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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - September 22, 1938, Abilene, Texas PAGE TWO Tune In On KRBC THE ABILENE REPORTER-NEWS Wednesday Evening, September 21, 1938'Southwest GridHE NEEDS LITTLE HELP— Race Looms Tossup Between Homed Frogs, Owls I. C. U. Rates Slight Edge Over Rest of Field in Nation's Craziest Battleground; Owls Pin Mopes for Championship in Riotous Halfback Duo of Lain-Cordill Ernie Lam B> JERE* BRON Pl IELD NEA Service Sports Writer! RICE la the defending champion and Texas Christian Is the favorite down In that thrill-packed Southwestern conference all of which means that any one of several others probably will wind up with the championship as far as 1938 Is concerned That s Just about the scheme of things rn sun-baked Texas where the first law of the gridiron Is to keep on throwing the ball-itll get there faster. Tile old cliche that anything can happen really holds true In the southwest Last season It was Texas A. and M at the half-way mark Baylor a’ the three-quarter post, and Rice at the finish But if by some miracle everything runs true to form, it should be Texas Christian and Rice, neck and neck all the way this season. Nineteen lettermen and a flock of up-and-coming frosh give Dutch Meyer plenty to work with at T. C. U Mason Marne and Bull Rogers. two corking guards, were the Horned Frogs* major losses by graduation. but Meyer has capable replacements The forward wall, averaging about 204 pounds, will be the stoutest in the sector and has two potential All-Americas in Kl Aldrich, center, and I B Hale. 240-pound tackle. Little Davie O’Brien. 150 pounds of punting, passing, and leather-tugging fury. will spark the backfield from his quarterback position, but the power will be generated in the person of Connie Sparks an eye-filling, 190-pound sophomore whom everyone expects to be the best fullback In Texas Christian history before he packs away his cleats Also on hand are a quartet of good halfbacks headed by Earl Clark and Johnny Hall. 1 A OVE-MAN RIOT BLT down in Houston, the Rice Owls are anxious to break the tradition that champions never repeat in the Southwest conference, and their case will be handled by the toughest-looking outfit in years And in speaking of Rice one speaks first of all of Ernie Lain. Six feet one. anc 210 pounds, this young giant was the terror of the range in 1937 and with a year’* experience should be just about the most startling thing that ever happened to the Southwest conference-not excluding Sammy Baugh. Tlte Owls hadn't scored a point in their first three games .ast year until Jimmy Kilts inserted Lam in th* lineup, and then Ernie prowled to pass and plunge the er.emy to pieces. He completed 44 out of ■BUT IT'S AVAILABLE HERE 84 aerials for a total of 587 yards; scored four touchdowns himself and passed for all the others except three, which were scored when he was out of the game. Paired up with him is Ollie Cordill. a fit running mate who can reel off yardage and punt with the best. No one doubts that they'll be the best halfbacking duo in the district. Tile Owls lost the great Jim Nance at end, but 12 returning lettermen will place that line practically on a par with Texas Christian's. The tackles and guards will be especially strong with four vets on hand for each position. Arkansas' hopes faded last June when graduation took Ray Hamilton and Jmi Benton, the best brace of ends in the league, and Dwight Sloan and Jack Robbins scintillating forward passers. Th# Rasorbacks would like to continue their aerial tactics, but the material at either end isn't available. Coach Fred Thomsen needs help —in a hurry—and he Isn't likely to get it. BAYLOR APPEARS DARK HORSE TEXA8 A AND M. should cause a lot