclusively to Thursday night as time of the murders, although the bodies were not found until today. Kennedy, 43, and his wife, 39, had died of gnnshot wounds. children, Imogene, 11, and Fay, 4, had been brutally beaten with an ax. The girls were taken to a Ban Angelo hospital with fractured skulls and severe lacerations. BLOOD-SMEARED AX FOUND A blood-smeared, single-edged ax was found beside outhouse M yards from the tragedy scene. Two slippers, believed to hare belonged to Wilma, were found between the house and the garage. Officers lesrned that Salazar purchased cartridges for l .410 gauss shotgun, the same type gun which was used In the slaylngs, Thursday. An empty .410 shell was found on ot the beds, along with a loaded, shell. The brother of the slain man told reporters and officers that Salazar and Wilma had become friendly while the former worked for Kennedy from November until March of 1933. After severa.1 months absence, he returned, left, and agiln came back to Miles Thursday on a. bus. Glenn. Haley, a drug store employe, said Salazar had left a handbag at his establishment for a time Thursday after arriving on the bus. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, the brother had firmly objected to the friendship between Salazar and the girl. Salazar was reported to hava at one time threatened Kennedy's life, and another rumor was that he hart Wd neighbors he "hated Mrs. Kennedy." Salazar had said often, "I'll get that girl." The murder scene was ghastly. body was found 5n bed on the back porch. Ke had been shot through the head as he slept, and. apparently had died Instantly. Not even the covers were disturbed. His head lay on a blood-soaked pillow, and blood had run down the bed to form a pool on the floor. Mrs. Kennedy was found sprawled on her bed In the dining room. She had bled profusely there, but had apparently staged a terrific fight with the murderer in the adjoining west bedroom where Fay was found. The room was a disheveled mess and all the bed cover was strewn over the f.oor. The mattress on the bed was bare and blood soiled. Pay and her mother had apparently been sleeping on the bed together. Imogene, barely conscious, was found cowering under the quilts on a. bed In an east bedroom. Her eyes were open, staring blankly. Asked if someone had hit hsr, she said "I don't remember." One of the many mysteries surrounding the crime was 'Jiat her bed had only one or two small blood spots. The uncov- ered mattress on the Other bed was badly soiled, but with whose blood was net known. Officers and neighbors marveled that Fay and Imogene survived two nights of cold exposure, lack ot food for 35 hours and the horrible bludgeoning they were given. ABSEXT FRIDAY II Nc.in anrt trt 9 p. m. 31 ind dat- yfflr Bfo. j( U; todar. tanfl to6ay, Heads Dry League COLUMBUS, Dec. The Anti-Saloon League of America named as Its president tonight Bishop Rt'ph Cushman, of the Den- ver area of the Methodist Episcopal church, and reaffirmed Its stand against liquor at Its 30th annual na- I tlonal convention. Officers were convinced that the ax-gun attack occurred Thursday night. Substantiating this. Wilma. a high school senior, and Imogene. a fifth grader, were absent from school Fridsy. Moreover, Friday's mall had not been removed from the Kennedy mail box Saturday. Milk cows were bawling at the barn. In- dicating that they had not tended In more than day. Further bolstering belief the kill- See SUYINGS. Tg. II, Col. 1 EVENTS TO COME IN WEST TEXAS Cowboys' Ctrist- mas ball will be held Wednesday through Friday night-s OLD whole town of Old Glory will observe the wed- ding anniversary 37 of Mr. and Mrs. Blan, who run the Old Glory store. "potato" show will be held at a Coleman theater Friday afternoon to obtain veget- ables, frulu and candleo for tha city's needy children. Work is to be- gin Wednesday on the Lake Sweetwa'.er and Lake Tmm- mell Improvement projects. BUPORD. Mitchell ond In A series of community ners and get-togethers being spon- sored by the Colorado chamber ot commerce wlil be held at Bu.'orcl school Tuesday evening. of the Brady Future Fanners chapter an.1 iheir fathers special guests will be feted in the annual father-and-soa isinquet Wednesday nifthU Arch Swindler Coster Musica Believed Gun Runner-See Page 2 ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: December 18, 1938