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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - October 6, 1938, Abilene, Texas JBLIt’s Up To Dizzy Dean: Cub-Victory Means'Life Qr Death To Johnny CHIcSgO. Oct. «.—(UP)— Dlz Dean will carry more than the hopes of the Chicago Cubs when h£) steps onto the pitcher’s mound to face the New York Yankees today. Unknown ingly, he will carry, too, the hope* of Johnny English, a boy who Is fighting hard against almost certain death. A Cubs' victory might do a lot for Johnny. He is only 14 and dying from neuroma, a cancerous disease which follows along the nerves and usually causes death within a few weeks. A month ago physicians gave him three weeks to -live. But Johnny has watched the Cubs and, fighting as hard as they fought to win the National ..................................—........n •"■■■....................... league pennant, has hung on. Physicians said his will to live Wad kept him alive but believed it was only as strong 6 as his enthusiasm to see the Cubs win the series. They lost the first game yes terday but Johnny wasn't upset. Dean Is his hero and he believed Dean was eye to win. ‘Then,” he said, “ftiey’ll take the rest of the games easy." H# heard the game yesterday over a radio in a ward at Mer cy hospital, He was particularly Interested In the showing of Ripper Collins, Cubs’ first baseman, and Bill Jurges, Cubs’ shortstop They visited him Tuesday, told him baseball stories and gave him two base- —A_rn_ balls autographed by alk the » Cubs and Yankees teanu. He grinned with satlffaction when Collins' bat bracked against leather and the ball sizzled out to right fi^ld. He * pulled himself to the si<# of the bed and turned up the radios volume when Collins reached third. “Whatta guy,” he said. "Come ’• on in, Collins.” Collins did. L%| came in on a single by Stan Hack. “Boy. what a team,” Johnny said. “Come on, you Cubs.” WIST TEXAS' NEWSPAPER Wfjt Abilene Reporter ~ ★★★ EVENING ■‘WH'HOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE    YOUR    WORLD    EXACTLY    AS    COES,"-Byron VOL LYU I, NO. 128. OUM Presa (UP) ABILENE, TEXAS, THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 6, 1938-TWELVE PAGES AhmIiM Presa (AP) PRICE FIVE CENTSNAZIS DEMAND MORE CZECH SACRIFICES Leaders Vision No Assurance OI Long Peace Hitler Reported Determined to Be Dominant Power (EDITORS NOTE:    Is    it peace? That is the question all Europe is asking today as a resist of the Munich conference. Returned to London after following every phase of the European crisis, Webb Miller, United Press European manager and famous war correspondent, reports in the following dispatch on the prospects for maintaining peace in our time ” (Copyright 1938 by United Press) LONDON, Oct. 6.— (UP)—After Europe’s first explosion of Joy in the belief tha{ dismemberment of Czechoslovakia under a four-power agreement had avoided war, a definite reaction has set in. There are now doubts that permanent peace has arrived. I am personally convinced, after following the crisis through every phase, that the men responsible for Europe s major nations do not place nearly as much confidence in the possibility of peace in our time” as the general public did immediately after the Munich conference, Adolf Hitler convinced British Prime Minister Neville C hamberlain, I learned from reliable sources, that^Qermany is tetermined to become the predominant power in Europe. In their conversations leading up to the partitioning of Czechoslovakia, the Nazi fuehrer left absolutely no doubt in Chamberlains mind that the third reich ejects to achieve political, military and economic domination on the continent. He was understood to have indicated to Chamberlain that he regarded this domination as Germany's inalienable right due to her population of almost 80,000,000, her political and industrial organization and the ’’genius” of the German people. Already Hitler’s hatred of Eduard Benes has led to resignation of the Czech president. And there, in best informed opinion, lies the crux of the danger ahead; the answer to whether Europe is heading for a period of peace or merely a breathing space before war. Great Britain's traditional policy, which she has always considered necessary for her security, has been to prevent the rise of any predominant military power on the continent History shows that Britain felt herself compelled to halt the rise of other great powers in the pastthe Dutch, the Spanish and, in Napoleon's time, the French. If Europe again is faced with a general war, it probably will be on the fundamental issue of "stop Hitler.'