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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - April 20, 1938, Abilene, Texas wm Abilene sporter ■WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES, WE    YOUR    WORLD    EXACTLY    AS    IT    GOES,’’-ByronVOL. LYU, NO. 332.    ABILENE,    TEXAS.    WEDNESDAY    EVENING,    APRIL    20,    1938—EIGHTEEN PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS Tnlled Frets (DF) PRICE 5 CENTS Hendrick Test Hits High Top On Avoca Lime Humble Outpost To Field Finals At 3,300 Barrels Most promising wildcat drilling on the northeast trend play from Jones county’s Avoca field, the and P. S. Kendrick of Abilene No. I T. G. Hendrick, topped Palo Pinto lime high on structure late last night and shut down to underream casing about 170 feet before drilling into expected oil zone. Top of the lower Canyon lime horizon was logged at 3,154 feet, about on* foot cut, when the test shut down to set the five-inch pipe and possibly to cement. It will be several days oefore actual verdict is knowm, however. The lower structures correlated in conformance with expectations. The wildcat is about five miles northeast of production from the Palo Pinto lime in the Ivy pool of Shackelford county. It is about 15 miles east of Stamford, about 18 miles southeast of Haskell and less than a quarter-mile south of the Haskell county line. Location is 2.600 feet from the north and4.300 feet from the west line of section I-AB AM survey at an elevation of 1,537. Between the No. I Hendrick and Ivy pool. Ungren A Frazier No. I McKeever, in section 14-3-H&TC survey, drilled Delow 1,881 feet today. Railroad commission gauge was completed on the Humble oil A Refining company No. 7 J. W Hollums, on the northeast side of the Avoca field in Jones county, flowing 564 barrels in four hours —establishing a daily potential of more than 3,3000 barrels—fol- 1 lowing 1.000-gallon acidization in Palo Pinto lime at 3,226-43 feet, j Flow was through two-inch tubing and 7-8-inch choke against a 225-pound pressure casing and 250 pounds on the tubing. TRANSPORTATION NEEDED MACHING UNITS' EXPENSES TO WICHITA FALLS WTCC MEET RAISED; REGISTRATION OF ALL URGED A shortage of transportation facilities appeared to be the only “fly in the ointment’’ today aa chamber of commerce members launched the final drive to secure the largest Abilene delegation in history for the West Texas chamber of commerce convention next Tuesday. Finance sub-committee of the convention attendance group reported completion by cash and pledges of the $1,000 fund which will assure the attendance of the marching units for the delegation. The units will in clude the Abilene high school band, resplendent in new uniforms, the    Hardin-Simmons Cowboy band and Cowgirls, the Abilene Christian college band, the McMurry girls drum corps. To transport the group, ten buses have been chartered. No more are available and the ten will not accommodate all -the groups. To solve the problem a double plea went out to all Abilenians from the committee. The first was: ‘ Any person planning to attend the convention who will have available room, please call M. Shaw at 7575, or contact the chamber of commerce office.” The second is “All persons, whether contacted by committee members or not, are urged to attend the convention, if you are not solicited, please phone the chamber of commerce office and make your reservation.” The ten buses and the motorcade are to leave Hardin-Sim-mons at 6:30 a. rn. Tuesday. A meeting .place near Wichita Falls will be designated and the complete motorcade will parade through the city at ll o’clock. Recovery Plan Expanded By FDR On New Front j Utilities Men In Conference LAST RITES FOR DANO ER SAID ON SIDEWALK Insurgents In New Advances Japan Appears Changing Trend In Shantung ZARAGOZA, (AP)—Insurgent Spain, April legionnaires 20.