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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - November 13, 1938, Abilene, Texas WEST TiXASr OWM NEWSPAPER Mew VOL. LVIII, NO. 166. "WITHOUT, OR WJTH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SM'ICH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 13, 1938-TH IRTY-TWO PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS. PRICE FIVE CENTS German Jews Fined, Banned From Business Nazis Rule Jews Muse Pay Damages Wreaked On Stores In Mass Raids BERLIN, Nov. Germany today practically wiped out Jewish business, barred the nation's Jews from public entertainments and fined them for the drjw slaying of a German diplomat by a young Polish-German Jew in tion': Paris. pr--1 In addition, the government required that Jews whose i-i.iv Si lllfHf U Berlin shops were wrecked or looted Thursday in mass emon- strations must pay for the damage themselves. Insurance claims by Jews Tor demolition of their properties must be paid to the te. Officials promised "further decisive measures" and Jew's state. Nov ficatlon of progressists forces under 'resident RoosovcH's leadership was :arted Uxl'a'v at th first of a series conferences directly rom Tuesday's flections. Third >crm talk at the meeting of Mayor p. H LaGuardla with two WANTS DAMAGES feared that the ghetto, unemployment or concentration camps were in (hem as the result of the most violent gov. ernment and private anti-semi- tic actions nazi Germany yet has seen. WHOLESALE ABRESTS Police made wholesale arrests among .Jewish moneyed, educated nna cultured classes, being laken Into custody In Berlin alone. In Vienna It was estimated that be- tween le.OOO and Jews had been arrested since Thursday. Many of them were released, but thousands still were In custody. While the antl-semltlc campaign was Intensified, there were new manifestations against Catholics. Aroused nazls at Munich shattered many windows In the palace of Michael Cardinal von Faulhabcr at Munich, The fine of marks (S100.000.000) against German Jews "in their entlrlty'1 (or the slaying o[ Ernst von Hath, secretary o( Ihe German embassy at Paris, repre- sents from one-fourth to one-fifth of the estimated Jewish wealth In Germany, excluding Austria and Sudctcnland, before Thursday's outbreaks. When and how the line would be collected was not announced, but since Jewish business must be given up. it -was assumed part of the sum would come from this source. THREE DECREES Decrees against Jews Issued to- day: 1. Prohibited Jews from con- ducting retail businesses, mall or- der and commission houses and in- dependent enterprises utter Jan. 1; 3. Barred Jews from heading ..any industrial or commercial con- cern; 3. Ordered Jews excluded from theaters, mode houses, concerts and other public presentations. Herman WDhelm direc- tor of Germany's four-year plan for economic self-sufficiency. Issued the decree providing the 000 fine. "Jewry's hostile altitude toward the German people and the reich, which does not stop at cowardly as- sassinations, requires dp.cislve meas- ures and a Ejverc the de- cree said. "I. therefore, decree on the basis of the four-year plan regulations of Oct. 18. 1036. the following: "First, upon Jews of German na- tionality in their entirely Is Im- posed a payment of See Pf. H, Col. T EVENTS-TO COME IN WESI TEXAS In Cole- man County 'Fresh Water district No. 1 (Gouldbusk and adjacent ter- ritory) will decide November 28 whether or not In bonds will be Issued to obtain the district's share of funds to construct ft water- works system at Gouldbiuk. high school faculty will give a comedy program Thursday night. 21 thc public speaking class of Winters high school will present a three- act comedy-drama, "Com In' Through the Rye." FLUVANNA Fluvanna school's 1938 carnival will be presented November 18. chamber of commerce banquet will be held December 12. Tom Con-" nally will be main speaker for a soil conservation program here Nov- ember 21. county poultry show will be staged December 8 9 and 10. Cowboj-s' Christmas ball will be held December 21-23. erl J. Bulltley of Ohio, both of rhom faUed ol reelection, was de- iled. Murphy siVi afterward: "I Ihlnk our minds should re- rnaln open on that entire question." Bulkley said, ru.wever, he believed the people have