* EVERYBODY HAS, A BIG TIME AT WEST TEXAS FREE FAIR ON ABILENE'S DAY Germans Insist On Sector with Everybody had a big time at the fair on Abilene day. Horse races in the afternoon drew a big crowd to the grandstand, including Mr. and Mrs. Poe Reagor (left) as they purchased their tickets. There was fun aplenty on the midway, including the colliding of automobiles where the * * * youngsters, out for Abilene day, took many a bump. The boys and girls will be out of school all day Friday, for Public School day, and the rides are expected to be whizzing most all day. The Shetlands are popular, too with the Abilene kiddies. Here's four - year - old Robert • • • Harold Kelly (second from right), taking a ride that's as much fun to him as the bucking broncs are to the cowboys at the rodeo. Robert Harolds parents are Mr. and Mrs. H. H. * * * Kelly, 2118 Beech street. Even the clown had a big day. He took time out to saunter over behind the trailer house row for a cigaret. (Reporter-News staff photos). • • • WITH ANOTHER RODEO TONIGHT- Horses Run Again Today at Free Lions of Area To Take Over Fair Valuable Mines Commons Votes Its Confidence In Chamberlain PRAGUE, Oct. 8.—(UP)—The government today granted autonomy within the remnants of the Czechoslovakia republic to the Slovaks. PRAGUE, Oct. 6.—(AP)— Th® government of Czechoslovakia learned today that sacrifices far surpassing its expectations were required of the dwindling republic in the cession of the fifth Sudetenl&nd zone to Germany. Exact extent of the additional territory Czechoslovakia Is called upon to deliver to Adolf Hitler was WARSAW, Oct. 6— (UP)-Poland was understood to have agreed today to support Hungary’s demand for cession of territory by Czechoslovakia so as to provide a common Polish -Hungarian frontier. 'GATORS DIDN'T WINCE ONCE BUT CHUNKER WINCED SINCE ATLANTA. Oct. 6    —Anyway, C. A McMurtrey had a novel explanation for tossing chunks of coal at the alligators in Grant park zoo. "I wanted to see if they’d wince,” he told Reporter John L. Cone after police intervened. P. 'S —The gators didn't, but McMurtrey did, when Cone fined him $12 and costs. New King, Queen Cotton Festival's Rulers After Fete Released by Girl, Bandits Retaken HICKORY, N C., Oct. 6.— (UP) James Godwin, who made love to his blonde girl jailer and persuaded her to release him from his cell in Lexington, was captured here today. Godwin resisted officers who found him in a barn Just south of the city limits, and was wounded in the face with small shot. P. P. Jones, Hickory police chief, said the wound was not serious. Godwin and Bill Wilson escaped when Godwins soft words led J Lula Belle Kimel, the Jailer s daughter, to give up the key while her J father was aawy on business.    .    •    •    • LULA BELLE FIGHTS JAIL Advance Cleared, Japs Make Mile SHANGHAI. Oct. 6.—tJV-With planes and warships blasting a pathway, Japanese troops advanced a mile up the Yangtze river today toward Hankow, provisional Chinese capital and Japanese objective since July. Minesweepers cleared the Yangtze channel for following Japanese transports. Fierce fighting occurred on other fronts but without major change in troop positions. The Weather ABILENE" and Mclnlty: Partly cloudy tonight and Friday. FrldaV Texas: Part*V cloudy tonight and East Texas; Partly cloudy tonight and Friday. Highest temperature yesterday ... Bt « lowest temperature this morning ag TEMPERATURES •# 0 10 11 12 Sunrise . .S _    Sunset    •......'.8:18 W*W:3o p.m. 8:30 aim. 12:39 pm Dry    thermometer    83    87    84 Wet    thermometer    «2    ai    80 Relative humidity    30    73    22 Wilson was recaptured today with Godwin. Jones said Wilson surrendered and told where officers would find Godwin asleep. As the city police, accompanied by county officers, approached the barn, Jones said, Godwin shouted that he would “kill anyone who tries to take me." In an exchange of shots that followed Godwin was wounded. Godwin had been awaiting trial on charges of first degree burglary, a capital offense in this state. After escaping jail Monday, Godwin and his companion commandeered a taxicab and forced the driver to take them to High Point, where they left him bound and gagged. In a series of encounters at High Point, in which the youths tried to obtain automobiles or money Monday night, Donald Moss, a textile worker, was shot and killed Police have charged Godwin with the killing. Meanwhile, at I oxington, muscular Lula Belle—she weighs 175 pounds—decided she didn't want to serve 60 days in jail as penace for having been victimized by her first boy friend. Her father, Jailer Tom Kimel. filed a $200 bond whlcn permits her to go free until a higher court passes on the justice of her sentence for having freed Godwin, 19. and Wilson, 21. SOFT WORDS WIN KEY Lula Belle pleaded guilty when arraigned in county court last night. She sobbed and her parents sobbed during the testimony, but none of them testified. The court sentenced her to 60 days in jail for having freed Godwin and to three months for having freed /ilson. The second sentence was suspended. Her attorney reasoned that Lula The horses are running again today. There’s action tonight in the rodeo arena. The