Friday, March 17, 1939

Kingsport Times

Location: Kingsport, Tennessee

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 17, 1939, Kingsport, Tennessee PAGE TWO THE KINGSPORT TIMES, KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE, FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 1939 DOWN IN FRONT By JOHN BLOOMER .pot in ,IS corner has spent a great deal of time wondering how it is that the directors of the Kingsport club spend so little time moaning .ipout the financial condition of the local Appalachian member, while directors at Elizabethton. Greeneville, Newport and Pennington Gap m an annual "spring training" period from February 1 until the league opening marked by alternate periods of sighing over finances scrambles for money. 'e been living under thc delusion that Kingsport directors .seel no great need for money because they had a. nice little ic treasury, but this writer finally stumbled onto the fact today ciub fund at the.present amounts to somehing like ?5, hardlv vot tn nnt'CCr ?ut the Kingsport directors haven't found time f P tear-jerker. They are busy in a quiet way at f ti Promises of advertisements, concessions and so forth tney hope will net them the needed to to start the hMlt'hv which they are going about it presages a healthy, thnvmg baseball team for Kingsport this summer It won't be rich, by any means, and it will probably fail to come-under the un- thstribiued profits section of the federal income laws, but it will have enough money to pull through the season and fork out the payroll KNOXVILLE QUINT FAVORED TO TAKE STATE CAGE TITLE East Tennessee Lads Over- come 10-Point Lead Built by Nashville Central to Beat Mid-State Champs Eastman League Ends Basketball Schedule Tonight SOUTHERN LEAGUE FOR 1939 SEASON Werber Will Add Enough To Reds To Aid! (Team Win National Pennant Says Scribe Schedule for the Tennessee East- man inter-departmental basketball! Arkansas Travelers Are Still twice a month. This appeals every spring on thc basis that it is have into of tearful the community to help the baseball club a community project" and closely breaking point. If there are enough oiastic baseball fans of the city to support a club, then there is no why the club should not be operated. But trying to keep up a the benefit a SmaU of fans is much mighty glad that a few men have taken the task is a task un-inr th h entertainment. Operating such, a club to assume condltions. and one that not very many wish Hash and Balderdash: haPPfined Jock Sutherland and Mississippi State? The haVS- eye larser or "hocked the Maroon the f deserves lt Buck Newsom is year' and this corner is of hodnn c t-n i, e mmerman, te holdout is still holding out and will apparently continue to do .is the local directors are concerned, until he wishes to Edd'e Zimmerman, the Cherokee so as far come to terms NASHVILLE, March 17. fighting band of Knoxville lads occupied the role of favorite today :n the state high school basketball lourney after winning a thrilling 29-27 over-time game last night from the powerful Nashville Cen- ral team. After trailing 10 points at the end of the first quarter, Knoxville battled the mid-state titleholders jntil the count was 27-all and the emulation playing time expired. iVith the extra period 40 seconds ild Will Wright, sub Knoxville enter, scored and "sudden death" tvas the lot of Ntshvi lie's crack entry. To Meet Milan Knoxville will play at 8 o'clock tonight, going against the West Tennessee champion, Milan, win- ier yesterday over Kittrell, 42 to '4. The westerners also chose the route to victory, wiping out he mid-staters early margin of six to go en and win. In the other half of thc Term- inals. Nashville Isaac Litton, run- ler-up to Central in the mid-state 'ourney last week and victor over Bradley County, 23-19. will oppose Linden. Thc Linden lads, who fiiii'shed "ourth in the mid-state joust, won 'rom Bemis, 3C-32. after a contest 'n which thc West runners-up un- imbercd two definite challenges. Linden enjoyed a 52-4 lead after the first quarter but only n 17-10 ;dge at half-time. The Bemis boys bogged down again in the third oeriod and a fourth quarter rally came too late. Consolation Bracket First-round losers will get into action again today by virtue 01 a consolation bracket.. Kittrell will so against Nashville league will be ended tonight with the playing of the