Friday, February 13, 1948

Kingsport Times

Location: Kingsport, Tennessee

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of Kingsport Times on Friday, February 13, 1948

Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 13, 1948, Kingsport, Tennessee _ Tribe On Two Game Road Trip, Bucs At Blountville San Francisco eligibility Ruckus Shows Signs 0fFollowing EdMcKeever In to Pro Grid Gome Ban eligibility ruckus Kicked up by Coach Ed McKeever at the Univer- sity of San Francisco showed signs today of following him into pro- fessional football. President Tony Morabito of the San Francisco 49'ers is en route to Chicago with demands for an in- vestigation by the All-America Con- ference of the "white paper" on USF football which McKeever left behind when he became coach of Chicago Rockets. After coaching at USF for a year McKeever abruptly resigned last month to take the pro team job and wrote a widely circulated let- ter in which he questioned eligibil- ity of 22 USF players and said money was paid to some of the Dons. Morabito left last night for a week end meeting of officials of the All-America Conference, of which the 49'ers and Rockets are members. Til say plenty about this at the Morabitc said. He said he considered McKeever's action "my business and I don't like It" "We're trying to build good will tear it Morabito add- ed. "He is one of us and people can't help but ask: 'What kind of coaches do you Asked if he believed McKeever's job with the Rockets-would be en- dangered, Morabito said: "This certainly won't enhance it." University of San Francisco of-' ncials meanwhile returned a heavy fire of counter charges at McKee- athletic officials charged ver. USF McKeever had: 1. Told five players he brought here for the USF team to cover up the fact they had previously attend- ed other colleges. 2. Stripped the athletic files of such papers as schedule negotia- tions, alumni letters. on prospect and football plans. 3. Repeatedly exceeded budget for grid games. Father Jerome Sullivan, athleti moderator, announced that one of the 22 players named b; O'Connor, former ly of Notre Dame and St. Loui was ineligible Only one Mocha, sale by McKeever to have attendee Pittsburgh, Bethany and Marylan in doubt, Father Sulli van said. He added that McKeever had "compromised" five players whi failed to mention previous college attendance but that their names will be clear unless any opopnen objects to their playing. All Popular Brands BEER and ALE and Free Delivery By Case CHEROKEE BEVERAGE GO. Phone 1695 Complete Sperling Goods Fishing Tackle Martin Motors Boats The Famous Whizzer-James Servicycle' Phone 1655 111 E. Market TODAY WIsTaFnil THEATRES STRAND Thrilling Ad rent lire Larry PARKS Star. Ol The Jolton The Swprdsmon' in TECHNICOLOR Shows at Jen Hall Michael O'Shea Buittr Crabbi "LAST OF THE REDMEN" Show, at: Ja-mM Mouse World Newi POPEYE CLUB Meets Saturday RIALTO Charles STARRETT Smiley BURNETTE In 'Stranger From Ponea City' Celer Cartoon Chapter "The Vljllaite" GEM 'Oat of the thanderinr Went comes tUa freat thrill-packed story of a killer horse: HOOT GIBBON In "SILVER DEVIL" Killer of the and Serial Shows at: Jinx Midnight Show Friday, 13ih, I Starring; Boris Karloff Tickets Now On Sale ADULTS ONLY No Children VAND Tennessee All-Stars To Play Dobyns-Taylor At Auditorium Followers of the University of Tennessee tomorrow night will see several of the Vol gridders in it will be basketball activity as the U-T All-Star quint appears at the Civic Auditorium ;againsi Dobyns-Taylor in the feature contest of a double-header for the benefii of the Civitan Club's Boys Camp. The first game of the evening matches Mason-Dixon with Small- king's of Bristol. The first contest Brooklyn Owner Views Bums As Gas House Gang By .Harry Grayson New Ricke: sees the 1948 Dodgers as a new Gas-House Gang. "This said the Deacon, "ha the makings of the most interest ing, rugged and best one in my Brooklyn tenure." Asked if he believed the return of Leo Durocher would have some thing to do with the case, the Dea con replied: "No, it isn't that though Leo might be said to b mixed up in the situation some what. "Eddie Stanky typifies the asser live player type we. have, as dc Jackie Robinson and Ralph Bran ca. I have an idea Dick Whitman will be one of our new Gas-Hous ers." This is the same Stanky who i, concerned about his job at secon< base, where Mahatma Rickey ha, made it quite clear he would liki to employ Robinson, who doesn' smack the long ball often enougl to be used at first base, where he still was anything but a polishec hand at the wind-up last fall. World Series Flop Branca came close to being un beatable when right during the season but the only time the youni and large New York University alumnus asserted' himself in the World Series was when he was taking a shower. Branca is playing professional basketball this winter against the advice of all basebal men. Outfielder Whitman was re called from the minors. Although fabled in song anc story, the Cardinal Gas-House Gang was greatly overrated. With the Deans, ill-fated Bill De Lancey, Ripper Collins, Frisch Durocher, Martin, Medwick, Or satti, Terry Moore, Jack Rothrock and some more, the so-called Gas House Gang accounted for only one of the numerous pennants won by the St. Louis Nationals. That was in 1934. Became More An Act No one thought of calling the Red Birds the Gas House Gang when they roared down in front in 19SO-31, and, following the conques of "34, when the great Dizzy Dean clinched it on the final day, th< Cards did not prevail again, unti '42. And that one and subsequent winners certainly were no part o: Gas-House Gangs under the quietly efficient, yet thoroughly aggressive Billy Southworth and Eddie Dyer Pepper Martin was terrific with his natural color, but when he or- ganized the Mudcat band the Gas House Gang became more of an act than a baseball club. Things got so far out of hand a one time that the irrepressible Martin actually asked Sam Brea< don to change the name of the club