exhibit buildings are at their best, with judging complete nd departmental directors giving full attention to keeping displays attractive and to answering queries of spectators FOOTBALL FRIDAY The Herefords, the dairy cattle, the horses and mules, the club livestock, the finest poultry of the area—all continue to draw big crowds. This Is Lions club day for West Texas Lions visiting the fair. Its WOW day, too: and Hardin-Sim-mons uni -rsity day. Callahan, JUSTICE WINKS AT SHOOTING OF BOY'S DOG One Abilene youngster lost confidence today in the balance maintained by the scales of the goddess Justice. Yesterday evening his dog was shot in the hip, not fatally, but seriously enough to knock him off the list of playmates for a while. Today the boy s father filed a complaint against a neighbor. But in corporation court, Judge E. M. Overshiner revealed that the law has no hand in restraining a property owner from shooting an animal on the his (the owners) premises. The neighbor, however, promised he would not shoot again. CONTINUING SERIES- Its Dizzy vs. Goofy Today Children in the Abilene public school system will have a full holiday to attend the West Texas Free fair tomorrow, Supt. L. F.. Dudley announced today. The day has been designated “School day.” High achoo! students wilt take time off from attending the fair to witness the Sweetwater-Eagle football game tomorrow afternoon at the high school stadium. Moran Wildcat Indicates Pool JAMES GODWIN Public Debt at New Record High See CAPTURE, Pg. ll, Col. 6 WASHINGTON. Oct. 8._(UP> — The public debt reached a record high on Oct. 4—the second consecutive r ecord day—the treasury dis-1 closed today. On that day the debt stood at $38,427,019,569, surpassing the record established on Oct. 3 by about one million dollars. At the same time, the treasury revealed that its monetary gold stocks soared to a new all-time peak of $13,801,861,783. This represented an increase of more than $1,000,000,000 within a year. Shackelford. Eastland. Throckmorton, Stephens county day. The W>st Texas Fair is in its fourth day. with the 1938 show approaching the home stretch. There will be football for afternoon excitement Friday as Sweetwater meets Abilene in Eagle stadium; Saturday's matinee will be horse racing again, by far the outstanding afternoon attraction as far aa attendance is concerned. Three more nights of rodeo, staged by Beutler brothers. The arena under the arc lights is a stirring sight every' night—flags flying, the Cowboy band playing, the loud speaker calling out new; records in the rodeo events, the grandstand crowd cheering cowboys or breathless over trick riding. NTLW COTTON ROYALTY Today also finds a new king and queen ruling over the Texas Colton Festival, which reached its climax last night in the coronation ceremony at Fair Park auditorium and the coronation ball following. The king Hudson Smart; tht? queen— Elizabeth Faucet!; succeeding George Minter Jr ., and Emma gene Hale, first riders of the Texas Cotton festival in Abilene. Attendance soared agair yesterday—Abilene day; while the grandstand drew the largest See FAIR, Pg. ll, Col. 4 Indication of a new deep oil pool for southern Shackelford county, ‘five miles west of Moran, was given today as operators bailed free oil from the R. H. Gordon and Frank Pethybrkige No. I C. B. Snyder. wildcat test showing saturation In the Caddo lime The No. I Snyder, bailing at the rate of about 20 barrels of 41 gravity oil daily, had set six-inch easing at 3.605 feet and drilled to a total depth of 3.660 feet, increase in both oil and gas showing the la>t 35 feet. PIPELINE NEARBY It was reported logging 49 feet higher structurally than the Ur.-gren Si Frazier No I Snyder, drilled about two years ago and located a mile and a quarter to ti e northeast. Long and Wolfe, Graham contractors, planned cemented pipe above the showing and planned to treat with 5,000 gallons of acid early next week. Location is in the northeast corner of section 38-LAL survey, near the center of a 3.000-acre bloc*. Other than the owners, acreage was held by Long and Wolfe in thre? 80s, and a diagonal northwest offset by Humble Oil Si Refining company. The teat had been contracted to the Ordovician or 4,500 feet, but had been exploring all aha Dower zones. A Texas company pipe line runs only 500 feet from the location. Gabby Hartnett Plays Hunch, and Cubs Stake All On Ailing Flipper of Hurler Score bv innings: yankees".................020    xxx    xxx (A BS .....................102    xxx    xxx not yet known, but government circle* said terms of the decision of the international Sudetenland com* mission at Berlin last night wen "cruel" SEPARATES PROVINCES Word of the commission’s findings was brought to Prague by General Husarek of the Czechoslovak army, who had conferred with th! commission at Berlin. He delivered the terms to a session of the cabinet which lasted through the nigh! until 6 a. rn . with Premier Gen. Jap Syrovy presiding. The Prague government wa* told that Germany insists on immediate occupation of territory containing the Bohemian coal mines and cutting deeply between Bohemia and Moravia, severing rail communications between those two provinces. In addition to the loss of vital communications, it appeared many mines and additional industries would be lost. Tile international commission acted In accordance with the Munich agreement, which empowered it to delimit a fifth zone of "preponderantly German’’ population tc be occupied without plebiscite in addition to four zones marked foi occupation before October 8. Approval Given By HARRY FERGUSON WRIGLEY FIELD, CHICAGO, Oct. 6.