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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - September 7, 1938, Abilene, Texas NURNBERG, Stpt. 7.— (UP)—Adolf Hitler, addressing 32,000 labor service men today, said : "In you is represented the loftiest motto we know: God helps those who help themsefeves."tKfje abilene Reporter-ileitis ★★★ EVENING‘WITHOUT, OR WITH    OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES    \VE YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS VOL LV III, NO. 99. Catted rram (IT) ABILENE, TEXAS. WEDNESDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 7, 1938—FOURTEEN PAGES Aaawlatrd Pr*M (AP) PRICE FIVE CENTS SABERS' RATTLE MORE OMINOUS- Hitler: ‘Ask for More Henlein Hears Fuehrer Advise He Stand Pat Sudetens and Czechs Break Nazis' Dictator Lauds Workers Digging Trenches * PRAGLE, Sept. 7.—(UP)—    ( The government reported todav that six German planes—at least five of them military craft —flew over ( reohoslovak ter-    j ritory and then returned to 1 Germany. NURNBERG, Germany, Sept. j 7—(AP)—A high government spokesman said today that the I t purport of dolf Hitler's admo- 1 . —. ............—---------- RATS' ARTIFICIAL FEVER PRODU CES BRAIN IMPRI 3VEMENT EQUAL TO 10,000 YEARS EVOLUTION By HOWARD W. BLAKESLEE Associated Press Science Editor COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 7 — Ten thousand years in brain evolution and improvement is made in 90 minutes in white rats by giving them fevers of four to five degrees. The heat, in two-minute periods daily for 45 days, distinctly raised the intelligence of several rats in experiments conducted at Temple university by Hubert C. Hamilton and reported to the American Psychological association today. The rats were not only more intelligent on fever days, but. the effects on their brains lasted for 30 days more, the report said. The tests were made by having the animals solve a maze of blind alleys. The experiments support a belief of scientists that acquir- ing warm blood was one of the most valuable forward steps in evolution. In the beginning, as seen in the history of fossil bones, the earths creature' were cold blooded. They were mentally dull. How warm blood came Is not known, but its earned, posses sors rated as higher in intelligence. There was no record until today's report of attempts to find out what artificial warming of the blood would do to intelligence, it was asserted, Dr. Hamilton produced the brief fevers by use of short wave radio. Human beings have been treated with radio and other forms of artificial fever, but no one has looked to see whether their mental qualities improved. The fever treatment is so “rough" that it is confined to sick persons. Doug Corrigan's Here— HOOKEY AIN’T FAIR EITHER —But They May Have Time SALES GIRLS WALK OUT- Strike Paralyzes Frisco Shopping Pickets Parade , Reading:. ’Riting and ’Rithmetic i old cedar pencils (the kind that nition to Konrad Henlein on j days are nearly here again    tasted so good when you used to the Czechoslovak government's latest offer of concessions was: “Don't accept; ask for more and you will get it!” 1 Henlein leader of the autonomy-demanding Sudeten Germans of Czechoslovakia, came ner* to confer with his avowed protector, the German fuehrer, .vho is presiding , over the tenth annual congress of Mary and Johnny Jim and Sue. chew them over a hard questiont Sunshine and Bud start to school but none were to be found this Monday    morning on a visit to five places Meanwhile,they have a lo' of shop- I featuring school supplies. Somebody . ping to do. so bas gone and smeared colored paint ^ ^ -fy_ /A* Thursda* Is their all over those six-for-a-nickels. day—Soh ‘ “ %     .    School    Sup- Q plies da in the Abilene S a I es -men’s Crusade. Yes. tha* gives Mary and Johnny, Jim Sue and all the other youngsters a chance to be patriotic t rusadcrs Thursday is also Fountain day. .    ,    .    „    ..    