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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - March 24, 1938, Abilene, Texas Ibttwe Reporter VOL. XVII NO. 306 "WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR TOES, E SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT ABILENE, TEXAS. THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH24, 1938-TWELVE PAGES---------''------ PERMANENTLY ENDOWED- t'alftd PrMi (UFI PRICE 5 CENTS T. G. Home Here How Hitler Got IRON RULER OF GERMANY'S WAS FIRST TEMPERED IN FIRE OF WORLD WAR From The Hitler Family Album Great can best be un- derstood If one understands the men behind them. Behind the great events In Europe today stands Adolf Hitler. Morgan Beady, student of men and events, here now tells the re- markable story of Hitler's career and reports what the biographers niid commentators say about him. This Is the first of Beatty's three articles. By MORGAN BBATTY AP Feature Service Writer Tf Barnum were alive and run- ning a wax works of famous living men, he probably would bill Adolf Hitler as the greatest human enigma of all time. That, of course, would be a Bar- nnin exaggeration, but It would be a showman's way of explain- ing the unpredictable man who Is dictator over Germanic peoples. For whatever else one may think about Hitler he certainly Is a so than other fa- mous dictators. Even the beginning of his life present contradictions, a tempting Held of students of human char- acter. Hitler ancestral home is Spittal, Austria, across the border from Germany. Ilie region is peo- pled with honest, Illiterate peas- ants, whose' tragedy has long been poverty and Inbreeding. FATHER STRONG-WILLED Hitler's father. Alois is pictured by biographers as a strong-willed cobbler who obtained a financial nest egg when he married the first of three wives. Then he wangled an Austrian civil service Job, and started n family, mov- ing from town to town along the border as a customs Inspector, In a lew years, the first Mrs. Hitler died, and Alois took a second wife. She lived only a few months after the marriage. One da.v, the widowed Alois spied tail, dark-eyed Clara Poelzl, a young women who had been a housemaid lor the first Mrs. Hit- ler. Clara had left her rural home for Vienna in her teens. Now she See HITLER, Tg. 12, Col. 5 birthplace r.t Branau As T.'orld war corporal Indicted By Federal Jurors Defendants Will Be Tried in Spring Session Of Court Indictments naming 13 persons were received yesterday by Ida M. James, deputy U. S. court clerk. They were returned by federal grand jurors In Fort Worth. The defendants, all charged wtlh offenses which assertcdly were com- mitted In the Abilene division, are expected to be tried when federal district court is convened here April IS for the spring term. Notice that opening of court had been postponed a week also was re- ceived yesterday by Mrs. James. The session originally was scheduled to begin April 11. She was advised by Judge T. Whltficld Davidson that a congest- ed docket In Houston will keep him there longer than originally expect- ed. All cases set for the week of April II will be called the week of April IS. Four persons were Indicted by the Fort Worth grand Jury on charges of possessing and passing counter- feit bank notes. Two others were named on charges of mall fraud, nnd the remainder face charges of in- ternal revenue law and liquor tax- ing act violations. Defendants in the counterfeit money cases are Robert o. Loivry Merlon G. Bush and Nonnnn M! Bnkcr, Indicted Jointly on three counts, nnd James W. French, billed two counts In a sepan !c indict'- ment. Others who were indicted: Mail W. Wilkinson two counts; and C. B. Self three counts. Both arc from Thrtckmor- ton county. Liquor fusing act or Internal reve- nue law violations, or T" Tnylor county; torn M. e. Jones county T L Ballard, Ifaskell county; Walter' C Dcnton, county. Nar.ir--. of twr other men, also charger. In n liquor case, were wlth- held remains at large. Abilene To Greet Waco Trckkers The Individual host phn will be used when two score Waco business men stop for an hour and a half ilstt in Abilene this afternoon man" wln thc rLi 'v, men the train. Each has been assigned one of thc oul nnd entertain. Thc Waconns are traveling by STW- :lal train, arriving In Abilene at m. and leaving nt Dave Barrow Is chairman'of thc reception committee. MEXICANS HAIL OIL SEIZURES IN FRENZIED DEMONSTRATIONS Cardenas Promises Indemnification; Juarez Celebrants Hiss Americans MEXICO CITY, March 23.