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Publication: Abilene Reporter News December 11, 1938

Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - December 11, 1938, Abilene, Texas WIST TIXU MEWSKKR Mlene OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRfENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS JT VOL, LVIII, NO, 194 Auorlxlrd ttttt t ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNINO, DECEMBER 11, 1938 PAQEB IN THREE SECTIONS. Cullfd TrtH' (UP] PRICE FIVE CENTS. Weigh Reich's Next Moves In Drive lo East Political Unrest Stretches From Baltic To Africa LONDON, Dec, 10-W-PolHlcal unrest stretched today trom the Baltic to (he Black sea In eastern Europe and, In the west, on down Into Africa under, nazi or fascist Inspiration In some form or olner. Ominous rumblings In the east extended along Germany's entire border from little once part of the Hohenwllern empire, to Rumania. They led (a discussion In London and elsewhere ol 1C so, would move again In her "Drang Nach Osten" to the Italy her axis partner, kept Great Brit- ain and France worried In the Mediterranean aera. (Tunisia, French North African protectorate, has been the focus of unofficial fascist agitation since Nov. 30. Prance tor hali t century ha.! recognized special Italian rights In the area. (Specific objectives of the fascist clamor have not been outlined but the authoritative editor of II Glornale D'llalta, Virglnlo Gayda, has staled Italy would be receptive to new negotiations over Italian rights. TROUBLE SPOTS CLUE Where the Germans would act first remained uncertain but three trouble spote offered passible clues 1. In long the center of i dispute between Germany and Lithuania, extreme nazls closed bold campaign (or diet elections to be held tomorrow with they considered the voting plebis- cite for return to Germany. 2. Poland is confronted with th; demand of 15 Ukrainian deputes for autonomy within the framework of the Polish government for the polish Ukraine, an area of square miles. 3. Rumania continued her ef- forts to crush the lyzl-lllce Iron guard while some nazis In Berlin hinted King Carol, In their opinion nilgai not to hold his throne much longer. WITH DEFEAT THREATENED ON TOBACCO AND RICE- Cotton Growers Vote Smaller Quota Margin O'DANIEL SEEKS 10 PREVENT CHARTER FORFEITURE BY FLOUR COMPANY Vote Off 7 Per Anson Girl Dies Of Car Injuries Speeding Auto Strikes Down Tot Near Home ANSON, Dec. down this morning by a speedin) automobile as she was crossing i highway near her home, little four year-old Nellie Playe Morgan dle< today about noon In a Stamfor< hospital. She was the daughter of Mr. am Mrs. Henry Morgan who live In south Anson. Both the child's hipa and leg were broken and her head crushec R, Henderson of Dallas was drlv Ins the machine that hit the glr Other occupants of the car wer his wife and Ottls Vetch ot Dallas Local officers Investigated the ac cldent and reported that it was ap parently unavoidable. Funeral will be held Sunday a 1 p. m. at Midway. Cecil E, Hil local Church of Christ minister will olflclate. Survivors are the child's parents a sister. Merle Jean, 20 months a brother, Leroy. She WM bor: January NEXT YEAR GET MORE PAY LESS Never before In the history or Ihis newspaper has such i QUALITY newspaper been pro duced by the ABILENE RE- PORTER-NEWS as Is NOW BEING DELIVERED TO ITS HEADERS. City subscribers can SAVE Icn percent by PAYING NOW for one year In advance. Rates By Carrier In ABILENE MORNING E-iilio COMBINATION (Both Momttc. Ertnltn MAIL subscribers tave over 30rc by paying for one yrar in advance. MAIL RATE ytir. TNCLUD- Q C IXO SUNDAYS, tr Jtfm In Texlf. ABOVE RATES EFFECTIVE DURING DECEMBER ONLY, Abilene Reporter-News HE'S INCOMING PRESIDENT HE'S RETIRING PRESIDENT Federal Control Is Bugaboo For Oil Men hompson, API ixecutive Deny U.S. Has Right FORT WORTH, Dec. 10 W. Lee O'Darilel flour company today rushed to Austin a franchise tax report and a (5 penalty payment In an attempt to prevent forfeiture of the corporation's slate charter. Governor-Elect O'Danlel Bald that he would resign as presi- dent ol the' corporation before he takes office cs governor next month. Secretary of State Edward Clark In Austin announced that the charter was "forfeited" last July 2 because the firm failed to file a franchise tax report. "We paid the franchise tax on O'Danlel explained, "but the bookkeeper overlooked sending In a report with it. He wrote the secretary of state that a report would follow, but It didn't. So many reports are required of corporations that it was overloked. "We were notified ot the er- ror only today, and actually have until January before the charter Is finally forfeited." The governor-elect denied that he had any state appoint- ments ready to announce, He said that he had Inquired among legislators on abil- ities of Rep. Abe M. Mays of Atlanta, author of a omnibus tax plan. It has been reported that Mays will be named as secretary of state. DISCUSSED BY WCTOG SPEAKERS- A. J. (Art) FRAZIER Photo br Thurman Abilenian Again WCTOG's Head A. J. Frazier Succeeds J. C. Hunter; Breck And Cisco Men Vice-Presidents An Abilenian for the third year will head the West Central Oil Gas associalion. A. J. (Art) Frazier, member of tic firm of Ungren

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: December 11, 1938