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Publication: Abilene Reporter News September 11, 1938

Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - September 11, 1938, Abilene, Texas Abilene Area Farmers By RAY DAVIDSON Central West Texas farmer} will receive more money -his fall from the government's agricultural adjustment program from the sale of their cotton crop. This means no great deluge of wealth on the farmere however tor the average cotton grower will only receive approximately for participating In the 1938 government program. This Till come In two payments: first, In the distribution of the thrre .ent per pound subsidy on 1931 cotton; and, second, In payment to the farmers for soil conserving and acreign controlling practices. 'or example, may expec1, approximately from the federal government within the next six munths That amount will tc divided among nearly rura' families Their' last checks from the national treasury were drawn last when H95.000 was distributed for participation in the 1931 projt'am Within 30 the government plans to distribute the three rent subsidy checks on last year's cotton. In this program, each farmer given three centa per pound on the numoor ot pounds Tojeceive More Money From Federal Treasury Than From Sale Of Cotton Production over a five-yearalloted by the sovernment. and h. his per cent ot his average production over a ffvc-year period, provided he compiled with the government 'program Example: John Jones' farm has an average production cf U> biles Regard- lea of how much cotton he grew In 1937. he was allowed llree cent per pound subsidy on sixty per cent of this average that Is s'x balu This subsidy will not be paid, however, until Jones haa compl'cd with (he 1938 program, In which the government told him how mf'v acres he could plant. This does not mean that Jones Is to be "ilven a subsidy on 60 per cent of his 1631 crop. He may be gellln? a subsidy on all of II, On these bales he will receive Checks for this three cent subsidy are expected to tola) t'WOOOO for Taylor county. Next money expected by the farmers from the government will arrive, it is hoped, by January 1. This will be for compliance with the 1538 soil program. To comply, he must have planted no more acreage to cotton than a loted by the government, and he divert a certain amount ol nil cotton land and his general land (devoted to feed, etc) 10 soil conserving crops. In devoting a part ot Mi land to Mil conserving non-commercial crops, he automatically cuts production of commer- cial products. TO EAAN PAYMENTS He will not be paid, technically, on that land he diverts from commercial uses, as In past years. He will be paid an averse of for each acre planted to cotton-provided ne does not plant past his allotment, and an average of per acre on land p'anted to wheat or general feed crops. For compliance with these requirements, Taylor rountr larmers will receive approximately 1320.000. Only nine farmers In (he county are not participating. Twenty-Jour hundred are OLD SOIL PROGRAM Last year the soil production operated on a different basis. Farmers were paid for those acres they diverted from commercial crops For each acre retired from cotton production, the farmer received JO for he received Thn. mum he could receive such payments on was 15 cenv of his acreage and 35 per cent of his cotton acreage That land retired from production of commercial crops Is belne C2lum "nd most (ced arf dwurtlvo 10 the foil. When retired from money crops. Hie land is ei'her phnted in legumes, or some other non-depleting crop, or is leu fallow TMs improvement of soil is the front behind which the crop control pro- gram operates. SUMMARY Now let's summarize the government-to-farmers flow of ca'h: I, Last spring (19381, as In many years past, farmers were mid for diverting a part of their land from cotton and feed 10 non- commercial crops In 1937. This was actually their 1337 pa-check WEST TEXAS' OWM NEWSPAPER See FARM INCOME, 2, Column VOL. LVIII, NO. 103. "WITHOUT. OR WiTH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKE'JCli YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT WITH HITLER REPORTED DEMANDING ANNEXATION- ABILENE, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 11, 1938THIRTY-TWO PAGES IN THREE SECTJONSf wUtrd PITM PRICE FIVE CENTS genes Offers Friendship As Nazis Proclaim Might k. MIK. KK_ i A._ .