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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - April 14, 1938, Abilene, Texas ^§17 ? ffje Abilene Reporter— 'WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES, WE SKETCH YOUR RLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES,"-Byron VOL LVII, NO..326. Associated Press (Ari ABILENE, TEXAS, THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 14, 1938—FOURTEEN PAGES Cm ted Pleas (UTI    PRICE 5 CENTS• AS PRESIDENT CALLS 'ALL HANDS' TO 'MAN THE PUMPS' IN ADMINISTRATION'S SEVEN BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS PRIMING PROJECT The federal government has set out to lick the recession— and here are the men who are tackling the tremendous job. At the extreme left is President Roosevelt in a characteristically vigorous pose. He has launched a spending drive to cost $4,-500.000,000 (maybe even more) which he hopes will prime the pumps of recovery and inject new impetus into business. But the president cannot accomplish the gigantic and compli cated task alone, and the first men he must turn to for assistance are the "Bg Four" in congress—Vice President John Nance Garner, president of the senate; Speaker William B. Bankhead of the house; Ma jority Leader Alben Barkley of the senate, and Majority Leader Sam Rayburn of the house. After these aides have pushed the gigantic appropriations and authorizations through congress —and they promised to do Just that—money must be raised to cover the grants. Thats where Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau and Budget Director Daniel Bell come into the picture. It is assumed they will borrow money on the govern ment's credit to foot the bill. With the appropriations approved and money provided, the men shown at the right of the strip of pictures above will be the ones to spend the cash in such a way that it will aid business. Wor'-s Progress Administrator Har.' L. Hopkins, extreme right, will supervise spending of the $1,2500,000,000 contemplated for WPA relief. Others who helped the president plan the drive—and who may help spend part of the money— are Housing Administrator Nathan Straus; First Assistant Secretary of Interior Ebert K. Bur-lew; Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes, and Federal Housing Administrator Stewart McDonald. TO LEGISLATORS DEFEATING NEW DEAL MEASURES* F.D.R. Proposes $7,000,000,000 Recovery Program WHAT IT MEANS-RFC's Billion And A Half By MORGAN’ M. BEATTY , will lend a scant fraction of a btl- bank's peace of mind. (AP Feature Service Writer) lion and a half dollars during the 3. Acts as a financial life preserv-WASHINGTON, April 14.—The next year.    er whose mere presence on the' headlines tell you that congress is 1 Then why did the administra- buslnes8 ^at may lnspire the pas. authorizing the Reconstruction Fi-1 tion back such a law? And why. nance corporation to fight the bus- should congress pass it with light- sen8prs    confidence, iness slump by lending a billion ning speed?    j “If a going concern knows money and a half dollars to deserving Plain-spoken Jesse Jones tells is ready and waiting in Washing-states. cities, private corporations you in his Texas drawl that the ton." explains Jones, "maybe a loan and business men.    new law ;    won’t be as important as it seemed But you can take it from Chair* I. Responds to demands from all before the federal purse strings were man Jesse Jones that the RFC business for a more sympathetic at- loosened. isn t going to sling a billion and titude in Washington.    I "Then, again, the nation might a half dollars across the nation's 2 Answers the recent plea of the snap out of this recession in a corn-financial landscape willy nilly. and little business mens conference for paratively short time. After all, expect a quick harvest of prosper- long-term federal loans loans they theres no true basis for a depres-lty.    can't    swing in banks because such , In fact, Chairman Jones thinks it Ideals tie up money too long for the !    