Thursday, November 21, 1935

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Abilene Daily Reporter, The (Newspaper) - November 21, 1935, Abilene, Texas Sbtltnc "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES. WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT riON VOL. LV. Fufl Leased Wires of Associated Press (O) United Press (UP) ABILENE, TEXAS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, TWELVE PAGES (Evening Edition of The Abilene Morotofl Newt) NUMBER JAPAN'S CHINA SCHEME FAILS Ethiopians Are Put To Rout In North AAA TAX RULE MONDAY U.S. Litigate Later Plea In Brief Filed In Suit of fRice Millers WASHINGTON, Nov. The administration asked the su- preme court today to compel pro- cessors of farm products contesting processing taxes to "pay first and litigate later." A brief filed In the rice millers test case made abainst the request at the same time that attorneys for farmers and processing interests Bought to Intervene In tests of the new deal farm program. The rice case brief'was filed at noon, the deadline set by the court. To Decide Monday The tribunal has indicated It will decide Monday whether 'processors may sue to restrain the collection of processing taxes. The ruling may indirectly affect more than suits wrklng to enjoin processing tax collection and dyer-. due taxes. x. JustVbefon) the' government's., 'was received, Davis, 'lib rty league lawyer and 1924'demo ratlc presidential candidate, ant Nathan L. Miller, former republican governor of New York, sought t Intervene as "friends of the court for three nationally known proces sors In the processing act test case scheduled for argument Dec. 9. They contended the AAA Is an unconstitutional invasion of stato rights. The opposite extreme of the AA debate was taken by Vernon A Vrooman, counsel for the league lo economic equality, an association o farmers in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebras ka and South Dakota. Vrooman in Des .Moines ers were interest ed ui the case because of Its at tempt to "preserve equality between agriculture arid other industries." "No less In the realm o[ tutlonal law than In that of poll, tics or that of economics mus realism Vrooman'.- brei pleaded. Urges Moderation It urged the court to place "only moderate reliance on Judicial pre. and to match the constl tutlon against the problems of th< times, "with a view to ascertaining whether it Is not susceptible of reasonable Interpretation rendering See AAA, Pg. 11, Col. 5 President of Tulane U. Dies NEW ORLEANS, Nov. Dr. A. B. Dlnwlddie, 64, president of Tulane university since October 1, 191B. died today after a lengthy Illness from heart disease. He was a native of Lexington, Ky. Potter Co. Calls Liquor Election AMARILLO, Nov. cyp) The Potter county commissioners court today called a local option election for December 2 to determine wheth- er the sale of liquor will be legal- ized in the county. The action was taken after peti- tions containing names, 450 more than required, had been pre- sented. Meanwhile the sheriff's depart- ment began a drive against liquor violators. Fourteen persons, most of whom were drug store operators or hotel porters, were arrested and charged with violation of the new state llquoi- control act Complaints were filed against three others. Britons Aid Drake Fraud Trial With British authorities the prosecution. Oscar Hariull, upper left, accused as the arch-promoter in tbe notorious Sir Franco Drake estate swindle, again b on trial, In Chicago federal court. Hartiell now Is serving a 10-year sentence In Leavenworth In the swindle. Upper rlf hi Is a certified facsimile of the signature on tbe will of the famed English adventurer. Introduced as evidence In tbe trial of the 42 defendants. Pictured below at the trial an Walter Johnson, left, V. S. postal Inspector; Charles Challen, center, English barrister; and Arthur Bishop, right, of Scotland Yard. Challen and Bishop will he government witnesses. lUShort Temblor fP Shakes Island HONOLULU, T. H., Nov. sharp earthquake shock Jolted residents of Hllo on the "big" Island I of Hawaii from their beds early tu- FULLiElREAT Peace Talks Revived In Paris But Mussolini In- dicates They Will Mean Little By Associated Press. Ethiopia's northern defend- ers were beaten and put to flight by the fascist invaders in a mountain battle today, the Italian field command reported. Clash South of Makalc Pour battalions of Infantry and one calvary squadron were said to be pursuing the retreating warriors of Has Seyoum, Ethiopian northern: commander, after the clash at a mountain pass south of Makale ou the route to Afliba AJaJJ. Premier Mussolini, at the same ilme. was strengthening Italy's re- sistance to League of Nations sanc- tions by granting leaves of' three months to Fascist The government announced they would be used to Increase Italy's agricultural and Industrial produc- tion and said the move had. no 'international significance." I