- cap- Runnels Liquor Cases Reinstated; Ellis Wins Again -Four FD's Comment Aids Navy Bloc AUSTIN, April 20-(Spit Runnels county local option cases, previously reversed and dismissed by criminal appeals court because of the lack of complaints In the transcript, were reinstated by the J president Roosevelt', reiteration of tured 2.500 government prisoner! court today and the convictions af- hls bc]lct ln    „j    negotiations" today in occupying Roquetas, one firmed. mile    toco,.    i.,.f    I    T™    of    the    cases were against H I ta lo-Bri fish Accord Earns U. S. Sympathy WASHINGTON. April 20— (IP) northwest of Tortosa Just j 0 QrVn. ^hers against R U M? across the Erbo river from the besieged city. PERPIGNAN. France, April 20. —liPi—The French army reinforced border garrisons in the Pyrenees region today to assure frontier defense and to control refugees fleeing from the path of the Spanish insurgent offensive against northern Catalonia.. Military sources said 5,000 infantry and a regiment of mechanized cavalry would move into this frontier region now patrolled by 1,500 mobile guards. Queen and J. W. Winans. A supplemental document showed the complaint was omitted by a clerk's error. The court assured    G. C. Ellis from Taylor county a new trial, ££25    *?“,'*    moUor    fr    re-    ’Britain 'and'"Bah- [hearing after having previously re- however, from anv versed and remanded the life sen strengthened the arguments of his senate lieutenants today that the $1,156,000,000 naval expansion program could not be construed as warlike. Mr. Roosevelt said at his press conference yesterday this government viewed “with sympathetic interest” the new accord reached by He refrained, references to At White House Hopkins Relates Spending Program To House Members v,(~    , (the political conditions which im- tence imposed on him on a charge ryPrPd it of horse theft, as an habitual crim Thais Giroux, pretty Broadway dancer, who plunged nude from the fifth floor of a New York hotel early yesterday, lies dying on the sidewalk while the Rev. William T. Oreen • right), administers last rites. Beside him is the Rev. Edward Burke cf Chicago, a, guest at the hotel, who assisted. (AP Telemat.) inal. By The Associated Press Reinforced Japanese armies Gas Firms Quiz de- The well is loacted 330 feet from feated the Chinese In two battles \tatn Official the north and 1.104 fee* from the along the South Shantung front lo- Jlulu UM Uul east lines of the south half of day while the insurgent forces of    V/IHVIUI esctlon 19G-BBBAC    ! Generalissimo Francisco Fr anco HASKELL    COUNTY    made further advances in the north- n    southern    Haskell county, five J eastern Spanish war zone.    I The Japanese said they captured    I LAlU, in «;utheaRte:$i * Shantung    1 province, while Chinese admitted I losing Hanchwang. RIVER FLOODED miles northeast of Stamford, the Forest Dev-^nm'"'* and McMillan Nq. I A. E. Pardue, rotary wildcat projected for the Palo Pinto, had drilled past 2.000 feet today. Interest stirred by this test has given royalty prices a Jump as high as $40 per acre base quoted in several trades Amerada this week purchased protective acreage on the southeast edge of the block, paying f-7 50 per acre to Dr. A E. Pardue for the southeast quarter of section 5. The wildcat is located In the south half of M. Collum survey No. 4. Humble Oil Se Refininfg No. I I. N Irwin, in southwestern Jones county east of the Noodle Creek field, prepared today to recement through tubing in an attempt to shut off bottom-hole water showing from a 17-foot section of oil saturated Fisher county lime. In first attempts at recementing the test, a dart lost in the hole was not recovered, and was drilled out with spudder. Steel line showed total depth the same at 2 567 feet. Tile test is located In the southwest corner of section 48-18-T&P sur- 1 vey. Hearing Under Way In State's Injunction Fight The United States, the president said, “believes in the promotion of world peace through the friendly solution by peaceful negotiation between nations of controversies which may arise between them.” NO OPINION He said the White House had given no opinion on the wisdom of a proposal by Representative Scott iD-Calif) to have the state department issue a list formally