-W-Mcxico's national anthem swelled from the throats of thousands of overallcd workers, congressmen march- nl in monster demonstration celebrat- ing expropriation of the foreign-owned oil industry as "economic libcra- Hank on rank of marchers in n sea of banners swept bv President 1 Salesman Dies history. Soms observers said 200.000 marchers took part In the "jubilee" organised by the confederation of Mexican workers (C. M. T.) to ac- claim thc presidential decree of I March 18 taking over thc J oil properties of 17 United states and British companies. Near thc end ol me parade, the1 president told the- marchers Mexico! D. C. Coffman. 40. well known would pay for thc expropriated i traveling man of West Texas and property. resident of Abilene for 25 years died NO ECONOMIC CRISIS i inst 10 o'clock at the without foundation spread by alarmists" regarding thc economic consequences. Mexico, he said. like- wise had no cause to fear "armed Intervention." Earlier, lie had told the marchers Memorial hospital follow they not fear 'the stories a short illness of pneumonia. stricken while I raveling In his territory at Lubbock last Wednes- day. Mr. Coffman rapidly contract- ed pneumonia and Tuesday morn- ing was brought to Ihe hospi't.il here. He was placed under an oxygen tent immediately, but lulled to" rally. Dec Carl Coffman was oom March 1. 1608. at Potosl. He was graduated from Potosi high s.-hoo! and later attended Abilene Christian college in Abilene. He married Minnie Mac Sec rg. 12, Col. 3 Chichuahua. Mexico JUAREZ. March 23 Thousands of Juarez workers deserted their daily tasks today to pnr.ide in celebra- (ion of measures Mexican and shout Sec Ff. expropriation approval Col. of Morgan Ouster Embroils Solons In Controversy TVA Probe, Firing Of Remaining Two Members Sought WASHINGTON, March President Roosevelt's removal o Dr. Arthur E. Morgan from th chairmanship of TVA stirred up a tempest In congress today and pro duced more emphntlc demands io a thorough investigation o! the power agency. Democratic objections, however blocked two efforts jii the senate tt get an Inquiry golns Immediately, al though one of the objectors, Senate Barkley the majority lead er, asserted there was no question of "the desirability" of such an Jn vestlgatlon. FD'S MESSAGE DISPUTED A message to congress in which President Roosevelt cited reasons to dismissing Dr. Morgan served onlj to Increase the controversy; for i was accompanied by an opinion frorr Solicitor General Robert H. Jackson asserting the president was vestec with authority to remove members of the TVA board from office. This proved a highly disputed point. Critics of TVA were quick to content! the supreme court had de clared the president powerless to fake such action, others that the tribunal, while prevent- ing presidential removal of certain officials with quasi-judicial author- ity, left him free to dismiss officers 'ike Morgan. The center of the TVA row, Dr Morgan himself, was in Chicago. He told reporters h: Intended to dis- cuss the TVA situation with friends 'some of them attorneys." Mam sxpect Hi at he will eventually com- aat the removal orders in court But he said today: "I have made no decision and I have nothing to say now whether J will attack the legality of-the ouster." The senate had hardly conyeend when Senator Bridges (R-NH> wa.s on his feet with a demand for im- nediate consideration of his resolu- tion for a joint congressional in- vestigation of TVA. Barklcy ob- ected, asserting the inquiry should lot be conducted by "partial Inves- igatore." (Bridges has openly as- serted that he wishes to be a mem- ber of the Investigating committee) The New .Hampshire senator charged President Roosevelt had convicted an "innocent man" at a of drum-head