Italian pilots reported Ethiopians were again concentrating In the Mali MescJc" valley, below Selicot, the Makale area, although they hub been dispersed tfieS Monday by no air bombardment. As French and British experts re- vived peace talks In Paris, authorl- I tatlve French quarters said Premier Abandoned Tot May Be Texan MEMPHIS. Tenn., NOT. M (AP) Department of Justice arenb may be asked to aid in In- vestigating mysterious circum- stances nrroondlnr tbe aban- donment here last month of a chubby little three-year-old (Irl who oaUi herself "Colleen" and prattles of Texas. Fear that the brown-eyed, brown-haired child left here by a younr n-raralval trouper, was kidnaped was expressed today by Geonla Tann, executive secretary of Ibe Tennessee Chil- dren's Home society. She became aiupleloas when' on three differ- ent occasions .people claimed the child, only to disappear when an Investigation was started. Miss Tann said she had learn- ed the woman was not the child's mother. Footprints of the child will be checked with those on file In Texas bospltals. ROME, Nov. MnssoUni today granted three- month leave to men of his army of Hartzell Gypped Gullible Americans Out Of Many Millions CHICAGO, Nov. at the trial of Oscar M. Hartzell and 40 others for promoting the "Sir Francis Drake estate" scheme got an Idea today how the money rolled In. Before Federal Judge Phillip L. Sullivan, prosecutor Austin Hall plunked package after package of receipts on the exhibit table. He Identified them as part of those sent out to Investors who put money Into the scheme. Hartzell, brought back from Leav- enworth prison for trial with his followers, took In more than 000, the government charges, by promising Investors returns as high as 1.000 to 1 from Sir Francis' long lost loot. The victims were told, according See HARTZELL, Pg. 11, Col. 7 Page Rockett On Trial at Baird; Charged With Attacking Girl Special to. the Reporter. BAIRD, Nov. state has Indicated by questioning of pros- pective Jurors that the death penal- ty will be sought In the case of Page Rockett, 19-year-old Pioneer youth charged with a statutory of- fense, whose trial was called in 42nd district court here at 9 o'clock tlus morning. Mussolini would not be Interested In any Franco-British peace proposals until the new Italian commander, Marshal Pletro Badoglto, has "had a chance to win a few battles." They declared the renewed nego- tiations were a "formality" and merely "to keep the door open and show the world Prance and Britain are fulfilling their obligations" t'j seek peace, By the Associated Press. Empsror Haile Selassie was back' in Addis Ababa today, having com- pleted an aerial tour of the south- em front shortly before two fascist airplanes flew over the section he had surveyed. New Peace Moves The Ethiopian government an- nounced the Italian machines passed over Harar and Dlredawa, In east- ern Ethiopia, just after the Lion of Judah started'back for the capital, which he left only Tuesday. The communique said the Italian planes dropped no bombs, indicating they were "pursuing the Ethiopian plane" Member of Prominent West Texas Family III Many Years the ,v StAMFOMT, Nov. Bunkley, 78, member of a prominent west Texas family, died early Thursday at the Stamford sanitar- ium. In 111 health for five years, she had survived several critical Illness- es with remarkable vitality during past few years. She became seri- ously 111 and was removed from her home a mile east of Stamford to the hospital a week ago. Funeral services will be held at the home of a son, Dr. E. P. Bunk- ley, mayor of Stamford, at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon and interment will be made in' Highland ceme- tery. Klnney. Funeral home is In charge of burial arrangements. Mrs. Bunkley, the former Miss Mary Eliza Henslee, was born near Farmersvllle In Collln county, Oc- tober 0, 1857. She and J. E. Bunk- ley were married 55 years ago last July. They moved to Stamford In 1916.. Their daughter and five sons are well known Jones county citi- zens. Survivors Include the husband, a had been named at noon, after 41 members of a special venire of 70 men had been question- ed. District Attorney J. R. Black and County Attorney F. E. Mitch- ell, in charge of prosecution, have queried each venlreman ns to con- scientious scruples against the elec- tric chair as punishment tor crime. When the case was called, Frank Judkins of EastlanS, counsel for the See TRIAL, Pg. 11, Col. 6 WHAT WOULD WILL WRITE ABOUT MEMORIAL? HERE'S ON IDEA In the new peace moves under way at Paris, Maurice Peterson, head of the Ethiopian department of the British foreign office, was to What would Will Rogers say U he knew his old friends In Abilene and Taylor county .through Thursday morning had contributed a total of 242.60 for building (or establishi- ng) a "permanent, living memorial" to him? Down In Bryan, Texas, where the national memorial campaign also Is