naming international treaty violators. Scott s goal was reported to be an unofficial boycott of Italy, Germany and Japan. The international note ran through senate discussions of the Bridge Goes Out; 8 Drown Negroes Victims In Flood Creek Near Smithville WTCC Resource Institute Sets June I Opening PWA Approves f Westex Jobs AUSTIN, April 20. (UP)—Com- [*0UJ*-*PProved bill to authorize an In Spain th, insurgents, brid up    company and    °f =» P" <*"t in the    navy-, | near Upton, eol.apsed last b> the fielded Ebro river and stub-    Texas Cities Gas company hit back    “This program looks large    when ln thelr at the *** utility division of the you c°nslder it by itself,’’ Chair-campaign against Tortosa. swung    .    man Walsh (D-Mass) of the    naval their offensive abruptly southward railroad commission today in committee told reporters, “but when cross -exam ming Olin Culberson, you compare our position with that head of the division.    of other nations it is verv meager” Culberson    testified yesterday in    “SHOCKED” support of    the commission appl!-    Walsh said many senators    were cation for an injunction to prevent ‘shocked’’ when debate developed the companies interfering with di- that the projected inciease would vision gas rate activites. See FOREIGN, Pg IO. Col. 4 Prison Ex-Guard Given Release .Tire- HUNTSVILLE. April 20 — James A. Patterson. 46, was leaded today from the state penitentiary’, where he formerly was a giiard, after serving a sentence fog aiding Raymond Hamilton. Blackie Thompson and Joe Palmer escape the death cell in 1934. Patterson, who pleaded guilty and received five-year terms in each escape case, was ordered re-F. Kirby at In a habeas Campaign Started By Scout Leaders Culberson had testified that attempted investigation in El Paso before the city ordered a rate reduction would expedite action on an appeal to the commission. He said appeals must be decided in 60 j days under the law. Gas company attorneys then re-! cited a list of appeals for increased gas rates dating back to 1931 without final decisions. In contrast they leased    by    Judge    H.    F.    Kirby    at'cited    already decided in Groesbeck    yesterday    in    a    habeas    whictl ratcs were revised down- corpus hearing.    ‘    ward. Counsel for Patterson contended    O'dbenttn    said a    number of    ap- the sentences should run concur-    peals from    decisi°ns against    the rently. The state claimed sentences    gas comPani<* bad    not been    de- not bring this country up to the 5-5-3 ratio once laid down for Brit- See NAVY BILL. Pf. IO. Col. 4 Pistol Shell New Frome Case Clue EL PASO. April 20. (T—A .38-caliber pistol shell and a business card were studied today as possible clues in the slaying of Mrs. Weston G. Frome and her daughter. Nancy, near Van Horn three weeks ago. Mounted troops under Col. I. P. Swift found the items 150 yards SMITHVILLE, April 20. (JP)-A bridge over flooded Piney creek, night carrying eight members of a negro family to their deaths. Victims of the tragedy were Lee Lemmel, 60, negro farmer near Upton; his wife, three daughters, Vivian, Kimmie and Zelma, a son, Jess, and two grandchildren. Tile structure, weakened by flood waters, collapsed when tile negroes car drove upon it. Seven of the passengers were found trapped in the vehicle and the body of the eighth was discovered floating down stream. The creek, about one mile north of Upton and 12 miles north of Smithville, was at flood stage as a result of a 5-ir.ch rain. The bodies were taken to a funeral home. Doors of the West Texas resource and museum institute en the first floor of the West Texas chamber of commerce building will be formally opened to the public Jbn« I. Tentative plans for the day-long formal opening have bee * outlined by D. A. Bandeen. WTCC manager. All directors and members of the chamber’s board will be Invited to participate In the program. Following a business meeting and luncheon, an hour’s radio broadcast with a complete West Texas hook-up is planned. Nearly completed are the elaborate resources