4    so while they're downtown they public into cantons so small    that    ^ probablv ha/e chocolate ice Germans will be spread over three --------„— of them the nazi party. BEGS QUESTION ‘The chief point at issue.” said the government spokesma i ‘ is the Czech scheme for dividing the rems so spread “Hitler and the Sudetens say this again begs the whole question. What the Sudeten*- need and want is a complete section I of Czechoslovakia In whi<h they will be masters, where tlirv ran profess the nan weltanschauung (political philosophy) and where Germans wit he governed by Germans. “If the Czechs accept thLs mini-i mum demand the rest will be relatively easy. Speaking privately I am CHILDRESS. Sept. 7—(AP) —Quintus Tiver was charged with murder today in conner-I tion with the death yesterday of C\ C. Kicks, 33-year-old Childress barber, and held under bond of $2,000. Witnesses at his examining trial, said the two quarreled over the military strength of I the United States and Germany, and that Tieer struck Ricks with his fist twice. A short time later, Ricks died. Before Stores Unionists Claim 7,000 Off Jobs, Stores Say Less SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7. — (UP) — Several thousand salesgirls and clerks went on strike in 35 of San Francisco's largest department stores today. Their action paralyzed the city’s famous shopping district. The stores opened for “business as usual,” but hundreds of pickets, mostly women, made shopping difficult. They booed persons who at- ...........    .    tempted    to enter the stores. Scores high todav wu.h no,ebooks paper, y0ur mother made? Well Johnny    rn.frw.* int rvnriic and    .    w    .    or police patrolled the district, ma. pencils ana —     and    Mary wont be carrying one. There are some readv-made satch- CLAIM 7.000 INVOLVED els with leather handles <some still The A. F. and L. retail clerks' have shoulder straps, and smooth ion ca51ed the strike ln a d tc bather pockets sewed on the sides. over prefcrpntial hiring store exe. But 1938 youngsters dont take too cutives said that the unions. dp. cream sdda or marsnmallow sundaes, WHAT ABOUT CLOTHES; School supply counter? were FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS, TOO? Remember the gay cretonne book-satchel you used to carry—the one REMEMBER? Today is Underwear day In the Abilene Salesmen’s Crusade. Still several hours to join in the observance. Manager J. E. McKin-zie reminded. The idea is to purchase at least one piece of underwear for every member cf the family. pens—ah    ready for thy young supplies, bke most everything else these days have gone stria mimed g»e^s and there is still variety to suit every choice. If Mr.ry and Jim are to make A-plus in appear- strongly to book satchels at all. They much rather prefer these mand was tantamount to the hiring the ,    _    hall.    Union leaders charged leather brief-cases zipped all round storeg reflwed t arbttrate that look just like the one dad Thr union sa5d that - Q00 of carries to the office. Right nifty for school too. Gone too are lunch pails, replaced by neat black lunch boxes concealing thermos bottles in their lids Tile high school boys and girls will be Interested in this. New is a ance wien thev start to school again, Thursday might    also    be a good day for checking up en school wardrobes—shoes, socks suits, dres-    ,    , ses, handkerchiefs And Abilene notebook with leather covers which merchants are pended for    that, too. _    .    .    ,,    than ever too. with rings large The manufacturers neve- can tell    ,    .    „. . „ ....    _    .    ,    enough to hold    a whole sears notes when thev put out the    new school    „___...    ____ zip together, just like a brief case. Its members were out and that 24 other unions, including teamsters, elevator operators and janitors, agreed to observe picket lines. Store executives said the number of strikers was “far below” the union's estimate. With Yam Stickum— STAMP-LICKING MADE EASIER —Wet-Tongued Vendor By EDDIE GILMORE ■WASHINGTON. Sept. 7 fP\—This reporter gum-rhooed th ough the postoffice department today and discovered some developments in the ever-sticky problem of stamp-licking. They are: 1—A mechanical licker-vendor with which the Phi'adUphia postoffice is easing the traffic on Philadelphia tongues 2—The possibilities of the sweet potato as the base fir the stickum. Fussy folks have worried over stamp-licking for years clanning it was insanitary, archaic, or that it just plain took up too much of the country's time. All sorts of stamp-vending machines nave been inverted, but the department never has adopted them largely because of the phoney nickel problem The gadget up In Philadelphia, however, can detect a slug with the same finesse the department's mail carrle-s can spot a vicious dog in a resident’s front yard. Should the nickel be lacking—tne customer gets no stamp and the stamp gets no licking. The agriculture department—after a lot of experimenting-sa va the sweet potato will produce a fine stickum and Itll taste better than the cassava dextrin the government now is using. The postoffice department once had the licking problem solved in one of its offices. A new York sub-station cam'’ up with a cat that liked the taste of the stickum Customers simply poked the stamp at kitty—and kitt” did thp rest. But then the cat got tired and went back to its mice BOOSTERS FAIL TO FIND BAND-FOR WELCOME TO CORRIGAN Booster club members, arrant- Minority Man Hit with Whip By Policeman France Mobilizes Dockworkers at Marseille Port PRAHA, Sent, 7.