Thursday, August 4, 1881

Huron Tribune

Location: Huron, South Dakota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Huron Tribune on Thursday, August 4, 1881

Huron Tribune, The (Newspaper) - August 4, 1881, Huron, South Dakota THE IU'RON TRIBUXK, SHANNON HOPP, OFFICE IS TBIBTOE BUILDING. ..........IK'.' (Ml 1 ir v 9 "i h t ard Mil a- "b-er i i, of ri.h jt-irid in the wai.-i- r, i--- h, ca-'itul the 111.' wl.l'e I lit ..'ice J.rnelit. u -nmc mca.iiui .j c.i., IV-itlc. I fchl upon him. nml only succeeded m II Ir, mm.- t nun Win- Arthur a lAUdil.K w.. the Mlv.-r Kate ,.f j, 1K1H crawled IntoUK- rock- w! 1-ke Mii-nor. lie won the heart.'-! hi. hear- ink. M witll a M-vi-le blowon the er.ail.nce. ,1 it -u'Vu-ii llt'.v to allow him a i and Ixptim.-! il out of door- and cut oil its li, ad. ivt.'on ou i I rlT attack (ion. Karri-. mminiT.if on ih" ...verity of I, 1'icte.lonlhe at M l.jre in _____ li. -i I'oltlp.-llini: th, III live ...iiili.l Hie fl'.ni i I for iitK-ndmi; nia- on u." ouai r in ,11.a. i i ,r.i-_ 1 lio ....._ n Tl... I'.rri-, UI.IIIIK.. I j, r UMiict Ij-cilini ir.ll IIKII iMiik Tio Hi Cork J Till: LAST KCNmTION. I'roin tin. Tiihuue, July 1 r nl imut the ilnrhni; rv noted n--ronanl bas been to m.iVe tl jo ir'ni-y from X.-w York lo Lomliin in nil, tliiK" wer- held in New York city n'.-ik. the trip. The idea wuc to the i'olk in rii-I.telub'T, at'.! man) i.MM. il, dire il po-sibl" u. reach the other -id" in -af.-ty through tbeuidof th.-. mud-. 1'or Mime ii'i'iin unknown or for- K-'tti-n -.inter. Ill" i-cbeuje was al-an- doi.ed. "About a vu.r I'rof. whom the urlt.-r male two rnimporMni coinUiK-ledan in M. I.oui- in which, be fondly biipe.l I ir.l .rin-.l. ai.'! !.a- ir..- it ,.f 1-...-.. i' I-.. 111..: .f Mai. I. 1 a: it.- Mr. M'-.'f. I'' .-S'-iin l! r -1 L- 'Ml..' li T- r i.t.-: .i-..i -7 ,.r. I I I..T way H-'1 'V t S h. I-.' an.lp. 1. :i-- wl.i.-h p.r'i .1, t .1 fr ,.f 11... I.1..II .'I] "I" 1 I rr ai.' a run'.-! t ..iMlf, am.-i a til-Hi ti i, i I tl." l-> I j a .1 r: t via -l n- bi.' 1 -ti .i" a in I.l ti, u Mmptoit.- of ii..imty n nte moi" i: I-n ,-t .Mm: Hi" (iiiil. 411 Mr. li.K-lAl" r, lil-n.; ,-.-t.Ti, bm." i nnd. r hiilili.'iintlin ll.nt ll hi i-.iMhim-rv, I I'lll.bnry. anil lecenlly l.e U .lynamile. I f., declare I hi. intention of cair} in; .--.I..! at Win ai.ear T wan tilled with by .ou- in viii-. tli, oc.-.m. Hf iiiaili' ii trip from St. tikiiiR witli aim four of I1..H fii.m tUt futi'd lo Hi.- ni. h ivn l.cfli r.-c.u.-.l f .Urmn t: -in y -.1 "'-1 or I a ll'.l 11 few in-t tini.lied eolitra.-t nh.n bun I., work or il- mi-n. KAI-OLIS t-rssATi oiit Tin: JUN In ul f, r M- i, C..1. W. S. Hum I IM lir I ,1 -'..nt.v .1 Uiili 1- H" l i; Invi. lUrr t. i ..i fioni a -nii- ll.i-l.airol hi- ;-ndit i- it in.aiuty llil- l-iml.rni-iTir Winter AChic.