of trouble for all. but the Aggies don’t figure to win a title Dick Todd, one of the nations outstanding triple-threats, leads the backfield, but the line could be stronger—especially In the middle section. Southern Methodist has 20 lettermen returning, but any strength the Mustangs have will lie tn numbers rather than brilliance. Dana Bible is likely to run into some trouble at Texas unless he finds a few guards and tackles The Longhorns will have a capable enough backfield, with Wally Lawson and Beefus Bryan    showing    the way. but they’ll need someone to clear the path. Baylor should be something of a dark horse with 17 lettermen returning, with power well distributed at every post except center. The biggest job is to replace Carl Brazen, All-Conference fullback, but the Bears still have Bullet Bill Patterson, the crack    passer    who    was voted the most variable back in the loop a year ago. Among Hie smaller schools. Hardin-Simmons will be weaker, mostly because Ed Cherry and Burns McKinney, backfielders par excellence, are no longer available Texas Tech will be strengthened by a flock of promising sophs, and Centenary, if some reserve material is developed, will be a tough nut for anyone to crack That 11-game schedule, however, which includes big-timers like T. C. U., Mississippi. Mississippi State, and Baylor, Is a man-sited Job Ollie Cordill Shippers Find Padres Tough In Playoff San Antonio Is Leading Series After 4-3 Win SAN ANTONIO Sept. 21— P — The Beaumont Exporters, who led the Texas league champaign by a healths margin over ’he Bar. Antonio Missions, found the Padres quite different in the Shaughnesay playoff today as they squared for the fourt pionship sent Red Sox, Indians Close Runner-up Favorites Win In High School Race Breck Victory In Conference Game By LEO J TURNER United Pre** huff Correspondent Fans Not Excited About Yankees' Losing Streak Bv HUGH S. FULLERTON. lr. Associated Press Sports Writer Even the Yankees’ record losing 'Teak can’t stir up much interest since the New Yorkers have clinched the pennant. The fans won’t be excited about the National league rn Scrap Today' Sports Parade Ranchers Off For California Game With Dons Swesf Elevens Eagles Fail Mavhew in to Impress Scrimmage Kimbrough Takes Squad of 31 to San Francisco 4 dosen favorites came through race until the earns are able to ,    ...    ,    tv-,rt th-- come out from under their umbre.- • Ant -me of bawtie unhurt this and    few eames B lt ta Bv HENRY MCLEMORE United Press Staff Correspondent NEW’ YOR. Sept. 21 — UP—One of the kindliest, most beloved old gentlemen in the world, had the fin- The Hardin-Simmons Cowboys, never beaten in an intersectional football game, were heading for Getting Ready TCU Schedules Secret Practice Defense Against Ipwo Star Stamford ACC Frosh Poor; McClure Shines Players to Baylor STAMFORD. Sept 21.— <Spl.>- Two Stamford Bulldogs who had Tile Abilene Eagles ran hot and j pienty of bark on the district title cold in yesterday afternoon’s prac- winning team here will seek to oon-vice scrimmage with the Abilene vert themselves into Baylor Bears" Christian college yannigans, and as Bob "ateon- quarterback, and WU- By United Press WACO. Sept. 21.— UP” a result Coach Dewey Mavhew* is the weekend as the Texas hta ff football race got unde school the meantime the Boston Red and Cleveland Indian* are stirring lame of the cham fer. Antonio held a two-to-one 12th lie Boedeker. end, both of whom were selected on the Reporter-News roach !    