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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - September 21, 1938, Abilene, Texas WISTTOCAS' MEWSMKR r, OR WITH OFMNSE TO FRIENDS OR wt: 113. YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT WITH FDR FOE AHEAD IN GOP CONTEST- TEXAS, WEDNESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 21, 1938. PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS New Dealer Takes Narrow Lead Over O'Connor In N. Y. Primary f m A f ton Fff i ALA .A i _ ._ _ _ Curley Pacing Massachusetts' Governor Race Philip LoFollette Has Big Lead In Wisconsin Contest By The Associated Press James H. Fay, new deal can didate for the house, took the lead early today (Wednesday) over Rep. John J. O'Connor, blacklisted for renomination by President Roosevelt, with near- ly half the returns in from New York's democratic pri- mary election. Fay led to O'Connor, running also for the republican nomination, was ahead In that contest, however, with votes to for Allen W. Dulles, on returns from 25 of the congres- s'onal district's 64 precincts. JOHN j. o Returns from other of yesterday's primaries bhowcd: W. Warren Harbour swamping two opponents for (lie republican sena- torial nomination [n New Former Governor James M. Cur- ley runlng s-ell ahead of Governor JAMES M. CURLEY Charles P. Hurley for the democrat- ic gubernatorial nomination in Massachusetts. Salton- slall easily victorious In a contest See FKMMR1ES, I-jr. 10, Col 2 O'Connor Threatens Contest In Court NEW YORK, Sept. 21 _ O'Connor purge luted' chairman of the- house rules com- mittee, indicated lonlght he would bring ccrrt cent he Is defeated for the democraYl nomination to congress from th A. Fay, New Deal candidate. A spokesman at O'Connor's head- quarters said nearly complete, pri- vately collected unofficial returas indicated Fay would win by 400 to 600 votes. the Polish, German Refugees Flee TESCHEN. Poland, Borien, Sept. 20. hundred Polish and German refugees, some complain- Ing of persecution in vakfa and others evading service In the Czechoslovak army, arrived to- day in this Polish border district Other refugees have been trie- AS PRESS CLAMORS ANEW FOR HITLER RAISES PRICE FOR SETTLEMENT IN CZECHOSLOVAK-SUDETEN DISPUTE WITH EVERY DAY OF DELAY _ BERLIN, Sept. 20- Every Slovakia rather ihar, in hi. I BERLIN, Sept. Every day of delay In solving Ihe Sude- ten German Czechoslovak crisis Adolf Hitler's price 01 settle- ment, a foreign office .spokesman declared today. "Our fuehrer It constantly raUIni the he said as the eontrolled German press raised a new elamor for Ihe outright partition of Cietho- Slovakia rather than mere neiatlon of Ihe Sudeten rtr- lons bordering More fuel to the central European fires was added by official'German news agency reports of mounting border clashes between Sudetens and Czechoslovak troop detach- ments. While DNB reports from the tur- bulent frontier poured In, Hitler In hd Bavarian retreat received the envoys of Hungary and Poland for conferences on the Czechoslo- vak crisis. The Hungarian army chief of staff, Marsha! Krestztes FUcher, came with Premier Bela Imredl and Foreign Minister Koloman von Kanya to talk with Hitler and Foreign Minister Joachim von Rl- bentrop "regarding the untenable condition in Czechoslovakia." An official announcement said the Hungarian leaden told the rekhsfuehrer thej would remain "Utadlast" In diunind- InjT itlt-iettmlnttton rirhlj for Ihe 100.CHMI Huniarlani amonj Czechoslovakia's varied peonies. Presence of the army chief of staff gave an ominous character to the German-Hungarian talks which followed a quick flight by Hun gary's statesmen from Budapest to Berchtesgaden. The Hungarian regent Admiral Nicholas Horthy. too is lii Germany as guest of Field Marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering In East Prussia, Poland's ambassador to Berlin, Joseph Mr-ski, outlined, the Polish position (n regard to the approxi- mately Poles in Czechoslo- vakia. Sensational headlines told of new border incidents reported bj the official news igencj, all of them In the