___ _ _ A SPONSORED BY WCTOG AND FIRST AID INSTRUCTION TO START MONDAY P. M. Hanahen, United States Bureau ot Mines first aid instruc- tor, was In Abilene Friday complet- ing plans for the Instructors' first aid course sponsored by the Abilene Boosters club and the West Central Texas oil Gas association. Clares, to be held In the main conference room ot the West Texas chamber of commerce building, will begin Monday, to be held each night except Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 10 o'clock, ontll Sept. 23. Delay Granted In Cotton Sale Owners Contend. Disposition Now To Cousfe Loss DICKENS, Sept. !0 (Spl.) Postponement until September 26 of sales of bales of cotton, stor- ed in a Jayton warehouse, was au- thorized today by John D. Ooodloe of the Commodity C.'Mit corpora- tion, Washington, D. C." This in- formation was received by Joe M. Rose, Dickens county farm leader who heads a committee of farmers asking the delay. The government claims the cot- ton stored at Jayton Is below re- quired standards. Notes against farmers owning the cotton have been called and If the sale is made now, owners will suffer a loss ot from to Rose and his committee contend. Goodloe in- formed Rose that he will be glad to talk with a committee of fanners if they desire lo come to Washing- ton September 26, the post- poned sale date. The cotton was placed In the warehouse last fall and winter un- See COTTON, Pg. 2, Col. 5 Since the first class is an im- portant feature of the course. Hana- hen urged all who plan to attend to be present Monday night. Information from the ol) associa- tion and the Boosters indicates a complete class has been made up of key men from various oil com- panies in this area, the Community Natural Gas company. West Texas Ullllliej company. Abilene Fire de- partment. Western Produce com- pany, Post Office department and others. The two organizations are spon- soring the course in order that benefit of a Bureau of Mines safety promotion will be available to this territory. Services of the Instructor are free and the wort of the Bureau of Mines has been of great value In the mineral industry in training men for first aid work, thereby eliminat- ing much hazard In Industry and Ole preevntlon of fire and explosion. Clothes Week Kick Off At 2 Fleet Of 24 Cars And 6 Trucks To Tour City And Pick Up Bundles On Porches "Kick-oH" for Used Clothes week In Abilene to clothe needy persons will begin at 2 p. m. today. The week, sponsored by the Abilene Boosters cVuh and the United Welfare association, has been set aside for the gathering of clean used clothes. Under the direction of Ed Slaughter, general chairman. 24 cara six trucks wll! tour the city today. Citizen? are asked to place bundles ot clothes on front porches. If the bundles are not called lor by 3 p.. m. then dial 3763 or All articles of clothing are want- ed. sewing room employes will repair_or remake all the cloth- ing and the welfare association win distribute the clothing to needy persons In Taylor county. Mrs. Morgan Jones was on the radio Friday evening giving Ihe week publicity, "x x x there many children who will not be able to attend school nnku they are provided with cloth- staled, "x x x cloth- The Weather ABTLEXE mod ildoliy: Moall, clondj Hairttf and Motldajr. KAST TfiXAS: MolUr tloodr nnndar fid 'n raM and Math portion! Monday. Dlmlnlvhlnc rutdlr wlndi bc- fxnttif modynkTe on npprr cotit and nn lowfr com by fllaht. "T.sr TEXAS: uid Mon- >BW J1FX1CO: rirlly rlnudr ud rwrffr loutbrnt portion Itanrc or Irniprralurr V M. IIOVR r. )t. Mich Inn tnnprralarrj 9- and 71; iamp dafe a rear asn, 37 In; of all sorts, atyles and are needed and will be accept- ed." Gifts asked Include men's and boys' suits, shoes, felt hati, and es- pecially shots for school children. Women's apparel and even rags will be accepted. BARRELS DOWNTOWN Barrels will be placed at con- venient down-town spots for citi- zens to drop used clothes in. They will be placed In their positions Monday. Slaughter said. Although a concerted drive will be made today between 2 and 5 p. m. Abllenians are urged to con- tinue to contribute throughout the week. The drive will continue through Saturday. -Clothes will be placed