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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - September 25, 1938, Abilene, Texas WEST TEXAS' OWM HEWMKR Reporter .......'V VOL. LVIII, NO. 117. OFFENSE TO OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY 25, 1938 THIRTYPAGES IN PRICE FIVE CENTS ARMED EUROPE AWAITING NEW ZERO HOUR ________________ _ t EUROPE: SEPTEMBER 25, 1938: Revised Once, This Map Is Due Another Change Soon Bunny Helps Herself To Cash In Daddy's Cash Register-To Donate To Milk Fund g create' 'Prf Mm: on bMn "tout the milk bottle on the desk In her daddy's beauty shop. Finally, her mother In C SpWncd lhcrc wcre mi'le children fnAb" i She Kept studying the milk bottle. Then for a brief speil the rS h dlrabcd on a stool, pushed a button on the cash register. Into the bottle went all the nickels in the cash register. Then all the dimes. She was start- lug on the quarters when Mrs. Scosgins returnee! to the desk Bunnte's donation totaled her mother didn't sav a Carmichael Dies Of Heart Attack State Police Director Stricken While Driving Alone On Barton Springs Road AUSTIN. Sept. H. H. carrr.lchael. 51-year-old director of state police, was stricken fatally with a heart attack while drlvlne alone here today. Physicians believed he died in- slanlij-. His automobile left the Barton Springs road, ran across i flower bed anil struck a filling itation post. Colonel Carmichael hart been head of ihe state police system since May 1936. During that period, the imperatively organization was iiateraliy expanded. The 230-pound state police chief returned from the war with a bril- liant record of service in Prance where he was a captain of a machine gun company in the HUh infantry, 36th division. Retired .rom the array as a major, he was. nade lieutenant colonel, then :olonel, in the Texas national guard He was assistant adjutant gen- eral under former Governors Dan Moody and R. s. Sterling and I James V. .Mired, the present chief executive. The Texas P-angers now a unit of Uie state police, were un-, dcr the supervision of the adjutant generais department most of that' lime. Associates of the taciturn but i genial oflirer said he suffered a I heart attack several days ago but disclosed It only to personal friends. Roctors who examined Co'onel Carmtchael after his death said therj was no evidences of injure other than a slight flesh bruise Survivors arc the oiflcer's widow who lives in San Antonio, his sons Jack of San Antonio. Lieutenant Richard of the United states air corps, Honolulu, and Dix Cisco AS GERMANY KEEPS TROOPS READY- fudhrez Gives Czechs One Week EVENTS 10 COME IN WEST TEXAS election slated October i on issuance of water- works system revenue bonds amounting to associa- tion to sponsor "Go to Church Month" during October. Graduate Nurses association of District 15 Io meet at nurses home here Wednes- day. Sept. 23. COLEMAN-Voters of Centen- nial high school consolidated dis- trict to act on S25.000 bond issue Tuesday, sept 27 called Monday, Sept. to set financial budget for coming fiscal year. weeks term of Note Described As Conciliatory Germany Seems Confident That War fs Averted (Copyright. 1938, By The Associated Press) BERLIN, Sept. By October 1 at the latest the world will know whether 'SIT-DOWN' DUMMIES, OWNER GO TO JAIL; CHARGE LODGED J. W. Waltrip's Bond Set At Raids Net Only Few Bottles Of Beer wor w now whether! w. Coates. dist :ity Czechoslovakia will yield to Texas Liquor Adolf Hitler's MW last rlsM- "Sit Down of Tne Dummies" mj front of J. M. Waltrip's residence at 1410 Pine street ended a few hours after the dummies started yesterday mornlni. The dummies went to jail and are being he'd without bond, John W. Coates. district supervisor of Control Board. district court to convene Monday. Set EVENTS. Pf. 4. Col. S Ihe Weather OKLAH MMnli "Itl. See CARM1C1UEL, Pj. is. Col. demands to cede peacefully to I Germany those sections of her' Sudeten region which are over- whelmingly German. PEACE PREFERRED Confronted with the possibility Europe's western democracies might 3'et rally to the republic's defense unless the Sudetenland transfer were made by mutual agreement Killer preferred to war. The fuehrer hi.5 demands in such conciliatory words that Prime Minister Neville Chamber- j lain agreed to submit them io the Pragu.; government, a reliable in- formant declared Hitler merely insisted that by Oct. 1 the schcmt must be car- ried 0'it for glvins Sudeten Ger- man districts to Germany _ the schema -vhlch Britain and Prance importuned Cwchrslovakii to ac- cept and the Prague government to under pressure last Wed- nesday. Complete