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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - September 1, 1938, Abilene, Texas WEST TEXAS* OWN NEWSPAPER ®be Abilene Reporter Setoff ■■WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKE! Cl I YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS GOES "-Byron VOL. LYU I, NO. 93. Gaited Presa (LP» ABILENE, TEXAS. THURSDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER I, 1938 —FOURTEEN PAGES Associated Press (API PRICE FIVE CENTS LOOSED BY VIOLENT RAINS.Canadian Landslide Buries Tenement House, Kills 4 REICH REHEARSES GRIM EUROPEAN DRAMA ENTITLED WAR Rescuers Fear I wjMMI w.y I *J8!%» ^ The one-time corporal of World war days assumed all the attributes of the former Kaiser s war-lord-ship* as Adolf Hitler took to the field to supervise personally Germany's gigantic military maneuvers He is pictured above, as with General Washer von Brauehitsch, extreme right, commander-in-chlef of the Reich army, he emerges after inspecting an earth-covered, concrete fortification at Gross-Born, La^er he startled Europe by a surprise visit to Kohl. on the French border, where he inspected Rhine defenses, where hundreds of thousands of men, ma ny of them conscripts, are working. _________ current demonstrations ot the might of the new Relcn army, .which have all Europe trembling with war fear, also have foreign military attaches on th* alert with the number of military innovations disclosed. Men of the second army corps are shown firing at an airplane during maneuvers a’ Grocs-Born The soldiers wear new piebald "camouflage" uniforms, which, scarcely distinguishable even by the camera, are said to be practically invisible from the air. * * • • * • demonstrating anomer instance 01 the care OI detail and general efficiency of the German army, a machine gun unit is pictured above as it tries out a new type of sheller. Used under the eyes of Re(chsfuehrer Hitler himself during sham battles by the second army corps at Gross-Born, the new military device is 'fen to be a camouflaged portable "fence." which can be carried forward by the gun crews as the line of battle advances. •    •    •    W    HI # With Roosevelt Warning Expected- HENLEIN-HITLER VISIT ALARMS BRITAIN, FRANCE Fuehrer Cails With Presentation of Awards— Nazi Generals CHILDREN'S SUMMER RECREATIO N PROGRAM CLIMAXES TONIGHT IN PLAYGROUND FOLLIES It w 9 Optimism Wanes Pending Outcome Of Conference BERCHTESGADEN, G s r- many, Sept. I— (AP)—Reichs-fuehrer Hitler today summoned Field Marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering and several army generals to confer with Konrad Henlein. leader of Czechoslovakia's Sudeten Germans, at the fuehrer’s mountain retreat near here. Outcome of the conference was expected to be either acceptance or rejection of the Czechoslovak gov-i eminent a latest proposals for solution of the conflict between Praha and the autonomy-demanding Sudeten Germans. PROPOSALS RELAYED Although these proposals have not been handed officially to Hen-lein's party, it was believed here that F. T. A Ashton-Gwatkin, of the British mediation mission, informed the Sudeten leader of their contents in a conference at Mar-ienbad last night. This was just before Henlein’s departure for Germany to meet Hitler, his protector. It was not disclosed whether Henlein had vet reached the German Fuehrer's mountain home, scene of many his-tory-making conferences in recent months. The names of the generals sum-See HITLER, Pg. 13 Col. 7 Abilene's children who have participated in the summer recreational program this year will have their day today. During the day sporting events will predominate at Cobb park. Tonight, beginning at 8 o'clock, the Playground Follies will be present- in the recreational program.    ling    contest    was    slated.    Tile    girls'    at 3 20 and the girls’ 20 yard run 4:40 and the yo-yo contest at 5 ed at Fair Park auditorium    Championship games were played and boys' sack race followed. j starts at 3:30. Boys' flat-foot broad o'clock. A gold loving cup will be given between the girls' and boys’ softball the playground winning the most teams this morning. points. Individuals will be given More humorous contest* featured o'clock Girls’ division in the same i ively gold medaLs, donated by the Re- the rest of the morning program. porter-News, which has cooperated I At ll o'clock the boys’ peanut push- The afternoon schedule calls for    jump and    rooster    fighting    will    be    As a finaJ touch    a lemonade a boys’    spoon and egg race at 3    held at    3:40    and 4    o'clock,    respect-    dnnkin? conUat V/Ul    be held at 5 15 o clock.    Girls’ division in the same    ively.    Entries are limited    to three from event starts at 3:10 o clock.    