a fixed opinion igalnst a third term and that 'there Is quite a sentiment against i Sara Collins, actress, is shown registering fear she said she felt when she heard the now famous broadcast of a fic- iltlous invasion from Mars In a dramatization of the "War of the Worlds." She sued the Columbia broadcasting system ol' California for S50.090 and said, "I listened and and was terror-stricken into hysterics. Her home Is In Los Angeles. (Associated Press Photo.) Protests Mount inst Reich Senator Asserts That U.S. Should Sever Relations By The Associated Press against nazi Germany's latest campaign against Jews grew In "volume and strength In the United States yesterday, bringing suggestions' from some spokesmen that this country sever relations with the relch. Aroused especially by the Hitler government's fining the Jew's with- in Its borders for the slaying of a German diplomat in Paris by a rolish Jew, men in pub- lic and private life and of various religions added their voices to Ihe swiftly mounting list ol objectors. Bitterly denouncing the fine and calling Hitler "one of the outstand- ing tyrants the world has pro- Senator King (D-Utah) suggested thc United States sever diplomatic relations with Germany in protest. At a mass meeting in New York's Columbus circle sponsored by the American Leasue for Peace and Democracy, a crowd shouted Its ap- proval of resolutions demanding that the U. S. break olf all trade relations with Germany and urging a boycott of all German-made goods. Telegraph messengers said 200 persons sent messages during the meeting to President Roosevelt ask- ing that he'put an embargo on all trade with Germany. Blaze Delivered To Fire Station PLAINVIEW, Nov. fLrc was delivered to the fire station here today. Roy Snodgrass of Floydada. while driving seven miles out on highway, discovered the upholstery was afire. He drove posthaste to the lire Progressives Launch Drive lo Back FDR LoGuardia, Murphy And Bulkley Deny Third Term Talk NUfNKZ W. Lee O'D-jjuel's proposal to lorm a state organization similar to the Reconstruction Finance corpor- ation to finance new Industries In Texas met varied responses from prominent Abliene businessmen Saturday. Reactions ranged from outright hostility and condemnation to half- democrats. Governor phy of Michigan and Frank Mur- enator Rob- IN ABILENIANS' VARIED Interference' Seen In Texas RFC Plan By NUINk'Z U i heiirtM favor anrf a n w r- e.______ __..... hearted favor, aid a compliment for the governot elect's good Inten- tions. Consensus of the opposition was that O'Danlet'i plan, If carried out. nould be trtadlns on (fie toes of private finance and would br an extension of government Interference in busi- ness. C. M. ranchman and capitalist, a common chord In declaring: "It doesnt apieal to me. I think the government can keep Interfer- ing with business until It will knock atl the initiative out of business- men." Similar views were held by E. A. Shepperd, real estate man, and W. O. Swenson, -.apitalist and bank di- rector. Shepperd feared that such a financial arear-ization as suggest- ed by O'DaoIfl would likely inter- fere with privatt business. "The trend o' the national gov- ernment Is In tr.at direction." he observed. 'I like to see the state of Texas avoid It." "f haven't given great thought to the proposal" Swenson said, "but 1 think we have enough gov- ernment (inar.cing organizations now. I would like to see similar moves soft-peda.ed rather than ex- panded.'' J. S. president of the Texas Coca-Cols Bottling com- See TEXAS RFC, Tf, H, CoL 6 OUT OF Labor's War Heads For Capitol With Grid Teom, Bond, Students And Fans COWBOY SPECIAL HEADS FOR LOS ANGELES LATE WEDNESDAY The Repoiter-News Cowboy spe- cial, carrying ttir Hardln-Simmons university football team, the fa- mous Cowboy band and a gala par- ty of students tua ardeilt followers ol H-SU football fortunes will steam Organization ol a Ihird party was .H .S? rowned hv "LSii. out ?f Abllene Wednesday evening frowned upcn b.v Bulkley while Murphy emphasteed a ev po icy i would have to bf formulated by leaders of (he progressive move- ment and that it would have 'to around President Roosevelt. More definite proposals will be discussed in Washington next week. LaGuardla, Murphy and Bulkley plan to be In th; capital for further conversations with others who Ihlnk along the same political and economic lines. IAGUAHDIA SPEARHEAD Spearhead of the movement was LaGuardia, .vho'described the elec- tion results a.5 a "decided set-back" and immediately started writing and telephoning recognized pro- gressive leaders in appeals for ac- tion. Some Ideas-expressed by Ihe con- ferees here founa concurrence In the remarks of CIO chairman John L, Lewis, in Pittsburgh. 