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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - April 5, 1938, Abilene, Texas a* VOL LYU, NO.'318. ®fie Abilene Reporter —“WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES, WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES,"-Byron AlMCtoM PNH (API ABILENE, TEXAS. TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 5, 1938—TEN PAGES Halted Piwi (UPI PRICE 5 CENTS GOP Senators Spurn Roles In Probe Of TVA Borah, McNary Won't Serve On IO -Man Board WASHINGTON. April 5. (/Ph-Two republican senators appointed to a ten man congressional committee to investigate the Tennessee Valley Authority today declined the appointments shortly after their names were announced. They were Senator Borah (R-Idaho) and Senator McNary (R-Ore), the republican leader. The two were named by Vice President Garner to serve with Senators Donahey (D-Ohio) Brown (D-NH) and Schwartz (D-Wyo). The other five members, selected by Speaker Bankhead included Mead (D-NY), Driver (D-Ark), Thomason (D-Tex). Jenkins (R-Ohio) and Wolverton (R-NJ). Senator Borah of Idaho, criticized the size of the ten-man committee in declining to serve and said he did not believe in conducting investigations by the “town meeting method.” Senator McNary said his time was too limited to undertake the task. “I don t want to shirk by responsibilities,” the Oregonian said, "and I appreciate the confidence the vice president has reposed in me, but I have got to go home, and I won't be able to run back and forth.” OPPOSES PLAN ‘ I do not believe in investigation by town meetings.” Bcrah said. “If the senate had appointed a committee of three, or five, or it the house had named a committee of its own. the investigation would have been satisfactory, and I would have been glad to have served on such a senate committee.” The republican members named by Bankhead were recommended by House Republican Leader Snell of New York. Garner told reporters he had consulted no one, not even the appointees, before announcing the selections.    __________________________ The joint committee will make a in special session Tuesday morning t ....    ..I___   «    *    a    ai    /L.i    arf    '    not    t. . 'nnAint ss UM FIRST TANGIBLE EVIDENCE DISCOVERED— Robbery Motive Advanced In Torture Deaths CANDID CAMERA OFFERS ANOTHER REASON FOR CLEAN-UP Real estate men today estimated that more than 2,000 vacant lots In Abilene were oeing cleaned this week—a part of the campaign to make the city more attractive not only for visitors but to the thousands of folk who Just live here. Above is a candid camera shot showing just one of the dozens of reasons why Abilene should Franco Plans Ultimatum In Spanish War, Report Justice Post To Remain Vacant Commissioners To Name Winner In Primary Races Taylor county commissioners court broad inveaUgauon OI TVA ordered by congress following dissension among the directors of the TVA, which led to President Roosevelt’* dismissal of Chairman Arthur E. Morgan. Bankhead told reporters at his press conference that he had “trier to select a fair and capable committee.” He said the members probably oted not to '.ppoint a snot -asor to the late Hollis O. Scudder until after a nominee for the place has been named in democratic primaries in July and August. At the time of Irs death. Scudder was serving out ♦ rn unexpired term of the late . mes Gray Bledsoe as Justice of .ne peace precinct one. place two. Action of the court in deciding to leave the office vacant until after the summer elections was unani- would    meet in    a    few    days    to    choose    mous.    Judge Lee R. York concur- a    chairman    and    perhaps    decide    red in    the decision of the commis- whethcr to engage some assistants stoners. The court s action was taken n view of the fact that Theo Ash, precinct one, place one justice of peace, is able    to handle the duties of both offices,    also that to appoint a new- just ice of the peace now would be unfair to other candidates for the office. Successful candidate in the July and counsel. “They have a big job ahead of them. I know that,” Bankhead asserted. “I suspect they may divide into subcommittee to investigate various phases of this thing. As I have indicated previously, it may be necessary for the full committee or subcommittees to go down to that region,” Anson Athletic Plant Quints Have New Baby Brother; He's Dionnes' 13th Child CALLANDER, Ont.. April 5. —i/P>— (Canadian Press)—The Dionne quintuplets have a new brother. The boy, weighing 7    1-2 pounds, was bern last night to 23-year-old Mrs. Clivia D.onne and is the Dionne's 13th child. Eefore Quints Marie, Yvone, Annette, Cecile and Errilie were born May 28. 