Thursday, October 6, 1938

Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - October 6, 1938, Abilene, Texas WEST TEXAS' Over Chicago Cubs LaWorld Series Opener -Page 2 VOL. LVIII, NO. 128." WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE VOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS rr frru (UP) ABILENE, TEXAS, THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 6, 1938.-TWELVE PAGES HERE'S WHAT FABM EXHIBITS LOOK LIKE AT WEST TEXAS FAIR PRICE FIVE CENTS Stuffed game birds feature the Coke county 4-H club ex- hibit (above) In the agricul- tural building of the West Texas Free fair, The scene, showing the birds on a greensward sur- rounding a lake. Is a, boost for the club's activities In game management. H. A. Smith, Coke county agent, supervised building or Ihe exhibit. Second to left Is shown (he Jones county 4-H club exhibit. Herman Arthur Probst of the Plalnvtcw school, left, and James Edwin Burleson, right, same school, happened to b? beep- ing watch over the booth when the photographer arrived. The booth contains two miniature farms, one of which takes ad- vantage ol trench silo storage of feed, the other not doing so. County Agent Floyd Lynch the construction. Mr. and Mrs, w. A. Moore, veterans at the {arming busi- ness who live north of Abilene, show an assortment ol .field crop results and canned goods in their Individual farm booth, pictured third from left. They are parents of J. I. Moore. Abilene vocational agriculture teacher. The Rule FPA booth, at right, contains a s.ind-table miniature of the ideal which crops and Income are diversi- fied and prosperity greater. Edd McMlnn. new vocational teacher nt Rule school, super- vised preparation of the ex- hibit. AS FAIR SPEEDS TEAMS TO TUG At least 10 leuni ol hanti and mules have been entered in the pulllni contest of the West Mr for Ihlj afternoon it the race meet. The central will be front of the grandstand between Thlj event Is making Its first pearance In West Texas. It fa a nut ittracllonln the Mlddlewett. Each leam I] hitched to a dynamometer and is given three at an established weight. As each team auctufullv pulls the weight, It is Increased until l winner Is established. The dynamometer was. brought here from Marshall. The City of Abilene enter- ed a team to null on exhibition Ed Gist, lee Baker, Jinks Mc- Cee and oljim also have enter- ed teams. Rodeo Draws st Crowd Steer Bulldogger Turns In Record Local Arena Time Taking advantage of reduced prices, the week's largest crowd turned out last night for the third Beutler Brothers rodeo performance at the West Texas fair grounds. With four sections of the huge grandstand filled, cowboys went to work to give by far the best per- formance of the current show. Their enthusiasm spread to spec- tators, who applauded frequently. SPECIALTIES APPLAUDED Top honors for the night went to performers of specialty acts. Tills was especially true for Cecil Cor- nish when he presented his edu- cated horse. Smokey. Jumping Or hurdles, Roman slyle, by CornLsh and his Golden Eagle leam of for the third suc- cessive time captured the spotlight. Thrills were a dime a dozen when reckless Don Wilcoi start- ed cavorting in the trick and fancy riding exhibition. Time and again It appeared he was in for a tough fall, but he al- ways bounded back. When Husky Charley Brcdnax of Pampa grabbed a steer's horn In the 'dogging contest, he pulled in a bit of glory with the excellent Ume of In Bible Seen ANGELOAN GETS HERE to Eat Mighty San Angelo, proud metropolis of the Conchos, rode into Abilene shortly before noon yesterday astride an ass, as weary a looking animal as any peon ever rode to and from hli hillside acres. It was an hiunble beast but even so, he strutted a bit more than did the rider, C. D. Harris, representing one of San Angela's leading b u s 1 ness establishments. Perhaps his ancient mode of travel represented busi- ness prosperity of.the Tom Green county city. No one bothered to ask. Harris climbed aboard hU donkey early. Men day morning, 3 o'clock to be t.wct. At that, he his mule must have received a Itft or two along the route. In sharp contrast to the un- shaven and weary Harry was Ihe Abilene welcoming party. Accompanied by a police escort, the Abilenians rode forth to the city limits in a caravan of shining new automobiles. Being from the "Howdy Neighbor" city, (he Abilen- ians sent one of their num- ber forth aboard a donkey of the Taylor county vari- ety. Gene Canirell, rider of this beautiful animal, ac- companied the haggard San Angelo visitor on the final stages of hU humiliating journey, which culminated in a don-ntoirn parade. Last night the waa See DONKEY, Pg. T, Col. 4 Homage PaidjCotton Festival King, Queen In Bible LJ I Major Jersey Awards Given Ranger Entries Spain Rejects Eastlond, Taylor Exhibitors Split Honors In Show Sixty.jeven head of the finest Jerseys in West Texas were judged yesterday at the West Texas fair. F. E. Walker of Eanger was