f°r    the    worst    when his lads ; all-district 9-B eleven mythical OU tli£ IL ll to to OC Ic ^ cst^m^n st tpnni Ha Vf* rpnortpci for tim rf ip# in California today for perhaps their Morley Jennings increased the pace Lubbock Friday nieht    Waco    y ger put on him today as the fa- toughest ta-k since the university of the Baylor university football    Bright spot of the afternoon wa? -_______ ther of six-day bicycle racing    started carding games all over the i squad s workouts todav, putting the    ba-' ‘u&8lng of little Bill Mc- Clure, 132 pound quarterback, who was given little support in the way of path clearing Roland McAdams defensive play stood and Gilliam Stovall looked good in a startling confession, the country. fur* team through a hard body margin in wins as the result of a 4-3 victor?’ ’a*t nieht in which Milt Byrr.e* wa? singled In the Ar Re harem wit Iv after the teams battled to a tie in the fourth the score remaining 3-3 until the final LOW F Taylor and Keith Byrne etu-ned with a CO to 0 victory leading representatives at the home twinkling eye. rosy cheeks, bountiful Francisco Friday night. The Pacific ]ed the way m blocking Rain Postoones 108 Hole Golf Tourney ie hero Byrne? over ’he Massachusetts team    plate    Jimmy    Fnxx and Earl Ave-    beard, and reputation for good coast aggregation, fresh    from a ith    to    drive in    BRECKENRIDGE WINS    rill, are quite in the thick of the    deeds.    31-0    win    over    St.    Mary s of    Texas •he    winning tai- Only twc^x.ierc ice games    > re    fight for *he batting crown    SANTA CLAUS IS BRAINS    has    power rn    all    positions    Ti e scheduled. Breckenridge took a 44 In addition to whatever presume    Seated in the Madison Square Dons are probably the    heaviest to 0 win from Mineral Wells as    the    ti Involved. There? cash money ta    Garden pres* box. almost within    team the    Lowboys    will meet all    rawest CHI Belt district play go’    un-    the scrap for all concerned Tile    reach of the tortured soul*    now rid der wa1.. and Austin high of El Paso difference between second and laird round and round in the 147-a favorite in district 4 defeated    Fa-    place runs about 1200 per man    j10Ur chase that lead* to    nowhere bena 19 to 0 COLLEGE STATION. ~ept. 21-UP—A. <k M colleges football team drilled on pass defense again son. outweighing the West Texans toc*a> NEW YORK Spp* 21 — T —Rain which has cauked cessation of almost ever? sport* event ta New York for the ast four days, today forced postponement of the start of the 108-hole Westchester Open golf championship ■Weather permitting, half the field Of 275 W— ..... I half Frida? after wh:rh the low - nm .ss The district 4 first choice, Bowle of Fort Worth, was stopped 26 to 0 by Plainview, a strong challenger from the Panhandle area. Wichita Falls, runner-up in last years race, wa* held to a 7 to 7 tie by the Fort Worth Masonic Home team in another upset game. Longview * defending» champion*, when their sharer of the world Harry Mendel broke down and nam-serie? pool are split up and. o. ^    north pole s No I citi*en as behind a brainless carrying out both their blocking and defensive assignments. Over on the left side of the line. however, the blocking of Gene Bennett. Travis Ables and Red Brown just wasn’t there yesterday. Standing out on defense against the Wildcat freshmen were a couple .    _ . .    . . .,    . . ..    of boy? down ta the middle of the Joe Boyd.^Aggie tackle. took the llne Dub glb,p> at cemw. R Une backer, and Raymond Chamber?. Practice session? this week indi- MIFORM course, a batting champion is ta a favorable position in salary negotiations. The R<*d Sox returning to action yesterday after having had two straight doubleheaders washed out. regained a little lost ground by walloping the St Louis Browrs ta both ends of a bargain bill. 12-8 and 7-2. The Indians took a single ay tomorrow, th® other Pac*d b? Hardy Miller, letterman geme washington 9-1 years quae. defeated •■JL 150 will proceed mer 36 holes more Thereafter the ow 60 and tie* will continue for ti e 113 500 puree over 36 hc> GEO E. MORRIS Woodrow Wilson of Dallas 20 to 6 DALLAS HARD HIT Dabs- earns as a wnole *ere hard hit Sunset took the only bi-district victor?