1934, there were Rose, Theresa, Pauline, Ernest and Daniel, Olivia Jr., was bom July 9,    1936. One child died in infancy. Abilene And Swater Firms Sell '37 Wool Local Warehouse Set For New Clip French Deputies Halt Session In Near Fist Fight Blum Presents Financial Plan For Discussion PARIS, April 5—(UP)—A violent exchange of insults and a near fist fight forced suspension of the chamber of deputies session today after it met to consider a series of drastic finance bills on which hangs the fate of Leon Blum's popular front government. Tempers cracked In a verbal exchange between Paul Creyssel, rightist deputy, and Minister of Interior Marx today. They rushed at each other prepared for physical violence. The chamber was thrown into an uproar and Edouard Herriott, chamber president, was forced to adjourn j the session at which Blum had presented for debate the financial bills which most observers expected to be his political death warrant, BLUM’S DEMANDS Blum demanded that the lukewarm chamber and the hostile senate vote him full decree powers. Rightists reacted at once with the charge that his program was “a plan for a Marxist (socialist) dictatorship and revolution.” The general political opinion before the struggle began in the chamber was that the bill would be passed by the chamber and voted down by the senate. Political experts accorded the premier only a slight chamber majority, however, and predicted a heavy adverse vote in the conservative upper house, bringing his automatic resignation. The premier's bill by which he hoped to attain sweeping authority contained only 80 words. It gave I him the right to decree all meas-H ENDA YE, French - Spanish ures “judged indispensable to meet Frontier, April 5.—(UP)—General- ; *he necessities 0f the national de - tense, ........ i issimo Francisco Franco, — enter IOO per cent into the Clean-Up campaign. This picture was snapped by a Reporter-New's staff photographer only a few blocks from the business area. TO MURDER SCENE El p^Q Hotel Employes Will Be Questioned Area Officers Express Belief Money Is Object Of Torture In Brutal Killings EL PASO, April 5. (AP)—A posse scouring the West Texas desert today uncovered the first tangible evidences of robbery in the six-day-old torture and slaying of Mrs. Weston G. Frome, 46, Berkeley, California society matron, and her 23-year-old daughter, Nancy. District Attorney Roy Jackson announced at Van Horn that San Francisco newspapers, known to have been in the Frome luggage, were found in the mesquite along U. S. highway 80 ten miles east of Kent, Texas, in the Pecos-Balmorhea-Van Horn section where the women were last seen and near where their semi-nude bodies were found Sunday night. The papers, Jackson said, bore the date of March 23, when Mrs. Frome and her daughter .   -—• Rebels Smash Loyalists Lines Train Guns On Barcelonia And Valencia Road Weston G. Frome, prominent Berkeley, Calif., businessman, is shown en route by plane to Pecos, Texas, near where the bodies of his wife and daughter, Nancy, were found, murder victims. The women were en route to the east coast when killed. Group Expands Dairy Day Plan C Of C To Award Prize To Cow For Highest Production Additional plans for the Dairy Day here April 22 were made this morning at a meeting of the gen- started their motor trip from Berkeley en route to South Carolina. PLOT IS THEORY The luggage from the abandoned Frome car has never been found, and Sheriff Albert Anderson today had more than half a hundred men scouring the sandy reaches of Culberson county for clues. Meanwhile, El Paso officers planned to begin questioning employes of the hotel here where the women stayed for a brief visit in El Paso last week before continuing east. The interrogations grew out of concerted speculations by Sheriff Anderson, the district attorney, and Texas Ranger Pete Crawford that the Frome women were robbed and slain by some one they knew-, possibly acquaintances made in El Paso or at the border city of Juarez, i nationalist commander in planning an ultimatum Spanish ££    aff1*1    IT,,    *    ^    O'    Mrs. Weston O. chief, is    seancesTnt(    building    .    