Sunday, January 23, 1938

Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - January 23, 1938, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT, OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOBS, WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT AtMKiiitl PMM L'.JfH rofit by the experiences of other Texas cities which have tried the plan. darker days of 1930 and With few exceptions those cities have reorganized and .revived their j chests, convinced that no other lack of as satisfactory. Seven other cities, selected for seeming parallels in size or corn- munity' enterprise, were asked to supply data concerning their year- _Most municipalities of Abilene's I ly drives for funds. Six replied, size or larger have t Pour reported use of the community with community chests: The ma- chest plan, with 'complete suc- orlty operate such organizzlions successfully today. Some abandon- chej'i In the fifth has a modified com- munity chest setup: and only one of the six Is without a chest. GANDHI'S FEELING BETTER THANKS The recuperation of Mahatrru Gandhi, nationalist leader, from the illness that Imperiled his life has eased the crisis that it was feared his death might create in native Indian affairs. Above Gandhi is seen chatting with a young friend on the beach at Juhu, Bom- bay, where he tatos a daily walk. RAISE ADVERTISING Stock Growers Pool Efforts To Stabilize Price, Demand For Meat An outstanding example of suc- cessful community chest operation is Corpus Chrlstl, where the plan Is two years old. The movement was sponsored there by the Junior chamber of commerce. In the first funds campaign; Corpus ChristI exceeded Its quota by Next year, with 'the goal raised the budget was oversubscribed by approximately History of the movement is trac- ed .by Bill Blair, assistant secre- tary of the Corpus Christ! chamber of-'.coijnnerce. "Naturally the citizens were skep- he says regarding reception of the community chest approval, "feeling that this was just an- other, medium which would entail more expense, when In reality It was the exact opposite. Members of the various agencies felt that they would not get much money under the community chest setup as they would conducting Individ- ual drives. It took x x x a full year to overcome this -skepticism and ignorant criticism, and were finally able to Induce about 25 o1 our local leaders to serve on a tem- porary board of directors: This board acted primarily as a couri of hearing to set the budget for each Individual agency for the year after Its program had been explained to the se the goal for the campaign, to ap- point a campaign chairman and to set up a camoalgn organization for the drive. We were very for- tunate In that our board wa's wel chosen, acted unselfishly and chose the best man In the city as our campaign chairman, x x x MAKES BUDGETING EASIER "Your business men should fal In line with this plan very heartily because it means that they can se their budgets at the beginning o the year for welfare and charade building agencies and adhen strictly to it. They are not houndet all Ihe time by various organiza lions putting on their individiia driven, and they are not called up on to work on an average of drive a month. Furthermore, th community chest campaign ts s much broader and more thoroug that it reaches people who hav never been solicited before. It I the old story of cooperative elfor versus individual effort. To mi the, community chest Is definite! a success. There Is no overlappin of activities of any of the agencio. Each seems to be quite happy an satisfied with its budget allocation See CHEST, Pf. 6, Col. 5 AMARILLO, Jan. nation's livestock growers are pool- ing efforts to stabilize the demand and price for meat through an in- tensive newspaper, magazine and radio advertising campaign. Jay Taylor, Amarlllo cowman who is chairman of a committee appointed to develop the advertis- ing campaign, said today livestock growers hope to raise at least 000 for a year's campaign. This sum may be increased to a million dollars, he said. If first re- sults point to possible success. Stockmen propose to double the present 25-cent per car assessment on cattle shipped to market to raise advertising funds. Major live- stock organizations, including the American national and the Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Inc., have voled lo raise the assessment and adopt the proposed advertising campaign. Packers and retail markets will participate in the raising of funds in the advertising campaign and the cornbclt