- turned in b? Dallas The only other game plaved saw the Yankee? e«’ablish a new record for Joe McCarthy ? managerial regime by losing their fifth straight game, a 5-4 decision to the Chicago Whit* S^x It was the first time the ‘‘brain*'' sport “Santa Claus paved the way for the first six-day race when he started giving boy* bicycles for Christmas,’’ Mendel said. “And he has kept the races alive by continuing to leave bicycles at the foot of Christmas trees. ’ Every man out there on the track learned to ride or. a Christ-    Tucker,    Larry    Cunningham    Drate mas bike when he still wa* in    Cathey.    Lloyd    Guy.    Estel    Baker knickerbockers.'    Centers—Ed Bigelow . Clyde Tut SHOCK HEARERS    ner 17 pounds per man In the line anti IO pounds per man in the back-    role of a demonstrator yesterday field    showing how a pass should be Two workout* are scheduled rn    broken up Coach Homer Norton    will    start    the    same ,r0US whC.f *m    'J    Workeri    Ure, wltVhe ^ven against Lubbock    that    opened JLJLw pl?if    farrow    LTT,    defense    drill,    the <*agon lMt    Here, the TI‘.MV on,    111 Mmnock’ ^ur«*d *uard *uit way they were lined up yesterday: nnnr*£t:Vr0"Lp'a:*!!* h    ■ up ye4t*rd*y *nd returned to the Bennett and McAdams, ends: Ables on he raveling squad The Ujt.    field.    and Osborne tackle?    Leach and Ends—Bud Reeves.. Neat Davis.    “J yaoorne, tacx.e?.    Leach and Deward Marcum. D. A Parke:-. Bob I FAYETTEVILLE, Sept 21.— 'UP' Cowsar. Bill Pletcher.    - Ralph Atwood and Floyd Lyon. Tackles—David Reves. Joe Ant- injured first stringers, will not start ha.k backs- Charles Jones, full- wlne James Cooke, Joe Pee. Travis    with Arkansas university against Green, Charles Teedvay.    . oklahoma A. dr M, it wa? an- Guards—M H Raiborn. Winston    n0Unced todav Atwood was suffering shoulder injury and Lyon with a hurt rib. Ned Martin and Walter Hamberg, two c hers on the injured "Unless the? learn to play their position? against the double wingback, thevll get fooled plenty of with a times Friday meht," May hew moaned st the conclusion of practice AUTO SUPPLY This indictment    of Santa Claus.    Backs — Luther Raley, Owen ..    ...    .    e- bool* denting Sherman 20 to 0 ,Vn!.*Yfrr —A took charer - 1931 coupling nim with the worlds Goodnight W J Ford, Clarence mmrl  ____ conn* beat Par eat of Callat 12 to    J    "'n,    in    a    aaiu«t enamor,    flrf. shocbM hit    H«dttre.m L B Russell Hal Rut- hearers and then    fired them mto    sell, Bill Tolliver, Kirk McKmnon, The entire National    league    pro-    an p?fort * disprove It. A* a man    Jack Hmrichs, Moon Mullins. Bed- eram dcain was rained out along We r0&e Rnd trlf ’ 10 break down a 1    ’ 6 and Tyler stopped North Dallas 34 to 6- Highland Park beat Adamson of Dallas 32 to 6 Dallas Tech the? row. Patty Berg Is Jack Dempsey of Golf ^    CHICAGO,    Sept. 21——The Southern Methodist s Coach Matty prize ring had it* “killers’’—notably Fr^d Thomsen said DALLAS., Sept. 21.— UP' — was stopped 18 to 0 by Brackenridge with th. Athle*ic«-De-roit game in - Statement 'hat not only blemished , jYc#^aS,‘.7)!morn- leat for his Mllfitan«s at hands on?i^h^tisr^lting^PatfyBerg OUT OF GAS? OOT A FLATT BATTERY DOWN? of San Antonio Fort Worth schools also made poor showings. Vernon, district I challenger, defeated Polytechnic 19 to 0; Sweetwater defeated Fort Worth Tech 25 to 6; Lubbock beat North Fort Worth 7 to 0. and Cleburne defeated Arlington Height* Fort Worth' 12 to 0. Fort Worth* Riverside defeated Pampa 20 to 3. difference In the senior circuit race , this time, for the teams still can    Donner    and    Batzen, plav the game? off In doubleheaders if the rain stops toda? ★ WEST TEXAS’ BIGGEST EXPOSITION . . . ★ the .American It didn t make much    s.