See RFC, Pg. 14. Cd. 4 Spanish Rebels Drive Nearer To Sea Coast SUED BY 'THE KID' RECORD DELEGATION PLANNED- WTCC Trip Fund Sought 111,000 Needed Loyolist Defense Crumbles As La Jana Falls British Minister Off On Flight Wsnled-GOOD Delegation Slogan For Expenses Hore-Belisha To Visit Malta And Talk With 11 Duce LONDON, April 14 — ?— Leslie Hore-Belisha, Britain's high-riding war minister, took off from Herndon airdrome today on a trip that will take him to see the military defenses of Malta and talk with Premier Mussolini. Brimming with confidence, Hore-Belisha last night played darts with army privates while opening the, New Croydon drill hall, and recalled that Sir Francis Drake played bowls before he met the Spanish armada "But I know I have no armada to meet," he added, "everything is going to be very happy." As the war minister’s big plane headed toward Marseilles Prime' Minister Neville Chamberlain told 1 commons Hore-Belisha would pay ll Duce "a courtesy visit.” Lieut. Commander R. T. H Fletcher, laborite, asked with faint irony if the visit "has no political sig-1 nificance whatsoever?’’ • That is so,' the premier replied dryly Wanted, a GOOD slogan! When Abilene storms Wichita Falls Tuesday after next, the delegation should have a short, snappy, appropriate slogan. What do you suggest? The public is urged to mail suggestions to SLOGAN EDITOR. REPORTER-NEWS. Some things to bear in mind are that Abilene was runnerup for this year's WTCC convention and is inviting the 1939 meeting; that other towns that have said they would seek the 1939 meeting have played host to the WTCC since Abilene has done so. A slogan that will fit the occasion, the purpose of the delegation to Wichita, and last but by no means least, will create good will for Abilene is sought. Let s have em! Hearty Interest Is Reported By Group Workers Perpar.ation for a record-smashing delegation from Abilene to the April 28-28 convention of the West HENDAYE. France (At the Spanish Border), April 14— (JP)—Hard-drivtng insurgent forces under General Miguel Aranda today captured the village of La Jana, bringing the advance guard of their southern wing within nine airplane miles of the Mediterranean coast. La Jana Is on the road between San Mateo, which fell to the insurgents earlier today, and the coastal city of Vinaroz, objective of the right wing of Generalissimo Francisco Franco’s great eastern drive to cut government Spain in two. Government defense lines in this sector were reported to be weakening. The government troops’ retreat to Reus, toward the coast, was cut off, it was declared. Insurgent field headquarters declared the movement was of great strategic importance. Government resistance was reported “growing feeble” in the face of the relentless insurgent attack in the San Mateo sector to the south, where Gen. Miguel Aranda's brigades were pushing down the Frame Killing Suspects Elude Starr Sheriff State And County Officers Blanket Border Highways RIO GRANDE CITY, April 14 -(/P>—State police, Texas rangers and county officers blanketed border highways and roads today after a man and his blonde woman companion, "hot” suspects in the Frome desert killings, dashed from a brushy hiding place and eluded Sheriff Gus Guerra of Starr county. New And Spending Expansion Of Credit, Plan Two Of Three Program Provisions Call For $5,000,000,000 Spending And Lending; $2,000,000,000 Credit Expansion Asked Arthur L. Bernstein (above), stepfather of Jackie Coogan, once famous child actor, has been sued by Coogan. who demand an aceouming of the $4-000.000 he said he had earned as a child screen star. Crackup Kills Army Officer WASHINGTON, April 14.— (AP) —President Roosevelt proposed today a $7,000,000,000 recovery program, embracing $5,000,000,000 of federal spending and lending and a $2,000,-000,000 expansion of bank credit. Setting forth to congress measures by which he said the government could “help to start an upward spiral” and summoning a "united national will” for a vigorous attack on the The chase started last night when j recession, Mr. Roosevelt told legislators who recently have dealt two Laredo residents, Louis Kowai- j stunning defeats to major administration measures • Si.    „"0u'c?ac,ty “ “ on» * our abihty^ wort, to. ported seeing an automobile occu*;^® • What is needed is the i pled by a man and woman parked will.    T    f in brush between Roma and Rio “The time ha* come to bring } 2V I AtiltDTGDr shrift oi'err. rmh«l to th, ..pot i‘h“ "'“into "'lh every [• I UA VWIG166S but when his machine approached driving force at our command. And I am determined to do the automobile darted from its hid- Texas chamber of commerce in road toward the sea between Chert RANDOLPH FIELD, April 14 (UPi—Second Lieutenant Robert B HEBBRONVILLE, April 14. (UP)—Texas rangers, trailing a mystery car they believe to be occupied by the murderers of Mrs. Weston G. Frome and her daughter, Nancy, announced the finding today of a handkerchief with the letter "F” embroidered in one corner clinging to a bush at a camp the suspects had used within the past two days. my share.” PRIVATE CREDIT EXPANSION A third group listed by the chiel executive referred to private credit. It involved de-sterlization of $1,-400,000,OOO of gold and a reduction by the federal reserve board of member bank reserve requirements which would add another $750,000,000 to the credit resources of the nation’s banks. With these actions, Mr. Roosevelt coupled a Reach Impasse FDR's Request For Profits Levy Chief Obstacle WASHINGTON, April 14 Up.-A committee of senators and representatives, disagreeing over recom- Wichita Falls went forward satis- and Vinaroz. Insurgents claimed to j Hubbard, 26 student officer in the    __________ factorily this morning.    have    captured San Mateo.    United States army air corps, was    log place, reached the highway and i s*mPhfica|ion of security commis- mendations of President Roosevelt, The all-citv    "rri“    '    **    ——*-    ••    -u—*    - * committee named    "The living wall of defenders has lulled    today when his plane crashed    ^'distanced the officer. C. Hunter ct the bef" destroyed,- Insurgent reports f    ^ ,.„t 0( tl;f iW    Otters    here said , couple i sion regulations to expedite small- Our troops on a 13-mile front from Cat! to Chert to Resell durin* a tralnln* maneuver are moving slowly ahead. Kelly-Nash Political Machine Shattered reached a temporary impasse today business financing.    |    in Its efforts to formulate a com- "These measures,” the president oromise tax hill said, "will make more abundant the , -n ,    ' Tile major argument was over See EDR, Pg. 14, Col. S j fhe undistributed profits tax, ap-  ——_—---- proved by the house but rejected fneuiMki/» _    .    by the senate. Mr. Roosevelt asked SPENDING TABLE !fhe committee yesterday to retain Only witnesses to the crash were floor and fled in the direction of    tlie prlncipie of that kvy, as wel^ as Hubbard J (light commander and Md Grande CU,.    WASHINGTON,    April    14.—<AV- » graduated tax on capital gains atage commander, who extricated DESCRIPTION TALLIES    President Roosevelt, discussing nls J Mld ,,,     — Th? sandwich shop attendants I proposals to create new work, sum- by the conference committee "seems drum corps and 35 members of the railroad in an agreed Judgment in ihto.TtaVa tniniMmZiT told officers the automobile match- [ roamed the amounts ne requested almost Impossible as a result of the by President J Abilene C. of C. to organize and *aid raise finances for the city's convention participation had a subcommittee working this morning with good results. The immediate task is to raise $1,000 to pay ex penses and convention registration for members of the Abilene high school band, the Hardin-Simmons Agreed Judgment In Railroad Suit Hubbard, whose home was at New York City. was a graduate of the U. S. Military academy at West Point, N, Y. a tall man and a blond woman—entered a Roma sandwich shop late last night aud ordered hamburgers. The man pulled a gun on the attendants who, officers said, apparently had recognized them as the hunted suspects, threw his sandwich on the Mr. and Mrs. L. Teubner of the Cowboy band. the Abilene Christian , Je community were awarded $330 I    ti    plane wreckage college band, the McMurry girls damages from the Texas & Pacific Just before it burst into flames. The J OC ... -.w.l  A. S SUA rot: mo el in AM    a___s_______l arum corps ana so menders or inc    u»    an    agreea    judgment    rn    ship. a basic training model 9, was ed d'linI ' “J ,£7' 1A.X I Cowgirls, H-S. U. pep and-color or- 104th district court Thursday morn- demolished.    