Prome    and    hpr    daughter. Nancy, to the I in a preamble of several Sind I K"°X PM' C°UntJ' Wnt End ™ may haVe been & Premwl‘*ted P loyalist government demanding un- j words. Blum set forth what he pro- C‘ Ranson- assistant agent, were in hatched in El Paso posed to do. His plans ranged from I charge of the session. There are to j Th* 46-year-old Berkeley, Calif., virtual foreign exchange control to he four classes for judging contests, matron and her daughter, 23, were moratorium on public debt ments. pay- Two wool sales of interest in this section were announced yes- { army which had defended the Cat-and August primaries will be ap- ' terday. The Canon Grain and Wool alonia front, pointed by the court to serve until j company has shipped 41,000 pounds NATIONALISTS JUBILANT January I. 1939, date his two-year I of the approximately 61.000 pounds Nationalist jubilance was unre-begin.    J    0f 1937 wooi gold t0 AngeU, Brons- strained. The official Salamanca don & DuPont of Boston, Mass. radio broadcast; conditional surrender, it was reported today. The alternative, it was reported, would be a merciless attack on Barcelona by every agency of war at the nationalists’ command, including a renewal of the mass airplane bombardments that brought protests from foreign governments. As the report came, the nationalists outside Tortosa commanded I Chester Gooch Hamby youth with their artillery the Barcelona- i pleaded guilty Monday afternoon ------    ________ \alencia road, last great artery of before Judge W. R. Chapman in 1 J,pars old; one to two years; communication between Catalonia 1    —- —— •    K    1------------ and the rest of loyalist Spain. Everywhere the nationalists were advancing, driving into and smashing the remnants of the loyalist WTCC Rules On Contest Mapped Three Cash Prizes On Conservation To Be Awarded Members of the West Texas cham* ber of commerce development com* misson buckled down to work thi* morning in mapping regulations of the county conservation contest. There are 130 counties eligible to compete for the $1,000 prize to ba awarded annually by the WTCC. It Mexican border hot spot across the 1 was decided at the morning session Rio Grande from here.    j    to award a first prize of $500; sec- Out of a welter of conflicting I ond, $300; and third, $200, with five counties to receive honorabla mention. The money will go to winning bounties, where executive committees will supervise expenditure of that money among junior agriculture workers for conservation of soil and water. This work must ba 9 tv D rn v.' ort h 1 t t Ii a a Ii in    — and conjectural theories came un certain official belief that the bru- $50 Fine, 5 Days In Drunk Driving Case a^ levy on capital and a two-year T*1®* are> ,club hoy®- vocational j tortured and slain last Wednesday approved by the chamber's com- sage mittee and the above mentioned 1 county committee. Time for the ___________ {first contest will be the 12 months Our witnesses have given us bptween 1938 and 1939 conventions many conflicting stories,” said of Jf1® WTCC. Jackson    ‘ T^nty-on* factors are to be ~n„r 1.    itaken Into consideration for judi th.rLtV 5 ?! P SS ing- wlth two most important the robbery of the women might ones ^ hlst of conse^aiio^ have been plotted when they were work in the county, and percentage here last week while driving last, j of population in counties cooperating, •'This is only one of a host of Score cards are being prepared. The* A prize will be awarded by the theories and conjectures we are county that wins the first contest chamber of commerce to the high- J working on."    , will not be eligible to est producing cow for a 305-day pe-' Tile testimony of three witnesses again, it was decided, riod since January I, 1937. This was counted on heavily bv author!- ! Committee members working on agriculture students, dairymen, and in the desert West Texas women and girls. They will judge brush country near Van Horn, three classes of dairy animals and STORIES CONFLICT also will compete in the dairy products judging contest. Classes for dairy animals on exhibition are: Bulls—six months to one year old; one to two years old; two to three years old:    Cows — three years and over; two to three six compete With all of the last year's clip i “The war is won!” out of the way, the local ware- Nationalist political quarters at house made arrangements to care Burgos, the grand headquarters, for the new    clip which    is beginning    |    were    given    as    authority    for the    re- BIG SPRING. April 5—,/Pi—Urg-    to move' Tom Canon.    