the major winner. Honors were well divided, how- ever, between the exhibitors of Tay- lor county and those from Eastland. Price Self of Tuscola showed the grand champion female. Dairymen from half a dozen Wes.. Texas counties were on hand when the ribbon pinning ceremony took place. Dr. Verne A. Scott of the John Tarleton animals husbandry department was judge. He praised hfghly the fine animals exhibited. Walter won all (hree prizes In the Tounj herd class, bad the blue ribbon herd mi was flrai In the let of jlre cUss. I. B. Duct, Buffalo Gap, won first in the class for produce of dam. He also showed numerous other winners. Results of the show as announc- ed by Sup't. Sam Kennedy follow: Bulls over two years old: first Victor Sybil Dreamer. T. E. Walter; second, Successor's Geneva Crack- Frank Antilley. Abilene; third'. Kitty's Oxford Premier, Les Baker, Abilene: fourth, Sophie's Indul- gence Duke, C. A. Wilson, Abilene. Bulls one to two jears old: first Prince Noble Fern. D. H. Jefferies, Abilene: second. Jacqueline's Pri- mate. Waller Connell, Olden; third. You'll Do Pounic Lad Noble. An-' (illey; fourth. Gamboge Duke Noble of E. V., I. B. Duck. Bulls six to 12 months old: first. Victor Oolden Dreamer. Chester in. Eastland; second, calf shown PARIS, Oct. plan to iby Antilley; third, Gamboge sensa- partltion Spain into two Sas" derm Duck; fourth, one a democracy, the other a dicta- been broached to the Spanish government, which rejected t. government spokesmen here dis- closed today. They asserted the plan. Its origins obscure, would form part of inter- national discusisons aimed at end- ng the Spanish war as part cj a RELAX: IT IS TOO ALL RIGHTTO DUNK THOSE DOUGHNUTS Horse Racing Lures Crowd; More Today NEW YORK, Oct. Doughnut-dunking with no holds barred was approved today by Emily Post. Informed (hat Mrs. Gertrude Binney Kay had told Emerson college's class in social mages at Boston that dunking is right at an inlormal house party or a little snack after Mrs. post laughed and agreed. "Any place that would have doughnuts would be like a picnic where you could do pretty much SIZE OF NEW YORK- as you pleased." Mrs. Post saH. "Of course, you wouldn't have doughnuts at a formal dinner, anyway." Mrs. Kay added that dunking was never correct under any circumstances "unless you hold the doughnut you are dunking between the thumb and third linger of your right hand-" Mrs. Post opined, however, "it doesn't matter much how you hold It If you are going to dunk, you are going to dunk. But dip it not too far and spread It not too wide." East Texas Pays Oil Strike Anniversary Scant Heed as Discovery Well Pumps on No Joiner's original Daisy Bradford tola o the srJversarP worW', I elgtu "80 heralded discovery ol the worlds greatest oil pool, the vast East Texas field. Little note of the occasion was taken today In the four Iwim pools ultimamte would be more than three billion barrels. Lion Shot Down After Jap Killed Escaped Circus Feline Terrorizes Jersey Resort Before Being Slain m'ui VAV.HJCHL wJUC uv ng the 5.2 seconds, fastest ever recorded in genera! European settlement. "certain powers" the local arena. Bill Van vactor downed his bovine n was hinted in seconds to cop second brought up the Spanish partition Bruce Ross was only a hop be- scheme at the Munich parley Scot hind, with 7.2 seconds. i 30 which arranged for giving Ger- Calf ropers tailed to shake their: many slices of Czechoslovakia Eur- Jta. with only four qualifying. Ves- opes other major trouble tone ter Parrish made the best time with I At an remit it Bulls under six months old: first unnamed calf, James calvert, East- land; second, unnamed calf L c CooSc.Ewtland; third, unnamed Antilley; fourth, Bobbette's Climav of E. V.. Duck. Champion bull; Victor sybil Dreamer, Walker. Cows over three years old- first Connell's Goldie, Walter Connell' second, Impertace Primrose Antil- ley; third. Gamboge Bobbette Duclc- top of his shirt remained on him. The lion pounced on the Japa- nese as he alighted from an auto- mobile with a woman. The wom- an's screams sounded an alarm which brought out a posse of all the town's two score police and firemen to stalk the beast under the boardwalk with searchlijhts. Two policemen pumped three shots into it, but it eluded them several limes until Patrolman John Gares brought it .iovio wilh a shot through the eye. Meanwhile, an armed cordon closed off a four-block area alon? the Atlantic ocean, and terrifi-d parents herded up their child-en Richetti Gets Ready To Die JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Oct. MV-Sardonlc little Adam Richetti away the prison hours in silence tonight as officials prepared death in the lethal gas for his third, Noble Star Hmv' "on escaped was a myV-i for in the KansaT'city 'un" tne formality of a tcry. police suspected children <lon station massacre of four officers I. lnclude5 the manu- '--J factunns city of Gabionz, of 33.000 chamber at midnight tomorrow. The