trial" which did not get at "any of the facts." He demanded that congress remove or uspcnd David Ltlienlhal and Har- ourt A. Morgan. Dr. Arthur Mor- gan's critics on the TVA board. Meanwhile, the senate audit and :ontrol committee approved a res- ilution by Senator Norris (ind- feb) calling for an investigation >y a five-man senate committee The resolution carries a ap- propriation. Under Norris" proposal, the com- mittee also would inquire Inlo acti- itles by private utilities designed o block TVA operations. Norris aid he would seek senate action on he action on the resolution to- morrow-. Suit Against City To Supreme Court AUSTIN, March 23.-W-An ap- peal of !he state from a decision olcilns certain Jones county prop- rly owned by the city of Abilene s a site for a future dam is not ubjcct to taxation was on file In he supreme court today. The Irtal court held the land wild bs taxed but the Eastlcnd ourt of civil appeals reversed the eclsion and rendered judgment or the city. The city said Ihe project which would give H an additional water upply, had not been completed ccause of Insufficiency of funds. The land meanwhile Is being rcnt- d for agricultural purposes. Pontiff Grieved At Civil Bombings Pope Pius Appeals To Franco To Humanize War VATICAN CITY. March Pius, grieved by air rains in Ihe Spanish civil war. has ap- iwalcd to Insurgent Generalissimo Franctscct Franco for "moderation'. Romano reported today. The Vatican newspaper said the pope had appealed twice to Fran- co, once In Fcbniary and again March 21 niter new bombardments of Barcelona. The newspaper disclosed the popo In February urged a halt In "acrnl sombardmcnls of open cities" ap- pCftllng lo Franco while "other powers intervened with ths repub- ican H said he sought 'moderation and mildness to diminish to the jrcatest latent possible the horrors el war" -nnd received from the in- surgent lender "a reassuring rc- Thc D.iper said the Vatican, on s own initiative and Independent Of other powers, had Intervened a number cf limes to reduce the of (he Spanish war. But while doing so. it added, "new. cruel sanguinary wounds have come to H." It spsse cf previous Spanish civil war victims and continued: 'To such victims arc added others caused by recent air bomb- bardmcn's of Barcelona: innocent victims vhom the Holy Sec mourns more Hun ever and, faithful to IU mission. :t continues to Rive words ot moderation and to coun- sel mildness (o diminish to the greatest e.xlmi possible the hor- rors of wav." HEND.VYE, France, at the Span- ish Frontier. March 23. Spanish insurgent armies fought their way Into -position today for a two-clay drive to add Catalonia. COLLEGE STUDENTS GIVE MORGAN OVATION Though ousted by the presi- dent from his post as chairman of the Tennessee Valley author- ity, Dr. Arthur E. Morgan was all smiles as he was greeted by 200 students and faculty mem- bers of Antioch college when he arrived at Xenia, Ohio, by train on his way to his Yellow Springs home. Part of the crowd of stu- dents is shown above giving Iho doctor (he old college yell. Dr. Morgan Is a former president of the institution. FLAYS SOUTH'S PAY LEVELS- FD Low Wages Area Must Face Fads, He Says Evil Will Retard Industries, Chief Executive Asserts By D. OLIVER GAINESVILLE, oa., -March- Roosevelt, striking at feudalism, -fascism nnd commu- nism, spoke out for higher wages n this southerin Industrial center today In tones (hat surprised many of his listeners. He told an outdoor throng that iainesville's resurrection from the ruins of a lovnado two years ago was an example of self-help for he nation to follow and that only 'selfish" minority was holding back nation-wide prosperity. OUTSPOKEN' Then, In phrases that caused ;ome national legislators who have opposed his wage-hour proposals privately to express surprise he asserted almost defiantly: "Georgia nnc! the lower south may Just as vrell face facts-simple acts presented in the lower south ay the president of the United Slates. Hie purchasing power of the millions of Americans In this whole area Is Jar too low. Most men nnd women who work for wages In this whole area get wages