exhibits from each of tile ten districts in the regional chamber. These exhibits will tell the complete story of this section’s resource and industries. In addition, there are individual panels from 83 member towns of the WTCC. Tile museum will house prized relics and collections contributed principally by Abilene persons. Work Dependent On Congress And Local Decisions WASHINGTON. April 20— (UP) — The public works administration has made public a list of 2,785 approved projects estimated to cost a total of $1,016,686,130, which are WASHINGTON. April 20— (IP) -President Roosevelt, expanding hi recovery drive on still anothe front, discussed wit!) fiscal advt sors today how private utllitie; could be helped to finance nev construction and provide jobs. He took up the question at i White House conference. Just be fore he did so Harry L. Hopkins Works Progress Administrator, in dicated in testimony at the capito that he was preparing to increasi the relief load during the firs seven months of the next fisca year beginning July I. RELIEF PLANS Appearing before the house ap propriations committee to tell hov he proposed t<* use $1,250,000,000 o relief funds requested by the pres ident. Hopkins said this sum woulc be sufficient to care for 2 800.001 persons until Feb. I. 1939 or 200. OOO mbre than are now on the rolls Giving an idea of the extent o relief expenditures, the senate un employment committee reported to day that from 1933 to 1937 $19,300. 000,000 had been spent for th! purpose. Of this amount $14,200, 000,000 came from the federal treas ury while state and local govern ments contributed $5,100.000 000. In its report to the senate, th< committee .said enactment of fla rate taxes on corporation income and capital would be “exceedingl; I helpful” in creating employment fo j 12 000,000 or more now idle. Th< flat rates have been urged by bus iness but condemned by the ad , ministration. NEW CONSTRUCTION The subject of new constructer by private utilities was explored bv Mr. Roosevelt in a conference with H. Jones, chairman of tin Finance corpora- Jesse Reconstruction Morgan Partner To Be Quizzed ready for an immediate start if! Hon, William O. Douglas, chairmar congree* appropriates new PWA f,thf securities commission and funds.    !    ^ohn w* lianes, member of th* All projects were approved on the E c basis of 45 per cent grants under Jon*3 said the R F,0. under new the old PWA program. It was powpr 6ranted by congress could emphasized that the list did not    utilities through loan* mean projects necessarily would be    of    their bonds    after started but that revival of the pro-1 Lu _f ^_had approved the issues gram rested with states and muni- 1    c would not buy their cipalitls should congress supply    however.    he said, funds as recommended    by    Presl-    Tnno    !?een    a Jot ot talk.“ dent Roosevelt.    mT-wu!'    V™1    utMltles not Three San Antonio projects {J*,*?/* £ J** money, and we want which would give the city more than np«, m„n .. em thc    busl- $6,000,000 were approved.    inn** Texas projects approved included: ,or thr.    dn he „    ,C’    had    two Hamlin:    Waterworks,    $65,454 , frnm 'appllcatlons for loans utilities    now    on file, while grant Sweetwater: paving. MI.000 ^,'f wounded. MIDLAND, April 20.-(Spit-George Abell, independent oil operator, was named chairman of the annual Boy Scout finance campaign here at a meeting of Midland district Scout leaders Monday evening, the finance campaign    starting \ g* «    _    . Tuesday morning.    Coleman Salary    Aid Purpose of the campaign it to    A-*—I* a*    Ll*    I. subscribe the Midland    district’s    ^PP'ICOilOII    High share of Council expenses and to -____   __    :    ______ from the spot where the Berkeley, were cumulative. Judge Kirby ruled cided because the commission wait- Calif., women were tortured and in favor of Patterson, whose home ed for decision of an appeal of the slain. was Paris. Tex.    