—(AP) The Sudeten German part broke off negotiations with th Czechoslovak government o the disputed autonomy ques tion today after receiving re ports that three Sudeten depu ties had been assaulted b Czech police. Party officials were studying th text of the latest government con cessions, handed to the**1 earlie in the day, when they heard o the clash at Marisch Ost-au, nea the Polish border. ARREST PREVENTED They immediately notified Presi dent Eduard Benes and Premie Milan Hodza that negotiation would be discontinued pending thorough investigation of the in cident. First dispatches received here sal the Sudeten deputies—named Ma Roller and Knorrer—were attack by police while investigating treat dust ria list, is said already to have    Sudetens in the Marlsc been thrust aside as a possible con- . f?1    tne    deputies    wa Demo Harmony Threat Hinted ODaniel Purge' In Prospect For State Conclave AUSTIN. Sept. 7— (UP) — A “purge’’ at the state democratic convention in Beaumont aimed at former liberty leaguers threatened today to disrupt th-* harmony heretofore expected at that gathering. John Henry Kirbv, Houston in vention chairman because of his former antl-New-Deal connections. Kirby had been boosted for chair- said to have been struck with a rid ing whip. A report received by the Sudete There are bitser notebook binders . Th* Emporium' one of the blgRest tog a welcome for Douglas Cor- j Tin A* !!    w    department stores in the West, said ngan tomorrow, todav scratched man as a representative Oi the in- PartY said the police sought to ar riustrial expansion of Texas advo- 1 re5t; deputies, but that arouse rated by W. Lee O'Danl*! in his 1 townspeople spirited them off campaign for gove.nor,    RUNCIMAN NOTIFIED With Kirby side-tracked it was -    , , j ,,    ,,,    ..    .    In    Praha,    an    excited    Sudeten    of i mort cd the purge will ne> t be di-'    .    .    iH. tected as Vance Muse of Houston    ,*    . '    ,,    , because of his Liberty league ac- J bnpoMlbta * negotiate wi titties, and reported opposition to su„ * B°VP™ment Vue President John Nanc* Garner. ,    4,eaders immediately notifi :    A E. Amos, state representative IBriwtl»h , niediation mi ss lo 'from Fort Worth, here toeay, said : ,hp*ded by Viscount Runciman. ; that there has been much Mir about I *****    «r,v evening Runciman    re Muses reported influence in the    ce'v®o    Karl Hermann    Frank, radi ODaniel group of advisers. Robert ia! Sudeten deputy, for a talk. Vance Muse Jr., son o* the Houston Runciman was told the thr official of the Texas tax relief com- i deputies were assaulted alter a mittee. is reported to have been ac-    argument at the Jail, t tive at O Daniel political head-    a lew    earlier    th quarters.    Praha government's.new concession A policy of sidetracking the “mor- had been formally handed to -tate t. mocratic leader of the Sudeten party by Pre supplies what be the mos* popular The teachers’ requirement? to a large extent set the needc of each child, but no teacher would say whether Sues tablet should have a picture of Robert Monte: imery or Shirley Temple on the back. , Yes. you can still pick the lead-e arp now really hopeful of a jng ruction picture stars by the tab- dent use. i r I f I o cnlntiA^ ’»    .    ,    '    .    i    Tim    or* let backs. Remember wv,en you under the very definite impression ^ that much direct negotiation be-“ tween Britain and Germany is going on behind the scenes. pacific solution. Reams of note paper ruled and unruled—stack the counters. HEADACHES FOR TEACHERS There is ink in a veritable rainbow of colors—but “No. no.” teacher will probably say. Ifs still customary. they say, to require blue, black ink as the standard for stu- are scattered from the Panhandle to the Gulf coast. Cockerell said    R. T. Bynum, di-    a1 Issues” in    the that half of its force of 1.700 em-    their heads    over    a    vi’al pioblem.    rector of the Abilene high school    platform wri    reported *o    nave been naier Hodza. ployes was on the job. The man-    “What're    we gonna do. worried    Eagle band, told    him that his group    advocated by O Daniel    advisers agcment said non-selling employes,    one. “if he lands    at    th. H'tel Woo-    had not been in    practice or drill in    Jesse Martin    Fort Worth,    who will such as advertising men, were im- ten and we have *o para*e to the several weeks and would not be in pressed into service behind the airport for breakfast?”    