from the Cardinals to the Mudcats Aided Brook Hurling Burt Shotton, a fine old gentle man, last year straightened out th< Brooklyn pitching, gave the club balance and poise it lacked under Lippy Leo Durocher. Handled by a man under whom they didn't have to be unruly, th< Bums were able to concentrate on the job at hand, went on to tb pennant not a few think they should have copped the previous season, when The Lip was having such a high old time for himself. The Cardinal Gas-House Gang and the Brooklyn clubs of the pas' two campaigns are something in the way of evidence that it doesn't pay a Jaaseball club to be too ram- bunctious. The Golden Rule can and shoulc be used in dealing with your fel- lowman, particularly wlien it comes to courtesy. YOUR NEW PHONE TOO RAY WHITNEY BAND K I IN OS PORT'S HOME OWNED T H t- 1 H t begins at 7 o'clock, the feature at total ofiseven Vol gridders wil perform against Dobyns-Taylor Denver Crawford, a home-town product, and Hal Littleford of Bris- tol will spearhead the invasion. Other Vols showing here will be Walt Slater, Jim Powell, J. B Proctor, Al Rotella and Bob Hicks Slater presently is attending U-T but is playing pro football with Pittsburgh of the National League And one of his pro teammates Bobby Cifers, will be wearing a Dobyns-Taylor uniform. The U-T Stars have played sev- eral games this season and are fast rounding themselves into a capable aggregation. They also played here last season in a bene- fit contest against Ray Killian's quint. Dobyns-Taylor will encounter plenty of beef in the Vols. Little- ford is the lightest man of the in- vading squad, weighing only 166 pounds. From that the Vols range upwards to Rotalla, who weighs in at 235. Powell is the tallest of the in- vaders, standing two inches past six feet. Crawford is six-one, while Proctor is an even six feet. The others Tange from five feet ten to six feet. The Stars play much like" the House of David but never permit their clowning to interfere with their basketball and when the go- ing is 'close they concentrate en- tirely on their .game. The Smalling's-Trucker contest should be equally interesting. Smalling's has one of the top teams in the Bristol City League and only Saturday night downec Hutch-Wallin, local City League leader, in-an impressive display ol strength. To counter the Bristol attack, Masqn-Dixon will count heavily on the play-making and shooting ac- curacy .of Cecil Puckett, Paul Cloud, and Hubert Orton. Jonesville Five Hearing Perfect Lee Co. Season By Virgil Q. Wacks St. Charles, ball .in the Lee County Conference makes an exit Friday night with the big tournament scheduled to start February 20, at Thomas Wal- ker. The Thomas Walker Oilers are yet to find a team that can stop them. They have ,a perfect record of 13 wins and rio losses in the conference with a clean outside slate in the exhibition field. They have one game to go to make it a perfect year. If they can beat St. Charles at Thomas Walker Fri- day night, the glory and applause will probably bring the roof tum wil1 "Batbpy of the Giants" Long Range Forecast No sooner had Iowa State's base- ball coach, Cap Timm, completed a 20-game schedule for his team next spring than football tutor Abe Steuber asked for a.copy. "I want to know now what days spring football practice will be rained Abe explained. One-Minute Sports Page With Gus Lesnevich threatening to eat himself into the heavyweight division, Manager Joe Vella has clamped down on public appear- at mealtime. "The next time you show up in Joe told Gus, "will be against Billy Fox -March 5." Babe Didrikson Zaharias has col- lected 29 watches as prizes for ath- letic excellence and is threatening to start a new fad by having them made into a belt. Harry Har- per, New Jersey State Labor Com- missioner who once pitched for the Red Sox and Yankees, is seeking the Republican nomination as United States senator from New Jersey. And Shirley (Washington Povich points that, if elected, Harper would be the only senator who ever lost a 1-0 decision to Walter Johnson. Double Knockout Julian Miller, Florida basketball guard, is a very determined guy and when Georgia's Joe Jordan outscored 19-5 in their first clash this season, Julian vowed it wouldn't happen again. It didn't. The next night Jordan didn't get a neither did Miller. Dots' All, Brothers The next addition to. baseball literature, which covers nearly Won. Garth Garreaii, scheduled for Bv day, like giving the' kids some recogni- Eight Mid-South Boxers Qualify For Chicago Meet Memphis Eight winners of open bouts in the Mid-South Gold- en Gloves tournament were eligible today to compete in the western tournament of champions at Chi- cago. The tournament ended last nighb- with the Memphis team taking the honors. Final results were: Ray Barrom of. Memphis defeat- ed Bill Hale of the Little Rock Boys Club by a second-round TKO. Bantamweight: Bobby Bonnet of Orleans decisioned John Olson of the Naval Air Technical Training Center, Memphis. Welterweight: Clint Ockerman of Arkansas Teachers decisioned Warren Sparks I of the Navy. Middleweight: Vernon Dial of Memphis deci- sioned Bobby Topp, University of Mississippi. Light heavyweight: Edward Kelson of Jackson, Miss., defeated Jack Melker, North Little Rock, TKO in second round. Featherweight: Leroy Vann, Marines, decisioned. ueany vann, .marines, G every club and every outstanding Gordon Gilbert, Memphis. To The Voters Of Hawkins County I hereby solicit your vote and influence for the office of HIGH SHERIFF of Hawkins County, subject to the Republican Primary to be held in the near future. My only interest: strict law en- f orcement, based upon and impartiality. GARVIE L. STRONG Political Adv. TAKE LAZY DOLLARS TO TASK Money placed with this institution earns consist- ently higher returns. Put your dollars on a full Working day now. Funds are protected from risk and readily obtained when needed. Open your savings account with us now. THUBBDAT NIGHT, WKPT. 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