--.. d..'-. "re "ai.d u'lp .M-rme-nt. t." Vi -n-f I11 ili.yiMll -'ipplv will, "oil all the tcintory a nml 'lir-t in th" air hiup will "..llV September 7. tbe b.lllo..I f.ur 1-ck p'. i... for N. w York. If the lovai-" i-. UH..1" -..if-ly 1'iof. Kim; will York for ,f tt.f S. pt nil el I. bird, in 'I'" "H It.lvTm.i.l" u- ntv -till', for to York, ami on th" nn iinil of th" ".ii r.celM.l: I.ITIII: l H'. I.IN.I. rilll.M.l.l.l-lllA. .lulv M. Your ;.f Mil lli-t.ilil cam" to in dll" -en..... but 1 hrii" found it ,1" time V nhi.-ll I--, t, f H..II, "'l.-l i.r lx-1'ii. ..I.'T Mini tl.-m -..Ma- -ml '.-r'.lla: I M-i, .t i .rt., r. Lilt I. an Tl. I hvl III.I-Ul.T.ll- from 1 i> I." -l.niii.-.-tl., iluin. I. r. f from" Mm- ti.e'l'.'it. r d.-t ,.1- h Mr. II l-ljl r. lain m ill! i; a-k, .ll.iitit. 1 l tt. r ..u ll.n, Ian for hi- in it- by makii J tl e lit-- It I Y.-'n voilld" inn) inv omJliini. .v tli" h. irti.'t >.r> I- I n U...IP-. uuii.ii- "t tt. n, j ..'i' o! -li- .lit f. "f the ami! I a't.oi lla-b. a I ai I i with r-i-l. a t'.-l. V.-n Ijte-ikfi-lj j i _ .........I " p. --i' ..Hi .ra'.nn'.rltn, .1 n-b. It, ad. -d ,K." to- h'-l r tUt tV I- f I r.irn-r up I, I I- n.-.l... d tt ,'.t .'T. i II 1-H'tl "t I 1 in-- .'IH.--1 i: 1 .1. L< 'hr. i. 1 ; I n.- ..-F..II I--I." l-.-t-l- I-.- tl i 4 I '.t. I I ...1 1- f. r en Mid n to a''1' M '-1 M.-.. 1 in lr i m. l.ii-" Mon C I'! tly ini t 'b. ..t -f Ji.- inmi) ..I" ' Ihe v......I t 1 e in I -i A" '......i.i-liml A ,l 1 inn.-r tl." I., v lUtvIl la M-I .n I, i- I i 1 i....... ivi'-it r. 1-.1 I" I 'I I" N, V rk. t, :i.T. t, ,t lit ,t- 1 i... t .1-1 m r ,i! u ,-r n tl. r" ,i" n, i i I: .-in i th r" --if .-iiil-r 'il "r" ar f. Chui.-h 'I he '..ilt.-r j .it I tii ,ti "f i.i.t i-i'-t- v I v- tl.i- I f. f I t. 'I.' V. II l' rr t. 'I .kit J it, I. hi- i.lnl- l'i 1. i HAiTl'.i: III I I of inv iirim ill I'll.- tli. in. Dr. Wlli-'jip f ini.n- nlroni.ui.iii- omv to 'Iflli-p-- for a l.timm t" lly unh Hi" .11, 1 irtllii'iil Mm.-, I mi. '1 l.i-tt.t tt. in on.- I" in all' t Ik. th :iktli I- ft no.loiil.t of .-..r '.f NIIW il nilui- tint a I. tut a n toy. tit "lily for th.. 1 in tin- notion l.-.-.i Klo'.i- not h" Ii' n.i.l" it- (i, oi.i- 1.-I1.-M i omt I" in. "tli. i. in, -i- ,1 l..r iiMtuiUK- H I.ik" Mi' .-..Ilka, tl. 1I.-J..-1. .1.1 'I." it, in tt. .1 t I. alv. 1- I-U' 01-" 1. v 1 I- I I -.-I.! 111" M ii-' I't-'-l 'I .V'" i-i.'.a'.-. i -I''''.! n'h; -'-'I ti... i .rt i -i.'t t .......I i. -i "Y.-itii--i 'Vi I'-ii a! I .sl.-.ld'l. r. 1.. I'alt ti'l li tl v- ilirf a- lar.-in.l tl. d b'1' .-itu. L-tl.Mnafr by I to 'I." for. -.-I ibrt' In >rr a IT, a-'.t, h. Ho (..I...-I ....I .l.r wall, of it- -.Ill ,1 ,1 111, I.." II.f I I': I I. 