tight-lipped pal of Charles Pretty Boy" Floyd was condemned lor his part in the Kansas City un- Daladier Granted Dictator Powers In Finance Crisis PRAGUE, Oct ficial sources renorted tonight the Invasion of tiro Czechoslovak frontier cities by Hungarian border nurds who were forced to retire, however, after opposi- tion. BERLIN, Oct. international Sudetenland com- mission today arrived at an agreement on additional Snde- tenland territory to be occupied by German troops outside the four eristiDg zones by Monday October 10. The new delimitations were de- cided on as Germany prepared to bill Czechoslovakia for "reparations'' dating back to the birth of the re- public. Observers considered the de- mand a powerful lever to force Czechoslovakia into Germany's eco- nomic system. NAZIS GAIN FACTORIES Official sources did not indicate the total area involved in the new zone but measurements on the map indicated it was about 5.000 square mtles. (about one-tenth the area of New York or approximately one-fourth of the whole Sudeten area of square miles which is claimed by Germany. On the south the German border will be pushed forward to an irregular depth of in average of about 20 miles. The territory thus ceded to Ger- Loss of Czechs Benes Forced Out by Hitler DOBBIN GIVES FIRE LADDIES HORSELAUGH NEW YORK. Oct. The horsey kind- is on the Flatbush fjre lardlo In Brooklyn. A battalion chief, two en- gine and two and ladder companies, two police radio and a fire patrol car dashingly re- sponded to a fire alarm today. They found Mike, a dappled grey milk wagon horse, non- chalantly nostojt the fire box handle he'd pulled no fire. Cows two to three years first i the Ca3e See FAIR. Pt. 7, Col. 6 Brought To Close Briton Urges Labor Cooperation Abroad population, and Czech-Slovakia's DENVER, Oci three-day wool ended today with sate ;oMinK 169.650 po-ands. Bidders bough: tiLiuers c pounris in the sale's final from H Sylvester Roane, Jimmie Olsen, i we're In Rome the ambassador' day 5ith Price., ra'njlng Tack Bolton and Hin H iLord and Minister Pound. W5SS HOUSTO.V. Oct. W. Sttphenson. British labor spokes- Denver's: man, appealed to American labor today to 'think and act interoa- because the future of the irntwi States Is "irrevocably bound accused trio. tip with the dcstinitts" of end the Far East. and their prisoner. j What hope Richetti might have [held for escaping execution srlim- pnnclPa P I "Barked a Mineral plea for Internationa! labor i 10 o'c'ocii S i35 about ___ ;th! attendant opened :he MSI, he pulled gun from the ba; and cleaned the rcuister. He escaped in a Chevrolet se- j oan Cnvcn by another man. Li- numbtr was thought to be from Louisiana. PR.UitK, Oct. 5. (.IP, _ Eduard Brnrs. who helped f'lund Ihe ttrchoslnvak repub- lic 20 jrars ajn. stepped down from the presidency (adav >pd left to i new goTemmen't the of kadint the Jbrinkinr nation throujh dark hours ahead. The repealed jarsot of Acioif Hit. icrs conrfcmr.ation. Bcnes relia. lion -my remjinin; in office'migiv See BRN'KS. tf. fol. CITY. O John s. an oi; Act: ago. helped the man who shot him set a suspended sentence in district court t.7day. The defendant, 63-year-old Sarn Benr.ett of Port Worth, received a1 one-year SKjpended sentence after: Porter arguerl In his Bennett drew a gun In arsumen: wi'h porter over a lease, and in a Jcuffle the tiin discharged ed on the dairy show, in which 67 animals from Olden. Eastland. Ranxer and Taylor county herds were shown. Top honors went P. E. Walker's Jerseys from Ranger, which had taken the first awards last year. Taylor county winners In the show included Jer- seys from the Frank Antilley and Crowds continued to mount in numbers for the third day's festtrt- at the fair. There were visitors from Baird. Swtetwater, Sa.-nford. Bailtajer, Winters. As- See Tg. 1, Col. 5 The Weather i, Bond of S30.IXK) had been ap- proved and the case transferred lo the international court of Ihe Ix-ajue of Nations at Gene- 'a hy arlion of Ifnal counsel 0( Ihe rromWny Oil company. Him- Ralliff ot C'olorado, Tei. The hearing, which had teen jet Ratliff, George Black, members of Spies Condemned See IVJIXCTION, Tg. T, Col, METZ. Frar.ce. Oct. military tribunal (oday condemned .man and his alld !Mr MI-.., to .0-year prison tcrir.s on rharer.s of npior.asc or, hr'on'.f o.r The foiir were in [September, 1937. Boston Houses Buy New Mexico Wool LORDSBURG. .V, Oct. 5._. r Boston houses a total of 80.coo of 'Kidaleo county mohair this week at prices ranging to 56 cents to- kid h.ilr. One Boston firm bfl'.uht 50.000 J-2 ccn'.s for grown hair, and 5S cfnus for S. p Collins company purchased 30.000 ;Billed In Gem Theft 1 SAN FRANCISCO. Or. Fc-ieral srand jyrors :odiv ir.d'e-- 'ed Meyer Sopher. !1. ship's rness- bov charged with ci from Mrs. L.i, of the ringer. K: Frirfsj. i voyage from 33 S-8 cents hair j) ccjilo for kid. Robbers to Die HOT SPRI.VOS A A'frixl i Fuji ,.j :i' ziicti death sfnterc. s '.onisht .ne F.Mon Cooley. grctcry