much-postoonod j frame between the leading S and M and Triple-A teams, the leaders of the league. S and M has led the league throughout the. season, the Triple-A team on its heels all the way. In the other game scheduled for tonight Twisting will meet En- gineering. The basketball season ut Tennes- see Eastman will be ended next week with a tourney, featuring the teams in. the inter-departmental league. Drawings for the tourney were to have been made 'oday with Triple-A, S and M, Experi- mental Lab and Yarn Lab the seeded teams. Faced With Two Holdouts In Sharpe and "Final" Offer Is Made (lly The As.surlfttril I'ri-.w) The baseball playing dogies of the Southern Association showed inclination' today to head into camp for thc training roundup be- fore the season's mid-April open- ing. Paul Spencer, pitcher, and sec- ond baseman Lou Bush, showed yesterday at the Memphis traming quarters in peland, Fla., just in time for the'third pepper game. Polti Reports Into Kiki Cuyler's camp rolled havo bumPed Louis.Polll. las't of the Chatt. into defeat since Sunday. Two teams from the powerful Missouri Valley A.A.U. League, thc champion Denver Nuggets and the Lookouts' unreportcd players. The veteran pitcher declared he was in "good shape and ready to start work." Lookout President Joe En- TW..V. JTlcaiuum JOC Hin- ilhps> are left gel' who stayed from the Sanford Coast Fla.. camp to look over the Min- L 4 1_ T1 I "J 44.U1J1 VllC fcJtlliiUi U. f i Fla" CSmP t0 100k OV6r the u T? f W1" be neapolis Millers at Daytona Beach, handed out tomorrow night. said he found there a promise of Sscmi-Fiua! .Jousts frora Manager Mike Kelly f In tonight's the Hoi- George has yet a cou- who perpetrated I pie of holdouts on the Little Rock '.he upset that had spectators last night, will meet the Thc Nuggets will play trio "an -Francisco Olymnic Club. north- Travelers. Kola Sharpe and Gar- land Braxton. But into his camp Rhinelanders' Confi- dence Grows With Addition Player By GAYLE TALBOT TAMPA, Fla., March 17. think the Cincinnati Reds have just about sewed up the 1039 Na- tional league pennant with their purchase of Bill Worber, fleet and sure-handed third baseman from thc Philadelphia Athletics. So do thc Reds. They were a lappy bunch around their hotel last night, and even Manager Bill MtKechnie admitted he was "very pleased" with the deal. He should be, because Werber set the Cincin- nati treasury back and that for a player no club in the Ameri- can league needed at the waiver price. They are all well fixed at that spot. With Werber plugging the hole at third the Reds will be a tough outfit to beat out. They finished only six games out of first place last year. Fielding Still Good Though his batting fell off in thc latter stages of the 1933 race, AI Davis Faces Another Tough Battler On Way To Fame In Ring MIDDLETON the Chowdcrhead" and "One-Eye NEW YORK, March 17. Paulie-" They call him "Bummy." Werber is a grand fielder ir'ter six years in Hie big time, ind that's all the Reds want. He yesterday strolled shortstop Bernio I ;ti'l has -much of the speed that Snyder, accompanied by Charlie A 7T 1 UJ m Bauder, the Hazelton outfielder. officials said "final" offers second encounter. this is a Sprankle's opinion I clash with Bemis. Burns, Milan center, jumped into the lead in thc race for indivithial high scoring honors with 15 points, with Williams of Kittrell and Moore of Linden next with 14 each. Owen of Nashville Central iccounted for 13, Leach of Milan. 12, and Russell of Bemis, Compton if Kittrell and Wright of Knox- s opnon Members of the Kingsport Wildlife club have decided that when next week 1S over, people of this area wil know just what is being done to preserve fish and game in this area, the state and the nation ex- tensive program is being planned for observance of Wildlife Week Return of winter put a crimp to baseball practice at Sullivan yesterday' but Coach Tom Lacy said that he had hopes of putting the bovs through their first practice session today if Old Sol behaved as he should Training With the Majors LOS ANGELES, March 17. I confusion behind. Chicago's city rivals, the Cubs and For one thing there were well White Sox, lined up at virtually full power today in an effort to get the jump in their exhibition series opener. The only rookies assigned to start for the Sox were catcher Ken Sylvestri and first baseman Merv Connors, while