manager    of,    port    that    Franco    planned an    ulti- ing other Texas cities, particularly i the W(X)1 divisl°n of the company,    matum to the loyalists. The United those in West Texas, to do like- said some wocl would be bought    Press bureau at Lisbon, relaxing T* “IC    “n wise. officials of the city of Big j and scme would be stored. Ar-    the report, said that it was insist- I    roaq' Spring said today this municipality ; rangements have been made with    cd that Franco would issue an ulti- is adding $50 to rewards offered for J several large wool concerns to visit    matum soon and in the sternest arrest and conviction in the slay- j    the Abilene    warehouse    week ings of Mrs Weston G. Frome and    make offers    on that stored. Big Spring Donates Improvement Okehed $5°To Frome Fund To Expend $14,000 On Field And Gym ANSON. April 5—(Spl) — About    _        4V#1    _____________ $14,000 will be spent in improve- arrest and conviction in the slav-I the Abilene warehouse weekly and terms ments of the high school gymnas- ings of Mrs Wo,fnn n av*™,.      y    ‘ 104th district court to an Indict* tenths to one year, ment charging him with driving an automobile while drunk. He v^as sent to jail for five days, fined $50 find his drivers licerxsp was r#*-    .    ,    ■    ,,    j    —— --------------~.*    ---•****.? «#/    t    -    - -------—• voked for six months    I    an*ma]    necessarily    will    come    from    ties    to    support    their    contention    i m*es are Homer Burleson of An- The indictm/'m t    it    Vt    Taylor    County Dairy j two men and two women had parts 5?n’ Cdf/ord B Jones- chairman, of The indictment to which young‘Herd Improvement association or in thp slavinK, Their reDOrts hor- Spur' W J- Ely of Snyder, Hugo Gooch pleaded guilty named him as Shelton herd at Brownwood, it ev v based on normal caMial Alterius of Avoca, and Percy Ralls if- a5**n»* I st zoo:™ Lf?JZS i? J51TI*>•A- w-rco d»vstagoPeC“‘Dall“ h“hW’y _ OthtriaUiincUnt th, «isalon were within the city limits of Abilene only «rouP where a record of pro-He was indicted also as the driver I duction    kePt of a car on the old Anson road ! Al\ln?aIs f;om Roy w Krider of College Station. in which Clvde Watt.-    "was kimL    er' Nolan- Runnels, Coleman and    Meanwhile Sheriff    Chris Fax.    superintendent of special extension Gooch entered no Die*    in Thi    Brown counties are to be exhibited,    veteran southwestern    manhunter.    service activities; M. R. Bentley ag- but indica'ed that h*    *    51*    ^ is estimated that IOO animals will    entered the case at the request of    ricultural engineer; R. E. DiclLon ^______.    was not    thp    be showm here in the first event of    Mrs. Frome’s husband    and Police    superintendent of Spur experiment plunged kind. which is sponsored^ by* the Chief *JohT Greening"of"1 Berkley' , suTlonTjacTsTeltoT\ici-direct" * un* tim crees: bridge on the extension service of Texas in co-    ‘ “We are making an lnvestiga-See SLAYINGS, Pf. 7, Col. 7 He proposed, it was said, to give ium and athletic field here, it was her daughter Nancy announced today.    City    Manager    E*V The works progress administra- i nounced the action aavimTth* mon i    i tion will spend $7,104 36 and the ev would be forw arded to Governor ran?ement5- affording wool growers citing a desire to prevent the use-sponsors $4,680.96. The athletic | Allred. “We call unon ail tov. Iof this *ection new accommoda- committee will spend about $2,000 cities to join us in contributing tlons and *osterlng a new indus-    s<*    "AR,    P*.    7,    Col    * (or lights on tho football field. a reward fund as a means of souJ“ try'    I---- Construction will start within the ring a soluton of the case" Soenrr    other    sale    was    in    Sweetwat- IV* efts £> Ie    1 J Likewise the other Abilene ware- the loyalists a reasonable time in spence an- house, the Lone Star Commission which to .surrender unconditionally, woufd. be forwarded re*    J—*    ^-------------- Howard Payne's Gym Burns Down (Sp!)-origin de- next week Included in the improvements will be: A seven foot cyclone fence 1.800 feet around the school ground; bleachers, 80 feet long, on both sides.of the football field; construction and soding of the football field; three concrete tennis courts; extension of the north end of gymnasium for ticket booth and dressing rooms; ticket booth for football field: rock house for school buses; track around the football field. said. Garner May Buy Texas Ranch Soon Stop Sign Drive Makes Abilenians Uniform Conscious Traffic officers kept their traffic summons books in pockets yesterday with only one or two tickets issued for stop sign violations. Although the violations have