In a store room provided by the Ste USED CLOTHES, ff. 2, Col. 3 Roundup Rodeo Arena Jammed Corrvjan Completes California Detour LONG BEACH, Cal, Sept. Corrlfan landed his crate at his home port here today, and thus completed, a New York to California trip he started two months ago when a "slight ?rror" on the part of his compass carried him to Dublin COLORADO, Sept. 10 (SpU An overflow crowd of approximately 5 WO persons Jammed [he i.f.w rodeo plant of the C'oiorado City Frontier Roundup tonight for final events of the three day celebration. Tfinned the most suicessfu! rodeo in the history of the ciiy riders and performers frc.v. Ihe "outhwest and the entire nation have given performances twice dally. Feature event of the r.lght was the five galted horse show. Horses shown were frorr. the sthbles of Chappel Davis ot M'Jlany and P K. Mackey. Following the rodec. events to- night a mammoth street dince was begun. Eddie Pyland and Harold Bennett were in charge. Winners In the .-odeo events for j See RODEO, Pr. 2, Col, 1 Officers Capture Jones Fugitive AKSON. Sept. 10-Emest Carter, who escaped custody of Jones county officers In the Anson court- house Thursday, was recaptured to- day by Deputy Sheriff Bill Dun- wody and two members of the state highway palrol. Dunwody said here' tonight that the fugitive surrendered readily, though armed, when found in "a vacant house five mite from Sag- erton, Haskell county. The hideout was In the "oreafcs" along the Mounlain Fork of the Brazos river. Czech Leader Urges People To 'Be Calm' Prague, Sudetens Reopen Talks In Minority Dispute PRAOUE, Czechoslovakia, Sept. 10 (AP) President EtJuard Benej. held OTJ! the hand of friendship tonight to naa Germany and appealed for peace in a broadcast warning that any clashes in the Sudeten German-Czechoslovak dispute might threaten the peace of all Europe, FUDGED TO PEACE He pleaded with the people to "be calm" and pledged the gov- ernment to work for justice lor all nationalities. Imperialist powers were to enter Into relation] between the nationalities." he said, "a regret- table shadow would be thrown over the future ot cooperation among them. "I believe the German people as well u the CMchj, Slovaks and all the others truly desire to work together In quiet." The president's address came shortly after negotiations between the government and the Sudeten Germans over the Jailer's auto- nomy demands were reopened aft- er a three-day interruption. Speaking two days before Chan- cellor Adolf Hitler of Germany closes the nazi party congress In Numberg with an important ad- dress. Bents emphasized thaf Czechoslovakia wanted peace and would do all she could to promoie faith and good wilt among nations. KUNDT, HODZA CONFER In today's negotiations, Ernst Kundt. Sudeten German deputy, conferred more than an hour with Premier Milan Hodza. The premier was believed to be more optimistic, although no defi- nite Information of the course of the conference was given out. Negotiations had been broken off last Wednesday after disorders at MaehrUch-Ostrau. At the close, Benes pleaded. "Let us be ready to make sacri- fices but let .us be optimists even In a time of great difficulties; above all, let us not forget filth and good will move mountains and that they will bring us happily out of all present European troubles." Roosevelt's Train Reaches Chicago CHICAGO. Sept, dent Roosevelt's special tialn ar- rived r.ere at p m (CST) to- night. The president was en route to the bedside of his son. James, who undergo a gas.ric opeiatlon at Ihe Mayo clinic in fiochester, Minn. HITLER AND BRITISH AMBASSADOR MEET AT NURNBERG ThU exclusive picture of Nevtle Henderson, Brit- Uh to Germany. ahows him at Numberg, Cer- fflany, as he met Relchsfueh- rer Adolf Hitler at a diplomatic reception during the nazl con- gress and chatted Informally on the critical Issue. (As- sociated Press WITH STUDENTS Colleges Open This Week Local Schools SPECIAL DAYSlOME FAST CRUSADE PASSES HALF MARK Abifenians Urged To Join In Go To Church Day; Hat Day Big Success SO ACC Begins Term With Program For Freshmen Monday Youth will again predominate, on Abilene streets this week as three colleges open the 1938-39 term. Saturday night students were al- ready arriving on Abilene Christian, McMurry and Hardln Simmons campuses. Abilene