mountain! of Sl- lesla, on the German ilde of the Ctechoslovak frontier. "The frontier Is proclaimed the Lokalantetfer. "Ralnlnp machine, pin fire opened on cried Der AntrUt, orjan of Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goebbels. "Prague provokes an extreme- ly serious warned Borsenieitunj. DNB reports asserted a. band of Czechoslovaks fired on Orman cus- toms officers from 450 feet near Selderberg while a second Czecho- slovak detachment crossed man frontier. BRITAIN, FRANCE SERVE ULTIMATUM DADDY'S BOY NAMED SMITH CORPUS Sept. 20 little lost boy at the police station was old enough to know his name. It was Smith. Dcwcy Smith, It sound- ed like. "What's your mama's he was asked. he said. "Whafs your daddy's name "Daddy." "Yes, but what does your mama call your daddy "Daddy." was the calm reply. The boy with the daddy and mama named daddy and mama announced he lived on Water street, adding he also lived on Brannan street. "How old are "Six." he answered with some hesitancy. "No. five." The police were getting des- perate when In walked mama. "His name Is she as- serted, "and we live on Water street." "How old Is a policeman asked. "Julius." said she. "was three in June.'1 Fair Boosters On Trek Today 18 Towns South, East Of Abilene To Be Visited Eighteen towns and villages south and east at Abilene will receive riotous bids to Ihe West Texas Pair today from an enthusiastic delega- tion of Booster club members and other civic leaders. Leaving via bus at o'clock this morning, the Bcxsters will fol- low this time schedule: Lawn, Ooldsboro Novice Silver Valley Coteman Santa 25; Bangs, Brownwood Brownwood is to be the luncheon stop. After lunch, the dchgaton will visit Cross Plains, Pio- neer, Rising Star, 1-40- Easlland, Olden. Ranger, Cisco, Putnam, Baird, ene' E. G. Wood, secretary of the Boosters club, said last night ap- proximately 30 would make the the event initial trelt. Also accompanyini the group will be an official escot consisting of Police Chief T. A. Jam" H'ckneyandCapUIn Harry Hutch-' Dies To Form Body Against I? s Texar. Predicts Will Join League WASHINGTON, Sept. Chairman Dies (D-Tex) of the house committee on un-American activities announced today he would form a "League for Peace and Americanism" to combat subversive Influences. Declaring he had received "thous- ands of letters" endorsing the idea, said hs would apply for a charter for a non-partisan, non- dues paying organization to serve as an "antidote to foreignisms." He predicted persons would en- roll In it. The league, ne asserted, would fisht nazitsm. fascism and commu- nism; favor strict neutrality, ade- quate national defense, and strong- er Immigration and deportation laws, and defend the Independence of congress, the Judicial system and the executive department. HEARING TO RESUME The Texas congressman also said that one of the organization's ob- jectives would be to "demand a change of attitude on the part of the department of labor and the department of state with respect to immigration and deportations, and to demand strict enforcement of existing deportation laws." His committee will resume hesr- ings in about a week on a deporta- tion case Involving Harry Bridges, West coast CIO leader. Dies said. R. P. Bonium. district immigration director at Seattle, will testily about his efforts to deport Bridges. Secretary of Labor Perkins, cri- ticized by Dies lor refusing to press ihe Bridges case pending a supreme court decision on another case, also will he callet; as a witness Transient Injured In Baird Yards BAIRD. Sept. 20-rspl) Dale Scott, transient. 