underway, Mrs. M. R. Bentley, Bryan's first contributor, "comes hrough" with an answer to that ery question, as per columnist and humorist deluxe might have written It, Here !t is: "Well, I see by the papers where contributions are actually being re- _ celvcd for that memorial that the j day. The trembler was of short boys dedicated to me after my silly k duration. crack-up In Alaska. Now you know I- feel flattered and I want you all to know that I appreciate the fact that you want folks to remember me, but I want to be sure that they remember mo Just as I was. You know, about a hundred years from now, when some school boy at that thing with my name on It and was Will Rogers anyhow? want somebody to spenk up right quick and Rogers! Why he was a guy that refused, to let euse and oppiuence get him down; the feller that kidded every- body else in the worid, but never kidded himself; the guy that dis- covered how to make Jokes tell the truth. Now honest, nev- er forgive yoj If you build a thing See ROGERS, Pf. II, Col. 8 See WAK, Pf. 11, Col. 1 Is Arrested For Not Sending His Wife to School LANCASTER, Pa., Nov. Augustus Bower, 25, was arrested today, charged with falling to send his pretty 15-year-old wife to school. He posted bond for a hear- ing. School officials sold the wife. Ber- tha Williams Bowers, hod not at- tended. West Junior high school since last April. She was married shortly before last Easter. Mrs. Bowers asserted she did not Intend to quit school, but was ab- sent on the advice of her physician, because of nervousness. See MRS. BUNKLEY, Pg. 11, Col. 6 Wichita Falls Man Injured In Wreck PAMPA, Nov. Kell of Wichita Falls was in a Pampa hospital last night recovering from Injuries received in an automobile accident near Lefors. After he regained consciousness, he explained his automobile lights failed and the car went into a ditch. Dazed by a head injury, he walked a short distance from the wreck and collapsed. A passing mo- torist found him and called an am- bulance. Army Wants To Go On But Orders From High- er Up May Force Com- promise TOKYO, Nov. 21.-JapaneB political experts close to th government asserted today th North China situation hai d veloped into an explosive isau with Tokyo government. Scheme Miscarries Dispatches from China shower, that the scheme for the declara tlon of autonomy by the five pro vlnces In North China under th protection of the Japanese arm had miscarried. However, although Japanese civ Ulan leaders were temoorarlly re straining the action of the Japa nese militarists In China, a strong element of the army was Insisting that the North China autonomy plan be carried through. According to the political experts the Issue will be debated In a meet- Ing of the cabinet tomorrow. It Is expected KoM Hirota, the foreign minister, will be pitted against Oen. Yoshlyukl Kawashlmo, minister of war, In the debate. Experts said that the life of the cabinet might possibly depend up- on the outcome. Hirota Is expected to support the compromise suggested by Ambassa- dor Aklra Ariyosnl fpllowlng his Interview yesterday won '.generalis- simo Chiang Nanking would be permitted to re- tain a considerable degree 04'ioir- <rjenty lh North" China. "The newspaper Asahl asserted that Ambassador Arlyoshl, whom the militarists long have accused of softness In dealing with the Chi- nese, submitted his compromise proposal to Tokyo with the com- ment, ''this Is likely to be my last service to the emperor." indicating he would resign If the army leaders prevailed. An official source said the chle: reason for the setback In plans to bestow a new regime on people of five North China prov- inces was an order by the army high See SINO-JAPS, Pg. 11, Col. 3 Plucky Banker Foils Robbery HORNERSVILLE, Mo.. Nov. Two unmasked men failed In an at- tempt to rob the Merchants and Planters bank of Hornersvllle today 'hen P. C. Parks, the president, walked from the vault with a pistol In his hand and opened fire on them. The two robbers left their auto- mobile Just around the corner from ;he bank. One of them covered two customers In the lobby and the oth- er went to a window where Joe Rose, assistant cashier, was stand- ing. The robber ordered Rose to give aim the bank's money. "Like hell we replied Parks as he ran for the vault door. The robber fired two shots at him as he disappeared inside the vault. He emerged quickly and shot sev- eral times at the robbers who ran rom the building and drove rapld- y south toward the state line. Proposed Japan Controlled Nation Map below than the five In North __. nlalion of which JapaneM mHIUrbU bare claimed in autonomy, ludependent from the central (orenattnt Chlanr KaJ-Sbek. Tbe province! of Hopeb. Bbantuc. BhaMl, Cbar- ar and Salman an ihown along with the other anai utntnlM k? Japan, with the if Tlrtual aciiuslllon, (AaHctotod FOREIGN TRADE WASHINGTON, Nov. merlcan foreign trade In October as the heaviest since March 1931 department of commerce