'I I ,1 of I I-.! 'in'i.'.V.'.'l v 1'V. II, 'n.l I" d" I i r.'il upon lei. ,1 then lami.n li l'.l--, ,r o -L. I t. -i.k.t I, I...III" "f a-d 'I ill II, ti. Pr '1 li .nil- I a- "v IV.. --in, I "ill b" l-.I" I I: lit It "I- n..t t" HI.. I I1 I. i I I 1-1 r..t n.- in' I 'I, 1% -.1 .1 I- fir a- Iv. I. -i -i I r> II... -v wil: I i not 1 i i th. II l< Irue the irronatil 'M....... a.-ui- 1., nit..-" content lo lh.. cloud- Ti- .1'iftim.' the winil I it in .in-, ami in 1.1 ..f ..i L r c.l.j.-ctn.n. 't ha. ]il-t tin-. I r.'l I J, I I'-'th-it lio .-tb.-r klioun :in thod '-..I " thlUK. 'I hat 11." on i his it. own p.itticii'. ir mih r. -irclilhei" in be no doul t 111 ll.l- It 1- iluable- rallf. of -h. .1 "f tt." iii..let., b" 'll" of j Afl.roar, -f 'J l" ui.ftini: It l" e.nth IT a. ai! t It I M" an n I' t'v I'.'.il rrtc.rn, ,-v Ihe ticket" an- ..I :r ni .....itii... 'iTii'h'.iT.-r I.mi" i.' of th, Nortlii-rn r k. I..' th" I.. Xt. I, at Mi" ainl .Ml.. Cur- r, .nil' d m an es.y vlct. ry ii'ith.-n-hth mile.Vli" I'm half abi-ail. wheu .Ml" ,1 and fall-'edon tbe track. t: .a'.' iti twenty-.11 Urjr I ir.-. I 1-thn.irlva SywtiM-. N-'i'i-thi' Whilmy the ,-.mi r of th" city, -t op' m in lw.. I.OHFI T'e i.i e i. tl.' ;ii..-tron- one thai .v-c'irn- "1 in tl T......limati.l "P A Itfinnrkiilili1 Ton) f.-linS'. I'Kill .Monday. l-t I-aul, ,1 by innnt--r ro Kiyi-r Tl.e i- bv an-.l 1. nnd'-r tne r..'. .v r. i ,r nf tl.e .ay. the K Il'en.-e ..'...1 ii n 1'i.ha and fellow r.'f e m-.nler of Al-la! Azir, will Vi '.1-r.- HF.W u 'how n nid .1 t (i. ninny l.-i :KI ml.jwl" ir. th" not.-1 F.ncli-li a-lth'.rity oil i at l.n not there Cr.p. looked well. l ,1 I, 'I' -I ...I. uldnot I-ar the of iMfec .n-e ol. omlur.n.. Friday niKbt, the i tlnrJ time and From the Orkney lleral-l atltb.-ntic.ited nn.l irj raU of tbe the Sli, hai iu-t come under onr A Je ir or Wm. Sinclair. trncher. Holm" one of the-' '.n.m..l- om Sb'tland onwbicb tond" from hi. .ider.tWoili-tin.-e from tbe bull..- iiiL-.. I'ti to tb.t time tbe amm il had l.nt some time afterward Mr. Mti- aurhad Mr. 1'mtt. The other diy Mr. 1 nitt. P Kuiitby i -llch ekl" ii. nee f h not y. t b. ,n abl. to i.btain- I a i.iyiiK.' on-r land which .hill of j'v i.f lh" IK...... ll-.lf. Hit upon the niliiini! one Minn. to New YolUl lo he the "'til.'..-, .lin.ry of nml 1 hope Iherel-i lo 111" .'Iltire flvl-ibully of tb" Atlantic. Col. W.S. h II.. en .hie me mil ile at nun. .n-' xp.-iis" l.y k-'li M. with the I ,h..ll l.ei.hl" H. with the -t number of per.oli- and tbe larf qualitltv of b.ll.i-t ever li.cellded into the uir." Thin, ut the .-tirt. for Rflcr the my companT will lie reduced to n inimmiiin; all parti.-" a-c.ndini; with me uiii-t Lear thl-in mind and iicc.