23. attempting to catch fast eastbound freight train leaving the local yards this after- noon, fell beneath the wheels which cut oil his risht leg below the knee. Scott was brought to Grtggs hos- pital sulferinj [rom lois of Wood. Surgeons amputated the le; above THIS MAY BE NEW CZECH BORDER "CZECHOSLOVAKIA The broken line In this map locates a possible boundary of Czechoslovakia. It the country ts divided In an effort 'to pre- vent an European war. The solid line Is the border. If the Czechs choose to fljht, the area betwwn the two lines, may the battleground. (As- sociated L-Men Continue Beer Sit -Down Mexican Town Quiet Says Supervisor Coates; Cars Drive Up, Then Depart e rc two liouOT control board men and Constable W. T. McQ under dose had Supervisor John W. Coatei of the liquor board reported tha the knee. His father. J. c. Scot't sidcs at Dixie, Okla. Scott was returning from Bakers- of day afternoon. Sitting In parked automobiles, they watched the hous- es under suspicion. "Officers can raid these plac- es day in and day out and jet find no beer or whiskey." laid Coates. "The operators hide Iheir beer and whiskey olf of their on vacant lots or along the railroad rijht-of- way. Tt Is placed In five-gallon runs sunk Into the ground for Icing. When customers arrive, the operators jo oul to the 'slaches1 and brinj In the desir- ed amount.'' A liquor board agent reported had His condition fountln? 160-odd cars coming to the locality, then driving away on dis- Ison of the highway patrol riding field, calif., where he he had in a squad car. A sour.d car will been robbed. be furnished by Al G. Barnes. Wood will be at Ihe microphone' Ebro Vollpv Rnttlo as ring leader and chief noise mak-i T alley DOTTIC will be along In the person of Jerry Abbott, mu-! HENDAYE. FHANCE f At the siclan and singer with the Rhythm i Spanish Frontier! Sept 20 --'.-P. Kings orchestra, who plays regu- The battle of the Ebro valiev ,h larly over radio station KRDC. mounted i.., Intensitv tnrfav with Cruise Resumed VALCTTA. Malla, Sept. Britain's Mediterranean fleet today resumed its regular cruise Ming across for the la.it fca months. laxcti. ,M this island suddenly last nilltary precautions on Gilbraltar' were of the Ebro mounted in intensity today Ihe Insurgents attacking violently in efforts to drive govern- ment armies back across the river in southern Catalonia. Insurgent advices said govern- ment troops were routed from cral trench lines since Sunday, but the government declared its covery o; the officers, between pm. and sunset. Coates said he Intended to con- tinue the sit-down until the sus- picioned places "close down." His intention is to prevent handling of beer !n the area for a sufficient length of time to force the cale operators handling it to go ou business. sieg, Drop School Building Plan "After we get through here. we The Abilene chamber of com- merce's bond committee that had been studying Abilene school needs held a final meeting Tuesdiay. "There appears to b: nothing more we can do toward building new school facilities tor Abilene. since a proposed Issue of warrant.! has been found said W. J. Fulwiler. chairman. The committee had suggested, and the Idea had accepted by the city commission, that in warrants be sold to match a 143 000 PWA grant for the building of a grammar school building at the West Tetas Pair grounds. Apparently It will be Impossible of i for Abilene to obtain the necessary S55.003. cans atone. not picking on the Mesl- i re-1 major eastern front positions maincd intact. Legation Guarded WARSAW. Poland. Sept. anticipation of j Slovak demonstration, police to- j night threw a strong protecting i cordon around thr 'Czechoslovak legation in Warsaw, FRACTURE IS 17th- BONES 100 BRITILE FOR WALKING, BOY WONT SEE CIRCUS Near From Gun Wounds ODESSA. Sept, 23 Clur- lle Allison, about 50. is in a local hospital tonight suffering from gun shot wounds which he received whi'.e he was )n a down town cafe about 8 o'clock this evening. Hos- pitat attendants say thit no hope is clven far the life of Allison. Zerl Franklin was arrested Benes Confers With Cabinet's Inner Council President Calls Ministers From Beds At A. M. PRAGUE, Sept. nesday) The British and French ministers early to- day delivered a President Benes demarche to urging most seriously acceptance of their plan for dismem- berment of Czechoslovakia. URGENCY STRESSED The British Minister Sir Basil Cocluane-Newton and the French Minister Victor Leopold de la Crobc calied upon the president shortly Wore 2 m. asking immediate conference niter the Czechoslovak government yesterday