-x^e*.    reputation, but    Santa Fe were Coach Kim-    1 e North Texas Teachers Sat- 0f Minneapolis made accomplices of those treasured mg by bania re. were uoacn Kim-    several    more of hi? M T    . brough, Assistant Coach Clark Jar- :    yf..    ,    mure    ,    ”    In    a    mighty    blast    of    just    42    shots nigan, Athletic    Manager Gib San-    Pla5erK ^of ira tel? ^ere out    of the    at    Westmoreland country club yes- defer, and Hal    Sayles. Reporter-    neup,, F.apl Chanie Sprague, end.    terday, Patty smothered Mrs. Myron News sports writer.    ana    Cllfi Hagerman of the back-    Davy of    Washington, D. C, IO    and ----field both had slight injuries that    8j in ag    crufihing a defeat ^    any and his bicvcle    was left under a [f g    i prevent them playing. Char-, women’*    national tournament    has fJlp in p-rS.    h*    Blacker, kicker and passer,    ever produced She won ten straight tree rn Perugia    .    joj^n Coppedge. of the backfield, hole-; What a different light this put* and jack ganders, tackti, were on A* the field of 32 survivor? rot One of the on Santa Claus—the man behind the in lured lust    „    .J    ^    *ot greatest    riders    of    them    all,'    Alfred    six-day race*. The tinsel on the tree.    ”    '    8    ay on the second and third flights was    lounging    in    his    little    bunk    the glow of the    light*, the patter of    fort worth s*nt rn—.ttp»    i 0f    rwo *8 dole round* today, the BASEBALL CALENDAR I set straight out to interview the riders them*elves; to a*k them if it were true that their lives of shame, their fall* from grace, dated back to Christmas bicycles.    1 The first I met wa* Alfred Le Tourner of France. AU THE WEST...BY GREYHOUND, SufxeA-Crack, Enjoy your trip Wost to tho utmost—Go by Greyhound rn Super-Coach. America s finest bus. You will see th# West best by Greyhound. • . . Convenient daily ^ schedules. SAMPLE ONE-WAY FARES LOS ANGELES .. $22.00 SAN DIEGO .....$22.00    \ SAN FRANCISCO $25.05 GREYHOUND TERMINAL 1155 N. 3rd. St. Telephone 3237 IO- STUPENDOUS FEATURES -IO RODEO . . . HORSE RACES TEXAS COTTON FESTIVAL ROYAL COTTON PARADE JOE REICHMAN 3 BAND . . . MIGHTY SHEESLEY MIDWAY . . . TEAM PULLING CONTEST . . . BPUDDER WELL DISPLAY . . LIVESTOCK SHOW . . AGRICULTURE EXHIBITS s -T8 ah til Urn] mmmm *r?t i re vr<>TrRr»%v Chicago 5. Ne* York t Bo*ton 12-7. S' lyOUte S-J Cie vc: and 9, Washington I Philadelphia a’ Detroit rain .National Lei(tK A., games rained o-r pitched jus’ inside the track His the children 5 feet a* they bound    —oturct practice wa* uruercu 10-    „    .    ..    ■_    p face was dr.iwn, and hi* red silks down the steps, never will be the    day for the Texas Christian univer-    f* * *, f    iff were soaked with sweat.    same Imagine the feeling of little sity football team as Coach Leo n°u^f>wl e °f Chapel Hill, N. C.. were WHEN DESIRE BORN    Willie’s parents ae they soc him leap (Dutch) Meyer sent hr squad In my broken French I a^ked him on his pew bicycle and pedal off    through a final offensive scrim- when bis desire to become a six-day down the street. For all they know    mage. bicycle rider wa& bom, when he he might be riding straight to Mad-    Connie Spark*, hustling sopho- first felt the urge to spend his life tion Square Garden to join the    more fullback, seemed ready to take FORT WORTH. Sept, 2L— iUP» —Secret practice was ordered to- Minneapolis red head, and Mrs. Lr AOI V ST AN DO OS american I •‘mtu* TEAM — w L. Pet G B New York 44 882 Boater 59 579 12 Cleveland 8! .570 13 Detroit ............ 