feeders will be asked to co-operate. Taylor said the purpose of the campaign was not to skyrocket the price of meal but to create if pos- sible a stable demand and price and to eliminate sharp fluctuations In demand and price. In adopting plans for the nation- al campaign, the stock raisers pointed out that various coopera- tives are spending around is 000 annually in advertising annu- ally In. MJvc.rtUIng food, some of it substitute for meat Pen Term Assessed In Sheep Iheft Case COLEMAN, Jan. jury In Judge O. U Parish's 119: district court this afternoon foun Joe Bell of near Valera guilty o sheovo Iheft and fixed his punish mcnt at three years and sevc months In the state prison. James Freeman, manager of th Freeman ranch near Talpa. test ficd that he missed about 500 hea of sheep at roundup time, and tha in the latter part of last Dcccmbc he found 32 head of sheep market like his In the pen of Bell. who. small place adjoins the Freema ranch. Freeman said he found slip gap along the boundary lln fence down. Bell, on the stand In his own bi half, and testified he bought tl sheep from a trucker at Pan An Kdo. He was unable to present Ih trucker as t witness In the case. Soviets Refuse 'lea That Envoy See Mrs. Rubens Cite Strict Rule Against Visiting Imprisoned Aliens WASHINGTON, Jan. The United States government re- etved today a soviet refusal of its eqiiest that an American embassy fflcial be permitted to alsit Mrs uth Marie an American .tlzen held in a Russian jail. The Soviets said their Interna uthorlties permitted the represen atives of ho" foreign government to isit Jte- natlpnaij in prison during he 'course .-if 'Investigations..'arw ould 'make no exception 'for th United States. Mrs. Rubens has been in jai ince the beginning of December n suspicion of espionage, Moscow fficlals revealed recently. Immediately on receiving tri oriels' admission on Monday tha Mrs. Rubens, who had entered th ountry under the name of Rut! forma Robinson, wife of Donal. Louis Robinson, was in jail, Sec etary Hull requested permissio or an American embassy attach o talk with her. 3.-i The soviet today'said they ha. slablished definitely that Rubens entered the country in pos esslon of a passport 'in the nam >f Ruth Norma Robinson, an hat her soviet visa to the passpor was valid. Monday the Soviets had informe his government they had arreste he woman's supposed husband Jonald Louis Robinson, at n the Ural mountains under sus plclon of spying. The passport under which Mr Rubens was traveling has bee >roved by the stale department t IB false, having been Issued on a application supported by a birl certiflcale of a child long sine dead. However, the soviet admlssio .hat their visa to the passport wa ralid Is laken to be a point In Mr Ruben's favor. Forging the sovli visa would have been a serious 01 "ense. Three Wounded In Shamrock Shooting SHAMROCK, Jan. Smith, his estranged wife and he mother, Mrs. D. Ellis, were crlt cally wounded in a shooting a fray in the Ellis home six mile, east of here early tonight. Mrs. Smith, 22, was shot In th hip. Mrs. Ellis In Ihe left side an Smith in the chest. FRENCH TRIBUTE Dominating the horizon at Ver- don, near Bordeaux, France, is the huge new masonry shaft, above, which will soon be dedi- cated to commemoration of fayette's aid to America in the Revolution, General Pershuig's World War feats and the ar- rival on Trench soil of the Am- erican Expeditionary Forces. Showers May Continue Today Moisture Map Takes In More Than Dozen Counties; Fall Of .63 Inch Here Puts Month Total Past Normal Two-day rains, capped by brisk showers throughout rea Saturday evening, brought Central West Texas a weekend respect of greening ranges. There was last night in every direction from Abilene', tie moisture map covered more than a dozen counties, and re- orts indicated precipitation extended well beyond the fringes trade territory. Rainfall varied from a half one and one-half inches. At any points the gauge for two ays was from two to three .ches. EAVIEST AFTER DARK In Abilene, Weatherman W. H. measured .63 Inch shortly aefore 10 o'clock last night. A prlnkle still fell at midnight. Of the moisture total here, .05 nch fell In the forenoon, the re- mainder in a steady downpoud hlch began soon afler dark. Precipitation for the day, added a uarter Inch Friday, brought he January total for Abilene to .37 inches. It was nearly double he .71 Inch which Is normal to ate. At the municipal airport the fall ;as .68 inch, but it failed to ham- Mr an eaitbound plane which anded on schedule earl yln the venlng. 