I    Lone Star Gas company to the U. The troops, on their way to army Patterson was indicted after | ® suPrem* court from a gate rate maneuvers at Balmorhea, made a guns were smuggled to the prison- J ridln8 01 lb* commission.    systematic search of the area, ers. Hamilton, Thompson and Pal-    said    be    had advised officials On the business card was printed mer escaped; Whitey Walker was of Victoria to pass a gas rate re- the name of a Los Angeles clothing killed, and Charlie Frazier was ' duction ordinance if they did not firm. Tile card and shell were sent Sudan Wins FFA Judging Contest grant. Lubbock: Stadium. $41,000 loan; $33,545 grant; dormitory, $193,000 loan, $157,909 grant: courthouse, PLAINVIEW, April 20.—(IP)— , The Sudan team won first place in judging of all breeds today as vocational agriculture student! Judging started second day activities of the lith Annual Panhan-, die Plains Dairy Show. WASHINGTON, April 20.—(UP) - The scruples and exchange commission will question Thomas w Tvmi, ?artner J® the totematkma! $234,000 loan, grant of $9,000 banking house of J. P. Morgan and I .........‘ company, in its investigation of the Richard Whitney failure, the United Press learned today. Lamont, who has been abroad since Jan 26. was understood to be en route home and was expected to arrive in New York this week. George Whitney, brother of Rich- 1    discusspd but had not: ached the application stage. 'Filth In Print' Campaign Called Levine Concedes Son May Be Dead NEW YORK. April 20—(UP) Murray Levine, in despair over th® disappearance of his 12-year-old CORPUS CHRISTI April 20-,P Say offe^dTwllrTS^OM A determined drive to clean up for information leading to the ™ filth in print ” will be launched j emery of the boy and «W far have money to make a valuation to Sheriff Chris Fox of El Paso and could not get the information county, who is in charge of the from the gas company. He said he Investigation of the slayings. provide funds for local use. The Midland district is a part of the Buffalo Trail Council which serves a territory    of    15 counties from Sweetwater to    Pecos. More than 1,350 Scouts are enrolled in the Council, 225 being enrolled in the Midland district. Midland To Build New Storage Tank MIDLAND, April    20.—(Spl) — Construction of a new 300.000 gallon elevated storage tank to supplement the city's present reserve water supply will be started as soon as all levels are taken and the site definitely announced, city offiicals said Tuesday after a conference with contractors. Situated on a tower of IOO to 105 feet in height, the new tank will bring the total storage capacity of the city's water system to 1.900.000 gallons, besides that in the mains themselves. Texon Man Killed; Six Hurt In Crash TEXON, April 20— (^—Weldon Todd, 18, was killed and six other persons were injured, one of them critically, in an automobile collision near here last night. Todd was the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Munroe of Texon. J. W. McLean, McCamey, aulfer-chest Injuries. COLEMAN. April 20.—(Spl.) — Coleman county likely will receive more salary aid from the state I believed under the statute cities could reduce rates without hearing in cases where they asked the state railroad commission to make a valuation. He had advised El Paso. he said, to hold a hearing be- An abandoned automobile, found two miles west of the bodies, also was under scrutiny. The Claude team won second ' ‘    ft    pa[tn?r    £    thf    here    next    weok at a meeting call- information leading to the recover place. A Bills of Sudan was the    in    pd    bv a committee from the Ca- of the body, it was the f im ti mi high individual scorer, with    R.    B.    hTm ti ^    .    L    l0anad    ithedral Women s League.    the    lawyer    had    conceded thlt EIS Dawson of Tulia    second.    ?    h* ’J?’2,00J    la5t    November    to aid    Obscene magazines would be    bar-    son    might be    dead Sudan and Claude tied for top . brot\ier I" returning securities Tea from newsstands if the group’s  -—--L. _ honors in Jersey    judging.    McAdoo    I    fw    f w    taken    from    plan succeeds. Representatives of w’as third.    