rtisrm-nrtermriit of the Czechoslovak stale no longer was Sre BERM.VVV, Ft. J. Col. 7 Accompanying the dummies to jail was Wallrip ajainst whom Coates filed charges of possession of beer for purpose o( sale. Justice ot Trace Then Ash (isfd Waltrip', bond at Sl.OOO and lilt last nijht II had nol been perfecW, WaJ- trip's irrtst followed i series of raids that netted onlj a few bottles of beer per raid. Coates and his L-men started "silting" near Waltrip's residence Friday. Saturday mornlnif Waltrlp Hitler Demands Sudeten Areas By October 1 Czechoslovakia, Britain, France And Hungary Mass Millions Under Arms See P.8e 4 For Additional Xm on Europe. By The Associated Press Europe settled down to an uneasy breathing space today after a week of hectic diplomatic maneuvering and waited-b .lY, what apparent 7 to be a fateful day, Saturday, October 1 of Crechwlovaki. Confronted with distinct indications that Britain NO GUARANTEE ON BORDERS FDR To Keep U. S. Out Of turDin? lnto t soWlers behind untetli BRITISH FLEET TO SEA IT" btocluule war But SSi SST or mob'uzatlon Bhteh couw p 380'000 reserv" ot n lime, eomPIttal mason, for houjh she denied a ,entral mobilization had taken .tatemenl that Hunnri fronta" andthat Hunprj wooW not raed, Jro for return of 7M.WO Honjirjnj from CicchoiloTakia. The American and British legations prepared special trains to Stt EUBOPE, Ttfe 4, colrann T How Europe Would Line Up For War GENEVA, Sept. the "City ot Peace." today Earl de la Warr, British delegate, returned to London with V Jhaam "W-" lf Fnn" the- made trip to town and returned miniature automobile and .ar o( of Uw leajue's Euro- states in the event of war over the Caechoslovak-Gwman sltua- h. b clrcl" w" although she xouldUke to remain neutral, would cast her lot with vak border dty htr deSign3 Te5chen' to lose and everythins to toM the dummies, these being Installed in the driver's seat. Placard on the I auto read. "Sit Down of The' RUMANU-With France. CoTinen reported to have toM representatives that as Ions as France refused to light she- could not let Russian troops cross her territory to Czechoslovakia With France involved, however. Rumania's place appeared clearly to be Constable W. T. men E. S. Grid her YUGOSLAVIA-Neutral. if possible. It was generally believed here that Yugoslavia would not march with Italy, if Italy joined Germany's nf Entente and her knowledge large See ARRESTS. Pj. Col. Z i e, ecause o ner membership In the Little Entente and her k McQuary and L-' ai Premier ambitions along the Dalmatian coas- er. Bob Gamble! Germany. Turkey recently obtained W h Its West Texas Fair's Jubilee Year xee Ft West Texans, Attend The Bigger And Better Br MAl'RINE ROE Fifty years ajo the c.vjn- trv was all the throe.s of preparing for ;he Abiler.e dis- trict fair. October 3, 1833 the urrc opened 3r.d an heralded by the Ireni raclo to Virtinia and Delaware ur.ricruay, This is the jubilee year o! the district fair In Abilene." The r.an-.e is r.ou- the West Texas fair. Just as the .W.cne country has bwome as We.ct Texas. A hail century to the day wi'.l have pa.ssed bv when ihe Uiest edition of the o! the fair swings its gato-October 3. 1933. That is whv the opening day is designated w Golden Jubilee day thU year, and that is the rea- son the West Texas Free Fair as- has delegated to the Tay- lor old Sctilers Reunion association the honor of iorru.iLv cprain; the 1333 Go'.dcn Jubilee exposition. PROGRAM BEING MAPPED In cooperation with fair associa- tion officials. T. A. the j.'e ions president of Taylor Coun- ty Old Settlers, yesterday tx-gan tile program. Here is how The plans taking shape: A parade to precede Ihe formal opening 01 the 19J8 exposition, the parade to take the form of a brief but picturesque street pageant teil- ir.g Ihe story of and Sow. SusgOitcti for I of tile parade ire an Indian unit, i lumbering wagon drawn by oxer., buckboards, surreys, cowboys driving their cat- tle. Efforts started yesterday to secure one of the old-time rac- ing sulkeys After all. tho "speed programme' of ths IMS fair fea- tured fas: trott'm horses. many years, racing and trotting itarted j events real dra-ving cirds ot the Abilene fair, i Horse racing lop billing on the !938 celebra- tion tn logical sequence. Part II ot the parade would be th? modern automobile in ili itj sniny splen- of tSe Abilene country, inci-jding those who had a hand in maiir.z the ISS3 fair "an event rivaling the first state fair it Dal- and the directors of the 193S Fair mil ride in the vehicles pro- vided tor the Golden Jubilee ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: September 25, 1938