order for the parade The art paper for the younger Today s congress program pro- joyed at a dramatic tablet cover Shades comes in an even larger var-duced a declaration by Hitler to picture of Pearl White and won-1 iet? of coJor* Ibis year. Scissors See HITLER Page IS, Col. 6 The Weather Cered how she would fa*? in the have gay handles Chalk and crav-11th installment come Frld^v night? ons- in set’s cf six to T6. may be • That question is directed at the bad under a dozen different brand school boy* and girls of a quarter names. There are erasers, rulers, century ago. No 1938 school child pencil sharpeners, fountain pens would pass if the teacher asked wbb matching pencils, scrap books. ABILENE and vicinity:    Partly    cloudy tonight ani Thur?<1*y. West Texas: Partly rloudv probably lo- ,    .    .    .    , cal showers in west and north portion* to- With her curls night an,I Thursday East Texas; Partly cloudy tonight and v.    i    w Thursday local thundershowers on coast Sighs, upon sighs and in northeast portion Thursday. Highest temperature yesterday ...OS lowest temperature this morning . 73 ^ a* “Who was Pearl White?"' NEW CHOP NOW’ Then aiong came Marv Pickford Beautiful weren't they? And Rudolph Valentino. And Douglas Fairbanks. And Jackie Coogan. Col counters to handle shopper? More than 300 police were assigned for strike dutv. Acting Chief Charles Skelly ordered his men to “see that no violations of law are permitted, to prevent any blockading of the street* and sidewalks.” Pickets paraded in double lines in front of most of the stores. They let out loud boos and Bronx cheers whenever anyone—worker or shopper— passed their lines. A few minor skirmishes between _    ,    .    . .    .    .. , pickets and workers were reported. There also aie headaches for the police quickly restored order ..I    jvm    jQr bovs    _______ Meanwhile, a more pressing wor-    As it, appeared    this morning, the ry presented itself No band had two-car welcoming committee with been secured to >ead thi. parade which Corrigan will ride, and a honoring the miscalculate!* deluxe motorcycle escort of city and state when he arrives to attend a 9:30 highway police is to comprise the breakfast at the Wooten hotel.    parade. The little Irishman who hopped    The reception,    without    a band, the Atlantic July 18 and said he will not go completely without mu-thought he was flying to California sic, however. Boasters promised, will arrive at the municipal airport    An orchestra will be on    hand for about 9 o'clock in the morning and the breakfast, to play the tunes to will parade through the business which Corrigan has become accus- notebooks in all sizes teachers and girls in the grades. Imagine teacher s chagrin when she insists that Jim leave his wooden soldiers home only to have him grin back teen Moore Then Clara Bow. Greta atbpr' tWiM °ff the *soldiprs’ heads and reveai colored crayons. Teach- -.of-. TEMPERATrF.ES forf) Tues. Wed. p rn.    a rn  89    71 Garbo, Norma Shearer, Joan Craw- 8HOWLOW Ariz, Sept 7 V er also will have to put up with    masked    highwaymen held up Temnlc the DonaW E)urk this year, and Mickle a mail truck at Bul! Hollow. IO miles JA! _ I “ a I 3 Ii j 7 S 9 IC »» ii .* Midnight 90 91 91 92 ac •SS KS 83 82 81 Now it's Shirley Dionne Quintuplets, Charlie Mc-    .    .    .,    , ;;    earth, and Edgar Brrgan. Robert    lnw P''"'''1 7T    Montgomery, James Stewart. Myrna 76    Ley. The movie editor may not agree with this, but that Just shows 73 he doesn t know his tablet backs. J* There's the new pencils, too. They 84 come in a great variety of colors. Mouse too—they have been ll Duce to Give Stand On Crisis A tip lo those who will feed Douglas Corrigan In Abilene Thursday: Don't offer the Mick chicken' In Kansas City Corrigan said: ‘' never did like chicken. LII tell vou this:    I’ll never eat chicken of my own free will again as long as I live Oiher-wise. I’m doing better on the banquets. I lost two or three pounds, hut now I know what to eat and when to -at it. Cir. not a big eater." So, lf they want to feed Dong on West Texas beef, or bass out of Lake Abilene, or mountain oysters or anything, okav; but for goodness sake don't offer the man chicken! He's fed up on it. made north cf Taylor, Aru. today and escaped with two payroll pouches, — one of which contained $ji,000. j The pouches contained funds for payrolls of the L*outhwesf