I    stock exchange guaranty    fund.    Parent-Teacher associations.    Boy #     .___    County Court To department 'of education than" any *    £re Passin8 its recent reduction    or-    rQ||    Jurv    Maw    3 other county in a group of ten rec-    ,    ^ *a’s d*c!ared void by    the    •    7 ommended this week, according to    federal cox*ri there. City Attorney E. M. Grimes of Taylor testified that Taylor city council had asked the railroad commission to make a valuation but later rescinded the request for fear , ternoon of the cost of litigation. He said the city protested against the rail-pie $3,368, Kimble $451. Runnels I road commission sending valuation aLso to be tried before th* inrv hut ?«'00.LKr".*8,6,54»-.MCCUllOCh $S#- ;    *5“    h?,1Ti5*.COm- dockp‘ h»d »« bren compiered I 343. and Coke $9,854.    I    mission had no jurisdiction.    1    for them. Deputy State Superintendent S. O. Murdock of San Angelo. Murdock has asked for $36,213. which is more than any other county in the group. The applications include, Concho $10,788, Tom Green $7,012, Mason, $1,189, GiUes- May 3 was selected as the day on which the jury for Taylor county court is to be called. The date was decided after calling of the J county court docket yesterday af-Seven civil cases were listed for trial by the jury. Criminal cases of the court are Happy led in Guernsey judging, with Sudan second and Raton, N. M. third. In Holstein-Friesian judging. Sudan was first, Tulia second, and Happy third. Todav was Plainview Day at the show. Schools and business houses were to close for the afternoon. A rodeo and horse show were to open later today. The annual banquet and meeting of the dairy association was to be addressed by C N. Shep-ardson of the A. & M. dairy’ department. As the result of this testimony, and Girl Scout leaders, ministers, the commission met last night and decided to call Lamont. Held Far Angelo school officials and county and city SAN ANTONIO Anni on m AffiP4»rc Ha vat Koan oclred tn aHanel n*tu. t.    *    P    20    1    -1^    —>rn Vernon Radio OK officers have been asked to attend Police here the mea tine scheduled for next ™ho,dln? a 26-year the meeting scheduled Tuesday. arrested yesterday for San Angelo officers, who say he is WASHINGTON, April 20. (JP)—A communications commission examiner recommended today the Northwestern Broadcasting company be Teacher Dies mission had no jurisdiction. lhI!EttE»E0,rKqiiestionin? ln connection with the disappearance of $500 LirmU?ag*i ^ tourist enroute I from San Angelo to El Paso nm ________________  „    CANYON.    Apr,I 3t-m- Th, cm ,1,0 learned he .a,“ndSted authorized to construct A new radio    “lss    M“r!r    “°r**n Brown’ ‘K Bexar county a year ago (or Au station at Vernon. Texas    63.    eductor, aho    died here yes-, tomob,Ie theft and -r-H.    \    . I a terday. was sent to Uniontown, Ala., The company seeks permission to todav> She was head of the speech operate unlimited time on a fre- department of West Texas State quency of 1.500 kilocycles with Teachers college and had taught power of IOO watts.    Ihere    since 1915. „ .    is wanted in Fort Wort!} for Jan alleged Jail break. SYMPATHY FOR JACKIE Legislator Would Protect Child Stars’ Funds Soviet Purge Of Farmers Stopped MOSCOW. April 20    (F— The Soviet purge of collective farmers was ordered stopped today. An order signed by Joseph Stalin. as secretary of the central com- Deputies Shoot Hitch-Hiker’s $2,000 Dog; Animal Defense League Aroused The Weather SAN ANTONIO. April 20 <UP»— ; of the incident. The dog, they said, Adolph Nehurmann. bearded and HOLLYWOOD. April 20. (UP'-i mother lose. a comfortable rearing Jackie had earned $10 000 ahu* h*    sf5"tary    OI    ,np    «™ialcom-    owura    ®ua    peaceful    and    made    no    move Jackie Coogan got some sympathy and a good education    Z ,    ,    ,3°    °°°    sInCf he    of    communist    party,    and    eccentric    hitch-hiker,    mourned    to-    attacking    the    officers today from Assemblyman Chester Coogan’s petition estimated