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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - April 12, 1938, Abilene, Texas ☆☆☆ CHM PNH (UP)Violence Flares As Chicagoans Vote In Primary LOS ANGELES, April 12.—(AV-A bitter legal fight loomed today over Jackie Coogan’s suit demanding that his mother and stepfather turn over to him $4,000,000 he said he earned as a child screen star. Charles J. Katz, counsel for the stepfather. Arthur Bernstein, characterized Coogan's charges as absurd. “The young man has received everything he is entitled to, and more,” he declared. “His mother I was entitled to all his earnings up to the time he became of age.’’ Katz also said that Coogan's estimate of his screen earnings was much too high. Coogan, now 22, and married to Actress Betty arable, filed his suit yesterday, charging that his mother and Bernstein withheld his money from him. He quoted his mother as having said, when he asked her about the matter: ‘You haven’t got a cent. There never has been a cent belonging to you. It s all mine and Arthur’s, and Premier Expected To Get Approval Of Edict Request PARIS, April 12. (/Pi—The chamber of deputies today gave the new “national defense’’ government of Edouard Daladier an overwhelming vote of confidence, 576 to 5. The vote came after the premier, making his ministerial declaration, promised that the government would keep armament factories running in spite of a wave of strikes involving 150,000 men and more than 120 plants. Both socialists and communists Joined the center and right to give Daladier a huge majority. Demanding a quick vote the premier warned, “the destiny of France itself is at stake; we have no time to lose!" The socialists reserved opinion on Daladier’s request for the right to rule France by decree until August I, but the size of the first vote appeared assurance he would get decree powers without socialist support. It was announced that a new defense loan is envisaged, but details were not given. Daladier’s bill consisted of a single article calling for power by decree until July 31 and stipulating that the decrees promulgated .shall be ratified by the chamber before Dec 31 or become void. It was explained that the program outlined consists strictly of emergency measures and that additional projects will be submitted to parliament later designed to pursue recovery. The preamble of the bill explained that the full powers will be used as follows: I. To re-establish budgetary unity and eliminate the extraordinary, budget. I 2. To improve France’s commercial balance. 3. To augment state revenue by tax increases which will not hinder 1 production. 4. To increase taxes on enter- j prises carrying out national defense ; contracts. 5. Tariff revision. 6. Repression of fiscal fraud. 7. To increase taxes on enterprises enjoying a monopoly.    , 8. To decrease taxes on ente -j prises reinvesting their profits in j equipment designed to increase po- I 1 duction or to provide work. 9. To facilitate credit. 10. To enable companies fulfilling I defense contracts to discount paper ; I in order to obtain the necessary i cash. Report Prompted By Politics Say Directors In Meet KLmm    ti From “The Kid" and 17 other hit pictures that followed, Jaek-Coogan, shown above'as he appeared as a child movie star, declared all he received was an $800 automobile, a $6.25 weekly allowance and a $7,000 insurance policy. IN DEPARTMENT FUND- Roads Appropriation Cut FARMERS' CHANCE R) REGAIN $796,785,575 MARKETS SLIM, WALLACE SAYS Allotted Dep t Scott W. Lucas (top) of Havana Is opposing U. S. District Attorney Michael L. Igoe (bottom) of Chicago for the democratic nomination to succeed Senator Dieterich in todays primaries. Agriculture Fund $10,500,000 Less Than Estimate Noble Grand Of Host Lodge Calls Session To Order Snyder C Of C Picks Nine New Directors Board To Fill Offices Friday SNYDER, April 12— (Spl)— Nine new directors were elected to the Snyder chamber of commerce be? rd last night at a mass meeting attended by approximately IOO men. Forrest Sears is the retiring president and J. W. Scott, retiring parttime secretary. The new directors plan to employ a full time secretary, J. C. Smyth, director, stated today. A meeting of the directors will be held Friday night to fill the vacant offices and work on a budget for 1938. Directors elected were Sears, N. R Clements. Warren Dodson. O. D. McGlaun, E: J. Anderson, Wavne Boren, W. R. Bell, R. C. Miller and Smyth. As a tentative program, the Snyder chamber of commerce outlined completion of highway 15; better cooperation between Snyder and surrounding communities; improvement of cotton staple. Furniture Men At Convention 5,000 Men And J Women Try To Glimpse Broker OSSINING. N. Y., April ll— (AP)—Richard Whitney became No. P4R35 In Sing Sing prison today. The convicted broker arrived at Ossining station from New York with five other prisoners and guards at 12:20 p. rn. to begin serving his 5-to-10-year term. NEW YORK, Apili 12.