3LOUDY FORECAST EVEH1S TO COME COLEMAN. Colorado River authority board will mee Tuesday morning. Tuesdiy night Future Farmers o America'ln Coleman district 'wi hold "chapter conducting contest. X Annual 'FFA and 4-H club cal shows, formerly annpunced fo March 3, be held February 2 YlClMTYj partly cloudy. WEST TEXAS: Cloaily. Inoai ibai In aoutn, warmer Iji west and norDt Qcr Sunday; .Monday partly <bodj, er In norta portion EAST TKXAS: tlnndr, MrstlM at In ftouih ftomeirWi rntcr la norlbwrst notth-rtntr Sanrfny; Hondiv parllj- rlond' In portion, fifnlle I odrrate rut lo northfisl Hfndt on II OK'MHOHA: Sunday; Monday rloudy. rooter In tic and north NEW ARIZOXA: lair Sunday nnd Monday: lltllr cl In Kanic A. M. ef j nnt'R Mtdnlint Irnifratarn rdir. CiOl: l orf.-.r. sni. 1 4hourS SLAYER WANTS TO Seeks Pardon To Become' Man Without Country' McALESTER, Okla., Jan. Kennamer, whose slaying of if John F. Gorrell, Jr., was a nation- al sensation In 1934. plans If freed lo become a modem "man without a country'1 he said today. The youthful son of a federal now only 22 said a South American company had ot- tered him a job he wanted to lake It and spend the rest of his life In voluntary exile. "All I want to do Is to get away from here." he said between his chores as a "sort of flunky" in the prison library, "and get this thing behind me and forget HOLDS NO MALICE Quieter and more earnest-appear- ing than when he was convicted of killing Gorrell and sent to prison for 25 years for manslaughter in February, 1935, Kennamer safd he bore no malice. KE.NMAMER He declined to comment on th recent marriage of Virginia Wilco daughter of oil millionaire H. 1 Witcox of Tulsn. for whom he as serlcd he killed Gorrell In self de ftnse as he sought to thwart kidnap plot. In Oklahoma City reports wer current that clemency for the youl might soon be considered by th state's unofficial pardon and paro board. GOVERXOR CONSIDERING Governor E. W. Marland has In dicated he might personally consi< er the case before he leaves offic Young Gorrell. a dental studen was slain Thanksgiving eve, 1934. Young Kennamer rocked the so clal set of Tulsa with his story h killed Gorrell during a scuffle ov a gun because Gorrell was a tempting to extort {20.000 from Wi cox on a threat :o kidnap Virgin! then 19. ported far from flood stage. West Texas had tain too, with Van Horn reporting two Inches which put ranges in fine fettle. Lighter rains were reported gen- erally over the state. TRAFFIC DELAYED Streets were flooded and rail [raffle from the, south" was de- layed by a heavy rain at Paris fil- day night. The precipitation total- ed 1.82 bringing to 221 inches the fall for a 48-hour period. Heavy rains the past 36 hours sent Scatter creek, south of Clarks- ville, over highway 37 for half of a mile, interrupting traffic be- tween Clarksville and 'BogaU for several hours Saturday. Continuation of showers was in prospect at Lubbock. Farmers re- ported their land would be In fine condition for ploughing after tha rains of the past two days. United States Sends Japs Rigid Protests WASHINGTON, Jan. The Unllcd States has made "em- phatic representations" to Japan, charging Japanese soldiers entered American property In Nanking 15 times in three days and took away 10 Chinese women refugees as well as property. The state department said Japa- nese officials subsequently had of- fered "explanations and assur- ances that adequate steps were now being taken to prevent simi- lar occurrences in the future." Call Open Forum On Community Chest What do the Abilenians who will be most vitally affected think about the proposed organization of a community chest? The answer to that and the op- ening of a channel that will'lead to the achievement of an Abilene chest is what the Boosters' club teeis In an open forum Wednesday- night. Invitations have gone to orga- nizations to have representatives present. A chairman will be elected from the floor. The letters of Invitation include: Mayor Will Hair and the four city commissioners, Ktwanls club, Ro- tary club. Uons club, Abilene Wo- man's club, American Legion, Tay- lor County Medical Society and auxiliary. Business and Profession- al Women's club, chamber of com- merce, Young Woman's Christian association, Taylor county chapter, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts; Mrs. Edith C. Smith, to represent the Parent- Teacher association milk fund cause for underprivileged children; Tay; lor County Child Welfare board, United Welfare Association, Abilens Recreation Board, Sunshine ery.