ti    p    of    e    car    s011*?*11    ; ganization. Hubbard's officers said the vouth CHICAGO, April 14. — (UP ing. Damages resulted from an ac- _________________________ Committee members, noting the ^ldenj; ncar recently in which was practicing landings at Krueg-hearty interest of all persons con- ~ tacted thus far. saw in it realiza- for this purpose as follows; the Teubner automobile was com- er field, an outlaying practice field, pletely demolished. Mrs. Teubner when his plane sideslipped and NUA,..,., , f    it,.f Gov Henry Homer went hart tn tion b>’ to™! citizens of the city's and others in the car. except a two went into a spin at an altitude Itm2’ti-L nil JSrSr ut thp st-re capital todav with con desire t0 show its appreciation for vear oid iM. leaped from the car of approximately 500 feet. The ct that Un spectacular^H-E wUi ^ « 'J**™ 2mm,hl’ tha> Abita!? Has in th' **« It ..truck bv the Sun- mer .ax kill'd instantly. fact see Mussolini in the interim tween the expected signing of the democratic votes in Illinois, bv vir past year been made permanent 5iune special. The with mttior injuries. by the Sun-child escaped Anglo-Italian friendship agreement tue his victory over the Kelly- headquarters city of the WTCC and the visit to Rome of ll Duoe’s; Nash machine in Tuesday s pri- Not only that—of the towns t that assembled immediately to determine In addition to the $350 damages, the raus*‘ the crasb' present brother in the Rome-Berhn j mary, axis—Adolph Hitler. Charges Aftermath Of Liquor Raids He, State's Attorney Thomas J. Courtney and Judge Edmund K. have the 1939 convention. Abilene has gone longest without playing host president’s indiscretion." The man, shop attendants said |I0J ^    ‘^‘ThL    treax    I Representative Vinson <D-Ky),on remarked he had had tire trouble. Expendituies from !hp a. the othef hftnd ^ thp definite and tried to get help from eight    ,rorJ*0    .    ,    .    position taken by the president had persons before his tire was repaired Worlts Progress adminis-    gjven supporters of the profits tax He said they had left Laredo three:    tration .........   $1,500,000,000    j principle a powerful weapon. hours previously. The woman told Farm Security adminis-     —---- attendants she had been detained    tration ............ 75.000.000 An    urn bord    OI inquiry »u    a"Ihor^'s    (or    thr«    Nf7?al YCW"' ,dmtalS-  hours and questioned ax a suspect button ............ lo,000.000 Laredo authorities quickly denied Civilian conservation corps .  ............. 50,000,000 Public Works adminis- AmeliVs Mother Is Hurt In Accident announced they' would invite I the, raikoad    mpd'    i 939 convention. Abilene has I ictl and hospltai incurred as    J?f See FROM ES, Pf 13, C ol. 6 a result of the accident. Two charges of possession of beer and whiskey for purpose of sale were filed against Luther • Pinkie) Graves, negjo, this morning by County Attorney ESCO Walter. Charges grew out of raids early Wednesday afternoon that netted 87 half-pints of whiskey. 30 halfpints of gin, 7 quart cans of beer, 8 cases of family style beer and another broken case. The beer and liquor were seized in raids at 618 Plum and 600 North j Seventh. Constable W. T. McQuary, j Liquor Board Inspectors Bob Gam-*ble, W. C. Cave and William Duns- ; more took part in the raids. They i hit several Abilene places suspect- I •d of selling beer, but found only I small quantities of beer insuffi- I eient to warrant charges of posses- | sion for purpose of sale. Jarecki, of Cook county (Chicago), to the WTCC annual meeting. Last shattered the political pow’er of the convention here was in 1S30. Last machine led by Mayor Edward J. year at Brownwood Abilene was Kelly of Chicago, and Patrick A runner-up to Wichita Falls in the Nash, national committeeman. contest for this year's meeting. It Although final figures still were is, therefore, felt that Abilene has unavailable, returns showed Hor- Re-lndictment Sought In Rancher's Killing in 1933, attended West Point until 1937. He was a star athlete on the military academy track team He specialized in middle distance running. Suspect Arrested In Fatal Beating tration 450,000.000 BAKERSFIELD, Cal. April ll— UP)— Mrs. Amy Earhart, 60, Highways ........... 