—(AV-Richard Whitney, handcuffed to an extortionist and a man convicted of assault, was pm aboard a train for Sing Sing today while fully 5.000 men and woman, in and around the Grand Central station, tried i to catch a glimpse of him. Outside the old Tombs prison downtown, where Whitney spent the night, there were crowds on the sidewalks, and from the windows of nearby buildings hundreds of persons watched his departure j in the “black maria.” Crowds jammed the concourse of Grand Central, swarmed through Pershing square on the 42d street side, and in DePew place at the rear through which the van ran. Shackled to the once powerful broker, who served five terms as president of the New York stock exchange, were Albert Cain, sentenced to serve from one to three years for attempted extortion, and Richard Alston, sentenced to a 2-4-year term for second degree assault. Several furniture dealers in Abilene are attending the annual buying and selling convention of the Texas Retail Furniture association at Dallas this week. The meeting opened Sunday and will continue through Wednesday. Those from Abilene who either attended or are attending are F. A. Short. Louis Rowell, Ellis Woodloch R. A. Glenn, Ralph Glenn and R. B. Glenn. House Sends Levy Bill lo Conference Form Tenancy Act Appraiser Is Here Joe Vorhees, technical appraiser for farms being bought under provisions of the farm tenancy act, is in Abilene this week assisting Clarence Symes and his committeemen in concluding purchases of farms in Jones county. Six approved tenants are buying as many farms in the county with the federal government financing the deals. C. T. Lacy, farm management specialist, also is here this week, assisting Symes with problems that come under the head of farm management. Carriers Due Only Temporary Relief WASHINGTON, April 12— (/Pi — Railroads will receive only temporary relief from congress this session, legislative leaders predicted today, adding that controversial details of rehabilitation will be left for another year. Sentiment was so varied, they said, that it would be impossible to make more than a start on the task turned over to congress by President Roosevelt yesterday when he submitted recommendations of his special Interstate commerce commission advisers. “It isn t something that can be worked out in a month or two,” said Chairman Wheeler (D-Mont) of the senate Interstate commerce committee. Amerada's Income Increases In Year NEW YORK. April 12 - (AP) — Amerada Corp, and subsidiaries today reported consolidated net profit for 1937 of $2,400,028, after all charges including depreciation, depletion, taxes, and all intangible drilling costs, equivalent to $304 per share compared with the 1936 total of $1,983,901 or $2 52 per share, Amerada is a holding company controlling petroleum properties eniefly located in Oklahoma, Texas. California, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Venezuela. Texas Cattle Rang Is Best Since 1931 Constable A. B. Sheppard of Shep was sworn to enforce the laws of his state and county w’hen he was given the oath of office. This he swore to do without favor. Saturday Constable Sheppard arrested his son, Ross, on a complaint charging him with affray. Late Sunday the Shep constable — as most any father would do—wrote out a check in payment of a $1 fine and costs assessed by Justice of Peace Theo Ash after young Sheppard had pleaded guilty as charged. The youth was released and returned home with his father who as constable had arrested him. NO KICK COMING— Local Kite Contest Judges To Determine .Vinner From Plane Flown Over School $18,000 MORE NEEDED FOR OPERATION— Cifv Officials And Trustees Talk School Problem for assistance in building a new building or a wing to the present high school in event the federal government earmarks new funds for PWA projects this year? Can the schools alleviate some j of the overcrowding m the high j school by backing up high school . classes into the Central building and making use for sixth or seventh grades three or four rooms now vacant in elementary buildings? Will it be possible for the city to provide the $18,000 through an increase in property valuations and greater delinquent tax collections, or will the question of water rate j increases also have to be studied? I There were some of the factors j which entered into the discussion, j No definite solutions were reached, I but Mayor Will Hair and the commissioners were of the opinion that the school maintenance funds can be inbreased during the next fiscal year (begining May 1). This, however. and the amount will have to be determined after the current year s check-up is complete, and a survey on anticipated revenues for the next year I. finished, said the mayor. Superintendent L, E. Dudley has been studying with interest the See SC HOOLS, Tg. IO, Col 6 I ;

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