had refused to answtr dlrjctly yes or no to French and British proposals to cede Sudeten districts to. Adolf Hitler. The president granted the confer- ence and it lasted until a. m. The president Immediately sum- moned Premier Milan Hodza who called a meeting of the Inner coun- cil of the cabinet. The discussions, were continuing at i. m. (9-45 p. m., C.S.T, Tuesday) and there- was no Indication when the session might end. It became known the French and British ministers Impressed upon the president that the matter they had to discuss was urgent and that despite day-long sessions of the ministers they should be called from their beds for Immediate consulta- tion. CITE MILITARY MOVES (Advices from Paris said the French and British had presented Czechoslovakia with a virtual uttu- matum demanding an Immediate yes or no answer to their proposals Unless Czechoslovakia consented to partition of her Sudeten areas, It was said, the warned her they could not guarantee the future existence of the country They were also said to have pointed out nazi military preparations on the Czechoslovak border. (Prague's proposal to refer the matter to arbitration under her friendship treaty of 1925 with Ger- many, was said to have been declar- See CZECHS, Pf. u. Col. 2 Demand Final Czech Reply On Partition Powers Find 'Absolutely Unacceptable' Prague Proposal To Settle Sudeten Dispute Under Friendship Treaty By Associated Press Britain and France served a virtual ultimatum on Chech- oslovakia today (Wednesday) to give a or no answer by to- night on the London plan to cede her SndeUnland to Germany. BourcM close to the French foreign ministry said the drastic was accompanied by a warning that a negative reply from Frag-ue woald make Jt impossible for the two powers to guaran- tee the future existence of the republic. It was learned the renewed pressure exerted because, Britain and France found "absolutely unacceptable" Czech- oslovakia s answer to their of Monday in which offered to settle the Sudeten dispute under her 1925 treaty of friendship and arbitration with Gencany. Reports reaching London uid President Eduard Bents of Ciechoslovaku received FrocK wd British at Prague at i. m. p. m.( 08T When the envoys Jeft a before-dawn session of the Czech- oslovak inner cabinet was re- ported to have been called im mediately with a full cabinet session, expected to follow, CONFERENCE THURSDAY French sources said Prime Min- ister Neville Chamberlain had de- ferred his second talk with Adolf Hitler until Thursday at Oodesberg, Germany, in the hope that by that time the Pragu.. government will have- been forced, to capitulate. While Soviet Russia kept silent on what course she might take. Czechoslovak circles in Moscow still were confident the Soviet union would come to their aid in the event the Sudeten dispute gener- ates into war. An unofficial but informed source in Prague said the Czechoslovak LONDON, SepL British news dijpafch from Moscow today uld the Cwcho- slovak minister (litre issued a statement Iliat the "Soviet far- ernmenl U rMdj to fulfill her obllratioru or mutual aubt- and rill aid us In most efficacious way." Details of statement were not immediate- ly available. Mussolini Hails Military Might UDfNE. Italy. Sept. mier Benilo Mussolini warned the world today his blackshlrt legions having built a "warrior now march on. emphasizing I their readiness for war. In a seech that made no mention of the Czechoslovak crisis. Mus- solini fjcalted 'the armed power spiritual power' of Italy that had "llcruidated all the old diploma- tic tendencies of crippled peace." II Duce's speech seemed, however, intended more lor his fascist fol- lowers than for the world at large. reply, as yet unpublished, was "ac- ceptance in principal." but with important reservations. A govern- ment communique said the reply left the way open for 'further dip- lomatic negotiations." Russia was reported In Geneva to have promised aid to Czechoslo- vakia if shs chose lo fight, but Ru- mania, whose territory was the mast likely avenue for Russian men and arms, held up a stop sign. Rumania was said lo have Insist- ed that a previous promise of a military right-of-way for Rassis hinged upon the possibility of oth- er pon-ers. besides Russia, going to C7echcslovakla's defense. Now that France. Czechoslo- vakia's other great ally, had backed down to join Britain in efforts to placate the German fuehrer at Czechoslovakia s expense. that See CRISIS. 