'I think tne elections in- dicate the need for greater cooper- ation and concerted action among the liberal iorcw. of our country" Lewis said. Murphy said the, progressive movement, in order to be a success must be centered around the presi- dent 'beca-ise he has done more than any person to make it pos- sible.'- "No one needs to be dishearten- ed." Murphy added. "Progressives will take greatest courage from the reversals of last Tuesday." Among _those the mayor has in- vited to join the "solidification movement are the LaPollettes of Wisconsin, Governor Philip LaPollette fell bf.fore republicans in his try for a fourth ierm. Wisconsin 5 governor said "every progressive will take a cinch In his belt and be ready for ths next round." Hide-And-Seek With Car Ends In Death DALLAS, Nov. 12. Leroy Cooper. 8, played Hide-and-seek with death today. He was killed and his five-year- old sister, Helen, was Injured when struck by an automobile driven by Mrs. E. R. Tanner, a friend. The Cooper children, Leroy. Helen and Bobbie. 10, were playing hide- and-seek In weMs along a lane. They saw Mrs. Tanner's car ap- proaching. The survivors said they crouched in the weeds to jump up and surprise Mrs. Tanner. Meeting To Explain Water Plan Set COIORADO. Nov. Final mcetlns In a series which has been held In Mitchell county dur- ing the past weeks to explain the government's newly-launched water facilities program to farmers living in affected areas will be held In Loraine at Monday night. Drama Too Real BALTIMORE. Nov.' 12. Samuel Shapiro, 60, died tonight of a heart attack members of his fam- ily said he suffered after listening lo a broadcast of R drama depict- ing an invasion of the nation by men from Mars. Injuries Fatal AMAHILLO. Nov. the DocM, 31, general construction su aulo-seat pcrintendcnt of the Columbia Car bon company, died here today injuries received near Sunrav yes- station here, where the fire was terday when he was pinned btiween tank cars Mourned By Only TYPHOID MARY'BURIED IN BRONX CEMEIERY 1 ffOT-. frail, wasted bodv i m- In the hearty plumpness of her middle years became known as -Typhoid Marv nnoccnt asenl of death, was lowered into a prave 4 'he Bronx, today B S' Pronounced the CaCe" to For 31 years, since health officials, puzzled by recur- ring outbreaks of typhoid fever, discos red Jifiry was hcr from thc 'he had remained la lor a brief period She died In obscurity ycMerday. ironically from paralysis and old age. for while hcr body teemed with thc bac11" shc herself u-is immune She had served in many homes, unfittingly brinc- In? disca.-c to those who employed her. But In 1907 I A' Soper. a sanitary- engineer, found her Isolated on Norih Brolhfr island In thc East river she brooded. In 1903 she tried to her liberty In (he slate supreme court, but failed. .As age advanced, she became more deeply and authorities built hcr a cottaee and cave her a job in thc laboratory. Doctors injected hcr with bil- lions more of germs In experiments, with no 111 cf- fcc.s on Mary. She mighc have cured had uhc been willing to undergo an intestinal operation for Los Angeles scene ol thc an- :tlonal gridiron battle 0-------- between the Ranchers and the Loy- ola Lions, schedu'ed In Los Angeles Saturday afternoon, November 19. Reservations tc date have been made from Wichita Palls, Amar- illo, Sweetwater, Maryneal, Wein- ert, Canton and Springfield, Illinois, and Washington. D. C. Many' Abi- lenlans also will be aboard thc Texas i: Pacific special when It heads for Calltmnla. Jack Sim- mons, H-SU alumnus, Is directing a campaign for sending the Cowboy baud on thc special and expects to see the musicians strut their stuff In Los Angeles. Latest reservations received at the school Include Cecil Vandever. an official of" the Great Western Mill

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Issue Date: November 13, 1938