Lumber tbe Roosters club who has been in melodies of Erin Highwaymen Hold Up Mail Truck be next state senator from Tarrant county, was reposed to be slated for head of the platform committee. Texas Socialists Have Full Slate DALLAS. Sept 7 F' -Carl Bran-nin, secretary of the socialist party in Texas, announced today the party would have a full slate of candidates for state officer in this year’s general election The party will also have candidates to oppose Rep Hatton W Sumners from the Dallar district and W C. Graves, democratic can-dida'e for the state senate. This Order Should 'Burn Them Up' FARIS. Rep!. 7—(AP,—The government tonight announced mobilization of all dockworkers st the port of Marseille, vital link in the Empire's system of defense. This step placing an estimated 3.000 longshoremen under military discipline and control, followed a cabinet decree putting the port under military jurisdiction. The mobilization of workers will be effected under the law for the organization of France in time of war which wax voted by parliament on July ll. Marseille, gateway by which troops and supplies enter France from her African and Asiatic possessions, has been tied up on Sundays and holidays by stevedores’ lefusal to work on those days. France, Reich Fight Espionage Threats section before a breakfast at the tomed on his tour of the nation Hotel Wooten at 9 30 o'clock.    “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” E. F Cockerel!, vice-president of My Wild Irish Rose. NEW HAVEN. Conn.    7    ^ -Little boys who like to turn In false fire alarms beware Judge Philip R Pastorc In Juv-and other *nile court orderer seven luch of- a rigorous “anti-espionage” cam lenders to write fifty tin es each paign on top of their military ac S I R I N G-W E N D E L, (At th French-German Border), Sept. (VP*—France and Germany clampe; mills at McNary and a logging camp charge of parade plans, said today’ Tjiere was „ svlgges,,on that the week for,tbe ntxt sl,x m™\ths the tivities on opposite sides of tlTe fron lemc son* for the affair hp • rwv sectlon of the 8™era statutes per- tier, where two armies today await ROME Sept *« Some of the pencils arc streaked Mussolini is expected to state the -tTv Premier immediately determined  -------   —    —    musuwiu    IS    vxpecwa    i,o    s.aie me Driver rf the truck a rn*- u named CLOUDY N«»n ■..... ss    with    color,    others striped. There are Italian position in the German- Ison, said the holdup men parked Sunset : •' ; IU fom« white pencils too. with gold Czechoslovak crisis in a speech at across the highway a' a narrow Drv (hermit,? 30 a r!;, 12 39 p 'tJ    for    identification.    Trieste    perhaps    Saturday.    spot    where    it dips down into the vrv infrm meter ss 73    91    But    not    one cedar pencil in the  ..... Wet thermometr* Belady* humidity SB 69 3« 73 68 7S 7ft . r — — J  1------  —    Well-informed    sources    said    the    Bull    Hollow    canyon forctt.g him to 38 lot. There may be some of the good address will be “important."    stop.    Ison    was alonet at White River. The amount of f‘ia efforts to secure a band to theme song for the affair be "Dipsy the White River payroll was not ipad the piocession had been un- Doodle,” which has a catch-line successful. The Hardin-Simmons university Cowboy band, on its return from the recent Washington trip, was dismissed and will not he assembled again until September 14. Members of the band . . . “the things that you say come out in reverse.” Abilene chamber of commerce aviation committee was called bv George Paxton, chairman to meet talning to false fir? alarms The section is e’even lines long See CLASH Page IS, Col. 4 See CORRIGAN rage 13, Col. 7 Peace Left to Chance —SEE PAGE 3HERE’S PREVIEW OF WHAT MAY HAPPEN TO CZECHOSLOVAKIA IF REICH ACTS GiltJiAN ARMORED CARS rumbled into Austria on March ll this year as Hitler’s bloodless conquest of his home land began. Here they are at Lmz. MOTORCYCLE TROOPS led ihe way info Vienna two days later. The Austrian government, bowing to force, resigned. The Nazi salute became popular. Jews cowered CONQUES! SEALED Name of Vienna’s Citv Hall Squaie was changed to Adolph Hitler Plaza. EVERYBODY REJOICED, or seemed to. as jubilant Nazis paraded—with German policemen guarding the route. Por it didn t pay to De out of step. BUT IT MAY BE DIFFERENT with Czechoslovakia. Th»se a’e some of the troops mobilized May 21 as warning against invasion. Many In Austria had wanted union, but the Czechs love independence. ;

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Issue Date: September 7, 1938