his    3Re'    *nd    that    that    *h0uW    yyache’aff1    Molotoff,    chairman of day the loss of his best friend and    *    officers. D. Gannon, who complained at the earnings as $4,000,000. of which he ^avp minced for him and his bride, ‘ e. ro’'na' 0 people s commissars constant companion—his $2 000 dog state capital that there should be I got nothing, and asked a receiver a law to protect the money that | and an injunction preventing hts mother and her husband, Bernstein, children earn in the movies. Gannon said he would introduce a bill, “with the situation which now’ faces Jackie Coogan,” in mind. Coogan earned a fortune as a baby in the movies and now is suing his mother, Mrs. Arthur L. Bernstein. for an accounting of it. She from disposing of any of it. Gannon, commenting on his proposed bill, said: “California law’ has fallen down inexcusably in provid Sheriff's    investigators, however, declared much harm had been done    —which he claimed that a sheriffs    exonerated    Cude and    Wallen and by mass expulsions of peasants    deputy killed “in fold blood.”    remanded    Nehurmann    to jai! for from farms for trivial reasons on    The dog,    a black German shep-    resisting arrest, mentioned something that he did at the pretext of purging the farms of    hPrrt named    Rex the King, was shot    He set    the dog on    them,” they the age of 20 which marked him as °«;d*    faders    to    death    >'«sl*rday    when    Deputies    said,    "and    had    the    animal    not    been . accused    Cude    and    Wallen    ap-    j    shot,    there    is    no    question    but    that ABILENE AND VICINITY' Partly cloudy and coolar tonight; Thursday partly cloudy. WEST TEXAS: Part v cloudy tonight and Thursday, not much change in temperature. EAST TEXAS: Cloudy with local thundershower.* in east, parti) cloudy in west portion, cooler except near upper coast tonight; Thursday partly cloudy. Highest temperature yesterday ... 84. Lowest temperature this morning ..SS. the blonde star Betty arable. Coogan now Is 23. His mother had a "particularly bad boy.” Commenting on that yesterday, Coogan said, “she flew into a tantrum be ing safety to the earnings amassed cause I took a couple of drinks too by minors. Bonded guardians must be appointed by the courts to safe- The deposed (hat although her    son    j    guard their    money,    under manda- earned $1,300,000, she planned to    tory law,'* keep it all. In return for the    mon-    Mrs. Bernstein':*    affidavit    filed ey, sue said sh« had given    him    J    in reply to    her sons said    that j since, not even beer. KTndedww ' Md0    pfroached nehurmann at    the edge    I the deputies would    have been sev- they would be tried as criminals    of the city and att*mPtfd    t0 Quea-    *rely bitten and possibly fatally in- unless unwarranted expulsions tion bim*    I Jured- cease.    According    to    the deputies' report. Worst bite of the incident ap- Ousting of peasants from coiler-    Nehurmann urged the    dog to    peared forthcoming    today, as lead- tive farms meant starvation, the    em    ’ Rex lunged at both the ers of the Animal Defense league sam. i even    took    the    pledge    in    i    order said, adding that such ac-    officers, they said. so Cude shot    banded together for    action in what church    and    I    haven t    tasted    liquor    J    tion only created hostility to the    bim three times.    they termed “the    deliberate and •oviet regime    4 Wetnesses told %, diileient story , brutal killing of a dog.” many." “I promised mother then that I would not touch another drop.” he TEMPERATURES Tue«. Wed. p.m. a m. 50 51 82 1 .... 2 a a • * I 3 ..... 4    .... ft ..... « .... 7    ..... 8 ..... 9    ..... 10 ..... 11 Midnight Noon .. Sunrise Sun sat 7 p m. 7 a.rn 12:3S P m. thermometer    79*    st*    72* *2*    SS*    A2« as    ss    aet 84 S3 RO 76 72 69 68 66 63 61 60 58 58 51 56 61 62 64 69 65 71 1:04 7:U Dr J Wet the-mometer JUlaUva humidity ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: April 20, 1938