100,000,000    moth"    of Amelia    Earhart. was in Flood control........ 37,000.000    Mercy    hospital    today suffering Federal buildings    ....    25,000,000    from a    broken le*    and internal in juries that she received in an au-$2,052,000.0001 tomobhe accident in which Mrs. RFC Chief Asks Loan Applications KERRVILLE, April 14.- -Dis-t an excellent chance to win the 1939 trict Attorney Carlos Ashley of nei s candidate for the U. S. senate, meeting, provided she makes an Menard said he w-ould seek the re-Rep. Scott W. Lucas, defeated the outstanding showing at Wichita indictment of H. B. Opp and L. F. machine candidate. District Attor- Falls.    j    Trullble    whose counsel yesterday ney Michael L Igoo, by a plurality j The transportation committee 'obtained an order to quash a slay- of 50,000. Jarecki, whose office con- headed by Ed Stewart, was obtain- lnS indictment returned four years men' and ^tater'and" citie« trois election machinery in Cook    ,„8 W(ls    ,rom    bus    comp,nifs ,nd    "so.    C"‘'! coun.i. tar c y-Nash stronghold,    it was expected six    or eight buses,1 ®pp    and    Trimble    had    been ac-    oier to    his corporation the loan    ap- won renomination mer Judge John    including    those    owned by the Cow-    cused hi connection    with    the slay-    (plications thev can not meet Prystaiski by a plurality of at least I    ing of    W.    R, Tomlinson, Menard    :    The    security put up bv borrow- 40,000.    See    WTCC,    Pg.    13,    Col.    5    I    rancher.    • WASHINGTON. April 14 OF,— RFC Chairman Jesse Jones, ready to lend $1,500,000,000 to business asked the nations bankers today to turn MCKINNEY, April 14.—</P\—Zeb    ------■—*—    n j    „ Morrison, 35, was in jail here to-    2. Loans    from the    treasury for    u^I11sna    Green,    60. was killed, day to face a charge of assault with    '    CLreen;    rcsldent    Honolulu. Intent to murder, filed after B F Farm Security adminis-    sponsored    the Amelia Earhart ElleU, 68. Chambliss community    tration ............. 100.000,000    pIaQhe    that    was    placed    on farmer, was beaten a week ago.    Public Works adminis-    Diamond    Head near Honolulu and Morrison us arrested at Achille. tration............ 550.000.000    ,    iasta11^    af    H°w Okla., by Sheriff E. B. Moore and Deputy Abbie Sparlin. Ellett said he was beaten with a .22-calibre rifle. United Housing administration 300.000..000 $950,000,000 LICENSE APPLICATIONS REJECTED— Callahan Bans Highway Taverns And Dance Halls ors must be reasonable," he declared, "but naturally we expect to make loans which the banks consider slow, frozen or unliquid. In fact, we've already set about doing that and we're now working out a formula of cooperation with the banks." 'THERE CAN BE NO DICTATORSHIP'- Heres High Spots Of Message land Island. She came to the mainland searching for backing to renew the hunt for Miss Earhart, who was lost on an airplane flight; across the southern Pacific last July. The Weather Pope Saves Strength For Easter Services HSU Ex-Student On Ft. Worth Council VATICAN CITY, April 14.