the Cubs called on shortstop Steve Mesner and pitcher Newel Kimball among the young- sters. substantiated rumors that a trade was being cooked up which would send third baseman Cookie Lava- getto to the St. Louis Cardinals for Don Getteridge. For another thing pitchers Van Mungo and Wayne Lamaster have developed sore arm? Neyland-Trained Men Are Much In Demand As Southern Coaches By DON VkTOTEHEAD KNOXVILLE, March the "highly-potent Tennessee football devised by the astute Major Robert Reese the dominant factor in southern football? ville, 10 each. SHOEMAKER CARDS FIVE GRID GAMES and were taken secretly to Lakeland for treatment by Denn> Carroll, Detroit Tigers' trainer. BRADENTON, Fla., March 17. SAN ANTONIO, Tex., March 17 New York -Yankees were preapring for their a united family today with third fourth exhibition game with the St baseman Red Rolfe signed and in uniform for the world champions' exhibition against the Boston Bees. The last New York holdout came to terms yesterday, reportedly at the club's figure of a raise of over last year. The Yanks, fresh from two pit- ching duels with Cincinnati, looked for more of the same when Mana Casey Stengel of the Bees sai< he would use Fette and Jim Turne on the mound. Louis Browns, who won all three previous contests, the Philadelphia Phils pondered the disclosure of the new manager, Doc Prothro, that he was ready to week out the roster and would ask waivers on a half dozen unnamed veterans. NEW ORLEANS, March 17. Oscar Vitt of the Cleve land Indians seems convinced tha Jimmy Webb is the answer to hit shortstop problem. With holdout Lyn Lary officially unheard from by the club, Vitt said he believeJ Webb superior anywav afield and that a full season's test against major league pitching might show him adequate nt the plate. TAMPA, Fla.. March 17. by their feat of holdin" the Ne-.v York Yankees to two run' in 20 innings, one of the runs homer by Wes Ferrell which wor yesterday's game. 1-0. the Cincin- nati Reis hc'pecl the Detroit Tig- ers open their exhibition program Thc Tigers, full of trade rumors, including a catcher Teb- betts for the shortstop Travis deal with Washington. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 17. by their 10-inning triumph over the Boston Bees yes- terday, the Boston Red Sox hoped to make it two straigh't against j National League teams today in a game with the St. Louis Cardinals. Manager Joe Cronin chose Eldon Auker and Fritz Ostermueller for the mound chore. LAKE CHARLES, La., March 17. disposed of third base- man Bill Werber to the Cincinnati Reds by the waiver route, Connie Mack put up a callous front to the Philadelphia Athletics' two remain- j ing holdouts today. Saying he hadn't heard from pitcher Leroy Parmelee and out- fielder Dee Miles since camp op- ened, he declared, "I don't see why they expect major league salaries until they show they can play ma- jor league ball." Blue Devils to Open 1939 Season Against Greeneville Eleven (Spfi'liil to The GATE CITY. March 17-Five games have been definitely sched- uled for thc Shoemaker high foot- ball team next season, George Thompson, athletic director at the high school, announced todav. [t's a question the "mashed po- tato league" would do well to bandy about during the off-season, for at the present reading there won't be my schools left within a few years Hat don't have at least one Ney-. land disciple on thc coaching staff. An incomplete check by the uni- 'ersity athletic office discloses that math, one of Neyland's assistants, and Bowden Wyatt, captain of Tennessee's 193S champions, as his right-hand men. And then there is Quinn Decker, another ex-star from Tennessee who piloted the Praying Colonels of Centre College through a highly successful season last year. He had The noisy streets of this tov.'ri are always filled with kids. Kids playing stickbail or hand- ball or shinny. Kids that grow up to be great lawyers or violinists or gunmen. Kids that occasionally develop into great athletes. Al Davis, the lightweight, is one of the latter. Before he is through he may be one of the greatest. He is moving up now along a well beaten path. Two decades ago a kid named Benny Leonard came storming up out side streets, into the old Garden and on to the lightweight title, before he was :hrough. Tonight Davis fights Al barber, another New York boy, at Madison Square Garden. We went over to see 4.1 in Brownsville where he lives. It is a very tough section of Brooklyn where, as a kid, you have to fight or get out. Al must have had a thousand fights then. The fellows southern colleges and universi-j thc aid of Dcwitt Weaver' anothe ics and more than a score of'-high.'df Neyland's boys.