The    softball    distance    throw    will Boys*    50 vard dash will be held    be held    at    4    20. boys' relay    race    at    See PLAYGROUND    Page 3, Col. 8 j CHILD'S DEATH CUTS SECOND NOTCH ON GUN BLOOMINGTON Ind Sept. I (UPI Three years ago Clifford Cain, then five, accidentally shot and killed his mother with a shotgun    He said lie had attempted to “scare her. Yesterday lie and his brother, Robert, IO. were playing “hunter and game warden,” lr. the yard of their home. Robert went Into the house anc- took the gun from a wall where his father had fastened it near the ceiling as a precaution against other casualties. He returned to the ya’-d, pointed the gun, and accidentally killed Clifford. "Clifford was playing possum." Robert told police "I held up the gun and suddenly it went off. He fell down and didn’t say nothing.” Fined with Police Chiel— WINS FIGHT APPEAL —Fracas Nearly Resumed Sheriff s deputies were called into the county courtroom this morning to prevent further outbreak of hostilities between T. M. Reid, young Abilene attorney, and T A. Hackney, Abilene chief of police, during trial of an affray charge appealed by Reid from corporation to county court. The complaint grew out of a fist fight between Reid and llacknr.v in the basement of the city hall July 13. The two threatened to come to blows again this morning as Reid, acting as his own attorney, and Hackney, on the witness stand, differed over the question of whether or not Reid had used “curse words" preceding the fight. “Call in the shariff," ordered Judge York “I wont have scenes like this going on in my courtroom.” Then, turning, to Reid and Hackney, he said:    “If    there    are any further demon strations of this nature III have you both put in the county jail immediately. “I wouldn't blame you. judge." replied Hackney. Reid had waived jury trial and the hearing was before Judge York. "Not guilty by reason of self defense," was the judge's verdict. In corporation court, Reid had been found guilty of affray and fined one dollar. Hackney also was found guilty and paid his dollar fine. Testimony at today's trial was that the trouble started when Reid was talking to a prisoner held in the city jail for invest!-gation. Reid testified that Hackney struck the first blow and that he struck back in self defense. Hackney's testimony stated that "we stood there passed four or five blows like a couple of school kids. Then I hit him a pretty solid lick and knocked him against the wall of the hall." Britt Morgan, member of the police force, testified he interrupted the fight, Reid was brought into the police station, then placed in the city jail. He was released after an hour or two for appearance in corporation court. EXILING EVEN CITIZENS Italian Decree Banishes All Jews Nation Seeks Tyrol Fealty CRACKERS GO LIKE HOT CAKES-WITHOUT SYRUP Raging Waters Add Eight Deaths To Toll of Storm QUEBEC, Sept. I .-(AP)— A rain-loosed avalanche today destroyed a crowded four-storv apartment house in a Quebec suburb, killed four persons out-right, injured about 12 and, according to rescue leaders, left ore boy buried in the wreckage. Eight other deaths were caused by the same heavy rains sweeping the Quebec area. Six persons in a single family drowned when their home at Portneuf, 40 miles west of here, was carried away by the flooded Portneuf river, and two died In a washout derailment of a Mon-treal-Quebec passenger train. Three physicians who took charge of rescue work after the collapsi of the apartment house, at st Gregoire de Montmorency, textile factory town six miles east of here said the only parson not accounts for was the young son of Delphi! LaChance. BABY IN MOTHER S ARMS The boy, whose sister's crushed body was taken from the ruins, was | believed buried in the debris. Pour bodies taken to fit, Gregoire'* morgue were those of Rosa La-Chance, Mrs Patrick Delisle, Mrs. Corlnthin Audet and an unidentified Infant. Only yesterday Mrs. Audet gave birth to a daughter. When her body was taken from the ruins the baby was In her arms, crying. Forty-eight persons were In the big apartment house, an eight-suite, when the slide struck it at 4:15 year-old, partly brick structure, a. rn. For several hours rescuers believed at least 15 were missing, until the doctors reduced that figure to one. A force of provincial police reached the scene three hours after the collapse, and were joined in rescue work by more than IOO volunteers. Debris was piled high in the street, making the search difficult. The injured were taken tc Lenfant Jesus hospital in Quebec Some were believed to be in critical condition. One family named LaChance appeared to have had some premonition of danger, as they were hurrying out of the apartment house when the slide came crashing down. Mrs. Delphis LaChance was among the injured. Landowners Win $3,367 In Airport