-iit rorjIiallT adopt. Col. Kir.p him written mo n-wimmetirtuKj with what you i-av Iftnl irilJ iri'lA mr. I "ball be pleased to h'-nr furth.-r from you. and will emli-nvor lo iinawer any jna may wish to niake. Yours truly. SAvtrr.1. A. KINO. rr.EN iirxM-.Ei> MII.F.H TIIIIOCUII AIll. io..i Prof. Kins will lie able to Iii. journey wifely tbeie I... no reii.onaMe doubt under onliiwrr ,1, of t" "I'. lh" .1. atbl " "ti I th.-l-l.< l'an-M I tlitt 1-i-i.ani" i- I-i b e n'-u V r .'t. i wi'.i.. t-." i V tie 'i 1- r: II -I ,l.-r. It- I of tl." rabl" t., -h i .i, b" '..v. rabl" t., I'r. I 1- i- I I......: .f' .-ii- r 1.- I L a a. n.'i 1 x- -Mir- 11.1 ..I.-.i i.-.i rt .in Hi.- -..I tb- i t.i.r I, I- an ci'.t l i- i 'I....... an.l .1. larUic T. Mire, Til per c. LI. a minority I'inR rralivi--. i i-. of the hill 'If tir-t lime and the T'." llarcomt, the home the .imrnii Bmllh-u waite.1 to.e.' woolil do. For moment it liwke.1 at the l.lnrk.mith nr it mkinR wbelber he ilone. Ihen iwwedonre or twice tn l the newlr foot wa" comfortalile. am tlnnllT pi'rc plfuwil nfiKh. home at a l.rl.k trot. Th wannlwi excee.linclv .iirmi.e.l to Town 1 'o I.IJi. I" hi knil.- .nl mn'i N.IOI.I..I .......l.n. I now ofVr "f il a- of Ib. of I tl a-. Tl r. solution. v..-i" .vlopt.-d... Tl.t... ni.ii.n M. I'.. Klllr.1 ,.l. II." k. i: -.I..I.I.M I ,-t 1--N1U i-alkit'i: Jli.-l.T I in. Jill; Ill Pi -1 I al.niic Tin: livri: ,tl ,..Vk '-i'-'nir... t. L r- t, .by tli" v it T-i-l" H an -ni'.-i.....ti. 'I'.''. i.t.! I'.-i i.e n.......M" I I.'..'- .1.1. "n .11., th.-r- I" t' I- an ,-h-it.-li an.l 'in t..... I il" i 'i-i II, nil- In- at l- 't "I fi I' t j v ,.uil'. II. 1. tii- I of tb" M.'tl... o-l I. tt.; i for a of .-.-I. -n-to'il I t'l-i--n'i ICxTT FAMILY. r. ot Hi" fl.'V it.'v ,'n. .Much l.r." b'-n i Tl.r I i I'll'.i.l.i.t liarfl-M it '1 I.i- a'..! f l-nlilli- i.III... i.l. M. r. ill of tb" liov. J. S. rill-bury. TT'I..-" ..pportn- the -entini'-nt of tb" pub1. are .n, .ITrm.l. I" I''" "'LI III II. I Nlw Jnly d' tb" -ay.' I'heliraii.lTi-ink. in MI r....rt I., a ll'-i- in the railr... I war I.i ultma far., from to tn- d.-t.-rnnnatioii i-' I fi'-m I'l- Ihe wbetl.rr other will follow "r what thelat'.l.l'l' -iv but ii i. tbo.uht they ma.' not It L l.'li'i'e.l t .ey within M .r clairnmi; that tli" ,t t from HO.IOII l.v 'li-i.l. while r-firn fir, I a. ..-.n.ii." i "i'' .Vof 'l ".''''r .'.f'i'.'-'-.i'i'.'l.- of tb" Widow lint'., Id and I, ,f p. V" I- a 1 I "V.-rty m ll.-o W.-'..n, r> II.. y i.ieat l.l.'r'y HI-" a tup" ll." M a I, lat. I Iv (lull.Ik" lo I I.....-C.I'IK.-. I "r their "'ili'l'h'r'talk life "t 'he I m. n L J '.to m Ih-y ar- HP I.. in.rmnir I, fore the lip in tb" m.l tbcr up ami la-h an, .It, Il-vi. Ib. f.v nunircs Hilly a r y-t I" ,o..ihll.'ie- "f ,.f Hi" I ,f n, .