decreased, many citizens still were ignoring the signs except when they spotted a uniform at the intersection. Policemen were continuing to watch the intersections, but were handicapped in catching the offenders because of their uniforms, one officer stated. Judge E. M. Overshiner continued to back up the drive by refusing to take excuses on stop sign tickets and assessing heavy fines for speeding. Senate To Debate Tax Bill Tomorrow WASHINGTON. April 5. (4*1—The finance committee sent to the senate today the revised five billion dollar tax revision bill with a statement that the measure would clear the way for business improvement. Numerous changes made in the measure by the senate committee included elimination of the admin-istration - sponsored    undistributed profits tax, w'hich the house had C0^!d m0dir f0nn- I how the child-health work of our j statement^tliat °he would \isit the teb.teonlh.fneuurewm public and private agencies eau be r    IS    lu«    as    hi    now begin at noon tomorrow.    I       I    7    JU**    45    ne    noa BROWNWOOD, April 5 Fire of undetermined strayed the Howard Payne°college ‘ g.'ninasium early this morning. Loss w    nae** was estimated at $5,000. partially TOUIig Pool Given covered by insurance. The frame structure was built during the world war as a student training corps barracks. It was enlarged as    GRAHAM, April 5.—<UP) operation with the local agricultur a1 agencies and the chamber of commerce. Attending the meeting this morning were Grover Brock, Dr. T. B. Bass. E. B. Free. Knox Parr, Frank I ri *.• ah* • ■ Antilley. Harry Holt and Leon Ran- I electing Officials son. members of the general com mittee. of extension service and R. M. Mil-hollin of San Angelo. Eight Area Towns Half Mile Extension Few Indications of tension or ex-I cltement were evident today as cit-I lzcns of eight West Texas towns started marching to the polls for I “off-year” election of city officials.! With the exceptions of Cross Plains City Building Permits Soar lo S482.869 Children's Home Boosts Figures Building permits in Abilene boom er where Ollie Cox, manager of the Central Wool A: Mohair company, sold for 20 1-2 cents per pound, a car of 12-month wool    WASHINGTON. April 5—    —    .    -------------- ----- w.c    .. v    ------------------------------- --------- WU1. and half a car of wool shorn from Vice President Garner said here ^ the first school gyms in this part of . Lr uUnt? coxm$f J^as lndl’ I commissioners, aldermen and may- dren. a $11,500 brick budding which lambs. Making the purchase was yesterday he may buy a Texa< th* state-    ,    cated    today    by    Harry    c.Trentman    or candidates dominate the slates. H O. Wooten will erect, and a $ I.- Guy Burton of Forte, Dupree & ranch soon.    Students    rn    nearby    dormitorlm'nfT^Lii^fffl.R^^T    °%nVu    uStan^ord- Sweetwater. Lamesa 500 frame house to be erected by S. Sawyer of Boston.    '    * J and Baird, where the beer question ed yesterday*  .—    w    A half is before the voters as well as the The day's permits included tho finings im in 1924. being one of ,    ,    eJt?llslon    °*    the    James    selection of a mayor and aldermen. $300 000 Hendrick Home for chil- Roosevelt Proclaims Child Health Day WASHINGTON, April 5.    (/PW- President Roosevelt, proclaiming !>«m. day.    ^TtC“£ v    Kai)    Pf°Ple    today    to    plan    en<j    0f    presfnt    term    with    the buy a Texas students rn nearby dormitories ^wine* «wwrii oiamiora, ©weeiwaier, juamesa. ow frame hr loin reporters some    of his    •rod*d by the fire alarm and $ Graha^"    "*ht mU,S n°rth    A “S'* ,    , Texas friends were carrying on ne- asststed in carrying equipment from -rh* uo i haoan    *    Cr°ss    Plains    aie included in thet With only five days gone, April’s fellations for the purchase '    of the adjacent college bund- acad treatm^l    ItT^a^d w    ^ ^oldinK.TT elections today, total stands at    $318,050. The year s Garner said he did not know yet I m8s- but none of the ether buildings the R. C. Lindley farm. The The beer election at Cross Plains figure is $482,869. how much acreage might be involved in the purchase of the ranch, which he said was situated in Webb county. The vice president met specula- extended and made more effective. I visits his Uvalde, Tex., home. WHAT IT MEANS: Spain s Future lf Franco Wins was damaged T tv OU-.,.    