10. Col. 3 Presidio Battles River Torrent Sheriff Reports No Danger After Tour Of Section PRESIDIO, Sept. zens woAed tonight to hold crumb- ling levees us the flooding Rio Grande, fed by cloudbursts along the Rio Concho in Mexico, flooded lowlands around this little border village. Although citizens hid telephoned, tor outside help and re- ported the village threatened with inundation. Presidio County Sher- iff J. D. Bunion of Marfa said after tour of the area tonight that there was no danger. He said some shacks inhabited by Mexicans had been flooded. Volunteer workers were holdin? back the Hood from a break in a, dike north of town. Reports from Mexico concerning Ihe need's crest conflicted From Salomir. 82 miles in the interior, word was relayed that streams in that Kctton were it a standstill From Boqullla dam. 200 miles from the border, it was reported that a. great crest was coming down. Occupants of a section of Mexi- can homes south of the town were evacuated before it was Hooded. Thousands of acres of rich vatlev cotton land, flooded last July and replanted to wheat, sere under ter. but residents and livestock had been evacuated. Dewey Gets Mines Trial formerly ranchfr near Ja. but prc.vnt hl nl i i v t t Bottles Are Distributed loMerchanls YORK. Sept. preme Court FerJInar.d Pe- cora today District Attor- ney Thomas E. request for transfer of the second trial of James J. T.w.ir.anv leader. t.i the court of jcneral ses- sions. When thn rircuf comes to town horcTos o[ yosmijstcrs will tiie main entrance lov several hours of en- There is a little four year ap the Hendrlck Memc oW elm of a rare His hones are so brittle that ihev will nol support his weight. Earh time he makes an unexpected move, a bone fractures. mcr.r th" bonrs warn thrv break." M; .s In.' docto.- i The Brariy rhilri in, brought to ith? Abilcr.c about i o'rlocit Monday mnrnins a HOT and man. Hr will jrrow naturally but thr con- dition of hlj honrs will never rhanre. He will never walk." The X-ray tochnii-'rn that took the picture of the fractured bone yesterday .'aid that thr X-ray nega- tive ihowert that this break was the nsh for tile boy. H has a nir.e year o'.ri brother I that is m the same condition and lr f xpeTirr.ced 32 An- i other fon of the family 15 a normal bo" anc" has bones like other bos Moron Voters Okeh School Bond Issue MORAN. Sept. votcrj Of the Moran school district ap. Ihe Weather nlenians took first steps yester- day toward providing undernourL'h- fd school children with milk this Mrs. Edith C Srrith. secretary of ___ _____ the Parent-Teacher association's proved today a school bond Issue i mllit "potted last night that of 120.0CO by a poll of 136 to 28 there_was one donation yesterday Work will t-tgln In two or three weeks on landscaping the jchcol grounds and later a will te built and a home economics "viH be built of limestone quarried from this section. A WPA grant will carr for a patt 01 the cost of the project. i Bob Parnell. notified her that he would pay for a quart of milk a day during'the winter Members Of the Boosters club jes- I terday distributed approximately 175 'milk fund bottles" to business houses throughout the city. Pos- sibly hundred more out today. The nettles r-.i.-.hM by Banner. Pansburn and Ijor.gbcrn crramcncs. The siem on the bottles, "Give to the milk fund: were by B.inr.cr rrf.inicry workmen. Newell ciuinr.An of the Boosters' muk fund committee, said last nUht that plans wpre underway [or the club to produce a milk beneTit show dur.r.i; October, SI.Kichter R-.M Jtinmv Wrotea wrre appointed to mVse ar- Smice and will produce a IK; or be put mon'h all i re fur-, the PTA fund. ctu'fls of the laid HUM! ;

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