74 67 .525 19C* Washington ...........71 72 .497 23** Chieeso 75 440 31 at iv)uii . 7i .391 37 Philadelphia ..........51 02 .383 38H National L<-**u t TEAM — W. L. Pct GB Putsburgb ......... .?! 57 . 567 Chica* , ... lh OI )tl 3 Cincinnati ____....... 78 82 .551 5 New York . .........75 64 .540 8 s Bo*ton ., . 89 .500 12 R» Louis ..........87 72 . 182 14H Brook.yu .. 75 .457 18 Philadelphia .. ........14 93 .321 38 H alist* for the championship Saturday. GREYHOUND riding around a track that had no square’s in a six-day race. end and no beginning. In English almost att broken as mv French, LeTourner said that It dated brick to tbe bicycle that “Pere Noel” left in his house in Amiens in 1913. Dismayed but still not convinced, I sought out Gustave Kihan of Germany, winner of 20 races and a leader in this one (Copyright, 1938, by United Press) Budge vs. Wood In Semi-Final Match over the punting for the Honied Frog.--. Another fullback, Paul Smith, is expected to be the only player kept from Saturday’s game with Centenary by Injuries. Shreveport fans have chartered a special train to send Centenary supporters to the game. HOUSTON. Sept. 21.—(UP) Jake Schuehle of Hondo appeared FOREST HILLS. N. Y., Sept. 21. —i/T—If rain doesn't interfere, Sidney Wood will clash this afternoon In mv broken German (and    f^naiJ?    ®^dg,e f1    seird' j slated today for first call at full- “crushed would b* a more truthful    tbe    Nationaj dingles    .ennis baclc on the Rice uistitute football word than - broken I asked Killen championship It may be the best tennis match | the tournament has ever seen and tne same question. team The    190-pound    back    showed    top -------  .    .    „    .    ,    j    condition ta yesterday’s secret His    answer    left    no    doubt    that    ’tne^ &8ain    u    ma-    ^ Pretty awtul.    workout    Against    reserve*    schooled Sam,    Claua, utopUng    a    new    ainu,    dither way    It    Ie the moat mterMt- tag match    of    the    day, outshining LADIES' NEW WOOL AND CORDUROY with each country visited, was blam?* for six-day racing. Kilian explained that hi* career was decided on that Christmas morning in Luxembourg when “Wpinachtsmann” left a bicycle, “Weinachtsmann” being the alias that Santa Claus adopts when in Germany. Alvaro Georgetti. Italv’s ta the plays. Jake crossed the goal I . .. ,    ,    line three times The squad will, other mens semi-final, Gene    1 . , T, . ,    ,    j    ,    !    work today on blocfcmg. d vs. Jack Bromwich, and the    0 AUSTIN, Sept. 21.— (UP) —A scrimmage session with the freshman team today will wind up workouts for Dana X. Bible’s University of Texas Longhorns here. The team leaves tomorrow for Lawrence, Ran , to meet Kansas university in the Longhorns’ football season opener the Mako lone women’s fray, Alice Marble against Mrs. Sarah Palfrey Fabyan. Rain forced postponement of the semi-fmals last Saturday. SLACKS LOVELY FALL SHADE* SLACK SUITS $429 $598 Motorists and other highway users greatest in the United States paid an esti-rider. stopp'd tearing into a steak    mated $980,000,000—a    record high— long enough to give the same an-    in gasoline taxes during the fiscal    Saturday. swer as LeTourner ana Kilian, the    year ending June 30,    1938. This is    1    The    varsity    team    will    spend    the only difference beifig that Santa    an increase of more    than IOO per;    entire    afternoon    on    the    offensive Claus was “Santo Natale ’ to him, cent since 1929,    against    the    frosh,    coaches    said. Dub Wooten Co, ATHLETIC St SPORTING GOODS 1075 No. 2nd ;

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Issue Date: September 22, 1938