- are using coaches trained; Where they have authority, these n the Neyland school of gidiron former Volunteer stars install the varfare i Neyland system which operates Jt isnt hard to find tne reason., with a single wing-back from a The .spectacular success the Major balanced line, the quarterba-k sta- nas enjoyed at Tennessee a tioned under the center span of 13 years has made him Neyland has described his system perhaps the most prominent figure some of the best fea- m southern football since the days tures of football as taught bv of eolorful "Uncle Charlie" Moran Knute Rookne and "Gloomy Gil" of Centre College and.the late Dan j Dobie, with his own ideas; but many observers have summed up the the Neyland system as the nearest thing to perfection in fundamen- tals. At any rate, there seems to be a Mc-Gugin of Vanderbilt. His teams have compiled amazing record of 100 victories in with 12 losses and 8 ties. This was topped last January 2 by Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl at Miami. Unquestionably. Neyland is exert- ing a powerful influence on south- steady-market for Neyland-coached The Blue Devils will open the ern football, not only through his season against the Greeneville high j own successful teaching but BATON ROUGE, La., March 17. school team Sept. 8 at Greeneville. Three playing dates between Sept. 8 and October 26 are still open, Thompson said, with plans for ten- tative games being made with Richlands and St. Charles. The 1939 Shoemaker team will be composed chiefly of veterans, with graduation making little dent in the Blue Devil ranks. The schedule as made up thus far: Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. High. Oct. Oct. Oct. Springs. All games will be played at Gate 'ity with the exception of the freeneville and Virginia High of Bristol tilts. No spring training is held at Shoemaker, a practice out- lawed by the Virginia conference. Season Is Closed On Fish by State The state department of game through the young men who carry his teaching methods to new fields. The latest example was the se- lection of three former Neyland pupils to guide the gridiron desti- of Mississippi State. Allyn McKeen, whose West Ten- nessee Teachers won thc Southern stars. Two of them. John Barnhill and Hugh Faust, are the Major's aides at Tennessee. Scattered throughout the south, to name only a few of them, art- Bobby Dodrt, at Georgia Tech; Herman Hickman, at North Caro- lina State: Gene McEver, Davidson Hackman. Roanokc College; Sonny Humphries, West Tennessee Teachers College: Joe Dougherty, Mercer University; Phil Dickens, Wofford College; Paul Hug, Southwestern don uom _, _ ti il I Intercollegiate Athletic Association Herbert Brackett, The Citadel- Bo Conference championship last fall. Brown, Austin Peay Normal; Hoop- while Neyland's Volunteers were! cr Eblen, Tennessee Wesleyan- winning the Southeastern Confer- j George Craig, Union University ence crown, was named to succeed i (Jackson, and Philip Beene Emerson (Spike) Nelson as head I Murfreesboro (Tenn.) State Tcach- coach. McKeen chose Murray War- ers College. Around the Circuit By EDDIE BRIETZ NEW YORK, March 17. If thc Philadelphia Eagles can get Bronko Naguiv.ii away from the Chii'ag-o Bears, they'll spring a sur- Wheri Tony Galento goes on his personal appearance tour his stooge will be Marty only guy who ever stopped Galento. Keep an eye on Eddie Miller, for- -.-------o JWJ.111C prise and play the famous fullback mer Kansas City shortstop, at tacule. Step right up ladies showing plenty of what it takes and gents, and see three former _.. _______ _.. Bill Terry set some kind of a i and fisheries warned today that the long distance record today by an- new act of the general assembly ORLANDO. Fla., March 11. President Clark Griffith of the Washington Senators put his ap- proving stamp on young Morris Aderholt today, just about making it unanimous. The second baseman from Wake Forest College already had been praised by Manager Bucky Harris and even Buddy Myer. whose job Aderholt is trying to get r.ouncing his starting