-t r. I.' I a, "our n .ttala h. l-'.it like tl mav Tir.-ulat" all Hi" J j-t h-, t t'.." -i-mniit ,-t tl .....Ll.l. mitt i f v-.-ll.-ni, of the lalloonn leanuc the carlli are wreck- "d or never heard from niriin, Imt with the npl-roird appilMtn. now blllldlUK il i" i- y.-.l Ihe ohiinceH are reduced lo an IT. n ,er cclil. for nnd ami'ist Mfe Inndins. To no more practical ami a could the (.-real ta-k l.i> commll ted than to Kmc. He ban made more than W i.-cen'ioni iwfely. nnd thl of (..OIIIK from I. Sew York and thence the Atlmlic i tube tbecap-sbi-nt of famid ncbievrnient. The party "I1 llrilf- Kin" constft ot tin- all n.en, from Sew Y'ork, 1' nil." The Tribuneund- mi; Knye.of tbeci for 100.01 n ctil.ic feet of from the Wi.iki. with which lo inliatetho lulloon.lmt Ihis w is found'. a. it PO.M.MM! 1.1I..J..I...V of i'.lil> MlK.llIld. to the'll .-..hii-'feei or for Ibo entire II i-uhirfert. "ill be ll" '1. which n buoy, niicy'timv. ureati r coul t flit, ,'tclnpt.. I a-- ...-'inat t. h.i- created and-ym- for l're.nlent ,1 ...nerally bad tne effect lo more hrnily unite tli. ll.-piiblican parti It h." rather pro. d'a f.-.-bni: that the of favor, i. 1..TH.2 a veri injnrioil" died, n.e favor, i. haTins a ,ml'-ho dd in-omcnian Mijn Conking and I'l.'t mule mi-'ak" in re.iRi.Ini! th'ir .-al. it. the I iiile.1" Their r-i-eiil toward Ib.' 1" JI'lirrallT rmal-ninnl There ha. l.-n n, R.-neral .fleet pr.-luced upon rilher l.v It." late action nf Conkllms or I'latt, nor by ilip recent jirolnnced if th" i-latn're of New York. Si tar a. I can ol-crT.-. he lie] nl.lican party in thi. Stale wa. never fiillr ii ,1 lirmly, an 1 there .re nn whaler.r of 'di.inl. Rration. IU-cvnl ..Tent.! efl.ft pirty. (Jen II II. Sil.ley. name 1. thf ly interw, vin with the hi.t.iry of who wa. tin tlr.1 deli-e.te in from th" and.a. tli" l.r-t KH l.inxuncy 1-'-; 1' liaroniiH in" wan also animal at home eomplet. ly shod tie in.ebmr'from Dublin. A eTeninR. and It was only on call- i, '''at ln_ tue ,niilhy nfterward IDul '.....b.d made I Mim.vr ve InB at lue U, iwnv', m. a. ib'erual mvh fiom Iloston fnneial of Dean Stanley, at nr M.t.T an .flair Tfj. ot and alw a of nt...'. an 1 1. perponaRW. of the j al tl.e furu'ral included a depntation Iron .Miiiican tdocaUonal anil nR a mn IniraNl the foil eitont cf bin r A Uklnc For the llnrllnKton (low.) Mr John Tail, a well-known oirocntor. HTCK in oUdition, M I-'' mnif are" int. r by and 'li" arrival Vine th" iri kind of fr- isht" ar" n a. low a- I'.'-.- c, n ...i tbe .alne I-- V. -nt. lower than foiirth-cl... r.ti- annotilic.-.! I.T the C.rand Trunk. Tl.cre in; to ,Tpr..ent little an end to tb "nlwl. TlietirandTrnnk ba. now earned lh" war inUi all it" derartnenl.. ire e.