which are far too low. "On fie present of wages nd, therefore, on Ihe present cale of buying power, the south annot and will not succeed In cs- abllshlni{ successful new indus- "Efflcieiicy In operating lee ROOSEVELT, Vs. SHOW DIRECTOR H. I. ATKINS (See s'ory below) 12, goes Col. J Senators Defend Assailed 'Lobby' WASHINGTON. March 23-MV- The senate, thc reorgan- Wll. heard Senator Brown D-Mich) defend thc "administra- on lobby' today. Some senators accused the lobby i applying "pressure" lo get the eorganization measure passed but rown he saw "no harm" In thc omlnlstratlon activities. jnator Copeland (D-NY) also de- ended efforts of outside groups to efcat thc bill, which would give he president broad powers to shake P government bureaus and agcn- It provides that thc director of ie budget shall approve expendi- ircs and a new officer, an auditor encral, shall audit them. Odessa Show's Opening Today ODESSA, March annual Ector county livestock show and poultry show will open here to- morrow, to continue through Sat- urday. The first day will -be de- voted (o classifications of entries. H. L. Atkins, Ector county ag- ricultural agent, Is general super- intendent of the livestock show. W. Stangcl of the animal husband- ry department nt Texas Techno- logical college will judge bed cMtle. Prize money will total 000. Competi'ion is expected to be especially in the boys calf show division as boys from Mason, Nolan, Fisher, McCulloch and other counties of outstanding calves are entering. Midland, Mar- tin, Gl.isscotk and Howard coun- ties also will be represented Judg- ing of animal- will be Friday and the sale Saturday. Many outstanding Hereford herds are to be represented here. Among breeders exhibiting animals arc Hat ranch: John B. Stribling. Ro- ian; C. C Saui-ders. Big Lake; and John Gist, Odessa. Cash prlrcs totaling approxi- mately will be awarded band Entricr are expected from Pecos, Wink, Hermit, Crane and McCamcv. Bond Forfeited By Child Killer Other Securities In Danger; Order Totten's Arrest -.iijtid. ..made- In Callahan bounty by Joe Totten. convicted kilter of Ro- bert Climey jr. Ihe summer of 1935, has been ordered forfeited by Judge M. S. Long of 42d district court, District Attorney J, R; Black said V.'ertnesday. Alias capias warrant has been issued for Tottcn's arrest, said Black, who Indicated that olficers had not learned of his where- abouts. He said two bonds posted by Totten in Abilene on other cases were also In jeopardy. Court cf criminal appeals several weeks ugo refused to rehear the case of Totten, whose two-year prison sentence from 42d court'had been affirmed. Totten was tried and sentenced at Baird on a charge of venue from Tavlor coun- ty Mandate from the appeals court ordering Totten committed to the penitentiary at Hiintsville was re- ceived nearly two weeks ago. said Black. Wire was sent lo Hiintsville to learn if he had Voluntarily re- ported there, and when It was learned that he had not come lo the prison, bondsmen were noti- fied. OJfDSJlEX AHII.F.XIAKS The bondsmen are Abilene men, said Black. They must appear be- fore the 42d court nt Baird during its next, term there, which begins June 6. to show reason why their bond fhoitlc; not tc collected by thc court. At the same lime Totten was indicted for rr.urccr by a 43d'court jury in Abilene. Indictments were returned him for driving while intoxicated nnd failure to stop and rentier aid. He posted a Sl.COO bond in e.-.ch of these cases in Taylor county. Black Intimated that he would ask forfeiture of these bonds when conn: opens. Its term here late Tract At City's Southern Edge To Be Location Low Bids Taken For Construction Totaling Low bids, totaling- for construction of the Hend- rick Home for Children were tabulated here yesterday af- ternoon. That sum is exclusive of equipment'. The home is to be establish, ed at the southern of the city, and its future operation necessities provided for by Mr. snd Mrs. T. G. Hendrick of Abilene. It will be dedicated toUha care of homeless and destitute children residing in West Tex- as. GATES GETS CONTRACT Low bidder for the genera! con- struction contract on