Christian college will be first to start the year, with a program for freshmen Monday jnornlng. Abilene city schools are Dkewts; beginning Ihe new year. At Abilene high school freshmen registered Sat- urday and newcomers have been enrolling for two weeks. Upperclajsmen will register Mon- day and Tuesday. Elementary stud- ent.! will report M their schools at 'o'clock Monday morning DEAJf TO PRESIDE Dean Walter Adams will preside for Abilene Christian college's fresh- man program at 10 o'clock Monday morning. Leonard Burford will lead a song, and prayer will be offered by Paul C. Witt. Fred Barton, new member of the faculty. Instructor In speech, will read from the Bible. See COLLEGES, Pt. Z, Col. SQFTBALLERS' DEPARTURE The campaign mores on. Special days fall thick and fist as the last half of the Abilene Salesmen's Crusade begins. Today b Go to Chnrch Day. All Abilenians are asked lo Join in thU obwrrance of the whtn both boring and selling are pat aside. Monday la Floor Covering day. and Dry Cleaning Day. The Idea is for erery resident lo purchase something In the line of. floor cov- ering, anything from a bath mat to a new living room nig. At Uie same time, they might get out the fall clothes and have them off to the for the first coot snap. This summer weather Just can't last forever. Htre'i another idea. If ;on Joit couldn't join In ob- of Hat day Saturday by bnjliif a new hat; get oat last year's fell and have U re- cleaned and reblocked. About Hat day-dry goods and clothing merchanrs declared It by far the most commodity (day they had had a part in. Goats at two places chewed on old straw hats all day: a barrel at another was practically filled with dis- carded straws. Here's what the nwr- chaqts said: "Saturday business In men1! felt hati more than normal Saturday, thanlu lo the Crusade." "Abilene 1> catching on to the Daj wai a tsif Sure, of follu bought There Is no .commodity day set for Tuesday, but It ts the day that Abilene manufacturers are enter- taining merchants of the city. It's an Invitation affair, slated for at Cobb Park. There'll be a barbecue dinner. Tiylor county La by beef and all the trimmings and other foods, Abilene products. Manufacturer] met ajaln Fri- day artermwn, September IS and 17 as Abilene Products day. The same dates also have been jet by service station men and similar businesses as Wash and Lubrica- tion day. That means he the day to jet the old car made like new with a wash and lubrication i Job. Hitler, Goering And Goebbels Fire Barrage Reich To Protect Sudetens, Says Air Minister ITCESBZEO, Germany, Sept. Field Marshal Her- mann Wilhelm Ooering- Reichjfnehrer Adolf Hitler to- day proclaimed Germany mut- ed, invintible and determined to protect her Germanic breth- Sndeten Gerauni of Czechoslovakia, SCORN FOB U. a, OoerUw; "We consider the misters of events un- avoidable we do not to harm anybody. No nation peace more than do. But will not stand for Inflicted upon our German brethren." Hitler: "Germany will stand unlttd, come what may when ukej me from my I will hand to -the next fuehrer country weMed by Iron boodi." Mbtfcter Jneph added bli Tok. loo to tho bamfe of nut an. for br povtnf Km 'MI held Tuesday throufli Saturday. county fair will be held September 29 to Oct- ober 1. BAIRD.-Ftrst Callahan county fair win be held September HIGHLIGHT WEEK IN ABILENE ABIJ.EM: Heiio Chicago. Manager H. T. Fleming oil Tuesday m the Sunshine special to dircrt his Texas cnampion soltbal'rrs the Coca- in Uied national bid. I FACtUNGr. WINS _ s o U b a 11 trophy In the Abilene slow league. "Isn t it a says Dr A C Raymond. He tills Ihe double poil- lion of learn manager and presl- I (lent of the Exchange club. he airport .K' ann M R m, we relation or wronn-way flier, awaited him at nursrlay; present became of a 1-ttjr from th'm >as th'ir nephew o r-'ft Wt. G. M. Oroce ALL FOR DOL'G Unheeding the rood RiFETV FIRST let', keen on his fork contreMman Clyde Garrett w" bT of Eastlar.d cheered Corrljan at the hummj and sci.rr.r.s to whool Nfonday come breakfast Gsrrcu 'wo. sbir'.ey Ann Fvtce. especially [or felf wn> horn- 4-i'th i'S' an'1 Charles RSMV. will autcvaphs for hu WS ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

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Issue Date: September 11, 1938