pitcher fur the National League opener against the Brooklyn Dodgers April 18 would be Harry Gumbert. While he was looking into the future. Terry also delivered him- self of the opinion Harry Danning would be the best catcher in base- ball this year, "not excepting Bill and that Bill Jurges would be the Giants' best shortstop since Travis SAN DIEGO. Calif.. March 17. to open their exhibition schedule against the San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast League, the Pittsburgh Pirates indicated' tney probably would be beck in California to train next spring. President William'ngcr praised the weather at San and declared, "we hope to be back next year." CLEARWATER, Fla., March 17. advantage of an open date in their exhibition schedule, thc Brooklyn Dodgers went deep sea fishing left a lot of Exhibition Results ITCSK) At St. Petersburg: New York (A) 1. Cincinnati (N) 0. At Sarasota, Fla.: Boston (A) S Boston (N) 7 (10 At New Orleans: Cleveland CA) 1, New Orleans bet i to a big gambler. It'll be a sad tn r i !1'ations arc Saturday in Brownsville if the kid to preserve fish and game. gets licked. schools, will have charge of the program in the schools while th'e Kingsport Ministerial Association will be asked to take over activity in the churches. Plans are also to place posters over the city and obtain a trailer at the theaters to Walters, Grissom's CHAPTER OUTLINES WILDLIFE PLANS NEW ARRIVALS IN SPRING SUITS OMMEDIATE WEAR j Quality Tailoring Quality Fabrics Smart Styling The great out-of-doors calls! it's time to dress _r it's Spring! And this store is in step with the I J For our new selections of fine suits are attuned B lo the season with new color, pattern and fabric. Joe those new styled suits today .-they are sure to you. up Week to be Observed Here With Stamp Sale, Program In Schools, Churches Plans for active participation in the observance1 of Wildlife Week to be observed throughout the na- tion March arc being made oy the Kingsport chapter of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation. The Kingsport chapter is the largest of Sullivan county's four Wildlife -.vith grade a squawks because we I clubs. The others are located at overlooked the national intercolle- giate cage tourney in our basket- ball piece thc other day. Well, pro- moter Emil Liston has it going full blast out in Kansas City with sec- tional champs and runners-up from all parts of the country entered. Benny Leonard is making a hit as a referee because he leans over the ropes between bouts and re- gales the fans with fight stories. Friends of Melio Bettina (N. Y. state light-heavyweight will toss a "victory dance" in Pough- keepsie next week. Tho Los Angeles Times says Wal- laco Wade has written U.S.C. saj-- ing he was misquoted after the Rose Bowl game and what he meant to get over was that he and Note to Jce Louis: Your double. Buddy Moore, is called the most sensational heavyweight prpspect ever developed in the New York Golden Gloves. Mebbe you'll be a- siseing him, Hugh? Some weeks back Russell Harris bet a pal in Peoria 10 cents against five bucks at least one Peoria bowler would roll a 300 game this season. T'.ie other night Harris got hot and turned the trick himself. Pal Moran, the old hgiitweight, is se- riously ill in New Orleans and Nick Camarata. and Jimmy Lancaster Bristol, Sullivan and Orebank. Biggest item on the chapter's activity schedule for next week, Joe Brosch, president of the chap- ter, announced today, will bn the sale of the vari-colorcd wildlife stamps, issued by the national fed- eration for the NJlrst time last year. Proceeds from sale of the stamps, which were very popular last year, will go to the state and national federations for continuance of the wildlife conservation work. Also planned for next week are active programs on behalf of wild- life conservation in the schools and churches of the city. Ross N. Robinson, superintendent of city ril 10. had been made Sharpe and Brax- ton. Dutch Zwiliing, new pilot of the Birmingham was hearten- ed to look up and see Art Luce tak- ing his first workout in the out- field. Luce, who topped the South- eastern League circuit clouters last year as a Selma Cloverleaf, helped relieve the outfield situation con- siderably. Paul Dunlap, purchased from Montreal, was expected by week's end. 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