the building- was entered by C. S. Gates and son of B. G. Cogdell. Abilene, was low bidder! at for the plumbing and contract, and Sun Electric Co., Abilene, was low for the elec- trie. Installations contract with t bid of S9.000. Bids were opened In the offices of David 3. Castle Co., architects and engineers for the project. The structure1 is to ie erected on a 52-acrc tract purchased last spring by Mr. Hendrick. The land Is located south of McMurry col- lege between the Buffalo Gap and No. ,1-30 highways purchased from w. S. Daniels and the Citizens Na- tional bank. CARE FOR 125 The. .building will house dormi- other Hying quarters.- an and facilities to care .for'125 or' jifcre children. The entire structure, of three main buildings, boys and girls will extend a total tensth of 417 feet and will have maximum width of approxi- mately 175 feet. The city of Abilene has agreed to extend See IIENDRICKS, Pf. 12, Col 5 West Texas Jobs In Road Program AUSTIN', March highway commission loriay ordered beginning of a spring and summer asphalt surfacing program costing Items under the first portion of the program, by counties, Includ- ed: Ector, IT. S. 80, Odessa east 3.3 miles, Odessa to Pcnweil. Ward, U. S. 60, Crane county line to Monahnns to Pyote. bill The Weather TMrfJuv n T7iar d smihrui -Hint, Mrs. E. T. Davis Dies In Haskel! HASKELL, March !3 OW.VHOMA: Friday; liuir Funeral for Mrs. E. T. Divls. who died Wednesday morning at the home of a daughter. Mrs. Otta U Johnson, in Hr.skcll. will be held I Church of Christ Thurs- at o'clock. In April If Totten located by Inn: time. not been War Funds Bill Stresses Aviation WASHINGTON, March 23 A approprl for 1939 war department require- ments, emphasizing aviation and material, went to the house today for [mediate consideration. Administration leaders predicted, the appropriation, about higher than this year and the highest since 1921, would be ap- proved nest week. The house appropriations com- mittee, which sent the measure to. the floor, expressed belief the United States ranks first among thc powers in naval aviation, and will rank second only to Great Britain In total war strength when army and navy planes, already or- dered, become available. FOR ABILENE Highway Body Grants Funds For New Storage Structure Here coi. 3 State highway commissioners Wednesday earmarked S9.034 for construction cf a storage building, carpenter and p.ilnl shop and black- smith shop at 8 headquar- ters cf the highway department in Abilene. I S. J. Treadaway. engineer. Elder A. F Thurman of Bowie "Ic would be erected former minister of the'local to "1C divlslei" will officiate Buriil will Wil' Drive, on ground Holdcns luncril'llow b-v warehouse, luneral, win he. said, after construction of a new county warehouse somewhere in south Abilene, for which was appropriated 13 months ago. Con- struction of the new county ware- house pends buying of a site for the structure by (he county, which Is now under consideration ol the Carl Davis. Psmpa: commissioners' court maintenance warc- s t Chouse, he said will be loaded in the low cemetery. Holdcn's funeral home is in charge of arrangements Mrs. Davis, a resident of HaskeJI since 1920. haci made her home with her daughter since the death of Mr. Davis several years ago. Surviving are sis- children: Wal- trrs Davis. A. L. Davis Raymoiidvlllr: E. V. IXxvis. Clov south part of town to make It more acesslble to highways of the county. Material for the building sheet metal and construction already been bought and Is stacked on the highway department's grounds on College Drive. The county building must be erected er.rl In use before 'ho di- visional shops provided for In Wed- nesday's, appropriations may be built, said Trcad.wny. Treadaway announced last night that the highway commission had appropriated for maintenance of highway 36 from Its junction with highway 1 nenr Ihe Abilene airport to Ihe Taylor county inle, approximately seven miles south- eastward. Ordinarily, unpftvcd snd condi- tionally designated roads such See HIGHWAY, Tf. 12, ;

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Issue Date: March 24, 1938