u vavt * o ilia j aioAC a I JC W 1WAUU Shelton college vice-prest- ■ the same area later this week. dent, said no rebuilding plans have --———_ been made. VEHICLE DEMOLISHED The Weather By MORGAN M. BEATTY * AP Feature Service Writer WASHINGTON- Heads of gov- ! composite of the scene after Fian- ernments all over the world are anxiously watching General Fran- ; POSSIBLE DEVELOPMENTS cisco Franco's march to toe sea and asking their *•    _ cor* ft* dentally—-to guess the train o* events in the wake of a final nationalist victory in Spain. The guesses are confidential because no government is willing publicly to count other people's chick- their    opinions    have    leaked    »xut    In . set on any erne form    of govern- democratic    capitals    to    rn mc    a    mtnt, M |ong „ h,    holds ,hc reins. Most interpreters think, however, he probably    favors restoration of a Bourbon    king as a veneer for his own dictatorship. I co wins—if he does. No automobile accidents have j ens before they’re hatched, been reputed to th® police station ■ Naturally, the guessers don t agree on details, but enough of since April I. Here are four big developments he guessers expect in the wake of xJrurgent success: I. Methodical, red - sashed General Frrnco would scrap the seven-year old republic that succeeded the Bourbon monarchy in 1931, and himself as,v:rwe absolute control of "New Spain.” Franco has indicated he's not ABILENE and vicinity Cloudy with lo-cai shower* tonight »nd Wednesday Wedwnjy*** far”y Cloud>'    •"« Kant Texas CI o u d y, shower* In *nd east portion.* except tower roast • armer ,n northeast portion toniiht! Wednesday clouty, local showers.    ' rti*heat temperature \estenlay .. RS • •o*<**t temnerf—e thi* mornina. .Si W1 2. Firm suppression of republican remnants. Since the world-flung Spanish empire crumbled 200-odd years ago, Spain's history has been one page after another of intrigue and revolt. Her several classes range from out-and-out loyalists to anarchists pro-    is    one    precinct    of    the    Callahan! Permit for the    Kendrick Homo ducersjnay stake a new location    in    county-wide    balloting on    the    ques-    for Children was    is&ued to c S Oates and Sons. Construction wili begin within the next week. Tho structure will be of brick with tar and gravel roof- Dimensions are 75 by 325 feet. Wooten will erect a brick structure on Walnut street Tile frame house, $1,500. will    be a residence. A total of $5,050 in    building permits was issued April I. Tile first quarter of 1938 totaled $164,919. By months the amounts were; January $90,275, including the ■“ ,h“    ***«    ‘hrougn    I Four Tye Residents In Brush With Death As Train Crashes Into Auto Death hovered morning for four residents of Tye temperatures then passed them by. Little short of a the life of five-year-old Marian Ar- February $17,724; March $56,920. The $482,969 total in 1938 is only ,4:32 7:01 the door on the other side. Cath erine had tried franticall. to open miracle saved I the back door to lift the little *irl *28-*40 under the entire figure for out; but it had been locked to keep I 1937 which amounted to $511,809. sa    —    ;r~     ™    the child from falling out.    , The $300,000 permit issued yester- a* . fu a,s !    ac.ulc    ^rs-    Teubner and Catherine stood day was the largest one granted in at    Sunshine special    crashed    into the    the rails in helpless,    horrified I more than a decade in Abilene. ai    front of an automobile at tne west-    silenCt, as the di5tortmg hulk of the----- «{    em Tj-e crossing,    turning    the car , rnglne roared across the    crossing aa    upside down into    a tangle    mass of    carrying away the autom    bile. A limit AA fi%+t owov T.ittlaa ArUnn tt ac j    ,    . second later, it was upside down, a tangle of wheels, doors, top and what had been an engine. A car of tourists, witnesses to the See SPAIN, Pf. 3, Col I 7n Junk 44 feet away. Little Arlene was 73 in the back seat. ^ Her mother, Mrs. Lance Teubner had a second earlier gathered her 7pm 7 • m 12:3® p m two-year-old son into her arms and t Dry thermometer si* a;*    74•    stepped from the car on one side, - Wet thermometer    SS* A4»    , f, ..    .    .    ,_    ...... Keutivt humidity 3i »3 m 1 the driver, 16-year-old Cath- Name Postmasters WASHINGTON, April 5. CT}—'The president sent to the senate for confirmation today the following postcrash, were the first to reach the mastor nominations:    Hermleigh, See CRASH, Pg. 7, Col. X Warren C. Fargason; San Angelo, Theodore M. Herring. ;

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Publication: Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Issue Date: April 5, 1938