Damage Case A county court jury, composed of two men from Abilene and four from rural districts, decided early this morning that the city of Abilene shall pay John C. and Louis S. Wise $3,367.50 for IO acres of land used in expanding the city’s municipal airport and for damages to an additional 15 acres. The jurors, in sharp contrast to the verdict of a jury of view which earlier had valued the tract at less than $800, awarded the Wise brothers SISO per acre • for the IO acres used. In addition they decided that 15 acres which had been cut off from the main portion of the Wise farm had been reduced in value from $150 to $25 per acre The city is to pay the $125 per acre loss. The land was used to lengthen the runwaj's at the airport to comply with safety rules so that the city would be eligible as a stopping point for transcontinental planes. Members of the jury were Henry Boulte and Howard Warford of Abilene, J. B. Boyett of Tye, T. S. Allen. Abilene Rf 2; C. T. Brady, Rt. 4, and L. R. Reid of Lawn. Austrian Soldiers In World War Get Italian Pensions ROME, Sept. I.—(AP)—All Jews w’o have settled in Italy since January I, 1919, todaj were ordered to leave the country within six months by a cabinet decree. The decree applied even to Jews who have become Italian citi7ens, because citizenship conferred since that date was revoked SETTLEMENT PROHIBITED The edict was made applicable to Italy proper, Libya and the Aegean isles, No mention was made of Italian East Africa. The settlement of Jews in Italy from now on was prohibited. The decree defined as Jewish all persons born "of both parents of the Hebrew race regardless of religion." At the same time the fascist regime moved to win greater loyalty from the Germanic population of the South Tyrol, ceded to Italy by Austria after the Great war. War veterans who served in the Austrian army were accorded the same pensions as Italian World war veterans. This measure was approved bv the cabinet with Premier Mussolini preying. Tile cabinet, also approved measurer to stimulate childbearing by; ; limiting the numbers of women I i workers and making promotion of j men in the civil service dependent I on their marital status. Married men alone were made eligible to all higher government posts. Italian East Africa—Ethiopia. So-] mainland, Eritee—may prove to be 1 See JEW BAN, Pg. 13, Col. 8 Crackers went like hotcakes this morning, and more than one business man "closed a big deal” with hts druggist for a new toothbrush and some paste to use on it. That, because today is Cracker day and Household Dental Needs day in the Abilene Salesmen's Crusade—two special observances all rolled up in one. Grocers at noon reported cracker sales even better than had been anticipated Druggists likewise were enthusiastic over their special day. Grocers were preparing for another special day Friday— Coffee day. which also will go in’o Saturday. Coffee roasters and packers have had a heavy week in preparation for the occasion, and representatives of coffee companies have assured big deliveries for the two-day specials. The list of business firms cooperating to the crusade continues to grow Manager J. E. McKinzie took a census yesterday. It showed    32    dry    goods concerns flying crusade pennants. There are 18 auto and accessories concerns on the roll*, six hardware business, 20 groceries, IO furniture business, IO wholesale    grocers,    18 See CRUSADE,    Pg    13,    Col.    5 • •    * City Files Suits For Back Taxes Yates Names I5 Property Owners In City's Petitions Fifteen suits for de.inquent ci taxes totaling $11667 61 were fill in 42d district court this mornii by Edmund C. Yates, Abilene ci attorney. Named in the suits wer • Etb R. Havnie et a1, L J. Crrsuch a1, M. C. Adams et al G I La\ son et a1. O B. Fit lde* et i George T Herod Jr. *»t ai Dr. W. Hollis Jr, et ai: Myrtle Ms Chandler et al. J. W Couch et f A S Goodloe et a1, Abilene Lodi 274, I O.O F., Sam R Cox Sr et a Mrs. Sue Dudley et a1, O. E Rac ford et a1 .and Carlos Bussell et i (he Weather ABILENE anil vicinity:    Partly clot tonight and Friday Weet Texas: Generally fair tonight a Friday. East Texa*- Partly cloudy tonight a Frida y. Highest L’mper’.ture \esterdav .9) Lowest temperature this morning 7 • TEMPERA*! It Wed. Thurs Getting ready for "Coffee days” In the Abilene Salesmen’s Crusade, the coffee roasting and packing plant at the Universal Manufacturing company has been running full time Here Is shown the vacuum pecking machine, turning out case after case of coffee tor patriotic customers is typical of activity in preparation for the two special days. (Staff Photo). CLOUDY Dry thermometer Wet thermometer Relative humidity p m. 7 a m. 12:39 o m. *9    77    92 (ta    63    71 29    63    ii ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: September 1, 1938