re- orted today. Despite American warnings gainst trade with Italy, tota merlcan exports In October rose the highest since arch, 1931, when they were October Imports were le highest since March, 1931, when ley were October exports were up 12 per nt and Imports were 17 per cent rger than In September. The ex- ss of exports over Imports was compared with 0 In October, 1934. For the first 10 months of 1935, e export balance was mpared with In the rresponding period of 1934. Seasonal Increase In foreign sales agricultural products largely ac- unted for the gain In October ex- rts. Unmanufactured cttton exports created from pounds, lued at in September 3C0.755.000 pounds valued at In October. Tobacco exports rose to unds, an Increase of unds of September. East African War Booms Cotton Trade LONDON, Nov. tics showed today that I he Halo- Ethiopian hostilities were booming See TRADE, Pg. II, Col. 6 To League Moves Officially Paralyze Italian War Industry Trial 01 Johnson Is Hearing Close BIO Nov. The trial of John Johnson, Lynn county deputy sheriff, charged with slay- Ing B. C. Best, was In the final stages today as Judge Charles L- Klapproth prepared his charge to the Jury. Johnson pleaded self-defense. Orady testified that B. C. Best was shot while he had his hands "in the air." The shooting occurred near La- mesa, Dowson county. WAR AGAINST DUST STORMS GENEVA, Nov. The league of nations moved officially today to tighten the throttling of Italy by depri-ing her of oil, coal, Iron and steel lo paralyze her war Industries. Augusta rtc Basconcellos of Portugal, chairman of the league's Un ft n ronugai, chairman 01 me leagues i. 5011 Conservation PrO- "general staff" committee of IB gram Will Help KANSAS CITY, Nov. war against dust storms was in- tensified today after n brief, un- seasonable return of black clouds as plagued parts of the Southwest last spring. Eoll erojlan workers a', Okla- homa Panhandle headquarters, m Quymon, said the program would oe pushed "more vigorously" slncf some saw visibility reduced Monday to zero. The dust clouds, first of any con- See DUBT, PI. 11, Col. 2 key nations, convoked th! commit' tec for a meeting on Nov. 29 to decide on extension of the em- bargo. The feeling lr league circles, rlght- or wrongly, was that the sympathet- ic attitude of the Unlled States and other neutrals promised some chance of making the embargo effective. The committee of 10 experts on means of applying sanctions will meet Nov. 27, to prepare for the meeting of the larger committee. The decision to convoke the larger committee, on which all league leaders arc represented, was the first result of three things: 1. The effort of President Roose- velt and Secretary of State Cordeli Hull to restrict trade In key ma- terials to Italy. 2. Germany's restriction of the export of raw materials, a body blow also to Italy. 3. Argentln- 's decIMm to odd the commodities voluntarily to the list Commissioner Testifies In Own Defense In Im- peachment Hearing AUSTIN, Nov. E. Mc- Donald, commissioner of agriculture, underwent a close cross examina- tion today as the house of repre- sentatives continued a hearing on charges of official misconduct filed against him by a mlnoritv of a special Investigating committee. House counsel questioned him in detail concerning use of a truck owned by his brother In transport- ing slate Jacks nnd stallions and about presentation to his sons of two mares by a Kansas breeder from whom the state purchased an- imals. McDonald testified he used a truck owned by his brother, A. E. McDonald, because he could not obtain the type of vehicle alsewhere and because his brother allowed him to experiment with It to obtain an efficient bed. He reiterated a denial that he knew It was a violation of the nepotism law or that he con- nived to continue Its use Illegally through transfer for a third party. McDonald said he did not shop See MCDONALD, pg. 11, col. Ban On "Tobacco Road" Is Upheld CHICAGO, Nov. Edward J. Kelley's ban on the play Tobacco which he closed on Oct. 21 as "a mass of filth" was up- held today by the United States circuit court of appeals. of those already voted. The decision alio Is a sign league nations believe they that have Weed succeeded, beyond their fondest j hopes, In getting off to a running start on the first mass effort In world history to penalize a making nation by a bloodless tack. If Italy can be deprived of coal, steel and Iron, It Is believed that she can. not long conduct her war. Not only her war Industries but her Industry as a whole would be paralyzed. No diplomatist had See LEAGUE, Pj. II, Col. 9 Abilene and cloudy to- nliht and Friday. West or 100th meridian Fair tonlfrtu and 'Friday. Eael or 100th meridian Partly cloudy, wanner In uoulh and cen- tral portions tonight: Friday partly cloudy. Temperatures Wed. Thurs. P.m. a.m. 1 B3 3 71 5J 3 71 51 4 71 SI 5 63 59 S.7 6.1 Dry thermometer Wet thermometer Kelallvo humldUy 63 II 40 4 ior>