Sunday, May 8, 1927

Abilene Morning Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Page: 48

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Text Content of Page 48 of Abilene Morning Reporter News on Sunday, May 8, 1927

Abilene Morning Reporter News (Newspaper) - May 8, 1927, Abilene, Texas ■    '     :    "T ' ‘‘iv r?i < W : - " • .    :    ' :    *T lf 55sV >Sf ii'//// QI >27 jPV NCA itHVKX. IWC. (ssy >£ D.0< '"^///f SPR'Mg, EGAD-' — llT? Am-M-TAe SAACKLES OE WlM-TfeR ACE BPoCEM, A Md TAE BARTA RESROMOS It) TAE SOET CACHES OE GEMTLE SPPIMG/ *»«. Bv Tome.— I SAOOLD SE Poet". OUR BOARDING HOUSE "^#f Aaw Bn Tome,—I RMow x ■' •* what;-— I will plaM a <3ARDEM, EGAD/*~ AM~M— -tpaMsfopm a plaiM back nard iMT& A BEAUTIFUL boTaMical. &f5/l ( ( DlSPLAV / /a MCO. U. »• OTT. Am-M—TAlS BASE DISMAL COOMER WALL RADI ATE WITTA TPE COLOR AMD SC EMT" OF A DOZEM CULTURED SPECIES OF PRfZE WlMMlMG Rose busses / * ( H    MPjMV# V^> *' ThllS SECToM Will BE alive w\tu sud aMd Bloom I 1 - a vegetable paradise EOC. bees amd Mumming birds Tsi. •A*- ^'Tq^^IcL/ Ai-NA Hoople/' SWELL DAN AiM’T it ? Glorious ® BAXTER ,*'- GLORIOUS/ I I A-TOST PlaMMiMG ' To LAN MN BACRnACD ou< im flower BEOS AMD sARUBB&Rn/ NEA? WELL, TP ATvL BE mice/ NESSES— AS A BoTXMlCAL AUTPoCiTN, AMD lAMOSCAPE EXPECT, t Will TORM Lf K*. TAlS VARO iMTO A SAOW PLACE, BAXTER/' Am-m— egad, 1 **- X Will Pave miSiTiMg AFTERMOOMS FOC TAE GEMECAL PUBLIC,— RARE PLATTS— CULTIVATED BLOSSOMS — AMD ALL TAAT, £ NVMaW./ a pool Pere, wiTA aouaTc <S REEMS,-- AM oLD-FAsAioMED GARDEA TAeRE im A Riot OF COLOR-- IM fact; i’ll SPEMD A TAoUSAMO, AMD Do \T UP RiGAT / I/ I Mg •I *tn#»»uT7TV ll ' ii A iQ?—v- a -UL. NEA well, baxter,'- guess i’ll go im ■TAE Bouse aMd draw up mn gardeM PLAMS,—TAeM TORM TAE (A OMER Ta VI HOOPLE' “ A COMPETENT MUCSERN / — X ft, (,-■ S'loMG.', 6EE VOO  j- A6Mk\ * a‘ r¥ 016 V * > WiMDMILL.' /* ■IE AED CLEAM UP TUT goat RaMcA BACR NARD OF Ais, IT would se garoeM EMoUGA/ — IG, LAZN SAP/ Uv. STILL,- x DO MaT TA IMC \T ^ would be wise to set out A GAROEM, AMO AROUSE TAE eMMITN AMD TEALOUSN OF oMe'S meigAbors «— Mo* oow ooq aA-A-A—■-TAis strides mn FAMCV,— "MARE CESERVAToMS FOR TAAT MEDlTfeRR AME AM CRUISE MOW'— SAluMG TOME 4-" EGAO.^WiSA I WERE ABLE Tb GO *— —— AA ME,— well— IT * T/ € uA. ti Ut ^ Mi lf f!U > I