-(UP)-The weath- npnrp Munich er was cold enough today to embalm the dead arm of Jerome Herman Dean as the great Dizzy carried the burden for the london, Oct. 6—up*—'n™ housi Chicago Cubs into the second game of the world series with of commons today voted confident the New York Yankees.    Prune    Minister    Chamberlain    anc Manager Joe McCarthy of the Yankee* .till basking in the warm glow of yesterday s 3 to I triumph over the Cubs, sent the man who has never failed him in a world series game, Lefty Gomez, into the fray in an attempt to make it two straight. al vote was 366 to 144. The house, by a majority of tw< and a half to one, answered "yes' to Chamberlain's demand for ap- The temperature, dropping close to winter level#, made it g™,v^    ThTrKtn a tough day for both pitchers. The mercury stood at 41 shortly before game time. For Manager Gabby Hartnett of the Cubs this game will crisis, which, he said, saved Czscho-Slovakia from destruction and Eu-ing the ball straight as a clothes-1 r°Pe from Armageddon, line for the brick walls in right and Earlier a labor motion disapproval fields.    ing    that policy as one which "led tc turn Alit tn hp Hn nr r\ a a mhlo D^Sin' •itUn* °*» a rubbing table the sacrifice of Czechoslovakia un-Mhhv ic    n    ^    I    the    Cubs'    locker room be*0™ the der the threat of armed force anc Mn u? * .I aii on p SlBo.-    game. was serious and unsmiling in    the humiliation of our country”    had nu u arm of Dizzy—an arm that    ; contrast    to his u-ual flippant man-    been defeated by 369 to 250. suddenly went deader than the    ner    seemed to realize that his The house adjourned until Nov. I (.'.ances of a shopgirl to be invited    baseball    future and his livelihood    amid a tremendous ovation    foi to Mrs. Astorbilt’s Christmas party., depended on what happened today.chamberlain. CROWD FILLS STANDS        *-■- "JU flatten 'em," WU the “ rn AFTER CAPS TRAGEDY- Dizzy passed around the clubhouse In Taylor county, the A. R Forster and Charter Oil A- Gas company No. 2 J .C. Frederickson showing as probably the largest well for the View pool 12 miles southwest of Abilene, was scheduled for acid treatment today in upper Cook lime from 2.338-80 feet. Estimated at IOO barrels dally natural, the test was expected to flow Sec OIL SHOWING, Pf. ll, Col. 8 before the start of the game. To that the Yankees replied: "With what?” It wax a pertinent question, for Dean went out today with his speed and curve gone and relying solely on his marvelous control and a "nothing ball”— whatever that may be. Despite the weather, it was another capacity. crowd for Wrigley field. The cold weather kept the crowd away from the park until the last minute and only a few hundred persons were in the reserved seats when the Yankees went througn batting practice. Gehrig seemed to be having trouble getting hold of the ball and he dribbled the three straight ones weakly between first and second base. DiMaggio and George Selkirk, however, were send- Movement Begun for Bus Drivers To Escort Charges Across Roads Movement for a regulation to require all school bus drivers to accompany school children across the, highway when they leave the bus was begun this morning by T. M.; McGehee. Taylor county school su-' perintendent. and Capt. Harry Hutchison of the state highway patrol. | McGehee and Hutchison met this I morning with Judge M. 3. Long of 42d district court to investigate pos-; sibility of a court order to that effect. They decided that the move I would have to be one approved by the state department of education and backed by regulations of coun« ty school boards and public sentiment. Further discussion of the project will be held this afternoon when McGehee. Deputy State Superintendent R. N. Sandlin and superintendents of the eight counties oi the district meet for conference. The movement was begun after the death yesterday afternoon of James Bruce Poe, 7, of Caps. The child was Killed when he stepped from a school bus into the path of an automobile.Locked Out After Escape, Civilized’ Lion Reverts to Jungle Beast, Terrorizes Resort - - See Page 12 ;

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