-l anil 1-iund. n L 'l- niakini: tin e contract- arr.nsmi; freicht. at it. rr-eent rat-, e- late a life'onK H'mocrat, al., a. lii.> "f hi- 'or In la.t fall, .av.: I .to lot .ttrnil't to Tin: stnirAr.T KIT. i an rl of a 'II n-.l the or.'.'-r.y upon for a i. I to him for it. IL at br. iVfa-t call i- tbrty later, and men march room at It- .tmd- UTinr n.-ar from ll... cily. in M. I.nni- c-mnty y a, .1 olllr.1 "nv II. I. r> iiil a. m tl. n M, k and li-.M" I rien .nd ar. ak- u to II." I4 I i. for lo'.iems t at which th" nun ire k. ft cm'.aiioy Tl.e llr.l call f. r Buard. a iiv.anl ni A cf-rtan nf i.i.-n r.r.i cm "it cniM r.i mt.t. I.T t. c ;-nrw-'t Vctitu: k-niii: orleyii iv at a. in I'r ii cille I al H: I.' a. m tl.e on ditl- rvnt -lay. N.ti'- it Inelu 1" II.....i..unt-l an I or tvnva yi ar. wl'li tb'in H 'I." tirl'.-'at la, -.1. wilh an i-icrci." which'.." .7 f .riTirrlv "rri.-e-l "llUCll 111. bill M... -I w TIJ, r 1 jl-ii I r- l.irti'ld bal d.-ired f.'r a I..TU: ntf" I -i I 1' v! I. alh -a. .11 at, 1 Hi- need, b" comitnicted on the f lir frronnd. in which t.t mnke Ibu FJIK, and men come from New York city lo build works, the ti: j Sir, of .cn.aUon.1 .fiT of the fair, and it U eipeelfd at an far a> I ll.O.IKKI people will wilneas the at par- nn any ol Th" il.rt vrial munaler. ratle nartT I" than lu "Tt'tS- X-w V.'.Ft unotjll." I o! Senator. Coi.lllnc .nj lla't.b.v. from iii 'atc't prac i- .11 all. rn.t" h.d I-.. i rarnlLt-. "f the family, ai.d Iho preparation" ini.. 'i for th. journey nth-r cloth for pair of Kentucky j. had t.-n with which th" voutb. In in the .tperjll .t, "f ent. ims. a perioil. nil'lak" and I-l it: ailj.'a. not another dollar hi- anv U e.p.n b ,1in prepa. n for the lonnev, It I- _, Vrof. Tice. .f St Tto bail a wi.le rrpntatinn an a wfalbrr Itfoic jj .ivriKCTatlr In Vcanor Into very HI. Ki C. K. H.TI. that tb. rfi w "he-.' at Mnlhcan two ..r il.rfo lime- with and latter claim. II .Hi! efeni h" dre. knit" a ,d n.e.1 it with the al.'ve re.nIUv Mnllisan ta.arrile.1, and will bar. a prrlimm.ry animation Ut-m..rrow. A ilirl. Jn'y carilen city a ejuarreI F. T. nnttl. .nd O S. I'l.ler cirl nimed Mamie U.k.y, when Siitt n drew a riilol and .hot timf. killins him initantly. HntUe hai llurclar SOBWHTJ, Conn.. Jnly a flehl twrcn bnrflar. and three iratrhnien in Sontto Wlndham, one of U e formf r wa. faully phot tl.--re I- not mncli .pint of ru.i.-. .re 1IMI, and a." tc., for_i! -le of batten. A .IKI r n I- t' I" on -.v, 1, i.l.njfor their prfdi lorin. rli the m-'i f ill.--.lnie. recall f .era drill i. at a m.: din- ner ca'l at fatigue call al 1 iv m call from fati.-ii-. p. m.: purr" ci.l. m a...mbly. P m.; p. m At lap. everv man not I'll 'Hit.. I. el- ..d luu. tl.. .1.V.U.K Tin. 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