—UP)— Pope Pius, conserving his strength for the elaborate Easter ceremonies In St. Peter's, abandoned plans for participating in the Holy Thursday services. Today's commemoration of the last supper was held with full sol-•mnity in the Sistine chapel, however, ta ithp presence of 24 card! Orville F Tuns till, oil lea.se broker who was elected a member of the Fort Wort ti eity council yesterday, formerly attended Simmons college, now Hardin-Simmons university. WASHINGTON, April 14 — V— High spots of President Roose-1 velt’s recovery message: There can be no dictatorship by an individual or by a group in this nation, save through division fos- lional inronir; to putting more people into private jobs; to giving security and the feeling of security to all people in all walks of life. I believe that Improvement In jw u . c* ,    ’ #4 »    ,, „ government and business practices "y ha,a' Such avls,on lhM' I must TO hand in hand . itll recov- must never be. In the western hemisphere the good neighbor policy has so . strengthened the American repub-Tunstill was horn in Cisco, later i ijca that a spiritual unity in our pry—that they should be, and will be, a definite aid to recovery. \ BAIRD. April 14.—(Spl >—High-1 menls and dance halls will be strict-1 conducted. Credit goes to Judge way taverns and combination beer-1 ly enforced,"    ..iv,    , dance halls will not be tolerated in Persons who come to Callahan . ’    °.    ves cIasp iUP*r* Callahan county, County Judge'county to    open beer establishments    VLS‘on    And his    action meets with leonard B. Lewis,    declared    emphat-i.in the name of    a resident, seeking to    the approval of    the masses of the *cal}y today,    evade the    one-year    resident law    citizens of the    county. Very few in- This declaration followed efforts    will, when found out.    be    prosecuted    fractions of the law have been re- to secure bepr licenses foi load-    Judge Lewis said.    ported and extremely few are arrouse* anfl py those who have not    "We intend to prevent    beer being    rested in tiir countv for drunken- been residents of Callahan    county;    sold where dances are held." thr    ness. for at least one year    {judge said.    "They do    not go togeth- "Nothing doing!" Judge Lew is told Bona fide citizens    of    Callahan    er. Neither    does beer    sold a* estab-    a prospective    beer vender who    -    *„■« k..». »    , with a tenure of one year may se-1 lishments on the highway outside sought to build a large dance pa-! moved t0 AWI™?, and attended the relations now prevails. Can that cure license to sell beer within the [of police jurisdiction work for the vilion between Baird and Clyde, just l,nlverslty here. He is only 34 years good neighbor message be acoept- flT41"8 ** molnn t's;’ the atoP the hill Another prospective ofa*e*    ,    cd and practiced in our national towns. Judge Lewis said. Under no    Judge said.    dealer sought to put a boer tavern    flection    filled    the    last    re- nif-> circumstances will I issue a permit Callahan county has been com- near Abilene—six miles, in fact— , warning vacancy on the Fort Worth ‘    I for opeiation of a beer establish-    mended by the, state    liquor control    near Hamby, near the Taylor coun- couneil    which,    for. the    Tost    time    AU the energies of govern- Our capacity is limited only by QU Mju o the    SUS I ness    sections board for    the    efficient manner in    tv line    Nothing    doing!'.’ again de-,    slnw    September 6, has nine I ment and    business    must    be di-    our    ability    to    work    together. What members.    rected    to    increasing    the na-    j is    needed    is    the    will. ABILENE and vicinity:    Cloudy    local Showers tonight and Friday. Wast Texas Fart Iv cloudy cooler ta west portion tonight; Erldsv partly cloudy, cooler in north and west portions except extreme W*5t, tut Texas: Cloudy, local showers in west end north portions tonight and Frida, Highest temperature yesterday ... .78 Lowest tempers’’"-, this morning <51 Our immediate task is to consolidate and maintain the gains achieved. We must start again on a long steady upward incline in national incoftie. lajs and other prelates and diplo -nrxroriiteri tn th. na na I em.r, ~ T    "T.....‘"’“Hi lur me eiuriein nwrnn hi iv line Homing court, of fcowos. Divorce of beer establish-1 which the sale of liquor has been dared the judge. ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

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Issue Date: April 14, 1938